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The End of Bakugo The Hero!?? HE JUST LOST EVERYTHING TO SHIGARAKI – My Hero Academia Chapter 360


Horikoshi just continues to drop absolute heat this week's chapter of my hero academia titled even after all that see the continuation of shigeraki vs bakugou as well as the synergy between the big three plus we see exactly how determined bakugou is seeing the big three altogether has been something i've been looking forward to for a long time.

Now they've been heroes for deku and his class to look up to but we haven't really seen them in action as a unit at least until now we start off where we left off shigaraki is absolutely owning the battlefield featuring his own todoroki style burn he stands atop bakugo with his foot on the young hero's head this scene reminds me of shigaraki.

Mocking all might's pose while standing on endeavor during the last war in both situations he is gloating over a hero quite literally as he stands over him shigaraki asked if deku was supposed to be there last we saw deca was still flying over the sea and was encountering someone or something off in the distance i really hope we get back to that soon.

Considering i think it is possible he is being intercepted by the pilot buddies of star and strife shigaraki is still sporting his many many mutilated hands they now extend past his elbow almost into his shoulder as disgusting as his multitude of hands are i must admit that combined with his wild white hair it does look pretty sick as an opening.

Panel shaykh rocky also used his hands to block off any heroes behind them it is a strategic move that delays any heroes from stopping him shigaraki then answers his own question by saying he is sure deca will arrive it's probably all for one speaking here due to his utterly obnoxious fascination with one for all or perhaps shigaraki just wants a.

Rematch perhaps a bit of both giga rocky also ominously comments that having his quirks erased may have come in handy as with his quirks at his disposal all these heroes would have been eradicated in an instant this inconvenience of sorts has now become more of a fun little exercise for him it's plausible that shigaraki simply enjoys beating.

Down heroes without quirks it proves their quirky society is beneath him in a way and even with felkwork shigaraki is insanely powerful it's scary to imagine what this fight would have been like without izawa but shigaraki isn't doing badly quirk or not and i will say that the come in handy comment is a bit of a fun pun considering his current mutation.

Vakugo attempts to use his good arm but it is all in vain in response shakaraki does the most despicable disrespectful thing and uses his foot to pick up and kick bakugo when i saw this panel leaked i could hardly believe it it is such a downright foul thing to do but truly it is very much a shakaraki thing to do this guy is nothing if not disrespectful.

Right after kicking him shigaraki destroys bakugo's other gauntlet rendering him practically without any means to defend himself after all he just survived being impaled in the last war arc so bakugou is really getting the short end of the stick again and again shigaraki then adds insult to injury by choking out bakugou he tells young hiro.

That he will leave nothing but a quartz behind and that killing him would only further enrage deku which is apparently something shigeraki wants to provoke this is mostly unaccount for the fact that while so emotionally charged one for all is most susceptible to beguilement beku's anguish and frustration can not match the likes of.

Shigaraki allowing him to rather easily take control over the power yet as bakugou previously told deku one for all works off of emotion and i will say that another enraged deku scene would be pretty pleasing one of my favorite scenes from the war was deku biting shigeraki's forcible quirk activation skewers and who doesn't like an.

Otherwise gentle character going berserk shigaraki only continues to mock bakugou while choking him saying that since bakayo grew up admiring all might it is only right he faces reality now just as he says that bakugou is encased in a coffin of hands complete with an explosion of blood shikaraki saying he should face reality reminding me of what.

All might originally said to deku regarding a hero being quirkless it feels like a much darker parallel and at that i am loving all the parallels so far hurry coach is really a master when it comes to foils while on the topic of deku shikaraki also tells bakugo he will always live in deku's shadow there have been multiple instances of bakugou.

Mirroring endeavor but living in someone's shadow feels like yet another comparison between them even endeavour thought he was existing in all my shadow the callbacks they are in surplus this chapter plus the tomb of shigaraki's hands remind me of bakugo and the sludge villain once again bakugou is literally helpless against a great evil and.

Hopefully once again thaku will rescue him right now things look bleak but not to fear the big three finally come onto the scene together ninja day shows off a new attack called nature pike it looks to be a focus being more quirk shaped like a lance unfortunately chikaraki isn't so easily defeated hindu steps the attack by using bakugo as a human shield.

Which forced his nigerians to redirect the energy it barely missed bakugou but the distraction was enough for tamaki to attack from behind he combines two animal traits octopus mirage and scorpion toxin the mirage allows him to be camouflaged while he toxin is pretty self-explanatory shigeraki is momentarily surprised by the poison but.

Quickly purges it with a grotesque mouth that vomits out the toxin he gloats calling me poison pathetic as we've seen previously shigeraki's body will continue to evolve to suit his needs no quirk needed with each chapter shigeraki becomes more and more of a candidate for quirk singularity theory even shikaraki himself confirms that his body will.

Evolve as he sends a massive mess of hands and mouths directly at tamaki thankfully tamaki seemingly escapes it but all these close calls for the big three really has me worried one of them will not make it especially due to tamaki's graduation comment in the previous chapter i have a strong feeling a hero will be dead before deku arrives.

Only further fueling the final epic showdown between him and shigeraki all the heroes are putting up such a fight but there are generally no match for shigeraki who could give prime all might a run for his money right now granted shigaraki did compare himself to all my last chapter in the middle of this attack muriel is able to rescue bakugou.

Which feels like a feat all its own shikaraki is literally dominating the fight with his gross appendages making it difficult to maneuver on the battlefield to begin with miriam throws vaca goes to best genius while shigaraki tells muriel he remembers him from the hospital raid but says it was contempt after all muriel was an unexpected.

Variable and he last wore arc this does seem to be a trend though considering he was meant to act as a messenger and bodyguard not necessarily someone to be fighting against shigaraki however i do think he is a pretty interesting matchup against shigaraki even if shigeraki is currently lacking decay mirio introduces himself as a million stating that he is.

In charge of communication and defense he explains that intercepting villains and passing messages was something only for someone who was fast and nimble which explains where he has been in response shigaraki sends more gross tensions across the battlefield which mirio easily avoids all the while he asks you to rocky why he has to break.

Everything chicaraki tells him that the current systems have failed truthfully he is not wrong hero society is really flawed as we have seen related to god and endeavor not to mention courts that aren't socially acceptable are shunned like togas with all that being said nedjay comes back into the fight well sort of she sees that mario is trying to.

Close the gap with shigeraki so she lends her power nigeria sends a spiral of energy that miria wraps around his arm no doubt meant to bolster his punch against shigaraki say what you will about muriel but you gotta admit he is a true hero considering he is willing to literally fight in close quarters with shigaraki very often tells sugar rocky.

The most obvious truth that shigaraki has never had any friends this comment seems to strike a chord within shigaraki to some extent perhaps on account of the vulnerable child within him he goes on further telling shikaraki he knows because if shigaraki did have friends he'd know some things aren't to be broken all the while even miriam knows.

How crazy it is to fight shigeraki like this but is convinced he could do something with an empowered punch at the very least they can stall the fight until deku gets there surprisingly enough mario does land his punch while avoiding shikaraki's tendrils he is having to use his quirk in multiple areas but he shows exactly how dedicated.

The heroes are to prolonging the fight for deku this man really needs to show up soon otherwise everyone is going to be minced meat before he arrives meanwhile best genius is tanning tobacco a little ways away he tells bakugou to show him his arm so he can sew it up stating that they are still in need of bakugo's work the kid has been on the.

Front lines in both wars and bastina still wants him to fight even if he has a destroyed arm it shows the dire straits they are in it doesn't matter how wounded they are they must still fight marco doesn't respond instead he is silently gripping the grass and crying in a rather out of character moment vegeta tries to come for bakugo.

By placing a hand on his shoulder though he does continue to demand to see bakugo's arm telling him that the rest of the heroes will fight against shigaraki somehow yet even best genius knows how bad the situation is referring to shikaraki as that thing showing how inhumane shigeraki has become not only that but he acknowledges.

Shigeraki is out of any of the hero's leagues as he talks to bakugo it is pretty clear best genus has suffered injuries as well his costume is frayed and he looks rough he still tries to comfort the young hero stating that while bakugou can't use any knowledge he has gained fighting chikaraki he did an excellent job it's a quick scene but.

It's something i really enjoyed beshinas calls him by his hero name and tells him that he did enough truthfully i can't get enough of best genius being a mentor to bakugou i think his internship with bashiness really matured him unfortunately though bakugou doesn't really respond all he does is continue to watch the fight unfold making.

Comments under his breath his analysis of the fight reminds me of deku and it looks to be something that genus is admiring if his shock expression is anything to go by bashing his own internal monologue is what ends the chapter he's amazed that even after such a brutal fight bakugou isn't giving up instead he is watching to learn.

Analyzing attack patterns and perhaps even getting back into the battle himself the chapter ends with a full page of bakugo as he watches with the ominous text that reads what is it that those eyes see i'm really hoping next week we continue with this fight i have a feeling bakayo is learning shigaraki's mannerisms and.

Battle to overcome him it's like when deku fought against vakugo in that villain training exercise bakugo is seemingly using that same analysis to learn what shigaraki will do everyone has mannerisms and surely that extends to shikaraki and all for one we'll just have to wait and see as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for.

Watching and have an awesome day i love you you