Alright so here we have yet another week where black clover graces us with its greatness each installment inching us that much further along with this incredible arc in the last one we saw the recounting of noel and the others time under the tutelage of the elves and the keeper of their grove.

Dryad an experience that allowed them each to learn what is known as ultimate magic by drawing upon ambient mana and as such each of them now boast such pristine magical control that they may simultaneously harm an adversary while also leaving an ally unharmed within the same blast.

Radius and this was only an example of true magic as they would easily wipe out a number of lesser devils however a number of middle-ranking devils would emerge in pursuit of the fun as well a confident lot that would be.

Met by lux ultimate magic an absolutely ridiculous display that would see them all decapitated in one fell swoop however the castle was looking worse than ever as despite this spectacular power of his luck himself.

Could sense the presence of beings they would have no chance against as we would then see the severely injured state of our beloved vice captain not this latest chapter however would flash us back to a few minutes prior to this previous chapter as not found himself faced by these two.

Twin high tier devils he'd assess the situation and weigh his options and determine the best strategy to be that of separation as to how these two and dante in the same chambers would only spell disaster these two devils now chuckling amongst themselves with glee relishing in the.

Sheer thought of inflicting further devastation and anguish they were very much ready to play with their prey a disturbing sight to behold indeed dante in recognizing the present situation would then begin to laugh maniacally to himself.

Very much satisfied by it all as these are the fruits of his labor ripening before his very eyes the two would then overlook him with a bit of curiosity but will quickly resign from such indulgences in fear of stepping on lucifero's toes but just then jack would arise once more.

Now terribly bloodied and remind dante of their ongoing duel swearing to rip the fiend to shreds as dante with an absolutely creepy smile would turn back to him now intrigued now not again doing as he does by assessing the situation would note that jack was likely to have a rough time.

But he had no choice but to place his bets on him as one of his devils would emerge here knotwood confirmed that the little guy had completed his mission before beginning to form together with it now this mission is likely to be one of those trump card plays that will pop up at a later point.

So let's try not to forget that detail for the chapters to come but with this we would receive yet another transformation from not and yet another for the series as a whole devil union mode galas and man with this arc alone black clover has unveiled so many new transformations that it is.

Unbelievable i am looking forward to receiving more case studies of each because i'd love nothing more than to break them all down further as for the time being we kind of just get them real fast and move on but even still this one is pretty cool indeed and i'd likely.

Rank it to be number three visually amongst his many forms for me personally not would then release a magically laced variable wave towards the two devils followed by the shadowy protrusion of several elongated arms that would grip onto and pull them elsewhere and i believe this was a.

Combined effort of his devilish powers as opposed to it being the power of this new form as we've already seen this be utilized with the hound form now within a cathedral of sorts the two would be amused by this display with a bit of curiosity as knott would continue his moves.

He'd swiftly expand the very same mana zone that had so thoroughly gotten the better pasta during his training as he would then confirm the commencement of their hellish game of tag the two were completely blind in this space and rather than being a cause for concern.

It seemed to further elate them as they'd speak of taking their time with this one and refraining from expressing too much of their true capabilities as just then they would simultaneously unfurl in unison attacks of fire and ice and now not in his feline form.

Would narrowly evade each whipping wave doing so just before emerging behind the male twin and delivering a solid blow with his bullish form but the damage was null as the devil would turn back delighted to have found its prey this display to me favored that of a.

Non-hockey user impacting the form of a lokia fruit wielder in one piece this was certainly a losing situation perhaps not did possess the favorable terrain as they couldn't see him however with an inability to land any sizeable blows or properly defend against their own.

He was playing a losing battle one where at this point his one and only remaining option was to stall to avoid their attacks for as long as possible and divert their attention from the others these two were ever pleased like two cats chasing after the light of a laser.

Pointer but they'd have to wonder why exactly he wasn't running away something that awoke a bit of fury from deep within not as he would bellow out that their unjust ways are the very reason he continues to live as he can never forgive their kind and gives no.

Care to his own life with this we would then receive a flashback within a flashback as we'd be taken back to the noble house of fost and their twin sons on one hand you had the younger of the two who was the epitome of goodness beloved by many in service of the magic knights.

The other however being a delinquent of sorts that lacked the same appeal using his magics rather selfishly the younger the two questioned why his brother didn't help people by joining the magic knights as the older one would refuse due to a lack of personal fun just then however a voice would call out.

To morgan it was yami and it was time for a mission and by his attire it's made clear that this was prior to his time as a captain and is instead back when he was a member of the azure deer under the current wizard king julius as their guild captain now morgan who bears the visage of who.

We currently know to be not would agree wholeheartedly as the elder brother would berate yami's joining of the magic knights as well the two would exchange in a bit of friendly banter before yami would tell him not to go too far or else he'll have to take him down referring to him.

As not how very interesting this is now this can be interpreted either one of two ways one that the ever friendly younger sibling grew to be cold and ruthless following the loss of his elder brother or that the elder brother upon losing his pure hearted younger twin began to don his visage while joining.

The magic knights in pursuit of revenge against the devils that claimed the life of his brother i'm gonna go with the second one here for a couple of reasons firstly not upon meeting asta for the first time would make it expressively clear that he hates.

Yami and has only been to the guild building once before expressing a clear disdain for the establishment of his superior an animosity that the younger twin did not possess in the slightest as it actually looked to be quite the contrary secondly when first recognized by jack.

Who recalled the younger sibling with yami while denoting not's magic to be different not would make it clear that that man was gone now this could of course be figurative as i'm sure was to be our innate interpretation for the time but with further context we're shifted.

In a different direction entirely furthermore he also denotes his hatred of the black bulls only accepting membership for the allowance of freedoms extended to a magic knight vice captain third he possesses the belief that the greatest people are those who are good from the very.

Beginning and lastly his feelings towards asta as the only time he truly smiled was when the pure heart of asta was on full display when he formed his devil contract with libe and additionally he did express to asta that people who are right are not necessarily rewarded yet he'd like that to be the case.

Likely referring to the sanctity of his late sibling again not has easily become a favorite character of mine and so further deposition and exploration into his character and backstory are very much welcomed by me but yeah what do you guys think of the chapter.

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