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The Demon Slayer Effect! – Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer


Kimetsu no yaiba demon slayer has forever changed the anime industry prior to its anime the series of course had a following hence its survival i know a lot of you guys prefer anime and don't even read manga proven by a couple community polls on this channel in the past however.

The manga fans are very familiar with series cancellations especially in weekly shonen jump the magazine demon slayer was serialized in i'm sure we all have series that we wanted to last but were cancelled due to a lack of popularity and so for demon slayer to not only survive but also get an anime adaptation.

Says a lot while i'm on the topic rip the ghost rider time paradox a little manga i was a fan of before it got axed if you've had a manga you like get canceled in the past share that in the comments would love to hear about it because i sure do know the pain anyway back to demon slayer the story was.

Popular enough to survive but of course it hadn't made any waves until this anime was released the studio ufo table took gotoge's art and story to extreme heights and if i'm saying that studio name wrong i don't know how to read it it could be japanese or writer's english i don't.

Know so yeah studio ufo table or studio ufo table shout out to them anyway everyone watched demon slayer the biggest of anime fans and the most casual fans who prior to demon slayer had only watched dragon ball naruto and maybe hunter hunter.

Everyone watched demon slayer the animation was just too good and honestly at the time of its airing i wasn't watching much weekly anime but when i saw a clip on twitter of zenitsu using his power i immediately became curious and i know there are many people that started watching it just like that.

It simply looked too good to ignore and we've seen anime take stories to new heights before i mean attack on titan's hype train began just like that people that had never watched anime were tuning into it but demon slayer has now reached heights that have never been raced previously the manga sales skyrocketed literally.

This was a little controversial but at the end of the day just the fact that it's possible to say it even challenged one piece is crazy enough so this beautiful anime boosted the manga sales to crazy heights and that's not even all we also have mugen train the highest earning movie in 2020 the.

Movie has gone around earning awards and shattering records it's done everything on a worldwide level this impact this level of success cannot be ignored and it hasn't been it's created what we'll call in this video the demon slayer effect the first example of it recently finished airing.

At season 1. can you guess the series jujutsu kaisen as syria said again survived to get an anime with beautiful production and then saw a spike in manga sales and now a movie a movie is on the way yes guys i know a lot of you guys might not know that but if you follow us on instagram and.

Twitter or just follow anime news in general you know there is a movie on the way these anime studios are taking series to the next level and again that's normal that's normal but the impact the shows are making is bigger than we've seen in the past because the production is just that top.

Notch anime movies weren't handed out like this in the past and i don't expect the juicy sukaizen movie to even compare to demon slayer mugen train for multiple reasons firstly is covering a prequel which stars yuta not yuji or gojo and secondly the anime did create big excitement weekly but it.

Wasn't on the scale of demon slayer so why would i expect the movie to be because of demon slayer we'll see companies continue to pump more money into anime because their reward is there they've seen that big demon slayer bag let's be honest demon slayer is a good story but is it that much better than.

Any anime we've seen in the last 10 years for example i'm guessing you'd agree it's not it's good but is it that much better than everything that's come before does the story really warrant this level of success the animation took it to amazing heights and i think i'd like to take a moment to.

Acknowledge that nowadays it's more normal to like anime let's be honest the climate has changed in the last 10 years nowadays everyone watches some anime everyone is into nezco or tanjiro it's more normal in the west of course i don't know about the rest of.

The world talking about the american culture that i know about i mean you see the biggest stars for example like magnus stallion cosplaying and all that it's becoming more normal and that of course has also helped demon slayer i'm already willing to bet if chainsaw man has a high budget anime.

It'll follow the trend of demon slayer and jujutsu and if you have any doubt about that just know all three stories are coming out of shueisha and specifically weekly shonen jump as consumers we win with this trend similar to how i think most people would agree we won with fortnite making free.

To play games a more regular thing this means higher quality anime and more anime movies because it's now more proven than ever that a high quality anime can take a story to places it wouldn't have gone otherwise the only thing is there's a possible limit on how long this trend can continue if a lot of.

Anime starts looking top tier it becomes the norm and loses its effect it's not as impressive anymore and at that point if the cost of producing top tier anime outweighs the benefits then what's the point it's possible that we'd then go back to a lower standard that is just a little prediction though.

Maybe the cost of producing top tier anime will go down or is already declining and so maybe this won't happen i'm very impressed by demon slayer truthfully it's been crazy hearing about some new achievement weekly for over a year now season 2 is destined to bring in more records and even more.

Fans so i can't wait to experience that with you guys season 2 aside the next thing i'm anticipating from the series is its video game from what we've seen so far it looks great and i can't help but smile because you already know if it turns out to be fire like everything else the series has touched.

So far it'll do great and bring in some big numbers with that said this is the demon slayer effect just a little video to start a discussion and get some thoughts on the success of demon slayer out there and what it means for the industry hope you enjoyed the video if you did.

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