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THE MONSTER HASHIRA! Obanai Iguro Backstory and Powers! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Characters with a snake theme are none too common in anime but often they relate to the antagonists of a series a snake usually represents betrayal and secrecy but the snake in this story instead demonstrates fierce loyalty and high intelligence in igoro's case he was someone pushed towards a dark path early on and decided to overcome it by using.

The inner strength he had built up from being alone with no one to depend on in this video we'll be taking a look at the reserved caring serpent ashira and his progression through an unfair world in his youth iguro was treated like royalty however just because it seemed like a good life didn't mean it was a betrayal was awaiting him and it took many years.

For him to overcome the distrust that grew in him because of it he was given lavish meals spoiled by the older women of his village and taken special care of all the while being held in a cell there was an overabundance of food given to him every day in fact there was so much that the smell of grease and fat from the meats left in his room left him.

Nauseated just imagining what that would smell like is torture in itself before we go any further don't forget to drop a like and subscribe for some plot armor in your life today from the shadows his clan made money by working for a demon who resembled a giant serpent if you've seen dorodoro this should sound familiar as villagers in that series had a.

Similar deal with a demon in order to get money in return for feeding her the clan was able to live luxurious lives in gaudy homes with all the material items they could have ever wanted the serpent demon also had a penchant for babies so his clan would offer up their newborns willingly to ensure their wealth remained surprisingly though a large.

Clan it was filled with only women and this kind of makes it sound like their clan was cursed to only have women because of sacrificing their children doesn't it even more surprising was the fact that igoro was the first boy born into their clan in over 400 years and yes you heard that right 400 years though as mentioned igoro was spoiled.

Way more than necessary it only made him uncomfortable he might have sensed that they were treating him that way for a reason which they were the clan had only spared his life because the demon had asked to let him grow larger she liked his heterochromia his two different eye colors and the fact that he was the first boy born in the clan in so long.

During the night after all the doting female family members were gone igoro would hear creaking and weird noises above his head whatever it was it had to be enormous to make those sounds it was so frightening and that he often couldn't sleep for the rest of the night until the noise is stopped he even felt as though he was being watched by.

Whatever was moving around when igoro turned 12 years old he was ripped from his cell and brought to a large and exquisite room where the serpent demon awaited lying in a shrine like a deity she had numerous skulls piled beneath her body like a bed with a realization of who was making the sounds at night igor couldn't help but stare in fear as.

She gazed upon him she only commented on how small he was and how it might have been better to let him grow bigger still with that igoro was taken away and her demand was followed he would live to grow up but only until she was satisfied with his size the clan took igoro aside and sliced his mouth like a snakes as the serpent demon had wanted him to.

Resemble her with that deep cut igro gained a striking scar and the blood he had lost was given as an offering to the demon this is no doubt absolutely despicable shooting a child this way and letting him feel as if he's cherished only to be awaiting sacrifice in the near future i suppose they wanted him to live a carefree life before his death.

But instead it was just stifling and suspicious of course however igoro refused to let his life end this way having stolen a hairpin from his clan igoro spent days and days scratching at his cell so that he could eventually escape every time he did so he worried they would find out but what was the worst they could do the demon hadn't.

Given the order to sacrifice him yet with no one to turn to besides a lone snake who wandered into a cell igor befriended it and named it kaburamu when he was finally able to escape he left quickly and didn't turn back but the serpent demon had discovered this and followed him as far as it could until he was finally saved by a hashira the flame.

Ashira it was kyojiro ran goku's father shinjuro his life was saved and his cousin had also made it thanks to the ashira however because of his escape igoro and his cousin were the only two clan members left alive the demon had turned her anger at losing her feast towards their clan and massacred them all although igoro knew it wasn't fair.

For her to blame him for their deaths he also couldn't help but feel sorrow for what had occurred he knew there might be consequences if he left the clan but he had chosen to live instead the clan shouldn't have been involved with the demon in the first place had they not done so they probably would have been safe otherwise with his only remaining.

Family wanting nothing to do with him igoro had only kaburamu by his side he felt the clan's sins fell onto his shoulders regardless of if he dirtied his hands like they did there couldn't be a normal life for him he thought instead he chose to release all emotions and regret onto demons by destroying as many as he could he became an official.

Demon slayer and perhaps meaning the flame ashira had an influence on that i can't help but wonder who else the flame ashira shinjuro had an influence on including that woman in the season 2 original episode in a way igor could atone for what his clan had done and what his actions caused he could save people's lives and hope that it would.

Remove a black spot from his soul but it didn't stop him from feeling the weight of the dead as they tried to drag him down with guilt all those 50 people who'd lost their lives his only wish was to die while defeating muzon so his sins could be cleansed once and for all unlike other hahira like rengoku or tsunemi ikuro was not blessed with a.

Good constitution he's small and weaker than some others but he makes up for that with his unpredictable swordsmanship as is shown during yeshir training arc and his fierce determination another thing that should have held him back from becoming a shira is he lessened vision in one of his eyes he even says he's almost blind in his.

Right eye on the other hand iguru has the advantage of his snake partner who can understand what he's told and follow directions clearly something that comes in handy with more difficult battles near the end of the series and lastly though poison circulates through his body more quickly due to his small stature igoro has a large amount of.

Stamina and endurance which allows him to keep fighting in spite of it like some other ashira uzui kanroji gyome iguro uses a modified nitrion sword which is more suited to his weaving and slithery serpent breathing after the battle with rui tanjiro is brought to trial in front of the ashira and ubyashiki although their judgment is.

Split on what to do with him igrow foregoes speaking of tanjiro altogether from up in a tree hidden from sight he wonders what they'll do with a traitor like you who knew about tanjiro's involvement with a demon he questions them as to why gyu is walking freely when he also willingly broke their rules and to be fair if someone in a company.

Was covering for someone else's fraud they would in fact probably face a similar punishment so igor is not exactly crazy here as they move on tanjiro's defense of nezuko irritates igoro who only knows of the evil demons bring with them this slowly changes later on as tanjoro demonstrates how reliable he is as a fighter and helps.

The ashira take down multiple upper ranked demons with no pretense igor admits he doesn't trust anyone but especially not tanjiro and i'm sure this is because his relationship with a demon reminds him of his clan's betrayal of his trust at the same time igoro thinks it's obvious that even if it's a demon one would protect family tatanjir.

Wouldn't admit even if neziko had attacked humans with sanemi's sudden arrival and brutality towards neziko in tanjiro's box iguru continues to watch silently from the tree igor can't help but be impressed by tyndra's combat ability when he's able to headbutt the wind ashira but his admiration ends there with the master's arrival igor.

Immediately leaves the tree and bows before him when ube states that he's accepted tanjiro and nezuko into the core igor voices his descent and admits he hates demons more than anything though igoro isn't directly involved when tsunemi tries to tempt neziko with his mareichi blood he encourages him to go into the shade if he wants to prove.

His point a point they share clearly before tanjiro can interfere with this test igoro pins him down roughly into the gravel with his elbow his hold is so firm and strong that he stops tanjuro from even breathing shinobu would then warn that igrow is being too rough on him but doesn't stop him from holding down tanjiro gyu finally gets involved.

Releasing igoro's pressure on tanjiro by grabbing his arm with annoyance igrow pulls his arm away and is later told to be nicer to the younger ones ai tanjiro and nezuko the master has spoken so he doesn't object and the ashira meeting begins after uzui's hard-fought battle with upper 6 yotaro and daki iguro arrives at the battlefield he.

Congratulates him on winning but graves that he lost too much in battle with simply upper 6 the lowest of the upper ranked demons this is funny because igrow's constitution might have made it more difficult for him to face kyoto's poison and the tag team style interestingly iguro doesn't get to battle with any upper ranked demons.

Besides upper 4 and even that is an equivalent since she was a replacement for another who was killed and has support from another ashira when iguro asks how long it will take uzui to return to fighting demons he's shocked to learn that the sound ashira is retiring he rejects that statement outright instead insisting that no one.

Can fill the void of both him and rengoku who had passed on there are no lower level slayers who can move up fast enough to replace him which indicates how much faith or belief he has in azure's abilities igrow even tells ozui that he must fight until he dies because that's how important he is to their cause this contradicts what he said.

Earlier about not trusting anyone it's clear how much he trusts uzui at least in terms of fighting prows despite that comment ozui lets igoro know that tanjiro could certainly move up the ranks and all iguro pays attention to is the fact that tanjiro survived after the swordsmith village is attacked a heshiru meeting is held igoro consoles enemy.

When he complains about missing his chance to have fought an upper ranked demon and it's funny that he should say everyone is running into them when his encounter with one is anticlimactic in the next arc igoro also asks the tushira who faced the upper ranked demons how they are and he couldn't help but wonder if he acts simply because he wants to.

Ensure they can keep fighting or if he's genuinely worried about them the meeting begins when lady amane ubaeshiki's wife arrives as they find out that he marks are now something that can reliably be manifested the whole room is shocked minus the two who just manifested theirs of course excitedly conroy shares her experience with the mark but is mostly a.

Jumble of sounds and emotions igrow holds his head an embarrassment for her lack of coherent explanation and i can't deny that i had the exact same reaction as him muichiro would then do a better job of explaining the process to achieve the mark which then leads to them finding out their lifespans will be greatly reduced with that the ishira.

Must now make preparations to get the mark to appear all of them agree to sit and continue talking about this save for gu who says he isn't involved as before his attitude frustrates both igaro and zinemi who are quick to take offense to his cold words while igoro takes it as you being unreliable as a hashira and not taking the work seriously he also.

Wonders if you simply wants to achieve it on his own with no help from them considering those two opposite thoughts igiro is giving you the benefit of the doubt in terms of his resolve as ayashira as he doesn't respond to their protests a fight nearly breaks out and gyome is forced to intervene to calm everyone down he offers them all a.

Resolution the yashira prepare the lower ranked slayers by honing their skills and having them face off against them in this way when not if muzon or his demons are to arrive they will be better equipped to handle their attack igoro with his unusual sword style is in charge of training them in swordsmanship the only way he can as tanjiro arrives.

At igoro's mansion he's not too pleased to see him having exchanged letters with khanroch he knows all about the fun that tanjiro had with the love ashira and it's obvious how jealous it has made him he's clearly very fond of her before tanjiro can even greet him he tells him to shut up or face death proving just how much he wishes he could have spent.

Some time with conroch in a room filled with core members tied to ceilings walls floors placed in all directions and used as obstacles tanjiro must now fight against igoro kanjiro would ask igoro if these people have done something and igor replies that yes they have they were weak and a hindrance and all considered useless to him clearly this.

Is where tanjir would end up if he fails the training but of course he doesn't this is easily one of the funniest training sessions among all the ashira just for how poorly treated the core members are and yet still nowhere as badly as igoro was treated as a child using wooden swords they face off with igoro weaving easily between all the.

Bound and gagged members of the core although it shouldn't be possible his sword seems to glide around them not once hitting them slipping through the openings like a snake his attacks do hit tanjiro though leaving large bruises and swollen eyes in their wake after four days the hem of igoro's hawori was hit by tanjiro's attack and let him move to.

The next ashira but not before warning him to keep his distance his snake hissing behind him in agreement a massive explosion signals both the end of ubehiki and muzon's arrival to the demon slayer core headquarters the final battle is about to begin and igoro is saddened by the loss of their master but furious by who caused his death muzon.

Has finally shown himself before he and the other shira can launch a number of attacks at muzon they're dropped into the infinity castle and separated although iguaro isn't able to face muzon right away he's given the chance later on while working alongside tanjiro for now though he's in the castle with konros whom he cares for deeply as they.

Land on a mixture of floors and sliding doors endless rooms surrounding them demons begin to appear without waiting for their attack iguru uses his slithering serpent to slash their heads off instantaneously he urges the demons to keep away from conroach large veins on display on his face and hand when he confirms that no harm came to her igrow.

Brings her further into the infinity castle conroach blushes and fawns over his cool moves appreciating the attention after the upper ranked demons such as akaza and doma are taken out we finally jump back into igoro and conroch's whereabouts at last they've found their own upper ranked demon and she's rank 4. as they approach this biwa.

Demon named nakime igor was confused by her sharing the same rank as hatengu he realizes she's the new replacement she was already by muzon's side this whole time with her support abilities igoro watches as kanrod rushes into attack and ends up being pushed off a ledge instead he quickly jumps after her ignoring the fact that she mainly caused that herself.

By being impatient and wanting to prove herself he could hardly look at her sweat drops sliding down his face her face is beat red even the snake is uneasy about it the fact that they have time to be embarrassed and create a lighter atmosphere for the readers also shows how low stakes this fight is this biwa demon really isn't as strong or.

Tough as any of the other upper ranked ones as igoro suggests they watch the demon and study her techniques she strums her biwa and opens up the floor below them they both move opposite ways catching themselves on ledges and also having to dodge walls as they move towards them at high speeds entire rooms and buildings shuffle towards them in an.

Attempt to crash them with igaro and kanroj barely able to do anything but hop around when conroche makes another reckless charge towards nakime igrow uses that distraction to launch venom fangs of the narrow head towards her before it can hit though she's shifted elsewhere again her blood demon are proving to be effective at keeping.

People away but not necessarily injuring them igoro guesses this fight will take a lot of time because of how frustrating her techniques are after a long and unnecessary struggle with the biwa woman an announcement comes from the ibayashiki-san through a crow muzon is back and must be stopped igoro b rates himself for wasting so much time here.

When muichiro and genya died while fighting the upper rank 1 demon having at least accomplished that he feels like he's done nothing but chase after nakame while not being able to slice her neck with her blood demon art this demon has kept igrow from joining the others or reaching muzon this entire time but he can't think of a way out of this with.

Yushiro and khan road keeping the biwa demon busy igor was able to go elsewhere he might be needed it turns out tanjiro a slayer he can't stand is who needs him this is all the more true during the fight on the surface when tanjiro is nearly devoured by muzon any guru makes her to step in and protect his life with the last of his energy even with gu at.

His side tanjiro is no match for mozan's attacks or speed his eye is destroyed almost immediately thanks to yushiro controlling nakime's vision he doesn't expect the supposedly dead serpent and levashira to arrive despite not liking tanjiro igoro places himself in front of tanzero to shield him from muzon's next attack he speaks to tainzero the same.

Way moishiro did kotetsu he needs to stay back because he's a burden and in the way but all tanjiro has to say is how glad he is to see them alive this visibly startles igoro who's not used to others worrying about him he tells him to worry about his own life instead with muzon finally in front of him igoro unleashes his winding serpent slash a.

Move that perfectly complements gyu's water breathing both of the attacks swirling around muzon and keeping him within as muzon rattles the infinity castle trying to destroy both the biwa demon and this place the pressure knocks igero back if they can't escape this blood demon art then no one will survive but moves on thankfully yuzhiro's.

Control over the biwa demon was enough to get everyone out to the surface the entire castle was now a pile of rubble broken and in shambles in the middle of a narrow street kiriya ubashiki informs the slayers through a crow that there is an hour and a half before sunrise breaking out from underneath the castle pieces muzon unleashes a wide sweeping.

Attack with long appendages igor would then use his third form of serpent breathing his slithery blade easily reaches muzon's neck but it's no use cutting his head off would do nothing however watching closely igoro notices how muzon quickly regenerates as if he had not been attacked at all with another large scale attack coming the.

Ishira are too close to muzan to dodge so igoro and the others are pulled back by the lower core members who sacrificed their bodies all iguro can do is look on in shock as the members who shielded him slowly bleed out and die as another wave of attacks is launched they do it again with whomever is left alive but even so tanjiro is the first to fall to muzon's.

Cell destruction tainted blood a large growth covering his face as they continue to face off with muzon iguro knows the three of them they're fighting won't be enough to take him down they needed tanjiro's help they're all slashed with igrill receiving cuts on his face and arm once again igoro sees conroad recklessly leaping in but this.

Time igrow can't help her since his muzon they're against he screams for her but she tells him to save himself when at last gyome and tsunemi arrive and join the fray the battle intensifies with muzon extending his reach while also trying to kill all the ashira as they grow in numbers with his long whip-like attacks he strikes the ground.

So many times that gyome can't follow his moves and negro is forced to cover him at critical moments however when muzong goes even beyond his previous speed iguru can't cover gyome without putting his life at risk all of these heroes take multiple hits from muzon with buildings being cut around them as well similarly to daki in the.

Entertainment district as conroach can escape one of the brutal strikes she loses an arm and iguru rushes to help her the other she recovered for him as he carries her off to another core member and orders him to get her treated immediately she insists she can still fight but he tells her to focus on herself instead she's done enough to.

Himself he reflects how many lives have been cut short by demons and how they prevent anyone from having normal lives he wishes they could have met outside of the demon slayer core so they could have been together in a more peaceful way but he doesn't think his clan's history gives him the right to do that what drives him is the belief that if he.

Kills muzon and his reborn then you would be pure enough to tell conrod how he truly feels with his resolve back and his return to the fight igoro wastes no time leaping in to attack muzon as quick as ever he manages to sever muzon's limbs and kick it away so it'll take longer to heal even though that only grants him a moment more iguru doesn't.

Give up but muzan's inhales shins from the mouth when his arms are so difficult to avoid that it takes up a chunk of a girl's endurance each time muzon uses it he remembers the core members who sacrificed themselves to ensure that shira could keep fighting and iguro knows there's no choice but to win this fight otherwise their lives would have.

Been wasted without reason as the poison begins to hinder their movements and slow their reactions gew loses his sword igrow jumps in with serpent breathing to block him while gyomei launches his spike flail and tsunami returns gyu's sword there is 1 hour and 14 minutes until the sun comes up at this point and igoro bleeds profusely from his mouth.

Igor curses his small frame for the poisonous effect doing damage so quickly just then a tiny miracle occurs yushiro's cat arrives with vials to combat muzon's poison at first igrow worries about what's injected into him but it's obvious that it helps immensely igor can now focus on accomplishing his biggest goal muzon smashes the ground.

Forcing them up into the air and this gives iguo time to consider what he can do he recalls that he had never used much strength as a child but he was still able to escape from his prison cell with his weak hands and though tokito has passed the smallest and youngest of them he still turned his sword red with his conviction and the.

Tight hold on his sword this gives him an idea he too could turn his sword red if he gripped it tightly enough on the brink of death with as much strength and determination as he can muster iguru also turns his blade bright red but at what cost he realizes too late that putting all his remaining stamina into that action has drained him to the point.

Of seeing stars due to using up his oxygen he's fainting in the middle of this deadly battle and he can't stop it although conscious of this all he can do is think about how death will put a massive strain on the remaining ashira he tries to picture khanroch who lost an arm and how he needs to cover for her absence but all the feeling throughout.

His body is gone all he can do is grip his blade whilst enemy and you try to save him from attacks suddenly and just at the right moment igor is launched into the air and muzon's limbs are severed with a ragged blade three unexpected swordsmen have arrived tenitsu kanao and hinosuke they couldn't be seen due to the talisman from yushiro.

So they avoided muzon's view with their added numbers igoro rushes back in to cut muzon's limbs with his red blade causing him to regenerate more slowly as the rest understand this they launch a slew of attacks so that iguro can get off his coiled choke technique with the reddened sword gyome also turns his weapon red followed by tsunemi and gyu.

There's still over an hour before sunrise though gyome ever the observant veteran tells the issuer to look closely at muzon's body with that igoro focuses intently and does in fact see something new the transparent world he can see all of muzon's organs and their positions within his body but it only lasts a moment muzon strikes all of them down to.

Keep them from using that technique launching igoro through a bricked wall the rest are also incapacitated temporarily thankfully tanzero joins back in with a disgusting chunk of flesh covering half his face but still able to use hinokami kagura if not for tanjiro's sun breathing and tamayo's poison within muzon the demon's slayers would have.

Stood no chance but as it stands the fight continues with a silver of hope remaining yushi roharis to the battleground and tries his best to treat the fallen ashira even those who lost limbs meanwhile tanjiro uses the 12 forms of hinokami but loses his footing just then igoro makes his triumphant return with a serpent's attack to block.

Kanjiro from serious damage but in saving tanjiro he temporarily loses sight only having one good eye to work with before this his eyes are slashed and destroyed permanently tanjuro worries for him knowing muzon's attack was the cause though igoro argues that it happened earlier which isn't likely and he would tell tanjo to stop worrying.

So much about others he even seems a bit flustered with tanjo's constant caring for him as tanjuro offers to help him since he's lost his sight he explains that kaburamaru can also be his eyes instead his lifelong partner with muzon showing more anger the closer it is to sunrise he takes the fight into the air launching his appendages at them both in.

A circular whipping attack a massive portion of the nearby building is decimated instantly kabu ramaru effectively warns eager role of moves on strike and helps him to avoid it by letting him know where to point his serpent breathing a long hiss is released and igoro follows it to the right direction combining his attack.

With tanjiro sinokami muzan's body continues to age rapidly with tamayo's poison scars begin appearing to show his weak spots from the past 40 minutes until dawn is shouted from the nearby crow so muzon escapes the fight he no longer wants to end them all he seeks is survival kanjiro lets igrow no and the others chase after muzon who doesn't.

Hesitate to trample the bodies of the core members he killed earlier as tanjiro launches their fallen comrade swords igoro slips past muzan's tentacles and drives a blade deep into his back and through his throat afterward tanjo tries to give igrow some of yushiro's eyes the talisman so he can share kaburamaru's sight rather than.

Receiving directions from the snake without words but muzon interferes still intent on surviving this fight and the sun the seals fly out of tanjiro's grip so kabul romaru has to pick them up and give them to higuro for one of the first times igoro smiles and thanks tanjiro showing how much he trusts tanjiro now igoro's giant serpent breathing attacks.

Surround him and tanjiro now holding back muzon's long strikes now that iguro can see slightly better he encourages tanjiro to move with him to block muzon from leaving and constantly move around to keep from being cut down by his massive attacks muzon struggles against his tactic frustrated that he's being blocked at every turn as he tries to.

Divide his body instead tamayo's poison rears its head once more stopping that from happening with half an hour left until sunrise muzon turns to his blood demon art a shockwave that causes painful incessant seizures but the other slayers who were treated by yushiro make their way to fight one by one ensuring muzon can't escape in spite of their.

Missing limbs or irreparable bodies with a bombardment of attacks kanji was able to pin muzon with his sword and the red blade but muzon continues to struggle to free himself as khan roji forces herself to the battle and loses her other arm tsunami and igor will make their way to them as well just then a monstrously large mouth full of teeth is revealed.

From inside muzon with the purpose of devouring tanjiro who still has him pinned using the last of his stamina igrow pushes in front and blocks the attack with his own body the sharp teeth digging into his head like knives with the sun coming up in the distance muzon launches the slayers away from him except you and tanjiro who struggle to.

Keep him pinned as he panics he turns into a larger form to prevent himself from being burned but is no use as the slayers use their remaining strength iguru manages one final serpent attack twin headed reptile to keep him from fleeing muzon's large body flakes away like dust in his final moments iguaro goes to konorochi's side the one he.

Wishes to be with the most with her vision fading and is gone due to muzon they have a heart to heart as he explains that they've succeeded she admits she's dying but so is igoro with the extent of his injuries even in death she thinks she was no help and igrow tells her how much she helped him by simply existing and being herself.

Spending time with her made him forget his bloodline and made him feel normal she cries in his arms hearing this and tells him how much she cares and if she could be his wife igoro holds her tightly agreeing to the proposal as long as she thinks he's suitable kabura maoru slips in between them joining them in their hold and seeming to also shed.

Tears later on with his master's passing kabuto maru ends up in kanaho's care lovingly kept by her far into the future long after demons are exterminated igoro is reincarnated into modern times and happily married to his one true love khanroj together they have a diner with snake decorations and hearty portions of food representing both their.

Personalities as he is more reserved he works in the back while conroe serves up front reading clients their love survived the test of time and they ended up being together just like they'd wished all along thank you for watching the video to the end until next time keep that polymer on you i'm kj have a great day goodbye.