Big changes are coming to my hero academia very soon the setting has changed drastically and the same can be said for the characters in this video we'll be going over what has changed recently and what changes are likely to come very soon following the events of deku's rogue arc and bakugou's apology.

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So be sure to check that out with that said let's get into this if it hasn't been clear already this video will contain manga spoilers so if that's not your thing proceed with caution up until this point in the my hero academia story class 1a has been very close you could.

Almost say they had no choice but to become close due to their shared life-threatening experiences these near-death experiences were not things other students friends or family could relate to it's not very often a group becomes the main target of multiple villain operations shared drama forced them close from the.

Very beginning and it was not just this drama that brought them close simply being classmates did that as well the same concept exists in the real world when a group is studying together succeeding together and failing together they naturally become closer so what we have now is not solely a.

Product of the war arc or deku's rogue arc it's the end product of dozens of shared experiences during this first year of high school yes just the first year while they should be on their second year now class 1a has been in their first year of high school for all seven years of the.

Story serialization it's insane but as we all know it's been an unusually active year of school during this year we've seen bonds and friendship circles grow stronger visible in cases like kaminari and jiro or aoyama and deku all these little circles have grown alongside the collective and has made a.

Class that is now stronger than kiroshima's unbreakable form by becoming closer they didn't merely become good friends that have healthy relationships their teamwork and battle is now essentially perfect during the mission to stop deku the impromptu coordination we saw was insane yes it did feel a little.

Underwhelming that they needed to do all of that to try to slow or mirror deku's power but in the end objectively that teamwork was amazing the potential for class 1a to reach greatness was always there looking back there were cases of great impromptu teamwork this is a talented group of students the.

Very fact that they made it into ua is proof of this and that genius has been seen from the start now however the individual combat experiences since then as well as the group efforts has created this new class 1a we know there to play a role in the end of the story and so our best guess.

Previously was that along with the pro heroes they would take on the remaining nomu at the start of the series this would seem impossible but now with their individual and collective growth is very much possible the best victory over a high-end nomu.

Was only possible because of a team effort that combination of quirks between hawks and endeavor was thrilling and we believe a look at what's to come later with class 1a at the center of class 1a we of course have deku who is currently going through it while still recovering from the war arc drama.

He's taken on a whole new set of pain in this rogue arc it's reminiscent of how people say they're still processing 2020 while 2021 beats on them because of how accurately bakugou assessed and predicted deku's behavior you could say he's being himself you could argue that daiku has not changed.

Much however if we look closely you can see he's at least undergoing some changes of course at the start of the series he saw the hero society in a positive light and now that perception has surely changed over time the most drastic change probably came when he learned of lady nagan's.

Backstory to know the good guys the hero commission had used lady nagan in that way had to have made it more clear than ever that this conflict is not merely the good and bad guys society is not black and white it's gray seeing heroes fall into retirement also surely has affected the.

Perception of deku and civilians for the civilians it probably confirms that yeah the hero shouldn't have been trusted to begin with and now deku is seeing society for what it really is and not only that but he's gone from working with everyone to doing it alone doing things alone for.

The sake of protecting everyone else is not exactly new for dekku however leaving everyone to fight alone is not what he's done previously he's fallen into the trap all might had also and fair enough because their personalities are very similar now class 1a did manage to bring him back to.

Ua there are still some obstacles but they've made it to this point in the end it's almost guaranteed that deku will end up back on the side of class 1a but what will that look like well for starters i think we'll see greater teamwork than ever before deku is still the main star and his power is not even comparable to theirs.

But it seems like a group effort is a main theme in the story that's not going anywhere when we look back on all the biggest moments there are hardly any solo acts endeavour did not beat hood alone deku did not beat overhaul alone stain was not beaten alone and shigaraki during the war too.

Was not beaten alone my hero academia is just not that type of story there were a string of solo victories for deku but this whole rogue arc is not the story's norm and these can be forgotten in the grand scheme of things in the same way that endeavor the number one hero did not win alone.

Deku too will most likely not it's been emphasized too much that doing things alone is not the right way we're more likely to see efforts like what we saw against gigantomachia during the war when it comes to this story and so a stronger deku in class 1a should lead the scenes that will soon make the efforts against dane feel like.

Child's play another important point pertaining to deku is that now that he's seen the ugly that comes from the hero society it's likely you'll begin to look at the bigger picture beyond all for one and shikaraki right now all for one is in this man's head rent free but eventually i believe.

We see him think bigger than all for one whether that's at some point before the final fight or after it remains to be seen but it's clear that defeating all for one won't prevent something as dark as this from ever happening again and we've been saying that on this channel you guys know this to become the.

Greatest hero deku will do more than defeat all for one before we go any further in the comments let us know how you feel about all of that does deku really need to do more than defeat offer one is seeing more teamwork what you want or you more for the one-on-one hype let's know all of that and more below.

You've probably been waiting for this topic it's time to talk about bakugou and his relationship with deku alright so bakugou has changed a lot that's pretty undeniable from the start of the story to now he's gone from a bully who told his childhood friend to take a.

Leap off their middle school building to now a very caring friend to that same kid and not surface level caring he's risked his life for deku he's observed them in such a detailed way that it rivals deku's note-taking on all of his classmates bakugou is now a good friend and a very good character he was my favorite character from the.

Very beginning his confidence quirk and design were all too appealing i fell for this character immediately and all of a sudden this sounds like a confession but we're going to keep going while i love this character i could recognize that he was simply a jerk and extremely so compared to the other.

Characters front and center there wasn't much to him besides being a jerk and so while i was a huge fan i couldn't blame anyone for not being one as well now though we've seen him grow drastically he's stopped looking down on everyone else he's paid attention to his own strengths and weaknesses the man has changed as much as any other.

Character in the story maybe even more so and a part of you has to wonder if horikoshi has gone this far on bakugo's character because he feels he went too far in the beginning this is not speculation he did in fact say he might have gone too far with bakugou.

In the beginning but the question is if he's done so much for the character to make sure he's made up for the beginning we probably won't ever know the answer to that but it's worth thinking on the moment bakugou basically called out deku for essentially doing what he used to do.

And then later referring to him by his real name izuku it was clear there was no going back and now with the air cleared it's possible there will be another conversation once daiku is cleaned up and not exhausted but now that the air is cleared the two can become a true duo in the same way we've seen duo is.

Another popular anime it may be time for these two to go down that road as well and what a beautiful thing that is i hope before the series ends we get another volume of the two together that contrasts volume two of the series so yeah big changes are to come daiku will.

Definitely accept the apology and the two will go forward along with the rest of class 1a unfortunately there has been no real changes with that kuwaraka's relationship but that too will come in time together class 1a has come a very long way there are so many great.

Relationships in this group you know a series has a lot going on when one chapter an interaction between two characters can make you cry jakku anita and then the next chapter an interaction between another two characters deku and bakugou can also make you cry amazingly written relationships with.

Main characters and we just had to talk about it all with you guys today this group is going through a little ugly phase but once it's cleaned up beautiful things are to come and we'll see things we've never seen before in this story with that said we hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did.

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