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THE END OF GAROU! King Takes Control Over Garou’s Execution – One Punch Man Chapter 169


With all the insanity that happened in the previous chapter including destroying much of jupiter and one of its moons it's no surprise that the ark is finally winding down a bit in this final installment of the battle between saitama and garo we get some much needed info on the time travel effects like who actually knows what went down we're also.

Showing how intense some heroes get towards powerful villains like garo and how few people want to keep him alive and so now let's dive right into the detail shall we as we know the last chapter ended with saitama holding genesis core from what i'd like to call the darker timeline with no idea how we would fit into this alternate version of.

Events seeing as jenos is still alive now well luckily we get right into that with this latest chapter called daybreak the cover page features a beautiful shot of a sunrise in the aftermath of a long struggle without tama holding onto janus's torso like a football this actually turns out to be a spoiler for the final moments of the chapter but.

We'll get to that later on from there we move on to garo suffering from the zero punch you'd receive from saitama in the previous chapter and here he was shocked at how sudden and powerful the hit was his borrowed power leaking out through the hole in his mozzarella shell funnily he doesn't even recognize the person who calls this is saitama because he didn't.

See where it came from and he thinks that it would put that baldy to shame and man to think that sexama surpassed his own self so much that garrow couldn't even recognize him from there the lower level heroes who were no longer dead from the radiation like they were previously surround garo preparing to get their revenge on a weakened hero.

Hunter they look more like a gang than heroes with their fists balled up and angry stares garo looks at them blandly seeming to know what's coming but not afraid of it but there's no time to worry about that saitama is holding genesis core but not sure why he has it in his grasp nor how genus is alive since it is outside of the cyborg if you.

Recall in the last chapter future saitama and his past version combined to form a new present version and he somehow brought the core with him through it all oh and his suit came back together but the crotch was missing for some reason anyway he tied a knot in the fabric so now his jewels are covered at least but both saitama and geno's.

Confused that this additional core the cyborg has a bright idea to connect a wire to it so they can activate it i'm pretty sure genus was not expected to have to see his own death along with the disastrous outcome that was averted through his own core but here we are the fight the dying heroes blast portals genesis death and the destruction of.

Jupiter all of it is revealed to him but as predicted saitama has no recollection of the previous events including his own growth but now thanks to jonas's quick thinking and it being his technology that was brought back at least he knows the truth for a second jenos seems to glitch with the overload of information having not been prepared for it at all.

But in just a few moments of staring at the glowing core the young cyborg demonstrates his analytical skills once more he pieces through the divisions along with the current situation and comes to the right conclusion saitama and the core came from a different timeline not only that but he changed what would have come to pass to try and.

Confirm this theory he asked like tom if he remembers anything which he doesn't even in normal situations the baldi's memory isn't very reliable as shadows points out that his sensei and the core came from the future saitama ends up looking all the more confused and so genos has no choice but to explain more clearly and then we are subjected to.

Genocide's trademark rambling explanation that saitama can barely listen to because it goes on for way too long but because we as readers should have more of an attention span than cape baldy i'll summarize what janus is saying basically generous is a theory about there being parallel universes the saitama went through time and caused the.

Events to go in a different direction through direct involvement this created a divergence but generals isn't sure if this was triggered by the decision to step in at that moment or when he actually threw that punch from the future point in time and stepped into the past either way because saitama fixed whatever deaths and destruction.

That occurred he rejoined with his present or past depending on how you see it and no longer remembers what he did to get there and this janus points out includes finding a way to transcend time and space to save all the heroes who died due to radiation poisoning because of his flawless sense of heroism let's not forget the fact that he knows even.

Without having witnessed the fight that saitama would never lose cegaro regardless of the circumstances and wow could genos have gotten it more spot-on if he tried i think not of course when demon cyborg gets into the actual mechanics of time travel the words go in one of saitama's ears and not the other but this is more for the sake of the.

Author not having to come up with his own reasoning for it time travel is a complicated and highly debatable topic after all but before we continue make sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on and like the video so you won't have any regrets like garo did with saitama glad to see genos alive and having no recollection of previous.

Events we have to assume he's back to his old self right he is no longer the man that created a universe within himself saitama showed attention span strikes again and as his people watches him closely his eyes drift sideways taking this to mean that saitama wants the other heroes to get credit over him again geno's comparison to the time he.

Killed deep sea king too bad that is not what's going on this time pushing that aside he continues to ruminate on the events that transpire geno seems kind of proud that he's aware of what saitama went through to save everyone and he's glad to be the only one to know the secret even though he's convinced his sensei is pretending not to remember.

Interestingly genos decides instead to let saitama know that he succeeded in arriving in time to save everyone this might greatly affect saitama who constantly adheres it to never arriving at quite the right moment it could even lead to him pushing himself to react faster and care more if he remembers these words during a future catastrophe.

Deep down we know genos's words are wrong though because saitama had failed to save everyone and didn't even have any idea of how to undo their deaths if not for garo the heroes and yangtario would still all be dead right now so who's truly the hero i wonder of course saitama is confused by channels mentioning that since he knows he is not.

A punctual hero but at least we have someone on the inside to share this knowledge with us we then focus on a face down tario no longer dead who slowly wakes up from someone calling his name and urging him to get up lying in the rubble all on his own the boy jumps up as if jolted back to life there's still blood running out of his nose and.

On the ground but he'll survive this time he is then greeted by the sight of garo in a spirit form the one that risked it all to bring tario back to life garo's smile is so kind and clearly relieved as his body dissolves into pieces he accomplished what he wanted to do so he no longer needs to beat in the future anymore seeing this of course.

Tanya rushes to him but he cannot catch up because he is already gone that's when tario still looking for his uncle here's he strikes and kicks from the heroes as they gang up on the existing arrow who can no longer fight back since losing his divine power with dozens of heroes pummeling him it's hard to picture them as the good guys with how.

They're acting they leave goro's face bleeding kneeling on the ground but the hero hunter refuses to lose face and why should he in a way he decided this was a better fate for him in the world if it meant saving tario and showing how cruel heroes truly are at least that's what his future self believes how would the current girl know those feelings too.

Unless the spirit he saw earlier went into him the same way saitama's future and past selves did as garo taunts him to continue beating him one person steps forward after all not all heroes are corrupt and cruel and one such man is metal bat who tries to get the angry mob to stop perhaps because he saw the good ngaro when they worked together to.

Defeat sage centipede anyways the heroes argue that garo deserves it for what he did to them and even sweet mass joins in saying the decision to execute him is unanimous this is mainly because of his hatred of monsters and of something within himself that he's been hiding but that's another story his excuse for allowing this treatment however is that.

If they don't stop him now the girl will incinerate them all even with the idol hero trying to exert pressure on metal bats he refused to agree to that kind of behavior and of course saitama joins in probably still holding on to the belief that he's a human and not a monster in an attempt to change a subject or just out of curiosity saitama asked how gar.

Was taken down to begin with after all that was kind of what he was supposed to do we know it was a time hopping saitama flying through a tunnel of time and throwing a massively upgraded punch but because saitama also had his extreme power growth from fighting cosmic fear mogaro who copied both his and blast techniques it seemed to look more like.

The number one heroes doing at least that's how flashy flash sees it plus he points out that he was naked both sweet mask and sikingar are blown away at the mention of blast having played a part as he is known to only get involved in world ending situations and again the naked part comes up but even general chooses to ignore addressing that now.

This is where things get interesting though seeing as genos is technically the only one who knows what truly happened and how things were turned around for the better he believes only saitama can decide garo's fate shanos hasn't really explained his reasoning behind that comment it makes me wonder if he's unsure about saitama's memory or.

If he thinks he's really good at playing dumb regardless saitama points out how garo is allowing everyone to beat him without fighting back he even suggests allowing them to continue since it is not having much effect and they will tire out eventually and there it is that is a broken logic from saitama that we know and love besides garrow definitely.

Is not acting like the punky usually is always set on proving how strong and durable he is in a fight and others begin to notice this as well zombie man steps forward then wanting to know about how garo gains so much power besides monsterization he even mentions god as he knows of it through homeless emperor and his death the entity garo stays.

Silent blood dripping from his face with that flashy flash recalls blast mentioning the same god and saitama despite having been there too doesn't remember at all and man where is saitama's mind during all these important moments seriously garrow then lasts maniacally denying any existence of a higher power saying it was all.

Himself he is clearly playing up his role as a villain just to try and end things quicker and he even encourages them to kill him zombie man being the great detective that he is notices garu desire to die at the hero's hands his face turns very stern at that realization saitama has an unexpectedly similar look on his face but then taking.

Garo's words as permission a crazed looking sweet mask prepares to send the final blow at him thankfully that's when brave little tareo throws himself at the idol's feet gripping so tightly he cannot ignore him while he shouts wait garo is visibly shaken by the child's reaction to his near death not just him but child emperor and waganma can't.

Believe it either even king is taken aback by the sudden desperation that the boy is showing not like the time when movement writer convinced hank tom master that killing gara was on hero-like tario accused the heroes of being mean and not acting like they should be with tears streaming down his face tareo says that he's been saved so.

Many times by garo and in turn he is trying to repay him by holding on to sweet mass leg as hard as he can so his uncle can escape safely and for us of course it hits even harder since we know that garo used the very last bit of god's borrow power to ensure tario would make it through somehow king seems to have his own moment of realization when.

He remembers who tario asked him to protect in the past his uncle the same uncle who was on the ground asking to be killed by the heroes and seconds away from being executed by sweet mask speaking of the idol hero he looks down at tadaya with a downright evil expression on his face he is certain that the only way an innocent child.

Would defend the hero hunter is because he has been manipulated into it tyreo completely denies this and good on him for not crapping his pants from that look another absolutely terrifying look appears when sweet mash tries to force a smile and convince tario that they weren't hurt garo too badly and man who would trust a face full of names like.

That plus he vocally just said he was going to execute him tareo is not deaf and we certainly witness that too while the heroes all debate whether or not to kill garo or whether to just take him in so he can't cause any more damage king steps forward with his roaring engine and fierce expression king has clearly had enough of his behavior and in front.

Of a child no less these small fry heroes all step aside immediately feeling his intimidating aura that we haven't seen in a while they all stop speaking immediately shockingly even sweet mass holds his tongue when king turns a vicious glare at the violent hero as he tries to protest man for someone with such a weak body it must be.

Nice to scare people into listening to you having taken that moment of quiet to rush over to garrow tadio clings to his uncle tears still in his eyes as he looks up to king that's not where team save garo ends though bang makes sure to let his ex-student know that he can't just throw his life away and that's because he needs to make amends for.

Everything he has done up to this point and spend his life saving others now this seems to finally get through to him his expression's stern and focused saitama agrees with that idea remembering how he saved people already as the absolute evil he even encourages garo with a good for you continuing on saitama points out that those around him.

Pushed him to show his true colors the real garo with blood still seeping from his wounds garrow can't seem to comprehend that he is being kept alive one last time he tries to pretend he is a monster to be feared by telling saitama he will regret this decision we know with algaro there would be no genos to keep saitama grounded but beyond that.

Garo inadvertently saved genos and king from the monster executives in the past platinum s and evil ocean water and so saitama make sure to thank him for that at that we get a flashback in king's mind where he was discussing with saitama about what to do with the holgaro situation even then saitama made it clear who saved king when he wasn't.

Able to be there in time that last comment of gratitude along with the support of some of the most beloved heroes seems to finally push god to accept his new fate with a small smile and one final rebellious comment garo leaps away and none of the heroes can keep track of where he went with all them wide-eyed and well-placed ropo.

Covering zombie man's naked body garo is gone everyone is shocked at the quick escape well except saitama who watches exactly where he goes and purposely doesn't tell the others i don't know how no one sees saitama looking right up agaro and still they can't figure out where he went some heroes they are huh with a solemn expression janus firmly.

Believes garo will be back to his old self in no time it's odd that despite jeddah's knowing the truth of time travel he still has his doubt that garo will turn his life around this likely means he didn't see the part where he taught saitama how to travel back in time regardless saitama isn't word for the hero hunter and expects bang to be.

Able to watch over him if need be and hey even with all that the chapter isn't over though metal knight appears using something like a fusion of a tank and a drill to dig out of the ground nearly injuring the people who were standing nearby with the threat no longer around metal bat prepares for aftermath cleanup and this involves hundreds or maybe even.

Thousands of robots under his control getting rid of the nuclear fallout caused by cosmic fear modaro in the past then as if describing the weather metal knight says a ship of his caught a nuclear blast and man if he has that kind of technology i would really hate for him to ever turn evil which some might argue is already the case.

Afterwards the people nearby were all expected to go through some testing and treatments to get rid of the radiation in their systems which only makes sense saitama size and so do we at long last the battle with the human monster garo is over but saitama still needs to find his house or what's left of it in this tide pool not to mention jiro seems to.

See dr cashetto to be fixed up and maybe start using dual cores who knows what an absolutely amazing arc of one punch man this is and surely the story is going to continue getting better and better but there is one thing i am very curious about you guys think that genesis knowledge that alternate timeline is going to play a role again later on let.

Us know in the comments as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you