Upper rank one kokushibo is not only an extremely powerful demon within the kimetis no yayaba universe he also has connections to past and current slayers plus he's probably one of my favorite antagonists today we'll be going over the life and death of michigatsu tsugikuni michigan was born during the sengoku period as a twin his brother was.

None other than yorichi tsugikuni however during this era twins were seen as unfavorable it's not because twins themselves had bad omens but because twins could cause succession disputes unlike his brother yurichi nishikatsu was born without the mark and this one difference seemed to put both brothers on completely different paths kokushibo.

Himself knows that the two had different bedrooms different clothes even different food they were raised so osterized from each other perhaps due to their father's immediate disdain for yorichi's mark these differences between them seem to only fuel michikatsu and pitying his brother he remembers avoiding his father in order to play.

With yorichi in his small room most likely kokoshibo had a more lavish bedroom the demon also remembers that his father would notice mishikazu's belongings missings so michigatsu made his brother a flute something that would not be seen as missing from his room regardless there were stark differences between the two brothers nishikasu.

Remarks that yurichi was quiet and considered death until age 7. not only this but yorichi would cling to his mother's side something ishikazu interpreted as urichi being weak however yurichi shared a similar dream with the demon to become a samurai this very dream seemed unattainable as irishi was to be sent to become a priest at age 10.

Interestingly enough michikatsu also comments that he found yurichi's smile disturbing this again plays into the pity and eventual disdain ichikatsu grows for yorichi in fact michigatsu believed yorichi couldn't become a samurai due to the fact he'd cling to his mother in his own words samurai risked their lives in battle so a boy.

Who clings to his mother at the very side of her could never become one in spite of this yorichi proves to be skilled having taken down mishikatsu's instructor michikatsu was impressed by this and asked his brother about it yurichi explained another difference between the two he is able to see into the transparent world unlike michigatsu.

Though this is a turning point in their relationship mishikatsu admits he had pitied his brother before but now now he sees yorichi as superior he compares himself to yorichi saying he's but a turtle to the child prodigy it was yorichi's talent that seemingly changed the distance between the boys their father wanted yorichi to inherit the.

House instead and richikatsu would be sent to train as a priest not long after their mother passes with this yorichi tells me shikatsu he will not depart to become a priest but before he leaves yorichi says goodbye to michikatsu once again thanking him for the flute perhaps because he noticed the differences between the two of them michikasu finds.

Yorichi's appreciation disturbing he notes that the flute was junk and only played off-key it's odd how michikatsu seems to resent this appreciative behavior from ioriici however considering that he grows to hate him simply because yorichi was more talented one could infer that mishikatsu felt as if yorichi was pitying him that being.

Said yorichi then headed off with barely anything in his possession once urichi has left misikatsu discovers his mother's journal he learns that yorichi knew he'd be named heir so he left not only this but yorichi had known of their mother's illness and approaching death in fact michikachu learns that yorichi wasn't a frail child clinging to his.

Mother he was helping support her left side which she has difficulties with this information is the catalyst for mishikatsu hating his brother he no longer pities him or sees him as inferior no it was at that very moment michikasu felt nothing but hate and jealousy for yorichi something that would follow him even into demon hood.

Yorichi disappears and with that 10 years pass during this time michikatsu gets married has children and lives a tranquil life however muchikasu describes this time as somewhat boring though his peace isn't forever ichigasu does achieve his dream of becoming a samurai but a demon attacks where he was stationed with his group this event is.

What brings the brothers together again michigatsu was saved by yorichi when michikatsu's serenity was taken away he's then raged and envious that his brother has not only mastered swordsmanship but also defeated a demon something that isn't human even michikazu himself remembers seething from the side of his brother regardless.

Michigan abandons his family to become a demon slayer as well if anything his abandonment of his family of his lifestyle represents how badly mijikatsu wanted to catch up or surpass his brother nothing matters to him beyond beating yorichi like his brother mishikasu also manifests the demon slayer mark in spite of this he's unable.

To learn sun breathing instead michigan develops a technique that becomes lost to time moon breathing a golden age for demon slayers occurs but those with the mark begin to die in exchange for their power boost the marked slayers would die sooner this information seemingly upsets mishikatsu enough for him to believe he has no future not long after michigansu.

Comes face to face with muzon kipitsuji muzon proposes that michikatsu become a demon he'd live forever and be beneficial for both of them the demon lord wants a swordsman who can use the breathing techniques meanwhile with immortality michigan would have all the time in the world to hone his skills of course michikatsu accepts he wasn't just.

Afraid of dying but as a demon certainly he'd be able to finally beat his brother it also seems to be an act of defiance the brothers don't meet again until 60 years later yurichi has somehow managed to outlive the curse of the mark he has aged into an old man unlike nishikatsu who now sports six eyes and goes by the name kokushibo kokushibo shows visible.

Shock at yorichi's appearance asking why he's the only marked one still alive seeing his brother like this yorichi merely apologizes to him however kokoshibo isn't angered in seeing his brother he's confused perhaps this is caused by his stoic brother crying in front of him right after crying for him yorishi becomes serious ready to cut.

Down kokushibo this sudden change stunts kokushibo enough for the legendary slayer to partially slice kokoshibo's neck it's interesting to note that throughout this fight that kokoshiba remembers he himself doesn't want to acknowledge yorichi instead referring to him as the old man having been too slow to react to the now elderly yorichi.

Kokushibo is lit ablaze with anger he remembers the jealousy and hatred he always had for his brother he wants to kill him but his instincts recognize yorichi's next strike will kill him but bizarrely enough yorichi doesn't charge his demonic brother he dies standing up which further irritates kokushibo this man he envied for so long and grew to.

Hate hadn't died by his hands he had in kokoshibo's words transcended the laws of nature not to mention seeing yorichi live to be sold was surely a slap in the face considering kokoshibo didn't want to die in the first place that being said kokoshibo cuts down his brother's corpse he sees that yorichi still carried the flute he made all those.

Years ago which elicits a memory for kokoshibo the demon cries declaring once again that he hates his brother 400 years pass little is known about exactly what kokoshibo does but at some point he alongside muzon eradicates slayers who practice sun breathing though the second kimezono yaiba fanbook does mention that during his time as upper rank 1.

Kokushibo was challenged three times for his rank one challenger being akaza he typically absorbed the losers but let akasa live that being said kokoshibo is eventually summoned after 113 years to a meeting with upper ranks he sits away from his fellow demons as they wait for muzon kokoshibo is then seen noting the demon lord's presence this meeting.

Serves for upper rank 4 and 5 to be sent off to the swordsman village however there is also an altercation between akuza upper rank 3 doma of rank 2 and kokushibo akuza destroys the top half of doma's head due to the latter asking if he can accompany upper rank 5 gyoko kokoshibo cuts off akuza's hand before the demon can react telling him he went.

Too far despite doma saying he purposely didn't dodge kokushibo further scolds akuza saying it undermines the hierarchy within the ranks he then tells akuza to challenge the upper ranks if he disagrees the upper rank 3 is silent until he declares he'll kill kokoshibo kokushibo encourages this before quickly departing some time after this it is.

Revealed that kokushibo was the one who gave kai gaku muzon's blood he knows that it takes more time to become a demon if one is a strong swordsman in fact it took kokushibo three days the demon also explains there are some who simply don't become a demon finally to a stunned and terrified kaigaku kokushibo tells him muzon's blood is a gift to be.

Thankful and not spill blood or kokoshibo himself will be head kaigaku the final time kokushibo appears is within nakime's infinity castle he senses the death of akuza he calls the fallen demon weak due to aksa's choice kokoshibo is still obsessed with being strong becoming the ultimate samurai he always.

Chased after then the mistashira muichiro tokito is pushed through multiple rooms until he comes face to face with kokushibo instantly kokushibo comments that muichiro is familiar perhaps due to being a demon kokoshibo is able to look into the transparent world meanwhile and her thoughts are focused on the.

Upper ranked sword kokushibo's very presence is enough for muichiro ashira to shake the demon then shockingly explains that muichiro is his descendant noting that the tsugikuni name must have died out he also notices that the hashira is able to quell his nerves something kokushiba commends him for muichiro then attacks kokoshibo but the.

Demon dodges kokoshibo praises muichiro's swordsmanship the mystishira then activates his demon slayer mark something kokushiba remembers most likely he has fought other slayers who used their marks that being said muichiro uses a technique kokoshibo hadn't seen before perhaps this is due to the passage of time the upper rank is.

Impressed by the move stating it'd be poor manor to not draw his sword in one strike kokoshibo uses moon breathing to cut off moishiro's left hand muichiro's in her thoughts after this reveals that kokoshibo and kaigaku are unique to other demons considering they're able to use breathing styles despite his wound muichiro charges the demon kokushiba.

Manages to disarm and then impale the hashira with his own sword he then declares that he will have muzon turn muichiro into a demon he further explains that because he is the only upper rank still alive musa will most likely approve of him kokoshibo also assures moichiro's arm would grow back as a demon though he says it is more.

Like encouragement to become one he stops moishiro's bleeding but tells ashira if he bleeds to death or muzon doesn't improve then death was always his destiny suddenly genya shoots him from behind however the upper rank is too fast and dodges as well as slicing off genia's arm he then acknowledges genya as the slayer who has been eating.

Demons he continues to slice genya into pieces until he notices that genya is still alive kokushiwo compares him to a slayer from over 300 years ago which proves how far back kokushibo can remember that being said the demon wonders if he must cut off kenya's head to kill him he prepares to kill the slayer but then genya's older brother.

Tsunemi the wind ashira appears the appearance of the shinazugawa brothers is somewhat fitting for kokushibo considering his turbulent relationship with his own brother kokushibo notices the two are brothers remarking that it brings back memories senemy begins to fight kokushibo the latter finally drawing his sword his weapon is a.

Grotesque monstrous blade that is made of his own flesh and blood kokushibo's technique destroys the pillars around them but tsunami knows that gokushi was able to use multiple attacks without moving his blade this is due to how his blood demon art enhances his moon breathing which creates crescent blades that vary in length and size while they.

Battle kokushibo complements the ashira senemy though acknowledges how fast and lethal kokoshibo is the upper rank is seemingly delighted by the fact that suney's able to keep up with him which unlocks another memory for him he points out that he once improved his sword skill against a previous wind ashira afterwards kokushibo unleashes a massive.

Attack that not only wounds an enemy but completely destroys the pillars around them once more the demon applauds sanemi though the wind hashira has an ace up his sleeve kokushibo notices his pulse increase as an emmy gloats that his mareichi blood works on even upper ranks due to the toxication effects of sanemi's blood kokushibo staggers senemy.

Swings his sword at the demon again but kokoshibo dodges once more his inner thoughts reveals an enemy is beyond any issue or he has fought before kokushiba also delights in the effect of sanemi's blood despite the drunken effects kokushibo attempts to behead tsunemi thankfully deshare blocks the blade with a pistol he tries to shoot kokushibo but.

The latter deflects it then the stone ashira yomei himejima appears kokushibo examines gyome in the transparent world stating he hasn't seen such a talented swordsman in 300 years these who engage in combat kokoshibo dodges guilleme's attacks until gyome's chain catches him the upper rank's blade is unable to cut through the chain though he does escape.

With a piece of hair being sliced off on the topic of gyome's chain kokoshiba notes the iron used wasn't discovered during his era despite swordsmanship being at its peak the two continued to go blow for blow with guillemot successfully breaking the upper rank's blade regrettably kokushibo's sword instantly regenerates then gyome awakens.

His mark commenting that he planned to save it for muzon the fact that kokoshibo is fighting not one but to ashira only goes to show exactly how powerful he was as upper rank won regardless kokushiba reminds guilming of the curse for marked ones the fact that they die before 25. he further tells gilmay that the slayer will most likely.

Die tonight as he is already 27. the two exchanged words with gyomi rebuffing kokoshibo's offer to become a demon gyum himself says that he is proud to live and die as a human then he tells kokushibov he told one lie that there wasn't anyone who survived their mark the reminder of his brother is enough for kokushiba to continue the fight as.

Stitched up's enemy rejoins the fray and awakens his mark this causes kokushibo to wonder if all shira are marked during this era he's also impressed by the fact both swordsmen use different breathing styles but work in tandem kokushibo himself wonders if yome and tsunemi are talented among even the ashira he certainly commends gyome for his.

Skillful technique despite his blindness kokushibo thinks further about gyome specifically his weapon he is able to figure out how it works but resolves to destroy sanemi's blade first kokoshibo tries to shatter sami's blade from the side senemy then turns his blade so kokushi himself sees the slayer's reflexes are improving this seems to.

Further anger kokushibo as he knows an enemy has suffered a certainly fatal wound gyomi manages to slice off the demon's ear then kokushibo attacks the ishira from afar his sword changed greatly not only did the sword become longer but it now had more blades shortly after kokushi unleashes another attack that takes off two of cinema's.

Fingers with his elongated sword the demon attacks range has also increased this meant neither slayer could get close enough to the demon tsunami isn't able to dodge and suffer several wounds before the freed uichiro saves him unbeknownst to kokushibo genya has consumed his broken sword tip meanwhile yomi continues to fight kokushibo he.

Realizes that the demon hasn't run out of techniques yet nor has his feet faltered however both the enemy and muichiro join the stone ashira as the three fight gokushibo gyome cleaves off the demon's shoulder while muichiro stabs his sword through the upper rank this sudden ambush causes the demon to question if the ishira mashed the sea.

Into the transparent world but as moishiro holds the demon in place genya finally takes his shot kokushibo is able to deflect the attack but despite that the bullets sink into kokushibo he's only able to notice kenya's pistol change form before he is anchored by the branches that spotted from the bullets it is then the demon realizes genya ate.

His hair and broken blade in order to use his blood demon art the sensation of being trapped of death looming reminds kokoshiba of the final meeting with yorichi the recollection causes kokoshibo to fly into a rage his crescent moon blades mortally injured moichiro and genya but tsunami and gyomi are caught in the crossfire as well.

Regardless of being cut in half moishiro holds onto his blade as blades sprout from kokoshibo's very body perhaps due to his deep-seated fear of death of being forgotten kokushi will twist his form into that of a monster he is originally seen with six eyes which is inhuman itself but he also changes his body however much resolves to not die.

Without doing something first through his sheer will he's able to make his knee string blade glow red the pain kokushibo experiences from it keeps him rooted tsunami would then take the opportunity to attack him meanwhile genya utilizes the bullets that are still inside kokushibo once more kokushibo is stuck in place yomei swings.

His spiked ball the demon but is unable to decapitate him muichiro's red blade reminds kokushiba of his brother and a conversation they had the flashback shows yorichi affirming that there will be slayers who will surpass them as he remembers this the demon is finally beheaded by the hashira though the upper rank doesn't die instead he regenerates.

His head his body is transformed further into a monster his shape resembling the unholy union of man and spider only tsunemi and gyome still stand against him both continue to battle kokushibo and the demon catches his reflection into enemy's blade he realizes how ugly he looks which elicits another memory of yorichi as a child he told kokushibo.

That he wanted to be like him he wanted to be the second strongest samurai the demon finds himself wondering if this is what a samurai should resemble then his body begins to crumble from where muichiro stabbed him as he disintegrates he once again thinks back to his brother he wonders if becoming a demon eating people forsaking his humanity was worth.

It ultimately he comes to the conclusion that he merely wanted to be like yorichi he even acknowledges the fact that yurichi's face is the only one he remembers comparing his brother to the sun he further thinks back on his life admitting he abandoned his humanity being a samurai and cut down his own descendant his last thoughts are.

Kokushibo questioning why he couldn't become someone why he and yorichi were so different even wondering why he was born but with that as the demon finally dies he leaves behind the flutes he created so long ago for yorichi really the symbolism of this fight combined with the cinematic shot and meaning of the flute of yorichi and kokoshibo are.

Really what makes this antagonist so interesting that being said we have reached the end of kokoshibo's life story hopefully you enjoyed the video don't forget to drop a like comment and subscribe we make videos almost daily and are approaching 400 000 subscribers and all the help we can get until next time thank you for watching i'm kj have.

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