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The Life and Death of Mitsuri Kanroji! Love Hashira EXPLAINED! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Between the ashira there is only one woman who is not only exceptionally strong but manifest the demon's lairmark as well the love ashira mitsuri kanroji serves as the optimism the heart within the demon slayer core today we'll be going over her backstory fights and eventual death first let's talk about mitsuri khan roji's name as it's come to.

Be known there is a deeper meaning to the kanji used her first name has the kanji for nectar and glassy the kanji and the shira's surname is sweet or sugary and then finally buddhist temple her name follows the theme of something sweet more likely than not a nod to her sakura mochi diet mystery's hair is styled in three braids with choppy bangs.

Originally mystery's hair color was a very basic black it's noted her bizarre pink and green hair color comes from the sakura emoji she eats missouri also has two beauty marks which are underneath her green eyes her delicate if not soft appearance somewhat goes against the strength she has fun fact the love of share eats as much as three sumo.

Wrestlers talk about beauty and brawn it's an interesting trope she heavily leans into her uniform reflects this as well a typical demon slayer outfit saved for the obvious chest area and skirt originally shinobu kocho the insect ashira offered to burn the perverted creation but mitsuri decided to keep it but before we go any further don't.

Forget to subscribe with notifications on for some plot armor today as always we've got you guys covered and hit that like button to help the plot army grow even stronger interestingly enough mitsuri wears not one but two gifted pieces of clothing both her plain white haori and her iconic striped thigh-high socks the haori was given to mitsuri.

From her mentor and later fellow ashira kyojiro rangoku while the socks were from obanai speaking of which as we discussed later the two share a bond that is quite possibly my favorite relationship in the series plus they have a very storybook ending that is not only satisfying but exactly perfect for them which we'll of course get into.

Later mitsui grew up with five siblings she mentions getting along with all of them which perhaps explains how doting she is to nezuko by the time she was 1 years old winsor was able to lift 33 pounds talk about ridiculous even from a young age she displayed an innate strength however her own brawn is what led me sorry to dyeing her hair she.

Desperately wanted to fit in to find a husband something she wanted so badly that she would risk her life for it but we'll touch on that further on besides dying her hair mystery also ate far less leaving her feeling faint constantly truthfully trying to conform was the result of rather harsh marriage rejections for context this happens when.

Mitsuri is seventeen two years before the current events of kemetznoyeba hiding her true self is very unlike the love of shira though as noted in the second fanbook misuri has an openness of 90 so it's easy to tell she wears her heart on her sleeve perhaps quite literally with her risque uniform anyway mitsuri.

Later joins the demon slayer core unlike other slayers who join because of a personal tragedy or vendetta mystery joins to find a husband she trained under kyojiro passing final selection in only six months clearly a gifted swordsman from the start mitsuri then goes on to form a close brotherly bond with kyojiro but unlike the flame ashira.

Mystery struggled to properly use flame breathing her flexible ballerina-like movements didn't mesh well with the more high stance singular slashes that make up the flame breathing forms in fact mystery later develops her signature love breathing shortly after graduating into the core deriving it from flame breathing let's touch on that actually.

Considering it is presumably the first big fight mystery participates in sojiro is tasked with eliminating a 12 hizuki that is operating within tokyo he takes a group of slayers one of them being isuri during this time she wears simple ankle high boots no striped socks or white hawry immediately missouri is impressed by kyojiro's leadership even.

Having admiration that they're wearing matching white haoris after all this comes from kyogre's gaiden spin-off but it does reveal similarities between the two both shira have unusual hair colors and are judged because of it kyogre of course knows what that is like after a mother with her son is critical of mystery's hair kyojuo reassures her that.

Appearances aren't everything if anything he fits perfectly as her mentor because of this the ashira's morality is practically built off of being selfless and using her unusual strength to protect others especially when it is harmful to her own being after kyoto realizes there are bombs scattered around the capital he sends mitsuri and.

The others to defuse them finally it's misturi's time to prove herself she struggles to cut down the wolf's bond by lower rank too hiro despite her immense strength her sword which is a typical nichiren katana gets stuck in them at least until she sees the mother and son duo from earlier mitsuri summoning the inner willpower she learned from kyogiro.

Effortlessly defends them it's an epic moment that shows mitsuri is just as capable as her peers this is exactly when she uses her graceful fluid love breathing style to add to the impressive feat she protects the mother and son all while juggling a bomb besides that she's able to employ this style with a rigid sword really it further enforces the.

Fact that her whip-like katana is perfect for her dance-esque flowy breathing style finally developing her own breath also has matsuri realize that edema slayer core is a place she could call home a place where she is accepted for who she is even with bizarre pink hair and raw unorthodox strength the mother and son thank her afterwards.

Further cementing that misuri is simply more than appearance and power as kyojiro told her previously she has a heart that loves people rather is this very loving nature that allows her to even overcome her own hang-ups in several fights in the end mitsuri and the other slayers are able to stop the bombs while kyogiro earns his hashiro.

Status having killed the lower rank 2 demon some time after misuri becomes a hashira as well and is given her iconic ribbon sword by the way in the comments below don't forget to let us know what you think of misturi's backstory now let's talk about this ashira's abilities and breathing style originally mystery used flame breathing taught to her by.

None other than kyojiro ren goku misuri employs the use of love breathing a breathing style that she herself created which is a feat in the kimizonoyaba universe of course there are only several other swordsmen we know of that have created their own distinct breathing styles that being said missouri's love breathing is unique due.

To her rather unorthodox body composition despite mystery's small frame she's able to withstand a point-blank sound attack her dense eight-fold muscles of which are strong enough to later rip off muzon's arm combined with flexible joints allows the demon slayer to utilize a whip-like metering sword mitsuri's flexibility is.

Exactly why she's able to use such a bizarrely shaped sword it's notable that this sword is not easy to use its ribbon ass structure could easily cut the user because of its non-linear shape the sword must be folded to fit into her sheath her sword is pink in color and its tilt has a four leaf clover typical of other demon slayer equipment the.

Blade has destroyer of demons engraved not to mention it's a sword she wields expertly enough to be faster than the sound ashira tengan uzui her speed allows the ashira to kill minions spawn by upper rank 5 yoko before they can even react mitsuri's precise swordsmanship would also come into play during her fight with upper rank 4 and.

Tengu's clone zohakuten lastly some of her attacks hold references to cats such as third form cat lover shower and sixth form cat-legged winds of love like himejima dystonishira mitsuri is a lover of felines when tanjiro kamado is on trial at the uyashiki residence mitsuri's inner thoughts revealed that she anguished at the possibility of.

Killing the commodore siblings she also admires kyutomioka's aloofness in the matter and the serpent ashira obanai igoro's natural cool regardless she does question if the ashira should decide before their leader ueshiki arrives speaking of which he's someone else that misuri looks up to she fondly remembers a time when he told her to value her.

Strength those who speak poorly of it were merely jealous that being said the love of shira has plenty of love for her peers during the meeting she thinks that the winter shearer's enemy looks manly with his new scars plus she fangirls a bit over shinobu losing her temper she has quite the running commentary really besides having an inner monologue.

Mystery is expressive as well she was horrified when snemi stabbed nezuko and tried to sifla laugh when tanjiro had busted ashira in retaliation that being said she is envious once an emmy greets kaguya when kaguya says he'll accept the canado siblings missouri agrees without hesitation of course this puts her at odds with the other hashira particularly.

Enough this includes obanai and kyojiro among others but ultimately the issue are swayed by nezuko's actions or rather inactions against an emmy the ishira would then meet as they customarily do unfortunately though mitsuri soon faces personal strife following the death of kyojiro mitsuri was notified by crow like aldi ashira it's a small.

Interaction but she does express visible grief as previously mentioned mitsuri was trained under kyojiro he was her cultivator and the first person to really accept her within the core his influence is most likely why mitsuri is as protective as she is after all she is physically blessed and kyojiro's belief was that the strong should protect the.

Weak not to mention his death is a grim reminder of untimely death despite the camaraderie within the organization it's noted that misuri would sometimes shake with anger and sadness even the love ashira has a limit later on the love ashiro encounters tanjiro at the swordsmith village where she's getting her iconic sword sharpened she first.

Learns of his arrival when she hears his voice while in the natural hot spring after a disastrous interaction with genya sanemi's younger brother she runs the tanjuro tears in her eyes as we mentioned before she's expressive usually by crying or getting so flustered that she seizes up but this arc is the crying for sure especially.

During her major fight later unsurprisingly mystery is calm once tanjo mentions was for dinner speaking of supper mystery learns that sanemi has a brother despite the former denying genya's existence she seems saddened by the implication of their poor relationship presumably due to her nature as a sort of big sister which is.

Something mitsuri and those around her think of her as she's nurturing especially so with the criminally small nezuko they play together and she holds nezuko's hand is a soft interaction between the two that shows mitsuri is like the heart of the ashira on the topic of ashira mystery explains to tanjiro she joined the corps originally.

To find a husband which sounds like a really silly reason to risk one's life with demon encounters yet in mra's case she wants a husband who is stronger than she is quite frankly that is a tall order in itself after all she has eight times the normal muscle density this conundrum is what leads her into the ashira elite swordsman who are the only.

Equals to her strength of course this creates an eventual connection between misuri and obanai but before we get ahead of ourselves let's go back to mitsuri and tanjiro her sword is finally sharpened before she leaves missouri tells tanjiro that there is a secret weapon in the village that'll make him stronger she leaves but comes into play.

During the siege by upper ranks hantengu and gyoko her district is close to the swordsman village meaning the lavashira was alerted to the attack and doubled back at last more satisfying scenes from missouri she arrives at the village and probably slays a gigantic humanoid demon fish it easily dwarfs her that being said she's able to save the chief in the.

Process comically the chief remarks he must be in heaven because a cute girl is holding him eventually she makes her way to tanjiro genya and nezuko as they fight off hantengu's clone zohakutan in fact tanja himself is practically swallowed until mitsuri cuts him out of a tree dragon mitsuri is understandably unnerved by the huge creatures but still.

Speaks to zoakaten like he's a child zohan attacks her with multiple tree dragons however this shira cuts down the two serpentine creations effortlessly multiple combatants must be ideal for her breathing style really her sword naturally wraps around allowing for more aoe coverage no wonder she became a hero this fight is the best showcase of.

Mitsuri's love breathing she evades several tree dragons and their attacks all while avoiding zohakatan trying to smother her her speed is something that even tanjuro notices but it'll take more than evasion and agility to defeat the zohaku ten he uses a sound attack but as touched on before mystery survives due to her muscle mass she's able to sit up.

Body tensed despite going unconscious from the attack she wakes up just as tanjiro genya and neziko save her from sohakuten the trio vowed to protect her mitsuri is a hashira and as tanjiro says as long as she's alive we can still win inspired by her comrades a story deflects another zohakutan attack she cries and says she won't let her friends.

Die finally missouri gives her all against the upper rank hantengu the love ashira stops holding back her raw strength and unlocks her demon slayer mark which we later learn the secret origins and risks of her mark is two hearts one on top the other on the bottom with sort of petal-esque wing shapes on either side it appears on her.

Neck and is as girly as the ashira herself is despite being the only female hashira with the mark she's ultimately unable to explain how exactly she manifested simply put missouri manages to keep up with ohaku 10 because of it she acts as a distraction for the younger slayers to find hantengu because of this she uses multiple forms that.

Begin to drain her with her limited stamina and dawn approaching the fight is a race against time thankfully tanjiro and company are able to behead hantengu a free dragon dissolves before her just as the ashira gives up crying and bloodied despite her crybaby nature mitsuri displays her to drive to protector's borders during this fight as.

Tanjiro had said she was a light of hope for them afterwards she would meet up with the trio hugging them she was relieved they had all survived which appears almost bittersweet considering kyojiro's recent death and that covers the swordsmith village arc let us know below are you excited for missouri's appearance in season three after this.

Mission a specialist year meeting is called before it begins openeye asks how both the mistashira muichiro tokito and misuri are holding up the ashira gives a positive response with missouri internally gushing over overnight being concerned about her the meeting is presided over kagaya's wife amane not only have the two of share manifested.

Their marks but a demon has overcome the sun meaning musa will most likely make his move soon escalating the strife into an all-out war which she certainly does quite explosively i may add but anyhow amani wants to discuss the demon's lair mark she explains the origin of them demon's layer marks originally appeared during the golden age of demon slaying.

They faded in obscurity though amani would ask maturi how she was able to manifest the demon slayer mark and in typical absent-minded missouri fashion she describes the process in a series of sound effects somewhat embarrassed by her own response she apologizes however muy sure was able to shed light on the demon's layer marks and their.

Developments it is then decided that each shira needs to manifest their mark which means more training plus training would allow marked ones to maintain their demon's layer mark status amani leaves after this but there is some tension between you and snemi mitsuri attempts to timidly stop the two verbally thankfully the gentle giant the.

Stoneshire gyome himejima would then break them up missouri's training is the third stop in the bracket of ashira her specialty flexibility of course granted the issuer's idea of training is rather unorthodox she serves tea and pancakes before putting the lower ranked swordsman through her regime the slayers were ballet leotards and dance to music.

Mitsuri's choice of outfit for them is odd sure however the real kicker is her flexibility training this involves mister using her brute strength to help the slayer stretch though tangier refers to this as hell but the love of shiro's training is only a drop in the bucket compared to open eyes open eye puts tanjiro through the ringer because as.

Mitsuri said in a letter the two canonically exchanged letters and eat together little moments that cement them as a couple by the way she enjoyed training with him speaking of which the final fight further pushes the open eye and mitsuri agenda not only that omitsuri will sacrifice life and limbs in the most decisive battle which.

Changes humanity forever in fact let's go over that now kiba sushi muzon meets with a dying kagaya they chat briefly before kagaya blows up not only his home and himself but his wife and two children as well they were willing to risk it all this massive explosion triggers emergency summons for all the slayers within the area mitsuru's.

Reaction to the bombing is surprise and horror kagaya had refused a hashira bodyguard meaning like the rest of her peers mitsuri was powerless yet she wasn't useless this year launched multiple coordinated attacks against muzon muzon would then be desperate enough to use the infinity castle it is a demon blood art used by nakime upper.

Rank four the slayers plus one demon lord then fall into this extra-dimensional castle obanai and mystery land together the serpentishira kills multiple demons in a single strike almost immediately which leaves mitsuri and emery she's flustered but agrees to follow obanai the pair find nakime a newly minted upper rank demon directly.

Responsible for the infinity castle mitsuri wanting shinobu's death to not be in vain tries to attack the demon regrettably lakime blocks it a falling mitsuri is then saved by obanai as previously stated this arc is arguably the best at portraying the unrequited love between the two mitsuri is embarrassed for being so gun hoe being.

Her opposite obanai suggests they watch nakime and remain calm neither of them are quite sure of her blood demon art at least until mitsuri is almost crushed to death she frees herself and realizes that the castle is like an extension of nakime's body once again she goes in to behead the upper rank the ashira is unsuccessful and is sent flying through.

A window mitsuri is able to grab a ledge avoiding falling to her death nakime would then continually stall the tushira despite her space altering demon blood art being more troublesome than anything but there is further pressure a crow alerts them that muzon has returned their orders are to group up yet help will come from an unlikely source then.

Would enter the demon yushiro he manipulates nakima's sight forcing the illusion of mitsuri and overnight dead muzon sees this and falsely brags of their death to tanjiro and yu then mitsuri makes a rather dramatic entrance she smashes through a wall surprising even muzon obanai meanwhile saves tanjiro finally face to face with the.

Demon king mitsuri is comically shocked that he is unarmed anyway perhaps due to their blood demon art and superhuman abilities muzon is enraged by the ashira's appearance cursing nakime he battles with yushiro for control of the castle the structure around them shakes and changes constantly in fact missouri loses her footing several times the.

Instability is enough for her to lose focus for moves on to striker fortunately tanjiro saves her by throwing a broken sword into the demon lord's head muzon and yushiro's mental battle erupts into the surface quite literally as the group is forced up to the surface these stars and moon are visible now only an hour and a half.

Remain before dawn before muzon can truly be defeated alongside gu and obanai mitsuri launches an attack against muzon the trio are able to cut him however muzon regenerates the very moment he's injured making it as if he never was to begin with surrounded by the yashira muzon unleashes a sweeping aoe attack and the lower ranked slayers.

Were intercepted bodies of their comrades are all around them mitsuri's especially upset by this the demon slayer core has become her home a place she can be who she is and is celebrated for it she would beg her fellow slayers to not do it but in the midst of this bloody battle tanjiro seemingly falls dead mitsuri is visibly shocked just.

Like the other hashira on deterred the ishiro would continue to fight muzon his speed would overwhelm them leading to three of them being wounded mystery's injury then surges with pain she narrowly avoids muzon's whip with the sudden intervention of gyome qa relieved crying mitsuri the battle rages on but mystery's speed keeps building enough so.

That mitsuri can only dodge based on luck and intuition even that isn't enough she realizes something is dragging her down before suri could properly react muzon's whip slices her shoulder and right cheek practically tearing the cheek off immediately oboneye rushes to her aid he's always been in love with her the exact same way.

Mitsuri has always admired if not loved him in the heat of the fight obama managed to snake mitsuri to other slayers but like her mentor kyojiro mitsuri won't give up she insists that she hasn't helped at all yet she can't die now her statements go back to the very ideal kyojiro taught her the strong should protect the weak ultimately.

Obanai would leave her in the care of other swordsmen she attempts to go after him but can't even get up mitsuri then cries she pleased for obanai to not get killed the love of shira can't bear any more deaths she has not only had to face the untimely demise for her peer and mentor but the countless swordsmen who sacrificed themselves though later on.

Mitsuri shows just how courageous and full of willpower she is finally we've come to probably the best moment for misuri i'm talking about when the lavashira rejoins the battle for the last time while moves on his pin to a wall mystery grabs his arm barehanded and rips it off with tears in her eyes she tells the demon lord to cut it out.

Once again sternly telling off a demon regrettably in the process she sacrifices her arm she passes out surely from the blood loss when the love of shira comes too she's in the arms of a severely injured obanai his tribe tauri is draped around her she asked if muzon was defeated obana assures her he was and she delivers the news she'll die.

Soon the serpent here agrees that he'll die with her she won't go alone despite her love for him mitsuri begs him to not die and against dates she wasn't useful during the battle obanai insists that isn't true and recounts the time they first met in his eyes mitsuri was such a normal girl regardless of the harsh training she received so full of.

Happiness and life that obanai felt normal himself and at long last missouri confessed to him she acts to be his bride if they are reincarnated and he agrees the two then pass in each other's warm company but not to worry they are giving the storybook ending they deserve speaking of reincarnation let's skip to the future in kimesnoyaba.

Suggests they eat at a local diner after class ironically it serves large portions of food the decor is also snake themed this restaurant is run by none other than the reincarnates of misuri and obanai who are happily married with five kids i might add it's such a satisfying ending to see two star-crossed lovers united together in a.

World without demons thank you so much for watching to the very end until next time keep that plumber on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye