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The Demon of Jujutsu Kaisen! Kenjaku End of The World Evil EXPLAINED – Jujutsu Kaisen


Kenjaku is probably one of our favorite antagonists he's cold and calculating plus he reminds me of Eisen due to his Mastermind level planning so today we'll be breaking down the ancient sorcerer and everything we know about him so far kinjaku's past lives and personality like master tengen kanjaku has been alive for a long time it's hard to be.

Sure exactly how long though for example he was able to make a contract with drove locked Walla Drew was an active sorcerer during the Civil War of wah which ended around the year 180. fun fact the Civil War of wa is the oldest war that has been documented in Japan anyhow due to his innate technique kanjaku has lived several prolific lives.

He's been a mother and infamously evil Sorcerer And now suguru ghetto and to truly understand kanjaku it's important to look at the different bodies he's inhabited during the 1600s kenjaku used an unknown sorcerer's form he made binding vows with several other sorcerers one of them being none other than Hajime kashimo these vows would go.

On to be the basis for the culling game however we'll get to that later what's significant is that konjaku has been recruiting Sorcerers for a while his next Infamous identity was noritoshi kamo there's no real timeline for when he took over that man's body though either way narutoshi was remembered as the most vile of sorcerers why you may.

Ask it's all due to his involvement with the deaf paintings even later on kanjaku continues to show curiosity with cursed spirits and humans just to recap the deaf paintings are nine cursed objects created from the blood of a human and curse Spirit one could argue it's what led to yuji's birth though that is a different Beast entirely or rather it's.

A topic we'll dive into soon ultimately kinjaku's Fascination leads him to inhabit the body of sugru ghetto in fact ghetto's technique curse Spirit manipulation actually sets up the killing game kenjaku utilizes it to cast mahito's idle Transfiguration obviously this was the switch needed to bring back reincarnated Sorcerers if anything.

Kinjaku planning this only further illustrates one thing he's a big picture thinker similar to other modern gen villains kinjaku plans things in advance and with Precision he even tells Yuji about the new world to come A World created by Him with one sole purpose optimizing cursed energy he developed a bond with maito and knew he could use.

Mahito's technique that being said kinjaku also proves to be cautious he doesn't enact any of his culling game plans until satoru Gojo is sealed which is because the curse user knows he can't kill Gojo either way it once again proves that he's a smart tactician but besides that kanjaku is also resourceful at least with the bodies he picks though.

He has to be due to his ridiculously powerful body snatching innate technique he couldn't afford to inhabit a body that isn't furthering his goals that isn't to say kanjaku isn't lacks there's been several instances where kanjaku was seen playing board games which is interesting he so result oriented but still finds enjoyment in Simple.

Pleasures besides that kinjaku also has a rather casual attitude for example he compliments Yuji during their fight even I'm impressed tsukuna's vessel is tough though konjoku knows how powerful he is so maybe it's all a game to him that being said he's also lacks during his bout with Gojo konjoku even asks the six eyes user if he's letting his mind.

Wander unfortunately kanjaku doesn't seem to show the same casual nature to curse Spirits according to the Jujutsu Kaizen official fan book he is less cordial with them however it's more than that he looks down on cursed spirits but the feeling is mutual either way konjaku treats his relationship with Spirits like a professional one it's a bizarre.

Temperament to have considering his fascination with combining cursed spirits and humans speaking of humans let's get into kinjaku's curse technique and how that relates to his character but before that be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today innate.

Technique firstly there is no official name for his ability all we really know is how it works and the fact that his scar is a part part of it let me explain each body kinjaku has possessed has shared one feature they all have a visible forehead scar now why would they all have that distinct trait well the answer is rather simple and relates to.

Kinjaku's technique the scar cannot be healed and is a binding vowel in a way it's similar to the way Incarnation works both methods allow the sorcerer to essentially overwrite the original Consciousness although we've yet to know what the exact conditions of The Binding thou are there is a stark difference between his technique and incarnation in.

Kenjaku's case he's able to jump between multiple bodies plus he can utilize the innate technique of the body he's in but that isn't all kanjaku can manually remove the top of his head in order to expose his brain this is most likely used when switching bodies regardless kinjaku did display this ability to Gojo it doesn't seem to cause konjaco any.

Pain either however it does show that his only physical form is that of a brain while his brain does look normal there is one striking difference it has a mouth but it does doesn't appear that he can talk through it so the purpose of it is unknown either way it could symbolize how intelligent this ancient sorcerer is after all he's a literal.

Brain now that being said this technique is also undetectable in Gojo's own words my six eyes tell me you're suguru ghetto but my soul knows otherwise his comment proves that kenjaku is practically indistinguishable from the original body which explains why he was able to go undiscovered for so long yes each body has a unique facial scar yet the merge.

Between their body and kanjaku's brain is seamless enough it can fool the six eyes which only goes to show exactly how strong the ability is regardless choso can recognize him as noritoshi that aside a technique like this has the potential to take over a higher ups body granted he doesn't need to do that since kenjaku was able to manipulate the.

Current power structure instead regardless of what his technique can do there is a caveat to it at least with the current body he's in just before kinjaku seals go Mojo ghetto gets temporary control of his body if only for a moment despite being dead for several years he was able to choke injaku it's likely that kinjaku never.

Experienced any Disobedience from the body he was in prior to that once again this only further proves how strong his technique is he can literally suppress the dead sorcerer's body in order to exert his will although the mannerisms of the Dead sorcerer can still come through during the shibuy arc kinjaku laughs because he notices that he's.

Speaking like ghetto so perhaps the body itself retains more than just the innate technique this unique trait is likely a benefit to kanjaku mimicking the body's mannerisms means he can masquerade as them more effectively there is a final feature to his innate technique though he can access the memories of the deceased sorcerer for example Gojo asks.

Him if he remembers who beat up ghetto before he was killed the body snatching sorcerer is able to access those memories and see exactly what happened to ghetto considering he can appear as anyone he wants he's a double threat with his power because he once acted as noratoshi it's very likely he's learned their secrets after all each big family.

Passes down their innate technique and how to use it it's rather sensitive information too so much so that it isn't shared outside of the big families plus some information is only kept within the family themselves instead of being shared with the big three so it's likely kinjaku knows some kamo family secrets which is dangerous considering all of.

This Intel relates to their techniques and as any reader knows the big three families only hold power due to their abilities the Shibuya incident we can't talk about kenjaku without mentioning this event the Shibuya incident is one of the worst acts of jiu Jutsu terrorism within Japan Jujutsu Society had to deal with curses and curse users while it was.

All extremely chaotic multiple lives were at stake although there was only one end goal kanjaku wanted to seal away Gojo why equal to the ancient sorcerer Gojo is the only one capable of stopping him with his Nemesis locked away he has free range to do evil that being said this fateful night was none other than October 31st Halloween on that day.

Multiple Sorcerers were sent to the scene of a large screen around Shibuya while there were many people involved we'll just focus on konjaku and his actions it takes time to process Gojo within the prison realm so it can't be moved this means that out of kanjaku's group someone needs to stay with it the ancient sorcerer himself decides to.

Guard it and because of that there's a window to steal a cursed object while several other sorcerers do intercept kanjaku no one can stop him even powerful people like meimei are forced to retreat ultimately kanjaku interrupts the fight between awitoro Yuji and mahito at first it seemed as if he would save his comrade in fact kanjaku asked.

Maito shall I save you that's when things go from bad to worse Yuji attempts to rush kanjaku but he's easily rebuffed by the ancient sorcerer then in desperation mahito attacks kanjaku which is another bad move the ancient sorcerer still has control of ghetto's body and technique curse Spirit manipulation this ability allows the user to absorb and.

Then use curse Spirits so what does he do he absorbs mojito while other sorcerers do arrive to help confront him it isn't enough konjaku is able to easily fight them off and use idle Transfiguration to begin the culling game the connection to Yuji while on the topic of family it's time to really break down kanjaku's relationship to.

Yuji the reveal wasn't long ago but it's still incredibly important through a flashback we learned that kanjaku was inhabiting the body of yuji's mom which is strange we've gone over the fact that kanjaku only come its bodies he can use for personal gain yuji's mother doesn't exactly fit into that mold as far as the audience knows she doesn't have an.

Innate technique not to mention this means she would have had to die no doubt it was before Yuji was born in fact we can even explain why for one kinjaku was present when Yuji was just a little baby but more importantly konjaku himself recognizes Yuji as his own child when he escorted sazaki and old friend of yuji's out of the Cohen game barrier he told.

Her thank you for getting along with my son this comment does two things for us first it confirms yuji's relation to kenjaku and second it shows a different side to him up until that point kenjako was seen as mostly a calculating puppet master so the care he shows for Yuji is bizarre if using yuji's mom was a part of his plan why grow an attachment to.

Him why even have a child to begin with personally I think it all goes back to his cursed womb experiments kenjaku has a morbid curiosity revolving around humans and curse Spirits he dedicated some of his long life to it so it only makes sense that it's something he's kept an interest in especially factoring in his involvement in yuji's life his.

Goal wasn't recreating the cursed wombs but something better konjaku himself even acknowledges that what I create does not exceed the bounds of my own potential perhaps to kanjaku Yuji could achieve his goal that aside it's unknown what purpose kenjaku has for Yuji we know he's a man faster manipulator and planner obviously he wouldn't create a.

Child without a deeper reason especially not one that was abnormal before becoming a vessel it's possible this may play into his culling game after all konjaku doesn't do anything that isn't necessary it's unlikely he decided to just settle down and enjoy domestic life with that being said why don't we take a look at kinjaku's exact plan for the.

Culling game what is the culling game we've already explained what kinjaku wants to achieve however we haven't gone into the why of it nor what the culling game is there are multiple possible outcomes to kanjaku's end game regardless he chose utter chaos to achieve his means in fact it's even something konjaco acknowledges the.

Answer is always flickering Darkly in chaos this suggests the game itself isn't his goal but a way to reach it he needs the hectic nature it brings which is a way to bring about his objective Jujutsu Society will be too busy dealing with the cursed spirits around Tokyo and reincarnated Sorcerers so no one would have the resources nor the manpower to.

Stop him that being said it his plan is rather complex and convoluted the culling game is simply a fight to the death using maito's idle Transfiguration kenjaku was able to activate Sorcerers well two types of sorcerers one is a group that had their brains rewired to use cursed energy and the second variety are non-sorcerers who consumed a cursed.

Object instead of Simply being capable of using cursed energy these individuals are incarnated Sorcerers it's similar to Yuji and tsukuna's situation except that sukuna is an overriding yuji's Consciousness unfortunately that is exactly what Incarnation does but why create Sorcerers out of Ordinary People well the reasoning is rather simple.

There aren't many Sorcerers to begin with so adding so many more Sorcerers is bound to make Jiu Jitsu Society unstable but perhaps the biggest reason can be best explained by Master tengin his objective is to force the evolution of all human beings throughout the land of Japan but how would he achieve this according to tengen kanjaku could merge.

Him with humanity and this could be done even without Tegan's cooperation due to his current state Master tengen is vulnerable to ghetto's technique speaking of tengen he also knows the rules and explains them the eight original rules work in kinjaku's favor firstly it forces the new vessels and freshly minted Sorcerers to participate.

There's no way they couldn't besides that kinjaku himself is not the game master an unknown person is in control but that doesn't mean kanjaku cannot influence the game not acting as game master must have some Advantage for him after all he's a big picture thinker but the biggest Advantage for him is the fact that he's rigged the game forcing.

Other players to kill one another also konjaku is under the assumption players can't communicate due to the Colony bounce which would mean there would be no way to work together and create additional rules obviously kinjaku wants to complete his ritual without much resistance either way the coin game was planned by kanjaku and serves a specific.

Purpose however what's in store for kinjaku his future we've discussed what the cooling game is and why kanjaku enacted it yet we haven't examined what this ancient sorcerer may do going forward for example Maki zanin is able to move to different colonies without much effort she lacks cursed energy so she's not even recognized by the.

Barriers surely this wasn't anticipated by kanjaku when he created the areas it's obvious they were meant to stifle communication between players Ergo maki's status as a non-player is a glitch although it's plausible kanjaku prepared for players to move through the colonies the angel otherwise known as Hana kurusu can naturally navigate the.

Barriers as well considering kanjaku made a contract with her it's likely he knew about her ability he may not have seen it as an issue so what can kinjaku do about this once again there's multiple options while he isn't the game master kanjaku still has influence he already has the higher ups in his hands the very Society of Jujutsu is at his.

Feet so he could very well bring in other players to neutralize Maki not only does it solve his problems it's also taking down two birds with one stone taking monkey out and bringing new players in kanjaku needs Sorcerers for his merge with tengen so it wouldn't hurt to have more regardless kanjaku looks at the big picture I doubt he let.

Maki go unchecked for long merging with tengen Izzy's ultimate goal to achieve what the death paintings couldn't before that though konjoku has to face two powerful Sorcerers choso and yukitsukomo they'd both put up a fight Yuki is a special grade sorcerer while chozo still has a grudge against his creator kenjaku besides that protecting tengen is the.

Most important thing for everyone so it's likely Maki could join that fight too she's immune to passing through the colonies and she has a fully realized Heavenly Body while it's unlikely she could defeat kanjaku she could certainly delay him either way kanjaku will have to work extremely hard to achieve his end game and sadly we've come to the end.

Of kanjaku explained hopefully you enjoy his character as much as I do I'm Jack Stansberry peace out