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The REAL Gojo and His Secret Eyes! Sukuna’s Doomsday Plan – Jujutsu Kaisen


With its complicated lore huge cast of characters and intricate plotting that is no surprise that Jiu Jitsu kaisen is full of unknowns but the good news is that Gage almost always pays off what he sets up so if there is something we don't know yet we probably will eventually in the meantime though there are quite a few things that we are.

Waiting for a resolution in and in this video we will be digging into a handful of the questions we have all been asking mystery number one the other fushiguro going into the culling game one of the Tokyo students major goals was to save Megami fushiguro's stepsister sumiki if you recall she was cursed in middle school and has been in a coma ever since.

But right before the Shibuya incident ninjaku woke her up not only that but she was one of the many non-sorcerers on whom he used mahito's Idol Transfiguration according to kinjaku there are two types of people he marked vessels we want to consume cursed objects and people whom he gave the ability to use jiu jitsu techniques he.

Then plans to make these two groups fight each other in order to create Chaos on an unprecedented scale so we know the tsumiki fushiguro was one of the people that kenjaku marked but we don't know which category she falls into or what abilities she might now have right now all we really know about tsumiki is that she is supposedly in.

Danger for the rules of the culling game sumiki only has 10 days to declare a participation and the student's goal is to get her beyond the barrier before that time runs out but if kanjaku intends to use her as an instrument of chaos will they even be able to is she a vessel or they can jaku give her in a technique and either way what does he.

Want her to do did he choose her specifically to Target Mega me somehow these are the questions that makes sumiki fushiguro one of jutsukaisen's biggest ongoing Mysteries but you want to know what's not a mystery how to get potamer content in your life it's easy subscribe to notifications on so you never miss an upload and give this video.

A like to let us know that you're here mystery number two the Gojo Clan bloodline is everything in the world of I said and there are three families that stand Above the Rest in terms of political power influence and innate techniques the zaynen clan the combo Clan and the Gojo Clan are all descending so the big three curse.

Spirits you can't overstate the importance of these three families in the sorcery world so why do we barely know anything about one of them almost all that we know about the Gojo Clan is from its leader saturu Gojo who needs no introduction through him we know about their innate techniques however that's pretty much it it is mentioned that in.

The past the then Gojo and Zain and Clan heads fought each other to the death and when asked if the rest of the Gojo Clan was doing all right in the fanbook Q a Aku Tommy replied probably but seriously that's it we don't even know if Gojo has any living relatives doesn't it seem odd that we know literally nothing about a group of people or supposedly so.

Important and sure maybe all of the living gojos are so unremarkable that we simply don't know about them because they are just that boring but until we actually know that or any other reason for the lack of relevance to seemingly anything in jjk there is still a huge question mark hanging over the Gojo Clan mystery number three Toge inumaki and.

The inumaki family the third entry on this list is not so much a mystery or a plot hole as it is something we just know very little about in most cases juzukaisen does a great job of fleshing out his cast even very minor characters like noritikamo and atsuya kusakabe tend to get at least a little bit of backstory however there is one notable.

Exception and that is cursed speech user Toge inumaki aside from his curse technique and the few facts we learned about him in the fan book like that he's a troll who likes to watch YouTube videos like this one here we know next to nothing about inumaki most of what it could not be reveal about him is actually not even in the story it's in.

His fanbook profile and we might know about the mechanics of his curse technique and how he fights but there is a lot left to learn 1 he comes from a known sorcerer family though they are essentially Outlaws in the Jutsu world the inumaki clan is an innate technique that is well known enough to put their family on the map.

But if he was born to a family of rejects how did Toge end up at Jujutsu high and as a high-ranking and widely respected student at that they can't just casually throw us a bone like that and expect us not to wonder about him in all honesty I bet money that the reason we don't know much about togei is because it is just really hard to write.

A character who can't talk basically you either have to have another character giving Exposition about him or you have to make him the POV character so we can see what is going on in his head neither of those seem likely to happen so I doubt this is a mystery in the sense that something is being set up for a payoff later so much as it is a plot.

Point the author doesn't care to expand on but I'm still holding out the hope that we'll get at least a flashback or a glimpse of his family in the future mystery number four even more hidden inventory very few events have impacted the future of the sorcery World more than the failure of the star plasma vessel this year in 2007 Not only was he.

Vessel Rico amanai who was supposed to merge with tengan to prevent the evolution murdered but it inherently triggered both Gojo's curse technique Awakening and ghetto's eventual defection what's strange about the whole incident is that despite the massive implications of the mission we never hear anything about another star plasma.

Vessel at the Rico's death in theory star plasma vessels are people who are capable of merging with tengen the immortal entity who protects Outsiders from the Jiu-Jitsu World by merging with such people every 500 years he can maintain his Humanity if he fails to do so he will evolve and could possibly become a serious threat while the.

Evolution is undergone since his failure to merge Rico hasn't been harmful it is still curious that there has never been a replacement it seems like tengen would be in Greater danger of evolving Beyond his benevolent protector status with each passing year beyond the 500 year limit so why has another vessel not been identified that seems like it would be a.

Pretty urgent matter and while it might not be relevant enough to the story right now to address I think that it might need to be soon since kenjaku's end game is to merge all of Japan with tengap knowing that anything concerning him is about to get really important and a star plasma vessel might just be relevant again mystery number five.

Whack-a-mole way back near the beginning of the series before this should we get instantly kicked off we learned that there was a mole inside one of the Jiu Jitsu High campuses Gojo believed that this person was feeding information to curses or curse users after conducting an investigation went through tahimiyori from the Kyoto campus they determined.

That the mole was kokichi muta the student better known as mekamaru after that the mole subplot became largely irrelevant and easy to write off we do who the mole was end of story but what often goes unmentioned is that when utehime is explaining what she has found to the students she states that there were actually two moles all along.

Mekamaru Was Won and since as a student he was under udehima's jurisdiction he became the main focus of the investigation while the other mole is said to be someone higher up than the principal this person has not been identified some speculate that this mystery has actually already been solved and that utahime was referred to kenjaku.

Using ghetto's inside of knowledge after taking over his body it is also possible that the second mole was a member of the kamo family who led kanjaku take control of the clan although if it was that seems like it would have been a little anticlimactic nothing in that scene was directly linked to the most situation so if that man was a second mole that would.

Be a pretty disappointing reveal though there's no compelling reason to think that the second mole isn't still out there if that's true who might it be is it someone we have already met or a new character will we ever get a reveal or did Gage just forget about the second mole after taking care of the first one either way works but after seeing.

Another well-known Shonen tackle a similarly long-lived most subplot recently I'm kind of hoping we'll get the same sort of reveal of the second Jujutsu High mole sometime in the future mystery number six utehime's curse technique speaking of utahime iori she's actually at the center of another of the unknowns I'm most curious about and yes.

I know utahime is a side character and I'm probably biased including this mystery on the list because I'm interested in her but it's not just that I legitimately think that her curse technique has been teased enough times and is relevant to something we just don't know what yet we know a little bit about utahime she's a teacher at Kyoto.

Jujutsu High a semi-grade one Sorcerer And goja's partner in the mobile investigation among other things but she's still a side character and because of that I wouldn't think it was that weird that we don't know what her curse technique is I wouldn't be surprised if akutami hasn't even come up with one for her either so I only raise this point.

For one reason and that is because he seems to already know what it is states that her name written kanji that means song and princess has something to do with her curse technique which involves singing and during the Shibuya incident utehime is very oddly name-dropped in a battle through aume when her student Momo nishimiya says.

That she has to keep lurame occupied until uttahime is ready to fight given that utahime is already on the scene that comment makes it seem like her technique requires time to repair and that only makes me even more Curious we know that it relates to singing and it likely can't be used instantly but what is it it's easy to say that we will.

Never find out since uzahime is by definition a minor character but why would akutami bother to tease her technique like that if there wasn't a reason is her curse technique being hidden on purpose and even if it isn't will those hints eventually add up to something if the future of Jujutsu geisen has a place in it for a side.

Character to get a moment in the spotlight that's one question I can't wait to get answered mystery number seven Mega me and sakuna ryoming zakuna the man that you are no matter how you feel about him the king of curses is never boring since inhabiting the body of a hapless Yuji tadori in the series opening episode.

Zakuna has done pretty much nothing but caused chaos and there is more than a little that we still do not know about him but to me one unknown surrounding takuna stands Above the Rest what is up with his interest in megabi fushiguro sakuna's fascination with Megan me was established early on on only nine chapters into the story upon seeing Mega.

These 10 Shadows curse technique in action Sakura's interest is peaked and he starts to ask rapid fire questions about how it works it doesn't seem quite characteristic of the bombastic secunda to pay that much attention to a combatant who's obviously not on his level and yet he does and that is only just the beginning during the Shibuya.

Incident Arc sukuna senses that something is off when he mounts an attack with maharaga and uncontrollable shikigami and come to see what is happening when he does he comes across a badly injured Mega me on the verge of death in a very telling move Sakura immediately heals his injuries using a reverse curse technique saving his life.

And telling Mega me that he still needs him to do something and this is what we know that what we saw at the beginning of the series was no coincidence something has to be up with these two in light of that scene tsukuda's initial interest in mega these abilities makes sense but it still leaves a lot of unanswered questions so what exactly is.

It there's a coolness saved Mega before we can probably infer that there is something about his curse technique that makes Mega me useful to him but what is it it looks like there has to be some kind of grander plan that zakuna wants to make me to play a role in but we can only guess at what that is however this mystery is one of the more exciting ones.

On this list both because its answer has the potential to be hugely significant and because we know it is no accident I still need you to do something is a pretty unambiguous line after all so really all we have to do to figure this one out is wait and see mystery number eight it's like that this is another tiny plot hole that honestly might only.

Feel like a mystery to me but I wanted to mention it because to me it's just weird knowing how Jiu Jitsu Kai's narrative tends to work I have a feeling it means more than it appears to in chapter 64 the story we're introduced to a new character who seemingly serves no purpose Yuji itadori's Middle School acquaintance and maybe Crush Yuko Ozawa.

In what seems like a fun filler chapter we see the first year Trio cross paths with Yuko at a diner only to realize that she and Yuji go way back they talk and that's pretty much it the chapter has no plot relevance whatsoever we learned that Yuji and Yoko once had feelings for each other but nothing else it's a fun chapter but that strikes me.

As odd seeing as jjk doesn't really do filler think about it the next closest thing we have to a filler chapter or episode is probably the baseball game during the Kyoto Goodwill event Arc and even that is not really filler as it clearly fits into an arc with overarching plot relevance things that happen at the Goodwill event affect the.

Rest of the story even if they're clearly just for fun although maybe I am just jaded because recent arcs have been so painful that fun is a word I don't often use to describe these series anymore but I doubt that Gage would take the time to write a chapter that is truly irrelevant so if I'm arguing that chapter 64 wasn't just a fun filler.

Chapter that wasn't meant to mean anything what do I think it was well that is an excellent question and one that I think the only possible answer to is a convenient way to introduce a character who is going to be important later on Yuko was the only part of that chapter that seemed like it might be setting anything up so unless I've got.

This totally wrong I think it is highly likely that we'll see Yuko again but how that I don't know some fans have speculated the dramatic changes in their peers from middle school to the present has something to do with mahito but I personally think that is too far-fetched so where might she show up again the culling game is always an option if you.

Want to take a more romantic view of things she might just be a future love interest though I'm not so sure about that she might even have reappeared in yuji's life out of nowhere for a social related reason that we don't know yet or maybe it is none of those things but no matter what I just can't quite believe that Gage will go to that much trouble.

To introduce a one-off character we would never see again mystery number nine Yuki sukumo it seems a little odd that with only four special great sorceries in all of Japan one of them would be so elusive but in spite of her impressive power we know almost nothing about special great sorcerer Yuki sukumo sure we know she.

Likes motorcycles scattered away Toto had a formative influence on a young sugru ghetto and almost always ask people what type of girls they're into but what about her curse technique it feels like we should know that but we don't we've only seen Yuki fight once in the Shibuya Arc and we know she is incredibly powerful but any details.

Beyond that are kept hidden as a result we're not really sure what her innate technique is how she fights or how her power compares to that of the other sorcerers in the series but the fact that she is a special grade gives me hope that we'll get some of those answers eventually fingers Crossing we'll see her put that mystery curse.

Technique to work defending ten gen from the forces of evil someday mystery number 10 mama kenjaku I tried to save a couple of the juiciest mysteries for last and this is definitely one of them few plot points in Jutsu kaisen have been weirder and few unresolvements Series in the series have been more immediately relevant than this one so.

Without any further Ado why of all things would kinjaku want to be a mother we had reasons to suspect that there was some connection between Yuji and kanjaku a while ago when a panel of yuji's mother with kanjaku's signature stitches on her forehead surfaced coupled with a suspicious warning from yuji's Grandfather that his father jyn would.

Die if he stayed with this woman a lot of people's Wheels started turning but it took a while for us to get official confirmation that kanjaku was in fact inhabiting the body of yuji's mother it was a wild twist but it actually sort of makes sense when you consider that konjaku has always had a weird fixation on bearing children hundreds of years.

Ago and the body of the original Nori toshikamo he created multiple human curse hybrid death paintings with a human woman so is it really that much of a surprise that he would later enter that sort of motherhood but the real mystery here is why he chose to have Yuji specifically one my guess that he was trying to resurrect zakuna by.

Creating a child who would be able to serve as a vessel one day or just that he had used for someone with unique properties that yuji's parents had the genes to create or maybe it is neither of these things but what we can be sure of is that if he went to all the trouble of having a kid that kid somehow fit into his plans and not only.

That but Grandpa itadori's warning not to mention yuji's father's death which we've never got an explanation for makes it seem like he might have known what mama kanjaku was at the very least he obviously knew that she was bad news that's honestly a mystery within a mystery there are layers here why can Jacob wanted a child what that says.

About his plans for Yuji why Grandpa knew that lady kanjaku was a threat to his son and whether or not his unusual parentage makes Yuji half curse or a death painting or anything else and knowing this series I have a feeling that the answers to these questions are not going to bode well for Yuji maybe the real sorcery fight was a therapy.

Bill we racked up along the way mystery number 11 Schrodinger's nobara could our final mystery be anything else there's perhaps no more obvious unknown variable in the series right now know bara's incredibly ambiguous exit almost 80 chapters later and we still don't know if she survived the seemingly fatal injuries she sustained as Shibuya after.

Mahito used his Idol Transfiguration technique on her face novara's odds of survival seemed incredibly slim but that moment lacked in the finality that a good portion of the fandom don't think that was a true death scene reverse curse technique used her aratanita even tell Yuji who was there with nobara that her odds of survival were above zero so.

She hasn't been confirmed dead will she ever be that's one of the biggest questions that fans are asking right now it's honestly difficult to say at this point if nobara will ever be back because the other characters haven't mentioned her since entering the culling game theories abound about how she might make a comeback but there is a.

Contingent of the fan base who's convinced she has gone for good too so what do we make of her inconclusive last scene and the radio silence that followed everyone has their own interpretation but no matter what side you take nobara presents us with one of Jujutsu kaisen's most compelling unanswered questions what I do know is.

That the next time we get an update on her status it is going to break the fandom no matter what it is and we are totally here for it and hopefully you will be as well on this channel when the time comes in the comments please let us know which of the many Mysteries listed in this video you want answers to the most personally I gotta go with the mega.

Me and sakuna thing and hey if there are any Mysteries that we haven't mentioned in this video please let us know that as well as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome awesome day I love you