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THE LEVI YOU LOVE IS DEAD!? – Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 7


Alright so attack on titan season 4 part 2 episode 7 was a lot calmer than all the others however it was every bit as important to the overall story we had the proper return of annie and the establishment of her backstory a glimpse into what the future of pirates will be like after the rumbling and the return of captain levi alright so to kick.

Things off we began with the thross district which is where jon comes from by the way and it was a mess to follow the events of the previous episode where they cleared out all the pure titans we would have this recovery team who were looking for any survivors and trying to just salvage what they could whereas these scouts were on the front lines.

Dealing with the onslaught of this invasion from marley the military police have been left to clean up which is quite the juxtaposition from the beginning of the series where the military police pretty much had the best seat in the house they command the most respect and we're the safest however times have most definitely changed and.

So in these situations where we are dealing with foreign powers we are going to war we are actively in war they are not nearly as appreciated in this society and i for one was really happy to have this conclusion because while the rumbling was going on i had to wonder where are the civilians what is going on we are seeing a whole lot of.

Destruction and not enough people in the fallout because it wasn't as if anyone could have prepared for what was to come now for a good while we would follow the perspective of hitch who you may remember from previous points in the series as she was paired up with marlowe a whole lot who ultimately ended up dying 4 years ago in season 3 against.

Zeke now you have to understand that all that was happening here was a whole lot for these people to deal with and comprehend i mean they all were simultaneously pulled into a dream sequence of sorts where they were told by aaron his plans and such and that has to be a very jarring experience even if you are a resident of the island and do.

Not run the risk of being trampled by these colossal titans however people on the island were very much still feeling the ramifications of aaron's decision-making regardless of whether or not they were being trampled by the rumbling i mean the old woman that hitch was tending to would speak of how her home was destroyed by aaron which really.

In the grand scheme of things is like the least impactful least important thing of all like i get it i'm sure her house really meant something to her but there are people dying out there and this would be expressed by several others as the wall crumbling was a very very destructive thing aaron destroyed all the walls and so you can imagine the.

Debris from these massive structures breaking apart most definitely destroyed a whole lot and killed plenty of people i mean people were dying when walmaria was compromised by the colossal titan and that wasn't even the entire wall and so ultimately there was a cost to each and every one of aaron's decisions which cost even his own people but in times.

Like these where the people are so radical so war oriented they were willing to allow this they were willing to accept this as a necessary sacrifice because of what aaron was going to do to protect them against their foreign enemies the people who would actively seek out their extinction pretty much saying the smoke goes both ways you're.

Trying to kill us all off well we're gonna kill all of you off and i can most definitely understand both perspectives i mean if your son just died to falling debris you're not exactly going to be thanking the man who broke it apart and it is certainly natural for people desire to be consoled or to have that sort of comfort after such a loss but.

Again the people are so radical that you better just devote your heart and just forget about it and as you can see the people who perceive all this to be a necessary sacrifice are in the majority so it's either you accept this and go with the flow or you straight up gotta go there is no in between with how this country is shaping up to be in the.

Future now when hitch makes her way back to headquarters she notices there is a watery trail leading from the basement into a random room and pretty foolishly she just goes on in from which point she is grabbed from behind by annie who is a lot smaller than her who also threatens to slit her throat if she screams doing so by way of the very ring she used to.

Use to become the female titan now she would begin by commanding hitch to take off her jacket first and foremost because she is wearing the outdated attire so if she were to blend in she would need to get a bit of an upgrade but it has most definitely been a long time since these two have seen each other and hitch is about the action much.

To annie's surprise as she would just throw her over easily in fact hitch couldn't even believe it because annie was just so frail she was so weak as compared to what she knew her to be such a lethal combatant especially in regards to hand-to-hand combat but right now she was just as spry as an elderly woman which makes a whole lot of sense annie.

Has been in case for a very long time now and when she encases herself when she crystalized herself it wasn't as if she was in peak physical condition no she had just gotten ripped apart by aaron expending her last bit of energy to crystallize herself so take all of that and the fact that she hasn't even walked in so long yeah she's gonna be.

Weak initially andy did not recognize this to in fact be hitch but when confronted by her she would recognize her indeed as these two were a part of the very same military police unit and hitch used to get on her case for sleeping in so late all the time which she definitely took to the next level with this one not to mention hitch was.

Always jealous of annie and so for her to throw her over like this had to be a meaningful moment for her she begins to call for some assistance however she would soon realize that annie was bleeding as she intended to threaten a transformation however with her being so weak it was unclear whether or not she would actually be able to do so but.

That's not the sort of gamble you want to take up from which point we would later have hitch assisting annie in her escape and we would actually learn something very fascinating annie all this time was able to hear the words of hitch and armin whenever these two would go visit her and pretty much just vent to a wall she could hear it all now it.

Wasn't as if she could see or hear anything else it was pretty much an unending dream for her where she would just hear their voices whatever random stuff they happen to be talking about hitch would be talking about guys and armin will be talking especially about the state of the world armin is a very intellectual guy so he was definitely.

Conveying a whole lot of useful information to annie which has essentially kept her in the loop despite being out for so many years which is very convenient and she also was present for aaron's declaration so she was aware of what was going on in that realm as well but even still despite hearing that sort of stuff i'm sure it is very.

Difficult to even quantify the magnitude of these things without seeing it for yourself which she did and she was just baffled however rather than just gazing upon the colossal titans hitch would implore annie to look at the devastation that came along with it as you would see many people many civilians mourning their losses and for a split second i.

Thought this man was pixies i swear he has the same bald head he's the same kind of mustache for the most part i was honestly shocked and that just goes to show how in denial i am that we lost the boy with the previous episode but yeah with this hitch would question annie's morality how she felt seeing all of this seeing the aftermath of this destruction.

Which was not all too dissimilar from what she had done in the past when she had done with the other warriors of marley now mind you of course it is not on the same scale the rumbling is very much in a class all its own but of course there were many casualties to their pursual of righteousness but again because hitch had said so many things.

While annie was crystallized this was something that she was able to think about for a very very long time questioning her own morality how she felt about the devastation that came with what she had done and she would begin by responding that they were praised for such things she would just give us the whole spiel that we know.

From marley in regards to dealing with aldians dealing with foreign powers and the like they were making up for the fact that they were aldians to begin with which is the sort of explanation that would have definitely worked out for reiner however annie was definitely not such a righteous believer she didn't care about such things honestly she just.

Didn't care in general nothing like that mattered to her she didn't care about saving the world which would then bring us to her life story as it turns out annie was abandoned immediately after being born as she was the product of an affair between her mother and an aldian and interestingly enough this sort of situation being an eldean child born out.

Of wedlock is something that reiner is able to relate to his mother was eldian and his father was not however as opposed to reiner annie was most definitely not physically weak and she did not desire the affirmation of her biological parents and he would then be adopted by a man by the name of leonhardt who was a foreigner with.

Eldean blood and for pretty much her entire life he would train her to become a warrior for the sake of bettering his own life he taught her in the way of martial arts native to his homeland and was very grueling very demanding very cruel in this training no matter the circumstances she was expected to excel and in regards to making her a warrior.

It worked wonders annie was entirely fueled by the resentment she felt towards him and at that annie is just a different breed really and truly i feel as though she and gabi are the only ones who as children really and truly came across as warriors and he got the hands and gabi got the stick really and truly if gabi had gotten the beast titan or.

The kart tight and she would have been a lethal force with how good she is at sniping anyways over time annie would just become that good she would really get the hang of things and would even be able to overpower her master who she would just continuously viciously beat into until he could never walk the same way again but even though she super.

Violated this man and he was in a whole lot of pain he would laugh he was very very happy because this meant that even without a weapon she was still every bit as lethal but even after becoming a warrior annie was messed up she really saw no value in life whatsoever and that included her own she was just a drone she did not care that was until she was.

Leaving for the island and here the man who had raised her would drop down to his knees and profusely apologize to her telling her that he raised her wrong that he did a good job and he taught her the wrong things here as he cried his eyes out he would beg her to make it back to return to him that she could disregard the honorary warrior stuff so.

Long as she made it back home and it was in this moment that annie would realize that this man was in fact her father certainly not her biological one but he cared about her so profusely that from this moment onward she would regard herself as his daughter and so with her father awaiting her return she had something to go back home to something.

That she is now able to actively recognize is the case for others as they have people that they care about as well but regardless she would do everything that she did again if it meant she would be able to go back to him attack on titan is a series chock full of characters that so thoroughly violate human rights for the sake of their own.

Human convictions and it's not too dissimilar from aaron's outlook on things that he would take someone else's freedom before they could take his and so all the while annie has been moving with the intentions of returning to her father in mind which certainly makes you rumbling quite the issue as at this rate her father would be slaughtered.

Alongside all the others from which point would then make our way to the perspective of annie's father as he and several other aliens in the camp which includes the families of gabi and falco of course heard aaron's declaration and were begging the marlene troops to evacuate to no avail the troops were to rationally chalk it all up to conspiracy.

And although the aldians would at first begin to bend the knee and remembering andy's promise to return leonhardt would fight back and a shot would be heard now this is easily one of the most expressive shots of any we have ever seen before which should just go to show how much this really meant to her we would then have a moment with commander.

Chades and some of the cadets he had previously trained and recently rescued from some titans they would inform him of the jaeger's occupation of the fort imploring him to escape while he still could considering he was a relic of the old regime however he would refuse telling them to instead cooperate with the yeageris as they would be the ones.

In charge from now on after all to follow these events their former military has pretty much been exterminated with hardly any choices left things were bound to change forever one way or another and so it was best for them to simply fall in line and be obedient shadows saw no place in the country left for him very much seeming.

To be prepared to die here the cadets would speak of protecting him however he would make it clear that he had been protecting them all along otherwise there would be no way they would have been able to take him down like they did without a fight so yeah shadows is an og he is a real one and instead of commander pixies he continues to keep it.

Real he would express to them however that one day the time for them to rise would come that until then they should try not to lose themselves which is a very interesting and foreboding bit of information i mean if the rumbling does come to pass and the jaegers do assume control this may perhaps be alluding to a new conflict after the fact with the.

Scene between armin and mikasa it was pretty tense armin had a lot on his mind there was a lot on his plate and he intended to convince connie not to feed falco to his mother and this was for the sake of maintaining relations between them and gabi and by extension them and the other shifters as armin saw it regardless of whether or not aaron was.

Able to trample all life outside the island at this rate the titan conflict the power of the shifters was going to persist and be a problem for future generations and so we hope that by resolving things now by making peace now despite the destruction to come to their home country there would be a favorable resolution now mikasa would bring up.

Aaron and armin would lose it he did not want to hear anything about aaron right now that was just too much for him to deal with right now he had so much on his plate and dealing with aaron and the rumbling was just of a different caliber however in losing school and yelling at her like this he came to realize that he was the one who should have died that in.

Reality commander irwin should have been the one to inherit the colossal titan's power and i'm gonna be completely honest with you he is not wrong here truly i believed that armin was gonna boss up after the fact and become a whole different character become a more influential and pivotal leader living up to his potential as such a big brain.

Strategist however he really hasn't done so thus far in fact i remember with the beginning of season 4 i was just so flabbergasted by the fact that aaron seemed to be the one to inherit armin's intelligence he seems to be making a bunch of plans he seems to be figuring things out in such a calculated manner that we knew to be armin's whole thing.

And so when aaron was doing that it kind of took away from the character of arm and army kind of just became empty he lost what he was so despite him acknowledging this and the fact that you would expect mikasa as his friend to say no no no that's not true you're the one who should be alive she has no words for him because ultimately it's kind of true.

But at that mikasa scarf was missing and obviously the only one who would ever care about mikasa's scarf in a situation like this would be her fan girl so we can expect it to be over there somehow from there arma would meet up with gabi as they intended to pursue falco and connie and gabi would be able to give her farewells to the family from there.

We would then see the jaegers in action flock was a madman this guy is essentially to aaron what yelana is to zeke he is a radical he is a fanatic and he does things in the name of aaron yeager he shot one of the resisting volunteers in the hand to send a message and then ultimately ended up shooting him in the head double tapping him.

Triple tapping him to send the very same message now it's not as if we didn't already know it but flock is a madman and what's crazier is that he began to actually convince jon that he was right that things were going to be better from now on that thanks to aaron's sacrifice they would all be safe and he would be able to be himself he commend jon as one.

Of their patriot heroes and then say that he can go back to being his reckless annoying and cheeky self which would have john be like what did you call me which i thought was really funny and just like out of place humor here but regardless we would then have john meet eyes with oyonkopon which made his morality shudder now we have been at.

These crossroads with jon before in the past where he had to decide between working for the crown and being a scout risking his life each and every day and when it comes down to it despite what he may say john is a real one and so what will ultimately be his choice in all this is pretty much clear let's be honest now as he credits rolled we would.

Have falco and connie as they were making their way to connie's mother but falco did not know this because having just become a titan shifter he was missing a bit of his memories and he couldn't recognize connie he had a bit of recollection he felt as though he knew the guy but because he said yeah i don't know you he was willing to believe.

He's that naive and furthermore falco is very grateful for kanye's kindness and you could tell that these words were just burning connie's soul i mean really and truly if you resurrect your mother or give your mother the ability to be a human again by way of sacrificing this child i don't know how she'll look at you if she's a decent person i don't.

Know how she'll look at you and i don't know how he'll look at himself in the mirror after all this but there's a situation for another time after that we would have peak and general magath who are weighing their options which they didn't really have any at this point however to interrupt them would be an unarmed hanj and considering she too is.

A relic of the past she has no place to go back to at this point and is now desperate enough to team up with these marlians and with her would be levi who she said refuses to die so there is still hope for levi there is still hope that he will be able to recover and still be a sizeable threat and really and truly even if levi is injured i mean.

He's levi even if you nerf him he's still way better than most other people currently everyone that they would actually consider to be an ally that they could trust believed them to be dead and so their involvement their return to the fray may very well be a rejuvenating aspect to this whole situation but that's it for the.

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