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The Greatest One Piece Secret Revealed! Straw Hats Cant Believe It! – One Piece Chapter 1065


How many reveals can one chapter have we've got the next seraphim the introduction of all the remaining Vega punks and a big twist about Egghead Island's history let's get to it we open outside Egghead records on the lab stratum instead of following the main group we are hanging back with Zorro and Brooke the two Pirates talk for a bit.

Revealing why they didn't join the rest of the crew and going to the laboratory besides not being all that interested in technology Zoro points out the obvious facts as wacky as Egghead is it is still a government island vegapunk is sort of willing to deal with the straw hats but someone should hang back ready to break the crew out if things go wrong make.

That when things go wrong it is the straw hats after all it's fun to see Zorro get this genre Savvy and a good reminder of how long he has been doing this our crew knows what to expect on their Adventure by now Brooke agrees with the wisdom of this plan offering to share a cup of tea with his first mate they have to pass the time somehow while.

They wait for things to go to hell the two can barely take a however before being corrupted by a stranger rifle Caribou the mudban has finally emerged from his Barrel he's trying to play Things smoothly like he was supposed to be aboard he must have figured out that now with most of the crew gone this was the perfect time to Bluff his way into.

Safety he brings up the request he made to Luffy to drop him off anywhere but wano noting that when he said that he didn't mean a government Island he is a pirate after all he's wanted by the Marines surely the shrads will let him stick around with them until they reach somewhere more friendly right Zorro isn't buying it for a second he thanked.

Caribou for helping Luffy back on wano right before telling him to get off the sunny and he's grinning as he says it all too aware of what is probably in store for a wanted pirate outside Caribou does not object out loud but there are tears in the mud Man's eyes as he leaves the ship things are probably not going to go so well for him on.

Egghead the rest of the crew is just now heading up towards the laboratory Nami and usof are both freaking out over the escalator it's fun to see the parents so hyped up about something that is so simple to our modern World their enthusiasm is downright infectious it almost feels like we're back into classic one piece now there's that sense.

Of exploration finding something new and wondrous and the straw hats haven't even gotten through the door to vagapon's lab yet we're getting hyped up just watching them get so excited over the moving stairs so what could be in the lab proper Frankie asked Vega Punk Lilith what the island uses as a power source Lilith is a bit evasive she simply notes.

That the island was using fire to keep things running after all you can get fire from many sources Frankie knows that this has to burn through a ton of Natural Resources which Punk who love does not deny that's just one more part of egghead's operating budget instead she Muses about the prospect of an eternal flame if there was some kind of.

Fire that didn't go out they could tap it indefinitely with that she claims she could make her own son this feels like foreshadowing is Lila's going to try to hook Luffy up to a battery I mean we've got the US government trying that over into jutsukaisen so it could happen anyway while pondering that she just steps right through the laboratory door.

Someone starts hailing the Vega Punk on her calm even as the straw hats are yelling at her to explain what just happened Lilith just orders the group to walk through the cast iron door claiming they shouldn't let their senses fool them she strolls off talking to the figure on the calm who she identifies as Edison so she is talking to another Vega.

Punk Sanji is the first member of the crew to slide his head through the laboratory door Robin follows after him and soon these straw hats are all on the other side Usopp checks the door after they're through noting that now it is somehow solid metal again he asks out loud how this works but the rest of the crew are distracted by the lab well.

Frankie and Robin are focused on the lap Sanji is just looking for Lilith before the crew can worry about where their guide has gotten to someone starts talking through the straw hats over the speaker system they've got a hefty draw to their voice and identify themselves as Vega Punk Edison the Pirates shouldn't worry about that though they.

Should just keep going straight ahead into a room that is totally not a trap the rest of crew are happy to go along with that either lacking zoro's common sense or blinded by the love of cool futuristic technology Nami is almost as hyped up as Frankie about this place there are stars in her eyes and she speculates about potentially finding.

Some kind of future treasure like a flower made of beautiful gems busab knows that that is quite a strange fantasy muttering that you can't tell if Nami has a taste of a child or an old woman this causes the navigator to give long notes a sharp future kick for the insult the rest of the crew barely notices however they have finally.

Reached room big upon Edison who's directing them towards the big iron doors slowly clanking open and what they found in there was something none of these straw hats could have expected jinbei sitting in a meditated pose beneath a gigantic bat of liquid Mark seraphim 04 there are more Vats and monitors behind him this is almost.

Certainly the seraphin production facility till the crews credited they immediately noticed something was up with this version of the Helmsman for one thing he's younger than before however given how many Wacky Adventures have gone through it is hard for these Straw Hat crew to work out exactly what's going on here no one told them.

About the world governments and it was super weapon who stopped throws out the guess that this may be jinbei's son reasonable idea especially given his own background with a seafaring father Nami speculates that jinbei may have been turned into a kid and hey with Bonnie running around the island that's a really good guess Sanji throws out.

Option three it is just purely a coincidence this is somehow a completely unrelated fish man that happens to look just like jimbei this is somehow both the smartest and dumbest option out of all the three this kid has a different skin tone and hair color from their friend and is sporting a pair of jet black wings it makes sense to go with.

The idea that this is not gym bag at the same time Punk Edison directed the group to this room specifically it is very unlikely that they just happen to find someone who looks like their friend Vega Puck is clearly up to something with this resolving to finally settle the question the crew calls out to Sarah from Jim Bay asking him directly who he.

Is Young Fishman does not answer them simply rising to his feet we get a better look at the flame over the base of his back as he stands tall we're so used to seeing jimbei as his friendly light-hearted guy that is strange to see seraphim jimbei here he looks surprisingly intimidating at this moment Frankie starts to recognize what is.

Going on as her new friend brings an arm up with light forming around it somehow this creature is a pacifista a point seraphim jimbei is happy to prove that blasting the hell out of the group hopefully the Vega punks are ready for some more property damage usop is on his feet quickly happy to let his paranoia run away with him clearly this was all a.

Trap there was no way the world government was ever going to roll out the red carpet for these straw hats Nami wonders if this means the Royal government is using clones of jinbei as soldiers now they have seen plenty of Kuma pacifistas now it's going to be a whole jinbei line instead either way this figure looks like a kid Nami readys.

Her weapon but admits she doesn't really want to fight this guy unfortunately seraphim Jim babe does not share the same sentiment the guy beefs accessing some new function before he melts into the ground most of the straw hats don't know what to make of this Frankie however calls out that you remember seeing this ability before indeed he has.

Fought against someone with similar Powers the jinbei seraphim has somehow been given the same floor surfing capability as he sui suiunomi the dough through this in your pink used back in dressrosa extend your pick is not just outright dead vegapunk has replicated a doe through perfectly and a complex one at that and so at the Six Paths of punk.

Made some kind of breakthrough since Punk Hazard and how did vegapun get access in your Pink's lineage factor to replicate his devil fruit regardless I must say this is a brilliant devil fruit to give this seraphim simply because it does have the body of jimbei and jinbei is an incredible swimmer regardless the young jinbei charges towards Nami.

Surfing to the floor as if it were the ocean Frankie calls out recognizing what their enemy is up to on 4 fortunately he is too late Jim Bae emerges swiftly clutching at nami's throat the Navigator pleads with him calling out his name unfortunately the seraphim does not recognize her it just keeps staring with those cold star eyes as it rings he life.

Out of the Navigator these things are vicious that's enough to make Sanji snap one look at his face is enough to see his overwhelming anger as far as he's concerned attacking Nami means jimbei has 100 signed his own death warrant even if this was the original he would not forgive this Furious he launches forward with a powerful flaming kick to.

The teenage gym-based torso it's enough to send these cyborg fishmen Back Against The Wall freeing Nami from his grip before the seraphim can get to his feet however Robin steps up she isn't going to sit idle while Sanji fights Mecca teen jimbei alone and she is just as angry about what happened to Nami she goes for Gigante Fleur last seen in her.

Fight against black Maria she brings the smackdown hard on Sarah from jinbei laying into him with multiple gigantic Palm strikes these hit with enough Force to knock the fish man back against the tank unfortunately the water only helps the seraphim regain some strength it Springs back charging right at Robin with a powerful Fishman karate strike.

Usop yells at her to get away going for a lethal green star shot the explosion covered the room and smoke briefly giving the sniper a second to catch his breath he's not feeling so great usop knows this isn't really jinbei but he looks just like him having to attack your friend with this kind of force is pretty messed up unfortunately When the.

Smoke Clears seraphim jimbei is nowhere in sight Usopp looks around trying to locate their foe but it is too late the pacifista jumps out of a wall behind him like a shark emerging from the ocean Jimmie wraps his arm around usopp's neck trapping the unfortunate Marksman in a headlock Sanji is ready to tackle this overly persistent threat again however.

Frankie claims the next shot asking usof to not move as he charges up the Frankie radical being he locks his sight right at the threatening seraphim as he fires a massive blast right at it no matter how precise lasers are it is hard to imagine a shot that big not hurting usop at least a little bit still before that can happen we cut away to someone.

Watching the battle on a monitor it is here that we actually get to meet Dr vegapunk Edison he looks like a robotic form of a Toriyama alien wearing some kind of armor it's hard to imagine that this cute little robot left these straw hats into this Ambush right now though he's freaking out a bit he hadn't expected Frankie to fire a laser at the.

Seraphim they're just prototypes after all their development plan clearly states that they aren't supposed to shoot lasers at this teenage unit until next week at least this is much riskier than he expected Lilith has joined him now and she's angry about this whole Affair even one seraphim is ruinously expensive to develop seeing it wrecked.

Has to be frustrating for the Vega Punk most focused on acquiring money if this battle goes too far it will cause Egghead Island a fortune she is ready to bust skulls the next chance she gets Edison tries to caution her against getting too violent but the bot is almost immediately distracted he has just had an idea for a new invention.

That is apparently enough to make him forget all his worries about these straws potentially wrecking a highly valuable military prototype instead the little punk flies off with a cat to get to work he passes his fight monitoring duties all to his brother Dr Vega Punk Pythagoras this big guy appears to be a classic.

Tokusatsu robot robocon only now with a neat jacket it's a bit of a more detailed design but it is a cool shout out all the same Pythagoras is happy to take over noting that data like this doesn't come along every day Edison meanwhile is already at his drawing board sketching out blueprints one after another he is working at a feverish Pace.

The ideas won't stop coming as such he asks Vega Punk York to eat something for him the good doctor is only too happy to oblige chowing down on a burger and hot dog immediately two lab assistant scoring around her already on their way with a wheelbarrow full of seconds all this food looks gigantic it's clear York is on the big.

Side and she's planted herself on a nice fluffy cushion she's clearly been eating for the other punks for a while Pythagoras has been busy studying the battle he has already made some key observations about the jinbei seraphim it is managed to develop new fighting patterns as it has grown this suggests the lineage Factor was able to retain.

Some skills and memories from a person's life even if this isn't the real jimbei he has the original's memories of learning Fishman karate although apparently not from his memories of the straw hats Pythagoras speculates about potentially accelerating these seraphim's growth further though he knows that there are obstacles towards.

That Edison meanwhile has risen out of his suit it appears Vega Punk Edison's true body is even smaller than what we witnessed just being his little oval with arms and legs the tiny Punk still has a pen and paper however he is also put those blueprints into action eager to make some prototypes but he has encountered a problem now that he is.

Eaten he needs the toilet but he can't afford to waste time like that fortunately that is also something that Dr York can handle the final member of Team bigapunk strolls out of the bathroom with a grin commenting on how that hit the spot we cut through Pythagoras Edison and Atlas showing that this has the same effect for all of them.

Somehow the Vega punks all have their digestive systems linked so York can take care of all of that for them having performed her function Dr York soon ends up falling happily asleep the staff keeps bustling around her noting that this is her fourth go around today it seems that the veg upon Collective has outsourced most of the basic biological.

Processes to Dr York eating the bathroom and sleep she takes care of all that stuff while the other Vega punks are busy with their relative duties that is bizarre even by 1p standards it's arguably a little bit horrifying imagine only living to eat and sleep while other people get to do all the fun stuff that might even make Luffy stop enjoying food.

But at the very least she doesn't seem to really mind back over with these straw hats and jimbei the fight has ended a new figure has entered the seraphim's test chamber and orally cyborg to stand down the striats are confused with this unexpected help they're twice as confused when they realize that they suddenly can't move.

Their legs The Stranger ignores them for the moment walking over to doors marked with the numbers five and six those look just like the door that led into seraphim Jimmy's chamber so do those hold more seraphim are we going to get two more Angel kids this Arc unfortunately the stranger doesn't open them up just yet instead he calls out to.

Lilith Edison and Pythagoras he has gotten all he needed out of this brawl the three must have had enough of it by now too right Pythagoras is disappointed at the sudden end of the fight however he was enjoying himself watching the seraphim go and gather research data for them little fumes at the intervention the crying this down drove her.

Intervening now Edison hasn't even noticed that the fight is over he is seemingly still distracted by inventing things this begrudging acceptance is enough for the stranger turning back to the straw hats he introduces himself properly this is the final member of our friendly band of punks Dr vegapunk Shaka he is easily the coolest member of this.

Lineup with his long coat and helmet it is hard to tell if Oda is going for a tokusatsu reference here or more of a Daft Punk homage either way we're here for it Shaka already looks like a badass Sanji asked what's going on with her shoes Shaka explains these high-tech boots can be disabled at any point as long as they are standing within the.

Laboratory he is not interested in killing these straw hats but he knows better than to let his guard down when dealing with pirates so no surprise he has a few safeguards like that usop is still stuck on shaka's introduction however he's vegapunk but they've already met two Vega punks the woman and the one on the speaker neither of them.

Sounded like him so in essence he's vegapunk he's vegapunk you're vegapunk I'm vegapunk are there any other Vega punks I should know about Shaka confirms that Lilith and Edison were telling the truth they are both vegapunk he is also simply a Vega Puck at this point someone really needs to share cp0's helpful diagram with these straw hats loose up.

Dryly snarks that he forgot to tell the crew something he is also a bigger part and so if we're sticking with the fan theory that all of usopp's Lies will one day come true that's going to be very interesting for the moment though Frankie shut it down annoyed at the interruption vegapunk Shaka does not object instead he poses a question to.

The straw hats do they think of this island as the future Frankie Goes for these simple response enthusiastically agreeing Egghead has to be beyond the future their technology is amazing the mega Seabees the Vega Force 1 and the island aircon he is still excited about every last part of Egghead Nami Muses that she has never seen anything like.

This island before while Frankie keeps gushing towards Shaka he wants a full tour of this entire facility he would love to see everything here as far as Frankie's concerned there is no way he and bigachon can't get along chaka-chan does not Grant his wish just yet however instead the helmeted vegapunk explains that Frankie's answer is actually wrong.

As far as he's concerned Egghead island is not 500 years in the future it is an island rooted in the past Frankie is bewildered by that idea before we can get a firm answer however we move over to Luke's group Straw Hat Bonnie Chopper and jimbei are still in the scrapyard and have come upon something big it's impressive enough to.

Take all four Pirates by surprise as they gave Shaka explains the truth to Frankie there was another civilization with technology comparable to Egghead Island however that realm has been lost to history it existed 900 years ago that would place it at the start of the Void Century as Shaka finishes his explanation we see what Luffy and his.

Friends have discovered they have stumbled across what seems to be another gigantic robot it is covered with rust and Moss and clearly suffered battle damage but it still makes for quite an imposing figure and man does this thing bear a striking resemblance to auras those horns are pretty distinctive were these old robots based on Ancient Giants.

Where the Ancient Giants actually part robot or is this thing just a hunk of armor rather than another Mecca so many burning questions but either way that is where we lead the chapter this arc's shirt is not letting up now that these straw hats are with Shaka hopefully they will start getting real answers what was that ability of the seraphim jimbei used.

Where has ct0 gotten to how do you think usop will become the seventh Vega Puck throw out your ideas in the comments section down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you