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The Hokage’s World Shattering Power! Ranking Naruto’s Hokage


There is no greater title in all naruto than being the hokage the fire shadow not only is hokage the undisputed leader of hunaha but they are also often recognized as the strongest shinobi in the village the okage is responsible for day-to-day function in the village much of this work can be very mundane and time-consuming causing the hokage to.

Have little personal time every day is filled with paperwork securing funding budgeting and frustrating political negotiation but within this nightmare of bureaucracy lies the true responsibility of hokage ensuring the welfare of konahan the hokage is consistently plagued with difficult decisions where the fate of the village and the lives of.

The people that live there hang in the balance they may be forced to send ninja onto suicide missions or enter into an unwanted war with another village gonaha is renowned across the world for its prosperity and strength these things are direct results of the hard decisions that hokage and the past have had to make after all the okage's greatest duty.

Is to protect the village at all costs even if it means sacrificing their lives the okage views the entire village as an extension of their family and will gladly die to protect that family this ideal is called the will of fire for this reason the okage must not only be capable of running the village they must also be able to personally defend it.

From attack every hokage has been one of if not the strongest shinobi other generation a total of seven powerful ninja have officially held the title of hokage each one of them is a highly skilled shinobi that has earned the respect of the world both people within the universe are naruto and fans of the series have had heated debates over.

Which ninja was the greatest hokage so it is finally time to settle that argument once and for all this will be the definitive ranking of hokage from weakest to strongest before we figure out who's the best be sure to subscribe to the channel notifications onto the miss and upload and smash the like button for some plumber today.

This ranking will be considering overall strength their accomplishments in life and their effect on society and naruto only their achievements and abilities during their time zokage will be taken into account any special powers that they had before they became hokage but lost that they gained the position will not count until without further ado.

Let's start this ranking off of the weakest okay in the history of kona number seven kakashi hatake many fans of kakashi are probably surprised to see him so low on this ranking how could team seven sensei the copycat ninja kakashi be the weakest okay there are two reasons why kakashi is at the bottom of this list and sadly neither of them.

Are his fault the first is the loss of a sharingan and the second is the era in which he became hokage these two factors made kakashi easily the weakest okay before he became hokage kakashi was feared across a ninja world for his immense skill with the sharon gun that he had received from his former teammate obito hikashi became an unstoppable.

Powerhouse his reputation was so great that many people believed that he had copied over a thousand different ninjutsu these copy jutsu gave hikashi a massive arsenal that made him effective in almost any situation with his mangakyo sharingan kagashi can use kamui to teleport people objects and even attacks to an alternate dimension he.

Used this ability to rip the arm off an akatsuki member teleport the entire atels and warp away incredibly fast attacks that were mere inches away from connecting the kamui was easily kakashi's most powerful ability during the fourth great shinobi war kakashi sharongan was taken by modera the crazy part was they ripped the eye directly.

Out of the skull luckily naruto was able to make a new eye for him towards the end of the war while team seven was fighting kaguya otsuki obito died but managed to impart the rest of his chakras to kakashi this gave him dual mangekyo sharingan having two sharon guns enhances control over kamui allowing him to mimic the obito.

Intangibility effect he could also summon a complete body susano the susano even came a kamui shuriken that could warp away anything they connected with this was without a doubt the strongest zakakashi had ever been but unfortunately it was only temporary once kakia was sealed away obito's chakra ran out leaving akashi with just his normal.

Eyes without the sharingan kakashi lost all of his most powerful abilities all of the copied ninjutsu he had were gone as well as his kamui and tsuno he couldn't even use his signature jutsu the lightning blade because it requires the sharingan to avoid the tunnel vision effect that comes with moving at such high speeds to replace the lightning.

Blade kakashi invented a new jutsu called purple lightning that functions similarly if kakashi had somehow kept his dual mangekyo sharingan by the time he became hokage he would have been much higher on this list but without them he just does not have the same level of power as the other hokage the period that kakashi was hokage also doesn't do.

His ranking any favors kakashi arguably had the most peaceful reign out of all the hokage all five hidden villages had entered into a peace agreement with one another so there wasn't any real threat of attack trumbo there weren't any international criminal organizations composed of s-rank ninja like the akatsuki to worry about there were a few.

Incidents that kashi had to respond to as okage but none of them ever escalated into being a major threat to konahan the biggest issue that ever arose for kakashi was when the moon was plummeting to earth which would have destroyed konaha as well as the rest of the world but that was mostly handled by naruto and sasuke kakashi just never got the.

Opportunity to show that he could protect kona from danger like other hokage have by no means is kakashi a pushover though he is still a great ninja that would pose a serious challenge to any enemy of konaha but he was honestly just a placeholder because tsunade wants to retire and naruto was not ready for the title yet number 6.

Tobirama senju that's right toporama senchu the second hokage and younger brother of the first hokage is the second weakest hokage now toparama's importance and strength cannot be denied he was a critical cornerstone to konoha's prosperity and established himself on the battlefield even before kona had even been founded toburama was.

A renowned ninja he along with his brother hashirama led the senju clan to many victories tobrahma even managed to kill izuna uchiha the younger brother of matara the two chia brothers were considered equals at the time which is a testament to tobrama's strength the second okay was also thought to be the fastest ninja during his time he could.

Cover an enemy in explosive tags or mark them for the flying rajin jutsu without anyone ever noticing with this jutsu toporama could instantly teleport to any location object or person that he had marked this technique enhanced his already incredible speed toporam was also considered a master of ninjutsu although he could use all five basic.

Chakra natures his specialty was water ninjutu he was able to perform high-level water ninjutsu without a pre-existing water source his skill in ninjutsu was so proficient that he invented several powerful techniques the flying rajan was his invention but he also developed the shadow clone jutsu and the edo tensei summoning jutu with.

The shadow konjutsu tobrama could make physical copies of himself that could use all of the same abilities that he had the hero tensei juicer gave him the power to resurrect the dead at the cost of another human life and then force that person to do his bidding these resurrected bodies regenerated from any amount of damage which made them perfect.

For kamikaze style attacks toborama had both the power and intelligence to be an excellent hokage many of the institutions that he created still exist this day toparama created the academy to train future ninja vyan buu to handle extremely important missions and the trinity exams to test the capabilities of ninja the institutions were so.

Effective and popular that other hidden villages adopted them into their structure totorama left a major impact on konaha and the ninja world the only thing holding him back from being higher on this list is his leadership style and his strength compared to other hokage the rama just does not match up to the other hokage in strength the other.

Leaders can either do what he can do but better or they have something special that just outclasses him dobrama might not be the greatest hokage but he still embodied the spirit of the position by putting the future of the village ahead of himself during the first great shinobi war tobram and his squad had been surrounded by powerful enemy cloud.

Ninja toborama had chosen to sacrifice himself so that his younger squadmates could escape back to the village this was a tough but honorable decision that perfectly represented the will of fire and for the record he is my favorite hokage number five hirozen saurotobi hirozen saudi toby might not be the most popular hokage among fans but the third.

Hokage has definitely earned his position on this list hirozen is arguably the most important hokage solely for how long he'll the position he has been an integral part of konaha almost since its beginning hirosen was personally trained by both the first and second hokages not only was he their star pupil but he also embraced the will.

Of fire more than anyone else when the second okay sacrificed himself for his squad mate he appointed heroes in as he next hokage before he died harrison would go on to hold the title of hokage longer than anyone else he is also the only hokage to reach old age while holding the position during his reign as okay hirosen gained a powerful.

Reputation he was known as the professor and the god of shinobi he may lack a special genkai but his raw skill in shinobi arts is matched by none hirosen is considered a master in ninjutsu genjutsu and taijutu he could use all five basic nature transformations and was skilled enough to use them all at the same time his knowledge of ninjutsu.

Was also greater than anyone else harrison knew every jutsu and technique to ever exist in konaha he had an even larger arsenal of jutsu at his disposal that even kakashi with his sharingan hirozin may not have had any big or flashy abilities like the other kokage but his proficiency as a ninja cannot be disputed when konoha was invaded by sand.

And sound ninjas under orochimaru's command he was forced to fight not only his former students but also the resurrected bodies of the first and second hokages although they were weak in versions of their living selves hirozin was still able to defeat both of them by himself his aging body was the only thing that hampered hirozin's.

Abilities rochimaru himself claimed that if the third hokage had been 10 years younger he would have killed a traitorous student hirozin's leadership as hokage equaled his skills as a ninja while hokage hirusen led konoha through both the second and third great shinobi wars his students became the three legendary signing some of the most.

Influential ninja in the world his teachings and lessons about the will of fire were passed down to more than four generations of ninja the example that he set in the village inspired lee shinobi to successfully repel the sand and sound invasion that took place during the tuning exams harrison's effectiveness as hokage guided konha through some of the.

Worst crises and wars in the village's history despite hurricane's flaws as a hokage like his softness towards danza and orochimaru he lived and died by the will of fire going down as one of the greatest hokage in konad's history number four tsunade heroes in student tsunade has proven to be a better hokage than her former.

Sensei tsunade has a very strong connection to the title of focage her grandfather and grand uncle were the first and second okage respectively although many were apprehensive about her appointment tsunade quickly proved that she had more than enough power leadership skill and experience for the job as one of the legendary saanin.

Tsunade boasted an impressive record during her ninja career she and her teammates battle against the infamous hanzo of the salamander earning them their title of saanin tsunade is renowned for her monster strength which allows her to easily decimate a battlefield with a single punch and break through the ultimate defense of.

Susannah sonata is placed as high on the list partially because she can cause more damage than all the other hokage rank below her there is more to her skills than just strength though the fifth okay's medical ninjutsu is easily her greatest skill tsunade is regarded as the greatest medical ninja in the world her proficiency in medicine and.

Healing was great enough to repair rockley's spine from a career ending injury save chose his life from the deadly effects of his client's medicine pills and create a prosthetic arm for naruto from the material of a white zetsu tsunade is also an excellent medical teacher as well her student sakura was able to develop an antidote.

For an extremely complex poison that she had never encountered before in less than a day in conjunction with her slug summon katsuyu tsunade was able to protect countless villagers when pain destroy konoha and heal the allied shinobi forces during the fourth great shinobi war sonata's ultimate ability is her hundred healings jutsu by storing a.

Massive amount of chocolate for years tsunade has created a reserve of power that she can call upon at will with this reserve tsunade can instantly heal from any wound that she receives and amplify her superhuman strength even further this jutsu allowed her to survive being stabbed multiple times in moderation and being cut in half while the jutsu is.

Active tsunade is essentially immortal only an instantly lethal attack has the potential to kill her although she doesn't have the same level of speed or mastery of ninjutsu as the other hokage she outclasses almost all of them in durability and raw power as long as tsunade has shocker for 100 healing jutsu she can't be defeated in battle if.

Even one of her punches manages to connect with an opponent she can easily bring them down tsunade has both the power to defend kona and the willpower to lead shinobi through disasters number three minato nami kaze coming in at number three is the hiddenly's yellow flash himself minato namikaze the reputation of the fourth.

Hokage has loomed over the story of naruto since it first began naruto looked up to the fourth hokage more than anyone else minato managed to defeat and sealed the nine-tailed fox and hirozin was terrified when it seemed like hiroshima was going to revive him during their battle minato did not disappoint when his skills were finally revealed.

Minato was trained by jiraya one of the saanin and quickly became an infamous ninja during the third shinobi war overall minato is a superior version of toby rama like to rama minato was regarded as the fastest ninja alive minato took toby rama's flying rajin jutsu and improved upon it using a special kunai that had his seal monato.

Could instantly teleport across a battlefield and take out hundreds of enemies he could even use his flying rodgers to warp away attacks like the tailbeast bomb using this jutsu he was able to avoid an attack from the fourth reikage a who was considered the fastest ninja before him minato's reaction speed was so incredible that he was able to.

Counter obito's intangibility during their fight also like toby rama minotaur invented his own jutsu by studying the tailpiece bomb he developed the rosengan a powerful jutsu that requires a men's chakra control to perform this jutsu required no hand seals which allowed minato to quickly form the rasengan in an instant this technique worked.

Perfectly alongside his flying rajin making him a deadly force in combat minato's insane skills did not stop there though he was also able to master sage mode an ability that not even his sensei jiraya was able to accomplish although he wasn't as proficient in it as other true sages minotaur still received a major power boost from it.

That amplified all his abilities at the end of his life minato had sealed half the night tells fox's chakra inside himself making him a jin cherkey although he was only able to use his chakra after being revived with that otense miloto showed great mastery over the nighttail chakra mode he could form chakra arms with ease and create.

Tailbeast bombs with no practice in every sense of the word minato was a prodigy that constantly surpassed everyone's expectations number two hashirama senju like kuduzin hashirama senju was known as the god of shinobi but he showed what that title really meant ashirama was not only the head of senju clan but also a.

Reincarnation of the younger son of the sage's six paths ashura he is the only known member of the senju klan to have with style and incredibly powerful kakagenkai that allows the user to summon and manipulate trees with this kakagenkai hashiram was able to instantly create massive forest and gigantic wood constructs to fight.

Alongside him his wood style abilities also gave him the power to control the tail beast hashirama single-handedly captured detailed beasts and distributed them to other villages as a way of equalizing power just like minato hashirama had mastered sage mode he was far more skilled at it than the fourth hokage though hashirama could instantly.

Enter sage mode and use it to amp up his wood style techniques to the next level using sage mode hashirama could create a truly titanic wooden statue with a thousand arms this statue was so massive that it dwarfed the nine-tailed fox ashirama uses jutsu to defeat his rival matara who was controlling the nine-tailed fox at the time ashirama.

Also possessed impressive healing capabilities similar to tsunade's hundred healings technique hashirama could instantly regenerate from wounds with ease unlike tsunade he didn't have to store chakra for years to do it making his healing superior to hers ashirama's body possessed so much power and vitality that his cells were sought.

After for decades after his death those that successfully integrated hashirama cells into their body gained access to his wood style techniques and his healing abilities simply having hashirama's dna made a person far stronger than they would have been normally hashirama used his godlike strength to end the feud between the.

Senju and uchiha clans and establish the hiddenly village the idea of a village consisting of multiple different clans was something that no one thought was possible until hashirama made it a reality not only did hashirama effectively fulfill his job as okage but he also defined what the ninja world would look like for generations to come.

Number one naruto uzumaki no one should be surprised that naruto made it to the top of this list not only is he the main character of the series but he also has a strong connection to each okage that came before him like ashirama naruto is also a reincarnation of ashira and inherited his physical power uterzen who was trained by the second hokage took.

Care of naruto after the death of his parents his father minato was the fourth hokage entering kakashi who in turn trained naruto naruto's bravery and determination inspired zunadi to return to the village and become the fifth hokage naruto's entire life has been influenced by the decisions and teachings of various hokage he is the.

Ultimate culmination of every single one naruto surpassed every hokage that came before him naruto matches stage modes with even greater degree than even minato and hashirama naruto has a faster reaction speed than both toby rama and minato without the flying rajin he was able to dodge an attack from madara that was moving at the speed of light he.

Managed to perfect the rosengan by adding wind style to it something that even the genius monato had failed at toby rama's shadow jutsu has become naruto's signature juiceu he has not only expanded on it but also made it his own no one in the series can consistently make as many shadow clones as naruto naruto's also displayed a.

Unique ability to win people over and establish peace between enemies his friendship with gara is the foundation of the strong alliance between the sand and the elite villages he was the hero of the fourth great shinobi war then not only shield kagi away but also prevented sasuke jihad from taking over the world naruto inspires everyone around him to.

Do their best and create a better future naruto is stronger than the first he is faster than the second he is a better piecemaker than the third he's more creative than the fourth he has a greater legacy than the fifth he is a better leader than the sixth kona is at its most prosperous and the world is at its greatest level of peace under.

Naruto's leadership in terms of both strength and impact naruto is the greatest hokage as always i'm celeste otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you