Home Anime The New Gojo Nobody Expected DESTROYS Sukuna! New Strongest Sorcerer REVEALED! – Jujutsu Kaisen

The New Gojo Nobody Expected DESTROYS Sukuna! New Strongest Sorcerer REVEALED! – Jujutsu Kaisen


The jiujitsu world is on the verge of total Destruction with Gojo dead the rough team assembled by jiujitsu high just lost their strongest fighter defeating sakuna just got a whole lot tougher and is not even the end of the story even after they somehow take down this seemingly Unstoppable Warrior they've still got to defeat kenju.

Somehow if they don't every innocent person in Japan will be warped and twisted into a giant funny face yeah this manga is kind of weird guys anyways let's get into what options you High has for dealing with this we've already seen hajim Kashima into the ring but the so-called god of lightning was barely even a stop Gap measure he's already.

Lost kosimo was strong enough to land some decent hits on sakuna but was far from strong enough to win we're starting to see new Warriors into the fight so let's break down how this could go who else do we have that could stand a chance at fighting the king of curses and how might they come together kinji hakari is a pretty obvious pick for a.

New Frontline fighter now that Gojo's no longer an option this guy has infinite cursed energy in theory thanks to his domain expansion idle death gamble he's almost entirely invulnerable while he has it active once he hits the jackpot he gains unlimited curse energy and can use a near infinite reverse curse technique to heal any injury he's.

Basically unkillable at that point while the jackpot theoretically has a time limit hakari can keep playing private Pure Love Train while fighting that means that if he can keep hitting the jackpot the unlimited cursed energy never ends and he can keep going all out he's almost at Gojo's level with how much power he can throw around but.

Almost is not good enough not at this level Kimo pointed out that even reverse curse technique can be shut down with damage to the head you need a powerful hit enough to completely destroy the brain in one shot since hakari can heal without conscious thought that's a tough feat but it is a way to kill the unkillable hakari he also needs to keep.

His hands intact if he wants to keep activating domain expansion a carefully timed blow could close the Lo Loop in theory stopping his unbeatable jackpot mode you just have to take out haki's hands right at the end of jackpot stopping him from opening domain expansion before he can heal them although would zakuna fight like that.

Maybe but it wouldn't be his first choice zakuna did not try to use his sort of tactical approach when fighting Gojo he usually just goes for the most brutal direct attack he can think of having to consider his opponent's weaknesses is usually beneath him the sort of approach he only bothers with when his power is limited and his fo.

Stronger than un usual but if he worked out that was haki's weak spot and the delinquent was actually able to give him trouble sakuna would probably start fighting dirty he's not going to just play by the rules if it means losing still getting ruthless is not quite a guarantee of him winning hakari is aware that these kinds of targeted strikes are.

A weak point to his fighting style and knows how to compensate for them we've seen him sacrifice other body parts if he needs to in order to keep fighting we just have to hope it's enough now Kenji does have a disadvantage right now he's already had to flex his curse energy today thanks to sakuna assistant Ur hakari had to step in to stop them from.

Interfering in the main fight between Haj me kosimo and sukuna that battle did not last long and while he's come out smiling defending himself against a powerful sorcerer probably taxed him at least a little bit since uram is still conscious hakari is going to have to keep that fight going to even reach zakuna once he does though what could he.

Do hakari is a straightforward guy and would probably love to face the king of curses in a proper one-on-one fight both of them hitting each other as hard as they can until someone finally falls down after Gojo's death however he might end up taking this more seriously hakari would do even better as part of a team with his fellow jiujitsu Sorcerers with.

His rapid healing and energy reserves he works great as a diversion there's few other sorcerers who could endure the amount of damage sakuna puts out like this if aakari fought sakuna directly but just focused on keeping his defenses High rather than going for his own heavy blows he could buy the other sorcerers plenty of time to set up a plan of their.

Own that would be great tactically but it's hard to imagine hakari the hot-headed rebel thinking things through like that or letting someone else get the credit for taking down takuna then again if any situation would be serious enough to make him put aside his pride and cooperate with other Fighters it would be this one Gojo is dead Japan's.

At risk there are big consequences for failing here but he has to be tempted by the idea of just going all out against auna it's the ultimate exciting challenge getting hakari to stick to a plan won't be easy let's move to our next fighter UTA otu is another person often brought up as a potential successor to Gojo he is undoubtedly an.

Extremely powerful sorcerer after all he was the main character of jiujitsu kaen zero he beat zuru GTO when the guy was at his Peak that kind of success has to count for something but the end of that story shows us the big problem with relying on him his battle strategy focused on collaborating with the curs spirit orimoto and his curse technique.

Originated from her but UTA let her go at the end of jjk zero he can't rely on the same level of power anymore genju even outright pointed this out he was very clear he's not scared of UTA because without ra the kid could never become as powerful as Gojo now that we've reached a guy who is stronger than Gojo UT is seriously starting to fall.

Behind still let's take kaku's words with a grain of salt releasing ra has not entirely elimin minated uta's potential as a sorcerer ultimately he was the one who created ra the cursed Spirit even now that she's gone the cursed part of Raa still fights alongside UTA he's still capable of the same power he used to wield but this Raa.

Is not the same as the original now she's more of uta's curse technique rather than an independent creature a reminder of orimoto at this point he can only maintain his full connection with ra allowing her to properly manifest for 5 minutes you uta's full power is on a sharp time limit still he should not be underestimated UTA has serious cursed.

Energy reserves and a lot of training he's been studying intently ever since the night of 100 demons and it's paid off UTA is one of the few characters we've seen use reverse curse technique on someone else healing Yuji after his heart stopped his biggest strength is probably his amazing versatility and that goes beyond his training UT's curse.

Technique is copy that's what allowed him to make a new ra after she passed on he also has the ability to copy other people's curse techniques using everything from curs speeech to shikigami summoning to redirecting enemy attacks through Sky manipulation given that jiutu Sorcerers can usually only Master one curse technique the massive.

Number of things UTA can do is almost without limit it also makes him a fighter who can grow rapidly more powerful during a fight if he can successfully copy suuna curse technique dismantle UTA may be able to duplicate one of the most powerful offensive moves of any living sorcerer there's a reason he's the guy the elders wanted on hand.

To execute Yuji before he becomes auna with Ra's energy reserves and the ability to duplicate techniques there's nothing he can't do in theory we've already seen that UT's been really tempted to try and intervene on his own he was ready to step in even before Gojo's fight ended he's got to be as eager as Sakari to try and fight sakuna.

Oneon-one only backing down when a senior tells him to but it's an even worse idea for UTA to try and fight sakuna head on then hakari he can do his best work as part of a team combining his raw power with all the things he can do uta's best used as a support fighter while using R to distract sakuna UTA can set up traps with Sky manipulation get a.

Way to set up a cursed speech trick or heal his friends UT is usually calm and professional enough that it's safe to assume that he would pick this option if given a chance but he's a pretty emotional guy at his core let's hope seeing Gojo die hasn't made him lose his cool going on an anger fueled offensive is the exact sort of thing that could.

Get him killed fighting sakuna but if uta's our support and hakari is a distraction who would we count on to land a blow that takes zakuna out well at this point we've got a few candidates while uta's power has only gone down Maki zanin has only gotten stronger following the death of her twin sister ma the power of her Heavenly restriction.

Has been fully unlocked with superhuman physical strength we've seen her kill off an entire clan of sorcerers with no one backing her up that's almost Beyond impressive no one else has managed to kill so many powerful Fighters This quickly fans tend to write the last Heavenly restriction Warrior togi off as a threat after all he was eventually.

Killed by Gojo but it's worth remembering one key point of how his abilities worked toi outright ended the connection between tenen the star plasma vessels and the six eyes Master tenen never explained how that worked exactly but it's likely similar to how Maki was able to ignore Nya's domain its guaranteed hit could not recognize Maki.

Because she had no cursed energy without being able to Target her it did nothing that might be enough to confound even zakuna new Ultimate move even his cut anything ability requires his technique to note all the things it's cutting the space and world with no cursed energy in the spot where she existed it's still not a valid Target zakuna could maybe.

Get more creative but his first attack will probably fail what's better Maki is still a blind spot for sakuna there is no way he worked out what she's capable of no one's told sakuna about toi zanan as far as we know he's never had to deal with someone under Heavenly restriction before and his existence has surprised everyone who's had to deal with him so.

Far Gojo ghetto tenen none of them had expected Heavenly restriction to be this powerful now sakuna has seen her fight briefly Maki tried to take him down right after he first possessed meami that was a brief brawl where zakuna was distracted by his lack of cursed energy and the whole thing was interrupted by Ur zakuna should still be in the dark.

About how her abilities work or what kind of threat she represents he probably doesn't even consider her a threat at all there are other sorcerers still out there but most of them are unlikely to make a massive difference in this battle the culling game is mostly over at this point a lot of those newly arrived Sorcerers are dead there just.

Aren't many powerful Fighters left in play we could see an outside figure get a moment in the spotlight shoko might risk taking a fatal wound to heal a fighter for example but who else is left that could play a significant part in fighting zakuna well there's a couple of Fighters we've seen from the culling game that might be able to play a part.

Fumihiko takaba in theory could absolutely beat sakuna due to his comedian curse technique it's been stated in the past that taka's power is stronger than Gojo's being able to completely reshape reality in any way he finds funny if defeating sakuna through slaps theumer felt like a good punch lines to takaba he could totally do it a.

Rather undignified end to one of history's most powerful Sorcerers but how do you get there how do you convince a failed comedian that this would be a funny moment for him to win with how shocked and upset the rest of the cast are currently takaba is going to have a tough time coming up with a joke that would even make himself laugh he could.

Probably still try to land a hit but he's got his own battle to fight if he wants to try and get involved here he's going to have to work out how to actually be funny and make people laugh very quickly the more promising remaining combatant however has already stepped into the ring homi higuma probably never thought he'd be trying to.

Stop a world-ending threat but here he is right at Yugi's side the lawyer is one of very few Sorcerers who may have a serious chance against sakuna in a one-on-one fight thanks to his curs technique deadly sentencing seems almost perfect for taking down a sorcerer who doesn't care about others the king of curses kills people all the time his.

Crimes have to be almost Limitless all higuma has to do is try and prove sakuna guilty of a crime judge man would confiscate his cursed energy then it's an easy fight he should even be able to pull off his ultimate move confiscation can be coupled with the death penalty giving higuma his own oneit kill move the Executioner sword shutting down his.

Opponent's cursed energy use and a weapon that can kill with a single cut even sakuna can't survive that this feels like it should be an instant win the problem is that sakuna is Crafty and huruma domain is not perfect he doesn't get conclusive evidence and the defense gets a chance to argue with him if zakuna can make a case judge man accepts.

Sentencing would be useless thus higuma versus sukuna probably comes down to less of a court case and more of a philosophical argument the king of curses would have to find a way to argue that he's not culpable for his many atrocities or that judg man doesn't have the authority to find him guilty of anything sentencing is a possible way to.

Win this but it's likely to go wrong the most plausible option is that sakuna will get a guilty verdict but not land the same extreme penalties he was able to when fighting Yuji huruma can still fight even without a confiscation sentence but with his opponent not being fully restricted it's going to be tough for him he'll need to back up someone.

Like Yuji who can help him face a restrained sukuna he won't be able to land the final killing blow so who's even left at this point who could still step in here to save the day well how about meami fushiguro sakuna almost got taken down By Yuji and Maki thanks to Megami managing to fight back and limit sakuna cursed energy output is the same.

Effect as deadly sentencing confiscation only without needing as much setup as powerful as sakuna is if you take away his access to curse energy there is very little he can do he'd just be stuck standing there and taking hits like a jump that would be amazing right now if Megami can push himself back to the surface and limit tuna's curse energy at.

The right moment with so many fighters up against him it could end his life very quickly it would be a sad way for Megami to die but it would give him one last moment as a hero he would die well unfortunately sakuna knows this is a possibility now he used the bath drowning his soul in negative energy to try and drown meami soul out worried.

That wasn't enough sukuna killed his H sister sukumi fushiguro that whole encounter only happened because suuna wanted to try and make sure that there was no possibility of Megami rebelling again that hasn't completely gotten rid of megami's soul but it would take something powerful to help him come back he needs something to strengthen his.

Will to resist at this point what could that be and then finally there's Yuji itadori our poor long-suffering protagonist he's here and he's going to try and help but can he it's easy to assume that Yuji is basically out of the story at this point even if he is the main character everything's against him at the moment with sakuna gone yuji's.

Supply of Cur energy went away with him he got a few good hits in on zakuna but that was a one-time thing due to megami's Rebellion there's no real reason to think think that Yugi could turn the tide right now he'd need a cursed tool or something right then you add on the fact that he's going to have to fight sakuna in megami's body Yuji is.

Not going to want to risk killing his friend even if there's no other options it's going to be hard to find the resolve to kill Megami that kind of doubt is something sakuna could easily take advantage of at a glance it seems like Yuji might be the worst possible fighter to go into the ring right now but if you think about it yuji's got.

Some advantages here for a start there's is a Nate supernatural abilities right in the beginning of the series G established that yuji's natural strength was insane if something was able to interfere with sakuna curse technique yui could put on a great show and he's the one person that might give Megami the strength to fight back against.

Sakuna there's no one else in jujuu high that fushi guro was close with but Yuji was his friend they went through the calling game together if there's anyone meami would still try and fight back to protect it's Yuji but if you think about it Yuji might be the one who ends up saving Megami here think back sakuna pulled his whole Gambit by ripping off.

One of yuji's fingers and force feeding it to Megami using it to transfer his soul that suggests a massive weakness to his perfect new vessel though can sakuna just eat another finger and pull sakuna out of Megami there's no reason to believe that it could only work one time in fact from what we know Yuji is perfectly suited to do this he's one.

Body that sakuna never managed to gain control of a cage that limits him still he's always managed to control the curses manifestation he could probably Force sakuna out of megami's body and into his own while no one's outright explain why Yuji is so resistant to sakuna control there is a very popular Theory Kaku likely took.

Over yuji's Mom and conceived him specifically as a way to trap sakuna it makes sense Kaku has planned the culling game a long time in advance there's no way the ancient sorcerer just assumed sakuna the bloodthirsty guy who likes killing for fun would just leave him in peace or honor their Alliance they're going to end up fighting eventually Kaku.

Has to have some kind of idea to control sakuna to take him off the board before he can disrupt the ten merger plan and that hidden Ace might just be Yuji itadori but what do you guys think is there anyone we've missed or even underestimated let us know in the comments as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an.

Awesome day I love you