Bolillos are probably the number two carbeaten all over Mexico just after corn tortillas they are the best and mostdelicious fluffy and airy rolls that you will ever have tasted and today I'mgoing to show you how to make them before we get into the whole process Ineed to explain that successful bread baking is all about exact measurementsof ingredients and following the recipe to a tee I highly encourage you to get adigital scale for any kind of bread baking I will link my favorite in thedescription but really any digital scale works if for whatever reason youcannot get one because the zombies or some weird virus are going around outside, then this is how you correctly measure.

Flour make sure you use imperial cupssome cups are metric which are 250 milliliters in volume some areimperial 236 milliliters in volume and some won't even state what they are sodon't use them lightly spoon your all-purpose flour into your Imperial cupand don't tap the cup on the surface keep it in the air so the flour doesn'tcondense in the cup once you filled it all use a flat spatula or the back of alarge knife and move the flour into the sides and scrape off any excess until theflour is completely level with the edge this is the correct way to weigh flourand despite following the exact instructions I get anywhere from 100 to125 grams in one cup always different.

That's why a scale is so important whenbread baking you need 500 grams of flour so that's about 4 cups but maybe alittle more by using a digital scale you also save on dishes because you cansimply put your stand mixer bowl right on the scale adjust it to zero andthen add the flour right from the bag or container you store it in and until youreach exactly 500 grams now it's time to add active dry yeast you want to add 8grams which is what most packets contain some brands put seven gramsyeast into a packet that works too no need to open another seven to eightgrams is what you need if you have a large container with active dry yeastthen use your scale or add two teaspoons.

Now make a little well into your flourin the bowl and add the yeast eight grams of salt and eight grams of sugarmost digital scales have a little bit of a delay when measuring so wait a coupleof seconds before adding more for those of you unable to get a scale add one anda half teaspoons of salt and one 3/4 teaspoons of sugar if you're not sure ifyour yeast is expired or your faucet's water too chlorine rich which makes theactivation of the yeast impossible proof your yeast I will show you at the end ofthe video how you can proof yeast my yeast is super fresh and has been stored in a refrigerator so I know it's fine and I don't need to proof itnow get some hot water you want it to be.

A hundred and ten Fahrenheit hot exactlyuse a meat thermometer to ensure the right temperature and this is veryimportant because if the water is too hot you kill your yeast and if it's toocold the first rise can take many many many hours now add 350 millilitersthat's one and a half cups of that 110 Fahrenheit hot water to your flower andattach the dough hook to your stand mixer knead the dough for at least 15minutes 20 minutes is even better you can knead it by hand but it's a reallyhard job because it's a high water sticky doughI recommend kneading it for at least 25 minutes if you're using your hands toachieve the same texture as the mixer.

You want the dough to be very veryelastic but just a tiny little bit sticky you should be able to mold it inyour dry hands without too much sticking to your fingers pull the dough away fromthe sides and the bottom of the bowl and try to form a ball as good as possibleonce you've formed a ball put it back in the bowl and cover it with a kitchentowel now let it rise until doubled in size this can take anywherefrom 25 to 50 minutes depending on the humidity and temperature in your kitchenonce the dough doubled in size flour you clean work surface and pour the doughonto the surface now flour the top of the dough as well and start folding thedough turning it then folding it again.

About three to four times form a ballagain and then let it rest for 10 minutes then repeat the folding processone more time and let it rest again for 10 minutes after the second 10 minuterest time use a knife or a dough scraper to cut the ball in half and then in halfagain and in half again to make 8 equal big pieces take one piece and roll itwhile applying more pressure on the sides use your fingertips to form thelittle pointy ends of the bully you roll and form using one or both hands untilyou achieve the perfect bully uniform then continue with the other sevenpieces place the eighth bully us onto a parchment people and baking sheet makean incision on the top of each bully.

With a sharp knife or a serrated knifewhere a cutter and then spray the bullies with a spray bottle or use abrush to lightly wet them put a clean kitchen towel on top and let the doughrise a second time now for approximately 30 to 40 minutes immediately preheat theoven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit because you want it preheating for a long timeto ensure it's really really hot and add a baking sheet in there so you can poursome water in later after the second rise they should look like this missedyour resemble use one last time with water and then add a cup of water toyour hot baking sheet already in the oven be really carefulthen place the bully use in the phone.

And fifty degrees preheated oven for 15minutes or until slightly golden you want the water in there to create steamthat's why we add it remove the values from the oven and let them rest for atleast 10 minutes I know you're dying to eat one hot right out of thebut if you break one right away this team doesn't redistribute and it becomesall doughy in the center let it cool down at least a tiny little bit so itbecomes an Aryan light bully oh if you have a wire rack let them cool on thewire rack instead of the baking sheet now break one and eat it just like thatwarm and delicious or add some butter to it that's what I like to do or make somemojitos for that all you have to do is.

Cut a balloon in half mash up some blackbeans in a small bowl with a fork add the mashed black beans to the bhalilsprinkle with grated cheese and then place under the broiler for a couple ofminutes so the cheese can melt while the murrieta is under the broileryou can quickly prep a delicious pico de gallo all you need is about twotablespoons of chopped onion half to one chopped jalapeno pepper 1 chopped tomatoa handful of chopped cilantro the juice of half a lime and a bit of sea saltthat's it mix it all together and serve on top ofthem we hit this and here as promised the quick tutorial on how to prove dryactive yeast it's really easy at the.

Amount of yeast your recipe calls forinto the amount of water your recipe calls for make sure the water is ahundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit this is important then add the salt and sugaryour recipe calls for and that's it now all you have to do is wait 10 minutes tosee if the yeast revised within 10 minutes it should start bubbling up andbecome foamy like this if it does use it for your recipe and if it does not thentry again your dough will not rise if it doesn'tlook like this and the blog post I go into the details of all the reasons theyeast is either dead or not reviving I hope you enjoyed this video if yourgonna give these bullies or maybe even.

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