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THE END OF QUIRKS! How Deku Becomes The Greatest Hero EVER! – My Hero Academia


With the latest chapter of mayur academia confirming we're now in the final arc of the story it's time to consider the end because of the beginning of the story we already know how it will end if we're considering the anime deku will become the greatest hero if we're to consider the manga instead.

Deku will become a great hero before we go further we need to talk about these two translations there are anime that go off course from the manga and tell the story in their own way however in the case of anime like my hero academia the anime can serve to correct and fine-tune details.

And that is how i'll be choosing to interpret this difference in translation and to be clear the manga version i've been referring to is the official viz manga translation now if you disagree with the greatest hero being the most accurate translation that's fine but i would love to hear your reasoning in the comments below.

But yes this is the story of how deku becomes the greatest hero we do know the end result but however we do not know how it'll happen it's like knowing a team wins a basketball game but not knowing how specifically they ended up winning now with all that in mind how will deku become the greatest hero.

Not the number one hero but the greatest we can assume deku will somehow bring an end to all for one but is that enough to become the greatest hero i don't think so while all might didn't bring a proper end to all for one he did defeat him twice and even if offer one is defeated who's to say a greater evil won't appear soon.

After after all quirks are becoming more complicated and dangerous as they mix over the generations not taking away from deku's victory but making it smaller in the grand scheme so then how will deku become the greatest hero will it be through creating a longer period of peace than.

All might did well yes and no society learned the hard way that relying on one man to maintain peace was a mistake and so is not something that will likely happen again but what is likely is deku will save everyone in a different way muriel mentioned wanting to save a.

Million people and deku wanted to save everyone and that is something i think he will actually do although not from a villain but from themselves the cork doomsday theory is a thing and a real threat to the future of society and if dagu can somehow bring about an.

End to quirks he would be undeniably the greatest hero because at the start of the series he was reflecting on his life we know that deku does not die but i imagine what ends up happening will be in some way self-sacrificing even if that sacrifice is just a return to being quirkless.

Which honestly makes perfect sense because for one the purpose of one for all is to put an end to all for one and two if the rest of the world is quirkless then there's no need for deku to have one obviously we know that the second myhero academy movie ending was originally an idea for.

The end of the actual series this type of ending lines up better with becoming a great hero however with this ending now scrapped and it being impossible for any person already in possession of a quirk to take on one for all we know that something else is coming at the end something that would overtake.

The current greatest hero almight who maintained peace for decades and with that in mind putting an end to quirks is honestly the only answer that comes to mind one for all over the generations was baking the quirks of its predecessors inside.

And in general we do know quirks can awaken and we've seen this in himiko toga bakugou and even shigaraki who's to say all for one itself isn't capable of awakening something new as well and what that would look like is kind of anyone's guess of course and pure speculation but it wouldn't surprise me.

If for example when pushed to a certain level it unlocks the ability to steal quirks without direct contact and that in itself could play a role in it becoming possible to put an end to all quirks the thing about shikaraki is he wanted to be saved he was a child.

Roaming helplessly in need of a hand and unfortunately the one that extended it was a villain with ulterior motives all for one still today though decker refers to him as a child that needs help and i think deku could be the one to extend a hand and save him think about obito from naruto something like that where he's presented an.

Opportunity to do the right thing and does do so the right thing being putting an end to quirks and eliminating the possibility of another all for one type of quirk ever existing all might have defeated tons of villains and save society but he's never saved a villain from himself.

And that is something deku can do and probably will do to bring an end to this story shigeraki of course will never be able to undo all the bad he's done but he can do something right for once and play his role in ending the madness that has plagued society the saying all for one and one for all.

Goes together they're not two separate things that exist in isolation so it makes perfect sense at the end of the story involves these two things coming together to do something bigger than themselves while there will definitely be an insane fight is seeing deku beat shigeraki to a.

Pope really that satisfying i believe something bigger than that is in store for the ending because that sort of ending simply lacks meaning it simply says do wrong and you'll be stopped by one that trains hard enough compare that to something bigger like putting ego aside to do something bigger.

Than yourself my hero academia is not a story where characters simply fight there's often something emotionally charged going on endeavour fighting his ugly self in that high end fight shoto being pushed out of his comfort zone forced to be bigger and accept his fire.

The last fight won't be something as simple as deku beating up shigaraki who refuses to accept a hand but what do you guys think will deku become the greatest hero by saving shiguraki from himself and coming together to save society from the harms of the quark singularity theory or does he simply become the greatest.

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