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THE NEW WIZARD KING! Who Will Replace Wizard King Julius? – Black Clover


All right so as of late the black clover manga has been full throttle action and suspense it has really been a whole lot of fun from new enemies combat and seemingly endless transformations i mean really if you've been keeping up with our weekly coverage of the chapters then you'll know.

That we've received eight straight chapters with new transformations from various characters that's unprecedented as far as i'm concerned but yeah tons of fun and excitement to be had with black clover however with the latest demonic currency clover kingdom was suddenly faced with it was as if a.

Weapon of mass destruction had just been dropped on them as technically it was exactly that the danger this thing posed to all inhabitants was staggering several magic knights stepped up to the plate but ultimately the creature was largely invaluable to magical assaults.

As the very essence of his existence was one that was in repulsion of all other magics and it is for this reason that asta made for the ideal candidate to stop it as with his anti-magic being stronger than ever before the creature was little more than a.

Walking slab of meat ready to be carved up but be this as it may beyond the now public recognition of austa's capabilities we all applaud i feel we must also look to the folly of wizard king julius now don't get me wrong julius was an incredibly powerful practitioner.

That truly was deserving of his position but as made evident with this instance he is in no condition to protect the clover kingdom in his attempt to quell and vanquish the beast it took not but a few seconds for him to falter and need to be saved himself this is a vulnerability in national security.

That absolutely cannot be the case sure plenty of the kingdom's strongest mages were on foreign soil at the time but for the wizard king to still be on the premises and overlooked entirely by the enemy is just downright shameful and to be fair the whole reason he's even in this current predicament.

With a lack of magical power is the fact that he died he lost to light and perhaps this was unfair a cheap shot considering he was stabbed vitally in the midst of saving the entire country's population simultaneously but the fact yet remains that he has outlived his usefulness for.

The time being in regards to combat and because of the sort of person that wizard king julius is i imagine that he will recognize all this himself and be able to respectfully step down from the mantle as opposed to being forced out or anything disgraceful like that.

And i feel like this would be a fair point for that to occur considering the fact that this is his first instance of attempting to protect the country in his current form he certainly knew himself to be far weaker and less capable than he was in his proper form but to experience it.

Firsthand in this way must be far more enlightening if it comes down to strategy and coordination of the country's forces sure he still possesses the very same shrewd and perceptive mind but i would argue that it takes far more than being a clever strategist to be the.

Wizard king but with all that in mind who could possibly fill his shoes and take his position well i'd imagine the best place to start would be firstly taking a look at the guild captains characters in positions of power and leadership that would be able to ascend to the seat.

Just as julius had going from captain of the azure deer to wizard king now all the way back to the beginning of the series and i'm talking about chapter 2 people the captain of the golden dawn william was considered to be the top candidate for next wizard king.

However this is certainly a complicated matter as a betrayal of william led to disaster for the country once before so it's questionable if the people would be willing to put their faith in him despite the fact that he has pledged himself to the kingdom and to julius once more.

Following these events now yami as cool as that would be is both a foreigner and not exactly the type he could definitely surprise us as he tends to do but he may be too unorthodox for the leadership of the entire country next up we have nosel silva who is a.

Favored character of mine who i feel has a tactical and rational know-how to lead and shoulder such a responsibility he may not be the absolute strongest but it's not as if he's a captain for no reason his mother whose magical attribute he.

Inherited was one of the kingdom's strongest knights ever and tutor of mario leona who i doubt i really need to elaborate on he has potential after that charlotte is damn strong as we've especially seen with her true briar magic recently additionally.

She is one of the most popular characters in the series believe it or not so there is hope for her yet she's not especially suitable for the position or anything but it's not as if she's under qualified either fugellion is an incredible man with crazy firepower perhaps only.

Superseded by his sister maria leona but even still he is an exceptional leader and as rivals an equal competitor to noezele in my book not to mention that he has been confirmed by tabata to be the most intelligent captain in the clover kingdom.

With nosel in second and charlotte in third now after all these cases there are definitely more captains but i wouldn't put much merit into their prospects to be honest and if you disagree feel free because wizard king dorothy would be cool to me but yeah other than.

The captains perhaps you have considered the likes of asta and yuno or not and maria leona but i honestly doubt it the first two are our main characters and we kinda need them to be mobile for the sake of the story they're certainly powerful but.

Definitely have a ways to go before they're ready to assume such a position their dream in the case of not i think in terms of the story we'll be seeing him be properly indoctrinated into the nuclear family that izzy black bulls following all this so for that reason i can't see it happening and as for mere.

Leona she is obsessed with combat and conflict i don't imagine she would make for a very good wizard king she is certainly very very powerful far stronger than julius is right now and plenty of the captains for that matter but she just doesn't have that sort of leadership bone in her.

Now she certainly did step up to the position of guild leader in place of her brother but that was under very specific circumstances that i don't imagine are going to come to fruition once more and now with all this in mind i don't want you to walk away from this video.

The impression that julius is entirely worthless now because that simply isn't the case his dream for the clover kingdom was a future free of discrimination and now with this additional time provided to him he has a chance to see it truly realized and be a part of it and it is with this.

Pretense that i believe that julius should join the magic knights or rejoin i suppose this would be an opportunity for him to continue serving his country and also to bolster his strength and explore the many interesting sorts of magic.

Out there that he so enjoys that way in due time 10 years or so he may once again ascend to the position being stronger than ever before but what do you guys think is it time for us to see the 29th wizard king and who do you imagine it will be let us know.

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