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The Life and Death of Shinobu Kocho ( Insect Hashira ) Explained! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Shinobu kocho had a happy home life with a loving and kind family she had a strong bond with her elder sister kanae as well but when they were both young their parents were killed saved by only the appearance of gyome himejima shinobu and her sister decided to join the demon slayer corp in order to defeat as many demons as possible they refused to let.

Anyone else suffer the way they had when they still had a chance of keeping their happiness going to see their savior gyome they begged him to take them as apprentices so they could become slayers feeling as if he needed to protect them you may ask the two girls instead to pass a test moving a boulder if they succeed they can then meet a cultivator.

And start training seriously after becoming slayers they came across kano tsuyuri and decided to take her into their family as an adopted sibling they found her dirty emotionless and tied to a rope being dragged around by a rude man shinobu decided to throw money at him in distraction and took her to flee they brought her home cleaned her up and.

Fed her but shinobu quickly realized she had no mind of her own if they didn't explicitly tell her what to do like eat a meal she wouldn't feel hungry and do it naturally shinobu warned it'd be dangerous for kano to continue that way and her sister's solution was to use a coin to make decisions one day shinobu's sister kanae came across an upper ranked.

Demon with blonde hair she fought as best she could but stood no chance against him shinobu found her sister with little life left begging her to say what the demon looked like as she lay there dying kanae asked for shinobu to instead leave the demon slayer corp and live a normal life but shinobu's anger wouldn't allow it she wanted revenge.

Kanae simply described the demon as looking as though he had dumped blood over his head at the age of 14 chernobyl became the master of the butterfly mansion due to her sister passing and began training her suguko this would of course include kanaal one of the first times we really get to see shinobu shine is during the fight against rui's demon.

Family shinobu was asked by ubayashiki to help the lower ranked demon slayers on mount natagumo as the situation has taken the turn for the worst shinobu admits it would be so nice if humans and demons could get along asking you if he agrees but he ignores her comment later shinobu appears in the forest floating down to meets it needs to as he drifts.

In and out of consciousness due to a poison she helps treat his injuries being proficient in poisons herself and then goes off into the forest to face the remaining demon family members there she first encounters the elder sister slipping behind her without making a sound curious as to how the demon is creating balls of threads shinobu asks.

Leaning into her ear when the demon turns to face her shinobu politely greets it easily dodging the threat attacks that are thrown her way though snowball continues to speak sweetly and offers to help the demon she does insist to know how many people she's killed first when the demon seems confused shinobu explains that she will put her.

Through the proper punishment depending on how many victims she's had pointing out that she won't die from the torture because she's a demon although shinobu tries to befriend a demon she sees her only as a threat and attacks forcing shinobu to slice her but the demon mistakenly thinks she's safe while she's not had her head cut off shinobu.

Explains that her poison kills all sorts of demons and it is her specialty then she realizes she's speaking for no reason as the demon is already dead pretty savage if you ask me after the demon is taken care of the silk threads are easily cut by shinobu sword and murata is safe from being melted to the bone shinobu tells the slayer she's.

Killed a demon with wisteria poison and there's no reason to worry about her attacking again continuing to look for more demon slayer corp members shinobu comes across tanjiro as she flies in to slice the demon he's protecting shinobu's sword is blocked by gu shinobu has little sympathy when it comes to any type of demon considering what's.

Happened to her family confused shnbu points out that yu thought it was impossible to get along with demons and yet he's now protecting one she gets tangled up with gu when he allows tanjiro to flee and he holds her in a headlock so she can't chase him instead sending her adoptive sister after him while being held back shinobu complains.

That yu is going to bore her with his long explanations a short blade comes out of her shoe intending to kill or at least immobilize you so she can continue when suddenly a message arise from the head of the demon corpse bring tanjiro and his sister back after they arrived back at the ubaishiki mansion to question tanjiro on his actions shinobu.

Offers tanjiro a painkiller via water so he can speak while not hurting his broken jaw as tanju explains that nezuku has never eaten human flesh shinobu seems more understanding and even warned shinazugawa to keep from doing anything impulsive to the demon girl when he stabs through the box she and you both seem distraught possibly because of how.

She may react but also for tanjiro who is very upset about this shinobu warns tanjo to calm down or he'll rupture his blood vessels while he tries to rush to the side of nezuko when obayishiki decides that nezuko can accompany tanjuron missions shinobu stays silent later she sends tanjiro off to wait at the butterfly mansion while they.

Continue the ashira meeting while tanjiro is meditating on the roof shinobu tells him her dream for humans and demons to get along and be friends she has absolute faith that he can accomplish this for her as much as she would like to do it herself when her sister was killed by a demon a deep hatred grew within her and now she has a.

Repulsion to them that she can't control especially when she sees other people lose loved ones to demons she knows that the other hero have had similar experiences and that's why it's better for someone like tanjiro whose sister has never eaten flesh to carry her hope for humans and demons shinobu's sister was just as kind-hearted as tanjiro even.

As she was dying because of one she still felt pity for their existence then her death birthed that hatred in genogue but what her sister loved most about shinobu was her smile so she keeps it on her face even while the anger burns deep inside shinobu finds the facade of happiness exhausting for her though gratefully shinobu admits seeing tanjiro.

And ezeko fighting the norm proving that humans and demons can co-exist calms her soul as the nitsu and inosuke get back into training after mount natagumo they believe they can't learn total concentration constant shinobu encourages them to continue on by giving inosuke a challenge and flirting with zenitsu with shinobu's nudge the two are.

Able to get back into things and join tanjiro in the program after the entertainment district arc a meeting with all the pillars is held with shinobu impressed with everyone's quick healing at the meeting they're told to try and manifest marx to increase their power as muzan will likely be starting a war soon and shinobu agrees that it's.

Urgent they all do it quickly while the rest of the ishira trained to manifest the mark shinobu's only focused on one thing killing the demon who took her sister from her she sits and meditates but the anger from her sister's death makes it difficult for her to calmly plan her actions for the future confrontation the lack of control over.

Her emotions makes her childish and immature but she continues to try later her suguko and adopted sister kano asked her for help with training but she has to refuse despite being pleased that kano spoke her mind for once if she was to kill the demon she will need to make the right poison she tells kano they'll face the demon together but she must be.

Eaten by it shinobu insists it be her as she's been consuming wisteria poison for nearly a year and thus has enough concentration of it in her blood for when the demon consumes her the amount within her is 70 times the lethal dose for a demon and she nobody knows he's likely to want to eat a young female hashira for the poison to be assured to.

Work shinobu was encouraged to work with the demon tamayo but she also urges kano to cut the upper ranked demon's head off as the poison may not be enough to kill him still later on when muzon appears at waishiki's mansion there is no one guarding the master as their family refuses to waste the precious sashira on themselves after a massive explosion all.

Of these shira are summoned at once to face down the threat including the insect pillar shinobu unfortunately the master sacrificed his life to injure muzon leaving shinobu visibly upset at the loss of uyashiki's life when she realizes muzan is beginning to regenerate she rushes at him with butterfly dance to try and slow the.

Progress however muzon is not an easy foe to be rid of he forces all the people present to fall within his infinity castle into his domain shinobu finds herself walking down a long empty corridor but the smell of blood assaults her senses when she slides open the door she comes across a demon with multiple young girls bodies around him his face.

Smeared with their blood she tenses at the sight of the blonde demon knowing this is the one who took her sister from her as doma introduces himself to shinobu she analyzes his carefree attitude noticing one of the young women is still alive she zips in to save her easily taking her into her arms trying to smile in a reassuring way but the.

Young woman has already been sliced by dolma's fans with snowball looking on in shock at that moment she remembers her sister describing the demon's weapons as a pair of sharp fans doma tries to claim his believers love him and are saved by him which nobu's anger makes her snap at him she calls him insane her stomach chumming with the thought of this demon.

Being the one who took her sister away shinobu screams at him to remember what he's done the pain he's caused her and while he reminisces on the past she stabs him in the eye with her sword using dance of the bee sting technique a technique so fast and precise that doma cannot even stop it with his hand while he admires snoke's work he uses his.

Blood demon art on her causing the air to turn frigid ice would begin forming on her skin and entering her lungs shinobu pays him no mind when he mocks her for not decapitating him pointing out that poison could kill just as well with batted breath snowball watches as it seeps into the demon's body and blood praying that is strong enough to kill.

Him for her sister shinobu in this belief sees doma breaking down the poison within himself he tells her the demons share information with the first compound being a failure snowball readings herself to try a new one after five more attempts shnoogle is yet to find a poison that works against doma as time passes the code of his blood demon.

Art attacks noah's body killing her cells making it harder for her to breathe but she refuses to give in preparing a combo attack to inject multiple doses of poison in him her speed once again surprises doma but shinobu is sliced in various places by his fans regardless nobody begins to despair at her lack of strength the.

Smallness of her body thinking herself too weak to be a proper slayer at this moment kanae appears to her telling her to stand and be strong she struggles with her lung punctured it's become even harder to breathe but her elder sister insists she finished what she started because she promised her in kanao that she would win against this demon.

Although shinobu is able to stand thanks to her sister's encouragement she can no longer speak due to the blood loss and pain with just enough energy left to perform one more attack shinobu decides to aim for doma's neck using her dance of the centipede a technique that makes her move in a hard to predict pattern leaving domo with no time to react as.

She would pierce his doma with her sword she reflects on all the family and suguko she's lost already her anger boiling over she sees as she watches the demon smile again the poison seemingly unaffecting him and as she falls to the ground the last of her energy gone doma takes her into his arms he praises her for trying so hard which nobody tells.

Him to go to hell kanao arrives then seeing shinobu within dome is embraced as she screams for her show makes a signal with her hand and is dragged within doma her body slowly disappearing within a kind of purgatory shinobu is waiting for doma smiling as his face begins to melt from the poison she had ingested for so many months when he.

Arrives shinobu greets him with a condescending smile glad he's dead with his head in the palm of her hand she happily announces she can now rest her revenge having succeeded shinobu finds it unfortunate that tamayo's poison was the one to work but still contend with the results and in his last moment doma tells shinobu that he loves her and.

Wants her to go to hell with him with a bright smile shinobu says after you you worthless bastard shinobu goes off with kanae and her parents all of them glad to finally be reunited and at peace together at long last it's of course sad to see that shinobu died but at least she went out in the way she kind of wanted to or you could say plan to while.

She of course had her hope for humans and demons to get along what was most important for her was avenging her sister and she was able to do that with her life so in that way you could say it was a happy ending for shinobu in the future shinobu and her sister's descendants are shown to be attending a women's academy with denisu's descendant.

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