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The Life and Death of Tengen Uzui ( Sound Hashira ) Explained! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


This is a full character breakdown of the flashy soundisher himself tengen uzui as a young ninja uzui was forced to build up a resistance to poisons as ninja training his father was strict and afraid their clan would die out otherwise uzui had a large family with many siblings but most were killed or died by the time he reached the age of.

15. only he and his younger brother survived but his younger brother turned very cold after all this harsh training and all his other siblings who had died were seen as expendable as simply a necessary means to ensure the strength and survival of the clan uzui even admits that his surviving brother thought of his wife as only a round for.

Making babies which further shows how uncaring and attachy family he was raised in was now at the age of 15 uzui was given the three women he would marry chosen by the head of the clan which was subsequently also the moment he chose to leave his home and walk his own path with them the three women who became his wives were named hinasuru makio and suma.

Together they joined the demon slayer corps and uzui told his wives who always put their survival above the mission as they were most important to him his life came last in terms of priority this went completely against shinobi training but that's how he wanted it to be for his new family upon meeting kagia ubyashiki uzui knew his new path was one worth.

Dying for unlike the shinobi one seeing the master draw closer and closer to death but still fighting the demon who caused that curse only reassured him of how right his decision was lies were valued here unlike within his clan now tengen uzuli was an incredibly skilled combatant i mean he did rise to the rank of ashira after all he.

Possessed enhanced hearing which fits pretty well with him being the sound pillar enhanced strength and speed was a user of two blades similarly to nosuke and it's said that his swords contain extraordinary explosive power it's also indicated that no one has ever survived being attacked by them so the detail of how they function as weapons.

Are unclear even to him tengen is the only known user of sound breathing which is a style derived from thunder breathing which zenitsu employs this style is especially known for disorienting loudness what differs greatly from the typical silent approach of shinobi sound breathing has a minimum of five techniques of which we only know.

Three the first form is roar the fourth form is constant resounding slashes and the fifth form is string performance now on account of his incredible hearing tengen also has a technique known as musical score which allows him to see fights as songs reading the movements of his opponents as patterns now funny enough tengen also has ninja mice that.

Are strong enough to carry weapons and well trained they're deemed ninju they are just as flashy and muscular as their master uzui and according to the demonstrator data book usually said he chose the mice who are narcissistic just like him now during his first meeting with our main cast and especially kanjiro uzui appears like a bad person.

Since he's kidnapping two of the girls at the butterfly mansion with these two small girls thrown over his shoulder he is ready to leap off and there isn't much they can do to stop him after some bickering it is made clear there is a mission which requires women corps members to blend in within the entertainment district which is just.

Another way to say the red light district uzui agrees to bring along tanjiro and nosuke and zinitsu instead and tells him to treat him as a god bow to him and listen to every one of his commands he is a god of festivals and should be treated as such once they finally make it to the entertainment district usually explains that he needs.

To find his wives because they have stopped communicating with him and on the point of having multiple wives zenitsu accuses him of delusion as to him that sort of thing is just a dream which earns him a stack of letters thrown in his face as proof and anytime they make a comment like that uzui puts them in their place by hitting them or.

Yelling at them which was certainly a far less kind and tolerant approach than the one that they'd received from kyogre and goku now in search for his wives uzui forces the trio to play women inoko sumiko and zenko so they can each join a house where his wives were stationed as tengen himself plays their calm and handsome master as to blend in because.

Unfortunately his usual flamboyant personality would have them discovered immediately by the demons hiding there now during the mission whenever uzui had to meet with the trio he moves so silently that he sneaks up on them each and every time this shows how quickly he can move without making any sound and also how well trained he is as a ninja.

And a pillar of the demon slayers now even though uzui seems to like zany to the least he shows remorse when he finds out that zunitsu is missing and blames himself uzui even goes as far as to presume that zunitsu is dead and that he must now proceed on his own to keep the rest of them out of danger he doesn't say it outright but it is implied in the.

Way that he refused to look at them with his mood becoming less boisterous than usual needing a lead uzui sneaks up behind the brothel manager unnoticed and threatens him for information on the missing people the way he holds his kunai makes it seem as if the man's life is in danger but he also promises to exact revenge on behalf of the victims.

Killed by wara bihime the prize orion of that house uzui then leaves without a sound at the kirimise uzui finds one of his wives hinatsuru ill from a poison she had to take in order to save herself from being found out with her uzui is kind and understanding as well as affectionate and gentle treating her much less roughly than he does to men.

Rushing off to find his other wives usually use his enhanced hearing and realizes a fight is already taking place elsewhere discovering the underground cave were all the victims of the saurid demon's secondary body are being held uzuwi is grateful suma and makio were able to survive and fight when enosuke set them free the demon body escapes and.

Instead of listening to a no skateboard going after it uzui only agrees to follow after his wife tells him it's necessary arriving just as nezuko is about to bite an unsuspecting woman uzui is shocked to see how little control tonjiro has over her he mocks him a bit but doesn't seem particularly bothered by daki the main body who the commodore.

Siblings have been struggling to fight against he decapitates her quickly her head falling into her hands easy as breathing uzui calmly tells tanjuro to focus on dealing with his sister's rampage while he takes care of the demon instead since she is not disappearing just yet and even though uzui was mocking tangero when he told him to sing.

Nezuko a lullaby to calm her it ended up being just a thing she needed sensing danger from the demon that emerged from daki uzui rushes in at full speed to end it unfortunately even his inhuman speed is not enough to avoid getting injured by gyutaro daki's brother and protector in a split second uzu's hair falls out of place and blood drips down across his.

Eye where he was slashed unaware of the sickle's guthro uses spread poison throughout his body uzui can still tell that this is a true upper moon demon that he has to face but uzui being the flashy man that he is opens his big mouth and tells an insecure gyutaro about having three wives making him even more intent on killing uzui with his.

Blood sickles his amazing hearing comes in handy again as he listens to make sure he can go all out without injuring anyone around and as he dust and debris clear from their clash usually realizes these sibling demons have combined making it harder to strike them between daki's fluidity as fabric and guterro's impressive speed and power this fight.

Was bound to be very very difficult despite being poisoned uzui fights to his utmost swinging his double blades through the air like propellers his speed was nothing short of breathtaking when that wasn't enough explosive beads were launched at the siblings and uzui even swung his sword by holding the sharp tip between his fingers thankfully.

Managing to not injure himself to give it more range as if fighting with a spear instead of a short sword during his fight with yutoro uzui explains what his life was like before and how he is talentless compared to two other pillars gyome himejima the stonehashira and muichiro the mistashira he feels that there are a lot of special people.

Especially within the venus layer core but he is not one of them kyoji rengoku also was one of the pillars he felt he could not possibly compare to tanjiro joins him in the fight but uzui boasts that the poison coursing through his system is nothing and throws up a peace sign one of the many times he has done this as uzui compliments his trio of.

Inosuke zenitsu and tanjiro on their fighting he appears just as respectable and reliable as kyoto rengoku had in the past he even figures out how to kill the demon siblings by cutting their heads off simultaneously despite knowing that uzui has who saved handro when his reflexes proved too slow for gyotro and his sickles and uzui leaps in front.

Instead the fight is difficult even with uzui's many talents as a pillar and his determination to win a slew of kunai reigns down in an attempt to distract yutaro just long enough for the demonstrators to get an attack off but uzui does not dodge them he takes them all on as he charges in for a counter-attack letting them pierce his.

Body and face as his wife shoots them at gyutaro the attack is effective enough for the tie to turn but only temporarily and when gyutero goes after uzui's wife who had thrown the kunai uzui reflects on what they had previously discussed they had plans to retire from the demon slayer core and just live quiet normal lives uzui reaches the demon fighting.

More fiercely but ends up getting his hand cut off and falling unconscious on the ground due to the poison just as he fights seems hopeless uzui shows how flashy he is once again by pretending to have died by stopping his own heart in order to slow the circulation of the poison throughout his system he uses that instance of surprise to stop you.

Throw sickle just as it is about to kill tanjuro not for the first time as the fight continues uzui is able to deflect most of the attacks with this single hand but loses an eye to another deep slash even after these injuries allow tanjuro and the rest who cut the sibling's heads off the battle isn't over the demon's poison seems to be.

Burning away at the last of uzui's life force this was to be the end of his life as just then nezuko appeared in front of him and was able to purify the poison from his body with her blood demon art afterwards uzui seemed disappointed in his battle performance considering yutoro and his sister were only upper moon 6 the lowest of the upper moon.

Demons after this mission regardless of the injuries uzui was to retire as shown through the flashback of what his wife had asked but having lost a hand and an eye it makes it even more acceptable as a pillar for him to leave the fighting to the rest of them however the snake pillar obanai didn't think he should retire due to a lack of good talent in.

The corpse having lost kyojiro for example uzui insists that he won't be needed now that people like tanjuro have grown so strong after a surprisingly short period of time considering the extent of his injuries uzui is up and walking again with the help of his wife's support and this is especially shocking considering it took two months.

For tantra to even wake up from the effects of this fight but later on during the hashira training arc uzu returns to healthy newer core members raise their stamina for the upcoming battle against kimitsuji muzon and the upper ranked demons his training was described as grueling physical fitness workouts and everyone he trained he.

Called losers while they were lying on the ground in pain during the final battle uzui was stationed at the ubiashiki estate assigned to watch over the young master kiriya ubyashiki along with sakonji orokodaki and shinjura rengoku uzui then had an eye patch from his injury and carried only one blade with the hand he had left once the final.

Battle was complete uzui after an arduous life flashly survives until the end of the series and gets to have the calm normal life his wife hinaturi had wanted for them all along and in the far-off future when the demon slayers and demons in general are considered just to be a myth and nothing more his descendant is a gold medalist for.

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