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THE END OF MAKI! The Gojo Execution Plan – Jujutsu Kaisen


After a three week wait jjk is finally back it felt like the wait would never end but to be fair at least we were left with a really solid chapter to sit on as always if you enjoyed the video and want more jjk content do be sure to drop a like and subscribe to pluto notifications on.

To never miss an upload we upload almost daily and love to have you join in on our discussions with that said let's get into this new chapter we open with nauya's usual unpleasant energy he'd rudely greet maki going as far as to say yikes what a face then confirming that this.

Injury really wouldn't heal maki wouldn't let this upset her much and would counter by saying that she thought nauya only judged women by their asses not their faces nayyah wasn't phased and continued to look down on her reminding her that not only can't she use curse techniques but she also can't.

See her spirits and now her face is wrecked no one will ever look in her direction pretty harsh words from nauya we had a three-week break to come back to a classic case of misogyny anyway we then see a flashback of noya with his foot on maki as he stood over her.

And at this time ask maki if you should bully her like he used to he's been lonely lately after all maki would again remain composed she'd say nothing and nauya would lastly ask her if she's going to follow okotsu and megami like a lap dog now angered he'd call her scum and command her to speak bold stuff.

Nauya very clearly has no respect for maki and while it's a little sad to see her just take it in the situation we have to accept that she has more important things on her mind right now we then transitioned to a tunnel or maki would walk alone until a voice called out to her a woman would tell her.

To come back and remind her that she's not allowed to enter the cursed warehouse maki would with confidence show the key and reply that the clan head gave her permission to go do this we then get a flashback to a conversation between maki and fushiguro they were discussing fushigoro's new.

Role as head of the zainan clan he was not interested he sounded like too much of a hassle but maki needed him to do it now abito left the entire zainan fortune to him after all this means money curse tools and information on the big three families maki would then let fushi guru know that.

The way they would operate from now on will change drastically fushiguro would insist that maki should do it but she knew no one would accept her or follow her the way she is now she would then attack him with reasoning explaining why he's the right choice reasons which include gojo favoring him.

Fushigro would still try to persuade her letting her know that acceptance isn't important after all she'd receive all the benefits by simply becoming the leader same as he would but again she knew she wasn't good enough she wouldn't be able to create a place her sister mai would feel like she belongs fushi girl.

Would stop here he understood maybe because of his connection with his own sister we'd snap back to the tunnel now and the woman would now shout i said come back here and then ask maki why she's always like this now as if going for the kill the woman now revealed to be maki's.

Mother would say for once make me glad i gave birth to you maki wow just wow maki is taking a beating in this chapter and it only continues from here i'm sorry to say maki would keep going though and reach a large door and with the key she'd open it her eyes would immediately.

Grow wide it was her father next to a pool of blood he'd tell her that there are no cursed tools here he'd anticipate what she planned to do and so emptied the room the pool of blood was now revealed to be that of mai who now with all her strength yell out.

And ask maki why she'd come here just then we'd go to a different scene it was a conversation between nauya and jinichi they were discussing fushigro being the next head of the clan shinichi would explain that through him they have a chance of repairing relations with the gojo clan.

And also the kamo clan because of fushiko's connection to noritoshi getting rid of him without reason would only hurt the zayn and clan we then see that jiujitsu headquarters had deemed gojo and accomplished in the shibuya incident making him exiled from the jujutsu world removing his seal is now considered a.

Criminal act janichi intends to take advantage of this they must execute fushiguro maki and mai as rebels for plotting to free gojo wow the jujutsu kaizen world is just absolutely insane it never ceases to amaze oji killing his own daughter would boost.

Credibility and build trust the only question is can he handle that but it would seem so because it would now be revealed that this was his own idea the fight would now begin og would activate falling blossom emotion the domain counter falling blossom changes.

When used in a sword standoff it covers itself in curse energy to attack anything that it comes into contact with apparently mai was bared to use as a bargaining chip in case maki had come with any unknown cursed tools mai came wielding a curse tool known as dragon bone it accumulates force and curves energy and ejects them out from the back.

Of the blade in accordance with the user's will maki's plan was to take advantage of the fact that he's unfamiliar with the curse tool's ability intending to strike a second or third time instead of going for a one blow finish oji would prepare to strike and ask maki now.

If she knows why the former head of the zainan clan was his older brother naobito and not him maki would ask if it's because he's a bastard willing to kill his own children oji would now swiftly unsheath his katana and in an instant he'd immediately collide with.

Maki's blade with vicious force but much to his astonishment the propulsion of her blade was able to cleave through his katana breaking it from here maki was sure of her victory but her father was unfazed and before she even knew it her inwards were coming out of her side.

To her surprise cursed energy was coming from the broken blade and now with her bleeding out he looked down at her with tears running from his eyes and say why couldn't i become the head of the clan because my children are worthless yikes what a horrible chapter for maki.

Emotional and physical abuse on a crazy level it almost doesn't even feel real there's no way her story ends here right there's no way maki and mai are both done here right before the culling games right jjk sure has no mercy on his characters but anyway really solid chapter it's.

Unfortunate we had to see maki take all of that on but i'm holding out hope that this isn't the end for her but share your thoughts below do you really think this is it do you guys really think the story of mahi and mai and here share your thoughts in the comments below let's talk about it.

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