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The Greatest Bartholomew Kuma Theory You’ll Ever See


Dr vegapunk never actually turned Kuma into a cyborg because in reality he turned him into a god it's finally time to put one of the longest running mysteries in one piece to bed by the end of this video you'll never wonder what really happened between vegapunk and Bartholomew Kuma again after all we know exactly why vegapunk a man highly.

Sympathetic to the Revolutionary Army agreed to turn one of their strongest members into an unfeeling killing machine and even waikuma agreed to the deadly procedure in the first place not only do we have all the answers but they shed light on a whole new mystery from the current Arc and provide setup for a fate even worse than eating a defective.

Smile fruit Kuma the Tyrant Bartholome yukuma was once the king of the sorbet Kingdom popular opinion later painted him as a tyrant overthrown by his people but we all know how much the world government likes to bend the truth when they can't straight up erase it Kuma was a close friend of the world's worst criminal Monkey D Dragon Commander.

Lindbergh even called the sorbet Kingdom an Allied nation of the Revolutionary Army it seems more likely that the war World Government spread lies about the former Monarch because he worked with these subversive terrorists in fact they may have removed him themselves it wouldn't be the first time a popular Revolt was used as a cover for a.

Takeover in one piece at some point he was expelled from the Throne of sorbet the timeline is a bit hazy here but we know Kuma was also one of the founders of dragon's revolutionary Army early on he served as one of the master Rebels key lieutenants alongside Emporio ivankov though it's unclear if he was still the king of sorbet at that time.

Regardless somewhere down the line things went very very wrong the world government seems to have acquired some powerful leverage against Bartholomew Kuma perhaps they threatened his beloved Kingdom or maybe it was more personal something targeting his wife or daughter for example whatever the root cause Kuma made a deal with the world government.

He'd allow vegapunk to turn him into a cyborg replacing body parts one by one by the end of the process he'd be a living weapon a tool for the world government's tyrannical figures to use against those who dared to defy them this creation the pacifista was so successful that it not only led to a whole line of kuma-based robotic.

Soldiers But ultimately resulted in the creation of the seraphim a new generation of pacifista who are set to replace the Warlords entirely vegapunk believes that these are the most powerful beings to have ever roamed the Seas but in a bit you'll understand that these little angels are nothing compared to the god that Kuma has now become but.

Creating a massive Army of Terminator robots wearing bare ear bucket hats doesn't exactly fit with what we know of Kuma or vegapunk it makes a little more sense for the big guy the former King hated the world government with a passion but there are plenty of possibilities as to why he agreed to sacrifice himself but what could have.

Led to vegapunk suggesting the pacifista project the doctor worked for the government out of necessity he needed funding for research and the world government was the only party wealthy enough to pay him he didn't agree with their tyranny but wanted to try and reason with the Navy Kuma's cyberization and loss of Free Will don't seem like.

Ideas he'd have just thrown out there for the sake of it they're cruel inhumane and wrong add to that the fact that he'd be going after a close friend of dragons a Manny genuinely liked the whole thing just seems off but who else would have been crazy enough to think of creating a legion of cyborg super soldiers this doesn't sound like an idea.

The five old fogies would have just come up with themselves Admiral fujitora was involved in the later creation of the seraphim but he wasn't with the Navy when the pacifista project started something is wrong here what led to the pacifista project being suggested in the first place well what if it was part of some bigger scheme a master plan years.

In the making between vegapunk and Kuma to turn the tables on the world government forever that's right their plan to defeat the gods of the one-piece world was to create a god of their very own vegapunk's secret Ally the straw hats recently arrived on Egghead Island vegapunk's home base and we've seen a ton of game-changing things cp0 has been.

Sent to kill the greatest scientist in the world because the five Elders fear he may one day turn against them in his effort to escape vegapunk has contacted a mysterious Ally on the island his Apprentice slash Other Self Vega Punk Edison objected to this plan out of worry for the shadowy friend of theirs they'd have nowhere left to hide if.

They're in the government sites too someone is hiding out on Egghead someone who vegapunk feels like yoza dead to and is nervous about putting at risk this isn't some new scientific creation of his or an innocent bystander with no past to speak of but in turn when the original vegapunk asks for help this history figure is all too happy to.

Oblige they even admit that they were expecting this request to come sooner or later there's a lot of room to theorize about this new shadowy ally of Team Vega Punk fans have thrown around loads of speculation and theories as to who this might be even Marines like smoker and fujitora have been suggested some think that the shape of the denden Mushi.

Suggests the triumphant return of doflamingo having broken out of jail off panel others point to the mysterious unknown woman who once was part of mats to suggest that Stussy and vegapunk are former colleagues and that she's about to turn against Cypher Paul none of these ideas are bulletproof however some despite sounding pretty cool are nothing.

Compared to the secrets we've got coming up Stussy hasn't had room to take a call with conquer and luji sticking close by her at all times how could she have received vegapunk's message without the other two hearing her doflamingo hiding in a quiet corner of the island seems pretty unlike him even before you get into how relying on someone else for.

Concealment is borderline out of character he's got friends elsewhere doflamingo can be deceptive but this level of stealth requires a sense of humility that's under really foreign to the Heavenly demon maybe you think we've hit a brick wall here if you do maybe you're just not a plot Army soldier yet and so you've made the mistake of.

Doubting our deductive skills but once you see the light be sure to subscribe to the channel after all Edison's words give us another identifying Factor he does not doubt this Ally's power he's absolutely convinced that they could help team vegapunk against cp0 his only objection is that they're being unfair to their friend so our mysterious figure.

Is someone with extreme strength hiding on Egghead Island the Revolutionary Army members are all accounted for aside from Sabo kaido and big mom are gone while teaching Shanks are out at Sea law is having to deal with Blackbeard and kid just reached elbaf there are significantly fewer powerful Pirates at large right now than there used to be.

Unless this mystery figure is an out of nowhere pick like Captain a Rouge or golden line cheeky it's probably not a pirate but finally we have the one figure that we've met who fits all these criteria perfectly an extremely powerful man who owes Vega punkadette and whose very existence the punk team would be very hesitant to reveal Bartholomew Kuma.

Okay now some of you are probably tearing us a new world in the comments already after all we saw Kuma in redport in the exact same chapter as this reveal but although impressive this cybernetic attacker is not the Bartholomew Kuma the God we're getting to this is Bartholomew Kuma the man it's just his shell the px0 pacifista made out of his body given.

Kuma's unexpected arrival at the base of marijua it's likely the px0 is currently being used to distract the world government as part of vegapunk's efforts to escape Egghead an attack on the gateway to marijuana would draw a strong Naval response diverting ships that kizara was planning to use to cut off the straw hat Cruise Escape as Shaka.

Notes the only priority is getting the Stella body off the island everything and everyone else is Expendable in the course of accomplishing that goal this would be sad if any trace of Kuma sentience remained within the machine but as we've seen repeatedly there really isn't even once the revolutionaries got him out of marijua.

All px0 could do was ask for new orders this infuriated the revolutionaries who are natural really inclined to view this as their dear friend being stripped of all emotion that's the same line of thinking Bonnie is driven by they view this like an injury and treat it in binary terms when the truth is anything but believing that vegapunk hurt Kuma so.

He can undo the harm in Megan better or he can't in which case he essentially killed him but what if we told you that the truth is somewhere in the middle like the red line Bartholomew Kuma the god the cyberization process was gradual Kuma had been replaced piece by piece with only his head remaining intact that was the final change Dr Vega Punk made.

To turn him from a human to a pacifista from there all that's left is the living weapon however this is where Kuma's friends are making a bit of an assumption instead of injuring the brain by slicing bits out of it or whatever what if vagapunk simply removed it that's far from impossible in the world of One Piece law has proven himself more.

Than capable of transplanting people's personalities from one body to another thanks to his devil fruit the opeopenomi vagabank lacks that specific devil fruit ability but has one of his own that seems extremely relevant here the nomi nomi nomi gives him the ability to grow a seemingly unlimited amount of brain matter that's how vegapunk was able to.

Create Punk records he's clearly experienced in dealing with brains what if the fruit gave him more abilities than that I mean it's a paramecium fruit within their domain their powers can be quite broad but can it really be that simple there's clearly some sort of brain still in the pacifista something to drive it forward it's just lacking in.

Free Will and is only able to obey orders but perhaps the nomi nomi could allow vegabung to create a new simpler bit of brain matter to drive the cyborg he could have even just left technology in there completely roboticizing the pacifisa thought process and Kuma he'd still be alive vegapunk was able to take a big chunk of his own brain out without.

Issue and use it to create Punk records what would stop him from keeping Kuma's disembodied brain alive with how much Egghead island has embraced a retro sci-fi aesthetic it would make sense to see the brain in a jar Trope it's one of the oldest in science fiction if this is correct then vegapunk suggested the pacifisa project as a way out for Kuma.

The world government already wanted him dead and if he continued fighting with the Revolutionary Army they'd probably do something horrible to the people he cared about but vegapunk could give them what they wanted without costing the big guy his life the celestial dragons now have Kuma as an obedient puppet there's no need for them to retaliate against.

The sorbet Kingdom Bonnie or anyone else meanwhile vegabunk would keep Kuma with him on Egghead they'd hide the real king of sorbet from the world government work on some new identity for him or give him a new home until Dragon finally managed to bring down the Navy in the meantime this would go a long way toward proving Vega bunk's loyalty to his new.

Paymasters he was a former member of Mads after all the Marines must have had doubts about this one-time criminal scientist after this though vegapunk was approved to develop some of the Navy's most powerful weapons and perhaps more importantly he put himself in their command hierarchy he'd have actual power within the world government and could.

Install some backdoors like the one that's probably now driving px0 to attack redport vegapunk would finally get the power to help defend himself against the world government an organization he's never exactly trusted it all lines up and explained the other Vega Punk's reluctance to call on their mystery Ally vagabunk tried to keep the.

Original Kuma secret both for his own sake and that of the sorbet Kingdom but now with egg can under attack that may no longer be feasible thus Vega Punk Stella asked the former warlord to step in and save him from cp0's assault presumably piloting a new pacifista this is a pretty incising answer in part because it means everything can be.

Settled namely a happy ending is totally in the cards here all vagabank would need to do is clone a new body for Kuma the pacifi says are expensive each one costing as much as a battleship but this seems very achievable it'd give Bonnie her dad back safe and sound no harm no foul except there's one fatal flaw with this idea which turns a potential happy.

Reunion into something extremely Bittersweet spoiler alert it's probably why Kuma used to always carry a Bible around everywhere he went a truth that is difficult to accept this whole idea that Kuma is basically alive and can easily be restored is the best kind of lie attempting one so it's no surprise that the theory is pretty popular within.

The fandom everyone wants to believe Kuma can come back and that vegapon can restore his free will they want to see him overcome the world government shackles and join the good guys in fighting against the forces of tyranny there's just one problem though Vega bunk has confirmed that he can't do that even with Bonnie pointing a sword at him.

And threatening his life the old man admitted that he can't just restore Kuma to normal even when she's no longer conscious vegapunk feels that Bonnie's hatred for him is reasonable and he seems quite deeply upset about what happened if the real Kuma is just lying around somewhere off screen this reaction doesn't make much sense why.

Would vegapunk not just explain that he's effectively still alive he should be able to bring Bonnie back to her father and solve things someone he's bound to claim that this is an exact word situation with the old doctor focusing on the fact that he can restore Kuma's original body vegapunk's perfectionist Nature has been.

Established through his irritation at the pink version of kaido's devil fruit he'd made logically he might overreact to some slight issue that would make Kuma's new body less than perfect or be focused on the fact that he can't restore Kuma's human body except even that doesn't really fit here the Clone bodies are visually identical to the.

Original no one was able to recognize them prior to the Pacific a project becoming public knowledge if Kuma's brain is still within Egghead Vega Punk should be able to restore him pretty easily as much of a perfectionist as the old man is this should be a viable way to bring Kuma back if it's not then perhaps the operation to transplant Kuma.

Was more one way than vegapunk wanted even for the far future science of Egghead Island this may have been tricky thinkapunk himself can't make a perfect duplication and transfusion we know because if he could we'd have likely seen it with the satellite bodies yet they're all so different so what did he do instead of Simply removing Kuma's.

Physical brain and putting it in a jar perhaps he's had to transcribe Kuma vegapunk could have read the contents of his brain and copy that information to a new storage medium that should be achievable for someone with devil fruit powered Mastery of the brain even without vegapunk's advanced science the little gray cells are ultimately a.

Storage medium and the satellite bodies have been able to access information stored within Punk records so perhaps that's all Kuma is now information a copy of the Man created by the nomi nomi fruit he'd basically be an artificial intelligence contained within egghead's defense systems or locked up in Punk records he still exists in some fashion.

He can take a denden mushy call from vegapong Stella but he can't regain his physical form transporting him off the island will likely prove difficult even with Kuma able to help engage cp0 he may be limited to activating static defenses like the hologram projectors or the frontier Dome vagabank doesn't even mention the idea of taking their Ally.

With him would they be forced to leave him behind beyond that however the whole idea of this copy technique raises some worrying questions of its own is a duplication of the original person's mind the same thing as the original how much of Kuma was vagabank able to preserve we've even heard some interesting thoughts on this question.

From Punk Atlas when introduced to her we saw the young punk was able to touch Holograms projections that seemed intangible to Luffy in the gang she tried to explain it to Luffy perception shapes your sense of reality but touching a projected object turns that on its head doesn't it so that girl isn't real debates on what makes.

Something real or as old as time it's something you'll have to decide for yourself but I consider the matter settled if Vega made a holographic copy of Kuma would it be the real Kuma if it were just the image standing there you'd probably say no it's just an illusion right but imagine if it had all the memories of the original imagine if you.

Could touch it would the copy be Kuma how perfect does a recreation have to be for you to consider it the original what makes it Kuma you may perceive the image and see the man but does that make it true this question is echoed in an old and appropriately nautical philosophical dilemma the ancient Greeks proposed the concept of the ship of Theseus if you.

Replace every component part of a thing is it still the original there's no real answer to that question but it explains why vagabunk's been feeling so guilty about this even if he were able to somewhat save Kuma he may not be able to restore his old body or even recreate his mind anything less than Perfection would be eating the doctor up inside no.

Matter what the circumstances this was his idea any suffering on Kuma's part any sort of loss of identity would be something vegapunk would take extremely personally I mean would it transcribed Kuma even have a soul that's certainly the sort of question that might make someone want to pick up a Bible huh but hey maybe it's not that Bleak Oda is.

Known to have characters cheat death in various ways the preserved Kuma mostly being his old self is possible but don't think for a second that Oda is above such tragic realities remember those smile-affected villagers on wano they weren't healed even Chopper could not undo what had happened to them as bright and upbeat as one piece usually is some.

Wounds just don't heal that easily hopefully whatever part of Kuma vegapunk was able to save will be enough for Bonnie either way being a super powerful artificial intelligence in a world where the most powerful beings are now apparently cyborgs definitely sounds like a mighty threat to the world government and that's not even including.

All the other pacifistas running around thank you so much for watching I've been Jack Stansbury and I hope you have an awesome day