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The Next Straw Hat Makes Luffy’s Crew 100% Stronger in One Piece!


Luffy has officially agreed to not just bring one person from Egghead Island onto the Thousand Sunny but seven Luffy accepted Dr Vega Punk's request to be taken from the island but that ended up being a package deal including his six clones and they're not even the only characters with a shot at joining the straw hats right now the end of wano.

Debates were fierce but in the end both Yamato and carrot didn't make it but that's because they both had somewhere else they needed to be this time around most of our candidates have very limited options let's start with Vega Punk for some reason he expected his friend Dragon son to arrive on Egghead when nobody else could the Marines and World.

Government were totally blindsided by the straw Hat's involvement even Blackbeard could only roll the dice between running into Luffy kid or law and ended up with the surgeon but one thing the smartest man in the world couldn't predict was how badly things would go punk four Pythagoras got blown up by the seraphim Punk one Shaka got.

Taken out with a head shot and punk six York turned out to be a backstabbing traitor responsible for their deaths even the fifth Vega Punk Atlas got hit in the face by Rob Luchi signature secret technique but luckily she managed to survive at least for now which is good because I'm pretty sure she's Luffy's favorite at first he only agreed.

To bring Vega Punk along because the guy has a funny head but after watching sento Maru sacrifice everything to save the old man and promising that he would see things through Luffy is more determined than ever to leave the island with them but when it comes to the Vega punks Stella himself is a bit of a hard cell because nami's log pose hasn't.

Tottally synced with eggh head their best option is to head to the island they locked on to while they were in wano the Land of the Giants elath and that's probably where those split up with the world government marking him for death it's one of the very few places that could guarantee his safety Vega Punk's even on good terms with them.

Thanks to the whole Ohara books thing now it's pretty much a requirement for straw hat to have a grand dream that they would like to achieve like zorao wanting to become the world's greatest swordsman or Sanji wanting to discover the all all blue at least on that front Vega Punk has two he wants to share all his knowledge with the entire world by.

Using Punk records pretty much inventing the internet an idea that Chopper is a big fan of since Vega Punk has a ton of medical knowledge he could share next he wants to make it so the free energy is available to everyone another thing that would no doubt revolutionize the world but this is something that Luffy doesn't really care for at all it sounds a bit.

Too heroic which isn't the image he's going for really if being a pirate would pay the bills there's no doubt that Vega Punk would be willing all of his former colleagues Caesar judge and queen were and still are awful people he knows how vile the world government can be but placed his morality to the side when they offered him a virtually unlimited.

Budget but that's hardly a deal Nami would be willing to make honestly the biggest issue with Stella joining the crew might just be a narrative one he knows way too much I mean the moment he saw Luffy use gear five we ended up with an explanation of how dou FR power powers are born from Humanity's desire for evolution and how their weakness to.

The sea is from Mother Nature wanting Revenge keep this guy around for long enough and will end up speedrunning a bunch of one piece's greatest mysteries in reality Vega Punk will more than likely just be a temporary member Luffy even jokes that the old man is just like keanon when they first meet and we can probably expect all the other Vega punks.

To be the same but out of all of them I'd argue that Vega Punk Lilith has the best shot here she's actually never been away from Mead Island and is really excited about leaving a chance to properly see the world might be too great to pass up also she already seems like a total pirate she can barely contain herself when it comes to.

Treasure and already has quite the history of stealing from Pirates of course we already have our own inventor in the form of Frankie but Stella did say that each of his clones has their own individual field of expertise we still don't know exactly what that is but it could give her a shot from there we go from former World Government.

Affiliates to world government agents starting with Rob Luchi I know it sounds insane but even if it doesn't happen now we can't ignore the possibility there's been no real talk about pigeon guy or usopp's twin joining the crew and just the idea of teaming up with them was pretty gross to Luffy and Zoro in the end they did work together to fight the.

Seraphim and they even stuck around to take down York but at the same time they're still very loyal to the world government the moment kizaru pulled up Luchi turned on them but the leopard man does have one thing working in his favor he is a very wellestablished character almost suspiciously so think about it our most recent crew member jimbe was.

Introduced long before he officially joined the straw hats the guy we met in impel down didn't actually join the crew until the end of hul cake Island and if we're being technical jinbe was Nam dropped even before Chopper joined the crew at this point we're in the final Saga laugh tail is closer than ever before it makes sense that Oda might.

Want any new straw hats to be characters we already know and understand pretty well Luffy may not remember his name exactly but even for him pigeon guy was an unforgettable opponent Luchi stuck around of the series for more than half the run of the manga not only did he receive his own follow-up cover story but as the time skip he shown up in.

Almost every Arc to date he doesn't appear in Fish Man Island but he's teased in Punk Hazard shows up in the aftermath of dress Rosa fights Sabo in film gold tries to intervene in wano and finally arrives in person on Egghead Island he's been in more post- time skip arcs than jimbe Oda clearly has great plans for him on egad lui's actually.

Begun to show signs of a character Arc he's questioned why the world government wants to kill Vega Punk he's even directly defied orders for the sake of trying to kill Luffy for now he's still loyal but is hardly the same sort of slave he once was one way or another lufus had a liberating effect on him being betrayed by the world government.

Himself might just shift his Direction speaking of betrayal how could we not mention stucy after blowing her own cover as Vega Punk's double agent it's not like she'll be able to stick around with cp0 in fact Rob Luchi is very intent on killing her as a clone of a former Rock pirate a life of the straw hats might just be her calling she's.

Pretty strong especially as an assassin she can grow bat wings and knocked out her fellow cp0 agents with bites to the neck and Kaku was even in his awakened form at the time she also has her own version of rokushiki techniques her version of Kier allow Ed her to move fast enough to aade Lucci's attack with an afterimage and her application of.

Sheon is literally a long range finger gun stucy is also extremely well connected on account of being an emperor of the underworld as Queen of the pleasure District she could provide a whole lot of value to the straw hats that they otherwise wouldn't have access to on that note instead of joining the crew maybe she can just go back to being.

A Crim Lord the world government might want to silence her but after being with them for so long she should be able to predict their movements pretty well we also don't know what her dream might be we know that the original Buckingham stucy was madly in love with Whitebeard so maybe she's longing for romance Boa Hancock certainly wouldn't enjoy her.

Being all over Luffy but that could parallel the situation the original sty had with the former Empress of Amazon Lily gloriosa next up on the list of ladies Luffy could end up recruiting we have the most widely accepted Prospect to come from this Arc jewelry Bonnie as a straw hat Bonnie comes with a few advantages of her own first off she's.

Already a pirate the last two straw hats Brooke and jinbe were already Pirates before joining Luffy's crew this is a growing trend for a reason can a new Straw Hat really be a total scrub at this point we are talking about the personal crew of a yonko after all anyone who joins us this late in the story is going to need to be able to.

Handle themselves say what you will about Nami and Usopp but these days even they shouldn't be underestimated and Bonnie should absolutely qualify here we can't forget that she is a member of the worst generation if nothing else she is extremely daring we've seen her Infiltrate The Holy Land that's something only the Revolutionary Army's.

Greatest fighters ever dared to attempt she also didn't hesitate to stab one of the five Elders after he transformed into a giant spider cow Abomination between Luffy's glorious punch at the auction house and the grand Fleet reconstructing St Charles's face at Mary joa that seems pretty on brand while she hasn't gotten many chances to fight her.

Paramia do fruit powers are exceptional with it she can manipulate the age of herself other and objects despite a relative time limit she can shut down most enemies by either turning them into babies or old people she can also temporarily distort a person's future turning them into an older alternate timeline version using.

It on herself she was able to become big and bulky like her dad Kuma as a support ability she might even be able to do something like give us a glimpse of God usopp's ultimate potential as a brave Warrior of the sea she can even Force objects to rapidly age and corrode now not to mention the ability to psychologically torment someone by.

Forcing them to face their own death the Toshi Toshi noi is one of the most versatile and potentially devastating D fruits we have ever seen as for her dream for now it's a simple one she wants to have her dad back that's the whole reason she came to Egghead Island to force Vega Punk to fix him or be killed but After experiencing Kuma's.

Memories she knows that her true enemies are the five Elders namely St Saturn for me the biggest sell for the Bonnie agenda would have to be Kuma's previous statement to her in the past he spoke to her about the warrior of Liberation NAA how he always wanted to be like the sun god since he was a child to this Bonnie asked him something very important would.

NAA come and free her too her father confirmed this with a smile while fully knowing the awful cybernetic fate that awaited him Kuma placed all his faith in Luffy saving his daughter freeing her Bonnie may be a pirate but plagued by the loss of her dad she's anything but free although it might not be very scientific to say Dr vabon believed that.

Luffy winding up on egad island was faded to be and it looks like that includes saving Bonnie she doesn't have a crew anymore and despite her bravery fighting the world government isn't something she'll be able to do on her own maybe she can follow in her Father's Footsteps and join the Revolutionary Army but again that wouldn't be the.

Freedom Kuma wanted for her the likelihood of Bonnie joining the crew is pretty good she even likes sanji's cooking but there is a very strong alternative here that could have a similar effect Luffy could just reunite her with Kuma while it may not have been totally confirmed yet it's possible that the real Kuma is still on Egghead Island.

Kuma's original body may have been recovered by the Revolutionary Army but suddenly in the middle of repairs he started running away nobody was able to stop him and he ended up going to the red Port from there he climbed the red line all the way up to the holy land after that he seems to be picking up where the revolutionaries left off.

Causing un precedented destruction although he has every reason to want to destroy the place this isn't like Kuma either he's kind enigmatic or subservient being violent without orders to do so doesn't line up with what we know about the character but thanks to his previous conversations with Dr Vega Punk we know that his devil fruit can.

Even separate and share metaphysical things like Memories so what if Kuma pulled a Freaky Friday here what if he traded bodies with the ancient Iron Giant with Kuma's body it's just picking up where it left off 200 years ago meanwhile the real Kuma has remained dormant inside this pre void Century weapon that is until now after hearing.

The drums of Liberation unbeknownst to everyone The Iron Giant has come back online by simply becoming the warrior of Liberation Luffy may have triggered a reunion between Bonnie and Kuma liberating them both but there's another enemy of the celestial dragons that I really really want to join the crew nefari Viv for whatever reason I've.

Always been a fan of the big forehead princess so all the Newfound emphasis on her lately has been really cool to see right off the bat Vivi has something very special that no one else on this list has she was already offered a slot on the crew she went on a full adventure with the straw hats and they all desperately wanted her to join them but.

Due to her love for her kingdom she couldn't afford to leave it's the same situation as MOS and the others in wano but in the end they made a promise if they ever see each other again they'll consider Vivi a member of the crew following the death of her father at the hands of IMU and the five Elders Vivie was captured by CP zero luckily enough.

She managed to escape with wole but IMU still wants her to be detained at this point both bie and the Hungry Hungry Hippo are hanging out with big news Morgans in his teapot blimp right now returning to alabasta isn't really an option but even then Viv could feasibly go anywhere and do anything she's also more up to date on what's going on with.

Luffy than most others on account of the whole newspaper thing she knows the straw hats are on egad and while she's shocked by the whole taking Bap Punk hostage thing she still has faith in her friends also there might be more narrative elements backing her Beyond simply waiting a long time for this if you notice Oda is retracing previous.

Arcs of the story we had the return of the water 7 Saga in the form of Luchi and Kaku running into the straw hats again to beat Luchi l yet again used a new transformation with rough side effects before it was gear third that turned him small and young looking this time he used gear five and it made him look decrepit and old there was a Trader.

Angle with the members of cp9 before and now we have something similar with both stui of cp0 and Bea Punk York saving bega punk from the world government is pretty similar to how the straw hats fought to save Robin from the same organization the Marines raiding the island is like the Buster call we even have hor callbacks and a follow-up on.

Saul's situation at the end of that Arc we really met gar for the first time learned about his connection to Luffy and also saw Kobe again this time around at the end of Egghead part one we had GARP and Kobe versus the Blackbeard Pirates back then we had the proper introduction of Monkey D Dragon 2 and these days we have him appearing more.

Than ever we've got sabba ODI again thanks to the return of sentomaru and the pacifista we've got the rematch of kizaru versus the straw hats and a follow-up to the whole Kuma mystery plot Bonnie was first introduced back then and now Bonnie is a major Focus the celestial dragons were introduced to us on sabot 2 and now we've got Celestial.

Dragons Galore at this rate elb could end up being the new Amazon Lily For Better or For Worse because after that whatever happens to GARP after being captured by Blackbeard's crew could be the next impel down but getting back to the main point wishfully following this trend after NIS Lobby we could end up with Frankie joining the crew not only.

That but we also had a previous member rejoin the crew Usopp granted the middle of a world shaking incident might not be the best time to reunite but once the dust settles and the curtain Falls in this event it might be time for a grand return all that being said fevi would definitely stand out as a bit of a weakling compared to everyone else they.

Probably wouldn't mind too much considering their history with her but the last thing we need is a liability right now the cover page of chapter 1095 might just tease a potential fig for that we've got a squirrel monkey that's stolen Buggy's red nose thinking it's a fruit of some kind besides the obvious monkey connection to Monkey D Luffy this.

Little guy has rings around his eyes that are very similar to the rubber goggles Luffy made for himself while in gear five this might just be alluding to the fact that the straw hats will at some point manage to swipe a devil fruit from right under cross Guild's noses think about it we've been on this adventure for ages yet not once have the.

Straw hats gotten their hands on a single devil fruit over the course of their Journey which truly just goes to show how rare these things truly are when Luffy suggested that Frankie eat Ace his double fruit back on dress Rosa the cyborg refused not wanting to become an oversized anchor everyone on the crew either already has devil fruit powers or.

Their own thing going on that isn't really worth overshadowing meanwhile VII has fancy yo-yos I guess and her becoming a hockey Master before so many others on the crew just sounds silly but what do you guys think and is it anyone still betting on yam becoming a straw hat anytime soon travel time is a bit hard to pin down in this series but at.

Best they've probably only been away from wano for a few days so for me it's a bit hard to imagine or maybe you're hoping sento Maru sticks around Luffy does like him after all whatever the case leave us all your thoughts in the comments as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and of an awesome day I love you.