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The Origin of Devil Fruits and Joy Boy! The Craziest Mysteries of One Piece


So you think you know everything about one piece of course you don't none of us do there's a near endless supply of unanswered questions in this story so many that it's easy to lose track of them but if one piece is truly entering its final Saga we might be getting close to some answers these secrets could become relevant to the plot so in.

Celebration of the start of our new one-piece Arc it's time to explore all these unanswered questions in this video we're going to look into the Mysteries these free willing pirates still need to solve before the story finally draws to a close let's get to it secret history let's start with one of the biggest mysteries of the one piece world.

Something that's so important people have died to keep it secret the void Century this is an entire Hundred Year span of History we know nothing about and it's when some very important stuff happened the biggest thing as far as we know was a world shaking War Professor Clover suggested this just as a hypothesis the most plausible.

Explanation given the facts they had he didn't offer firm proof but the gorosei immediately ordered him to be shot for saying it that sure makes it look like he was on the money even with that information though we're left with so many questions what was the origin of the conflict between the proto-world government and the great Kingdom.

Something about this war led to the world government outline all study of this era of History this gets downright bizarre when you remember that the world government was founded during the void Century they've suppressed a staggering amount of information to pull this off it's a chilling feat made even worse by the amount of blood they're willing to.

Spill to keep the secret it must have been even harder at first 800 years ago events would have been fresh in everyone's memory with how much effort has been put into stamping out all traces of the world government's misdeeds it's no wonder we want to know all about them was this why the nefertari clan chose not to become.

Celestial dragons every little scrap of information about this time period just adds more questions and that goes double for the one person we know who have been active during this time period even now when we have some information on him the question still looms who was Joy boy we know he ate the hitohitonomi model Nika and that is closely associated with him.

That doesn't tell us anything about him as a person though what he did in life and how he fits into the story is still unclear how did he meet zunesha who punished the great elephant and for what zunesha's story seems tragic but we know so little of it what were the ancient weapons why were they made Joy boy was very familiar with them but tools of.

Mass destruction don't seem to fit the story of Nika the world government used the myth of ancient weapons to justify enforcing the void Century laws but we know how much stuff they hide it could be they were never intended to be weapons and they were simply described that way later and while we're looking at ancient weapons with a mysterious.

History what happened to the original NOAA Mission we still don't know why the great ship wasn't used to relocate the fishermen to the surface but instead ended up abandoned outside the Fishman Island perhaps its origin is tied to Joy a boy but all we know is that he promised to move it and speaking of why did Joy boy break his promise to.

Poseidon he was able to engrave a pond glyph apologizing to her so he couldn't have just died or been imprisoned and that brings us to the big question the one piece itself even before you get to the overarching question of what the great treasure is there's even more mystery surrounding laughtail how did Joy boy end up on this isolated island.

Hidden at the very end of the grand line what about laughter let the Roger Pirates to do so much history now before we get even deeper into Mysteries you've got an assignment make sure you hit that subscribe button ring the notification Bell and give us a like for your regular dose of blood armor now if you found all three we can get back to the secrecy.

Lies of Mary joa the recent reverie led to a bunch of questions for a widely publicized event involving all the members of the world government a surprising amount was going on in the shadows the most notable of which was a meeting that gorosei had with our red-haired yonko what did the shanks tell the five Elder stars all we know is.

That he came to talk to them about a certain pirate we can speculate but any option is going to have major ramifications moving into the Final Act of the story beyond the actions of the five there is the news that broke afterwards what happened to VV during that confrontation the whole event is still shrouded in mystery leaving the.

Fandom starved and hopeful for a reverie flashback later on that's not the only mystery with Mary joa however the home of the celestial dragons has even more secrets lurking in the shadows the biggest being the mysterious figure that lurks behind the gorosei Emu the monarch of the empty Throne controls the world government but who or what emu is.

Remains totally unknown despite only showing up briefly they've already been rumored to be one piece's final villain and their story promises to be intriguing in the extreme there's more hidden Atop The Red Line than emu too doflamingo has made that clear when fighting law address Rosa the celestial demon got quite loose-lipped he told law.

That he knew a secret that would ruin the world government if revealed the mysterious secret focused around some kind of National Treasure he was familiar with doflamingo claimed that he could have taken control of the world if he had the OPA ope fruit when he was near this mysterious artifact this is certainly impressive when you remember.

That on Mary joa doflamingo would have been a child what could a kid have stumbled onto that was so important it's likely tied into some of the historical events we went over earlier all these unanswered questions likely intersect still there's one that we never managed to definitively link to the void Century what's the will of D it seems to be an.

Inherited characteristic of some kind shared by humans and Giants but we still don't know where it began or what it means all we have is the idea Don Quixote rosenanti shared with Trafalgar law those who bear the will of thee are enemies of the Gods the original D is even a bedtime story used to scare baby Celestial dragons to sleep this.

Mysterious Clan is set to bring down Mary joa somehow though how is only something the world Nobles know oh and as of the wano arc we have one more question about Mary joa namely what happened to the lunarians the original inhabitants of the red line were basically physical Gods able to survive almost anything yet somehow they've.

Become all but extinct how this ties to the world government is unclear but given the ruthless nature of the celestial dragons the answer is likely to be less than pretty the sea to the world government is built on corpses either metaphorical or literal admiralty politics next up is the Servants of the world government as much as they talk up.

Absolute Justice and act like straightforward brutes the Marines have some secrets too and the big ones go right to the top why did Kong ignore sengoku's request to make kuzan the new Fleet Admiral Kong seemed to really respect the iron Buddha but his choice of sakazuki led to a lot of conflict and divided the admiralty further it also.

Leads us to another question why did kuzan join the Blackbeard Pirates after this nothing we've seen of the ad Admiral implies he's motivated by personal profit like most of teacher's crew GARP and sengoku both just retired why didn't kuzan what agenda could he have that led to working with a man like teach then you get to smaller and.

Stranger things within the Marines the biggest one being something that's mundane but totally bizarre why does Captain tashigi look just like kuina there's no easy way to explain why she appears so similar to zoro's childhood friend it's almost impossible to make so much as a theory with what we currently know the resemblance just seems like a.

Bizarre coincidence SBS has seemingly confirmed that they're different people by showing a more distinct and younger tashiki but they walk such a similar path it seems too insane to be pure luck is this fate or something more there's also the nature of the world government forces beyond the Marine Corps Kong has the title of commander-in-chief he.

Outranks the fleet Admiral what other military forces answer to him even within the Marines there is a mysterious Splinter groups there are various Cipher pole branches but even more unfathomable is a task force known as sword these marines are engaged in some kind of high-stakes Espionage with their Captain X Drake deserting his post and.

Infiltrating kaido's crew they also seem to have some kind of rivalry with cp0 are they intended as a counter measure to Cipher pull ages Zero The Mask spies report directly to the world Nobles someone opposing them would be our first real sign of discontent building in the Marine ranks and then we get to the biggest mystery of the entire Marine.

Corps Bartholomew Kuma the former warlord of the sea has become the basis for the pacifist as the world government's heavy weapons cyborg troops he seemingly voluntarily sacrificed himself to become a weapon for the world government despite his past with dragon in ivankov why would a member of the Revolutionary Army agree to something so.

Heinous why would Dr vegapunk the man who called Caesar Clown out of his unethical science agreed to do it every part of Kuma's story is still shrouded in mystery even after he finally escaped Mary joa perhaps a vegan gain his independence will finally get some answers lurking red dragon more information about Kuma may even lead.

Into a deeper mystery after all Kuma was a comrade of the world's worst criminal Monkey D Dragon Luffy's father is almost as big of an unknown as emu we know that he's the leader of the Revolutionary Army and has been fighting the world government for a long time the vivra cards state that it's been about 20 years since he first began resisting the.

World government that's a long tough struggle for one man to fight even with help the world government is an almost Unstoppable Force able to annihilate Islands when it wants to what makes one man decide to take on the rulers of the world and how does having a child enter the equation everything we've seen of the Dragon suggests that he's extremely.

Serious and focused he doesn't come off as the sort of man who'd enter into a casual relationship yet the timeline suggests the Revolutionary Army was formed prior to Luffy's birth was dragon's significant other a fellow revolutionary a marine he led astray for those in the fandom who enjoy romance there is a potentially Amazing Story.

Here that we know literally nothing about and it's the love story between Our Hero's parents to boot speaking of Luffy Dragon effectively has a second son Sabo is the Revolutionary Army's Chief of Staff now in an invaluable support to the five commanders he somehow ended up witnessing the mysterious emu meeting with the gorose.

On the Mary joa during the Revolutionary Army's infiltration of the city savo's actions following that time were quite strange you would think that he'd immediately report the existence of some mysterious Secret World Tyrant to Dragon instead Sabo launched an eight Nation Revolution tackling the world government head-on he started a widespread movement.

Of his own separated from the Revolutionary Army before trying to contact Dragon it looks like Sabo was working on some kind of plan but what could it have been and while we're talking about Rogue actors why has Blackbeard targeted the Revolutionary Army his attack on baltico forced the group to relocate and outright destroy.

The island this was not some minor Skirmish what does teach have to gain from attacking Rebels with this kind of force retrieving Jesus Burgess hardly seems worth picking a fight with the world's most dangerous criminal and teach isn't known for his sentimentality he has to be after something but what could it be the Laughing Roger while.

Goldie Roger's name is mostly linked to the secret of the one piece there are more than a few extra Mysteries surrounding the first pirate king Chief among them is his lifelong dream it's made clear that Roger never wanted to rule the Pirates but he shared some other desire with Odin and Whitebeard later on we learned that this is the.

Same dream Luffy shared with Ace and Sabo during childhood Yamato and Shanks both confirming that he echoed Roger's words perfectly the wording here makes it clear that something other than the pirate king title unify these men whatever drove Roger towards laughtail is also what got Luffy started on his quest we don't know what it could be.

However oda's been carefully keeping it from us he's building to something with this there's also the significant of Roger's Straw Hat while we once thought this was just some Dapper fashion we saw a giant version in a vault on Mary joa there are so many things this could mean about the history of the world just seeing it here ties emu to some past.

Wearer of the straw hat for all we know he himself once wore it and had Many Adventures there are just so many possibilities here that it makes the prospect of knowing more Beyond exciting there are a few more low-key questions about the Roger pirates that we still don't know for example what happened to The Giant Egg on Oro Jackson this detail.

Made it into the toy line yet the stories never commented on it did Roger hatch the world's biggest parrot from it beyond that what happened to the oral Jackson it's Roger's ship and Tom's greatest creation made from Adam wood just like the Thousand Sunny since Roger surrendered to the world government his ship should still be intact somewhere.

Imagine getting to see it again or witnessing a race between the Jackson and the sunny then you get to the man who was likely most shaped by Roger and the member of his crew who went on to become the most successful red-haired Shanks and I'd like to know what exactly Rogers said to Shanks after he got back from laughtail whatever it was it.

Clearly made the young red hair deeply upset as Odin observed considering how much he admired Roger that moment must have gotten to little Shanks it raises the question of his long-term goal as much as we all love the relationship between Shanks and Luffy there's always been a chance that he had his own agenda did he know the true nature of the.

Gomugomonomi he may be playing some kind of game here it's easier to think that he simply wants Luffy to claim the one piece but that is seemingly wrong Shanks has made it clear that he plans to take it for himself this man like one piece as a whole is hiding more than his share of Secrets the land and the Sea conceal the truth even the shape of the world.

Has left us with a bunch of mysteries that are still unsolved take a look back at the O'Hara planetarium for example this seems to be depicting the one-piece world but this version has an impressive number of moons and the planet has is this just a throwaway detail or a hint as to the world's history if it is accurate it raises a ton of questions.

This could suggest some big dramatic shift in the one-piece world that reshaped the landscape as a whole things like the unusual environment of any's Lobby or the knock-up stream could be rooted in this time most notable however are the two great forces of the world the red line and the grand line are not visible on the old Ohara model could.

They have been created later how much of this world's terrain might be artificial and speaking of things that blur the line between natural and man-made we have devil fruits the objects that Define the series fights are still highly mysterious granting superpowers as standard for the Shonen genre but the specific weakness to water is highly.

Unusual and still unexplained it's exactly the sort of detail that suggests there may be more to these Powers than you think we've gone into this question in a past video but it still remains unanswered within the story our devil fruits just a weird Quirk of the one-piece world or is there there's some kind of history behind their creation.

Interestingly they seem to be rare on wano while some characters from the isolated Nation have eaten one they don't know the term very few people in wano had devil fruit abilities prior to kaido's import of smile fruit from dressrosa could some factor in the makeup of devil fruits lead them to not appearing in wano country there are also.

A few locations we haven't seen yet that are worth wondering about we have lodestar the final island in the grand line prior to laughtail reportedly there's also an Emerald City out there somewhere what these locations are like is still unknown and fans are naturally curious about both however a more mysterious location is one we have.

Visited if briefly that would be the Island spanning Bridge known as tequila wolf this was a large-scale construction project by the world government one that took years of hard labor to even begin progress on but we're still left wondering what was the point of it mysteries on the high seas it's not just the Legends like Roger who have secrets.

Tied to them even the straw hats had a few we've simply learned them over time sanji's family and Luffy's true devil fruit were big twists still we've likely seen most of the secrets the straw hat crew have to offer the only one outstanding is the one that came out of the onigashima raid what was the reaper-like creature that confronted.

Zorro it's a very dramatic moment but it's hard to tell if this is just Oda trying to convince us Soro could die from his injuries or if there was really some kind of creature there now the pirate left with a Lion's Share of mystery is Luffy's greatest rival Marshall D teach Blackbeard himself this man's entire life is full of blank.

Starting with his zero Berry Bounty what did he get that for we have no precedent for a zero-berry bounty which makes the whole event curious we witnessed a young teach joining whitebeard's crew at age 12. he's been a pirate for a while if he kept his head down it makes sense for his Bounty not to rise but this suggests he'd done something even before that.

Point supposedly teach was planning to one day steal the yummy yummy know me since he joined newgate's crew what plan could Blackbeard have that has taken most of his lifetime to put together and this is before you get into the craziest thing about him how is he able to use multiple devil fruits teach isn't content to just break the world's.

Government laws he's breaking the rules of the power system a lot of people have noticed the fact that his Jolly Roger has three skulls could this tie into the abnormality that made it possible if so what devil fruit is Blackbeard aiming to take for his third Blackbeard also has a connection to another extremely mysterious figure rocks D jabeck teach.

Named his ship after the old Captain implying some degree of respect for the now dead pirate the entire story of the Rocks Pirates is a well-kept secret one we still know precious little about jibek assembled one of the greatest pirate crews in history only for him to then be written out of History three of the four Pirates Who had become yonko.

Were on this ship as well as a ton of other big names he sailed for God Valley challenging the world government head on what could he have been after sengoku notes that jibek was knowledgeable on strange subjects could he have found out some secret hidden on the island and while we're on the topic of the Rocks we should bring up one of their most.

Infamous members kaido the world's strongest monster might be taking a dirt nap but we can't be sure he's out of the story yet even though we got a flashback covering some rough parts of his life story it left a lot out where do the Oni come from why are kaido and Yamato the only ones left why was kaido so insistent on fortifying wano there's so.

Much still unclear it's led to people wondering if kaido might return just so we can get some answers to these questions while she's not as World shattering as kaido there's another pirate with a pass that's as shrouded in mystery as his jewelry Bonnie she's probably the one Supernova who hasn't contributed much to the plot so far.

Being captured by Blackbeard shortly after the summit war that kept her off the board for a while but she returned to the story in a highly unexpected Place somehow during the reverie Bonnie was able to enter Mary joa what she was doing in the holy city remains completely unknown Bonnie as a character remains a cipher but we know she has.

Some kind of past with the Marines Aquino was glad to have her back in custody while she was anything but happy to see them we know at least that the Marines have apprehended Bonnie but their history together remains a question mark speaking of secretive past there's crocodile the former warlord has a tough exterior but one person managed.

To get under his skin back in imple down Emporio ivankov managed to Blackmail crocodile into allying with Luffy this black male was strong enough to bring crocodile into the summit War even fighting Ocarina alongside the Whitebeard commanders to save Luffy what secret could hold that much power over someone as selfish as crocodile he.

Didn't leave the story of one piece with a summit War either crocodile is still getting involved in current affairs recently founding a new alliance to Take On The World Government he's brought dracul mihawk into his group in his building up forces but his goal remains unclear even those with a clear trajectory still have some Mysteries to.

Them the kid pirates have a secret they're keeping we still don't know the identity of the man marked by Flame killer mentioned at the end of wano kid seems to think he's connected to finding the one piece but we don't know why he thinks that it looks like this mysterious figure has a connection with lotho Trafalgar seems angry as soon as.

He was brought up odds are good there'll be a big factor in the final part of the story questions remain okay that's it for the big world shaking Mysteries but there's also a bunch of smaller questions that haven't been answered it wouldn't be the end of the world if we left those loose ends open but still it's hard not to wonder right who was.

The mysterious figure who met with crocus Post Time skip why did vegapunk consider his artificial devil fruit a failure how did mihawk earn his Marine Hunter title what was up with that weird creature at Thriller bark how did the smoker Hina date go why did Goldie Roger name his kid after his sword will Sanji end up with Charlotte pudding what did.

Walpole have to tell big news Morgans after the reverie what is the origin of Davey back fight who is Luffy's mother who is dragon's mother who is Yamato's mother why did GARP agreed to help with the reverie why does King wear an imple down uniform who is the lurking Legend Oda teased during jump Festa 2018 and where did Captain John hide his treasure.

Perhaps we'll know one day perhaps we won't either way those were all the Unsolved Mysteries of One Piece hopefully we'll get answers to at least some of them before the story ends did we miss any do you have a theory on one of these let us know in the comments Below on behalf of plot armor Comics thank you so much for watching I've been.

Morse code and have an awesome day