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The Rocks Pirates Have Returned to One Piece – One Piece Chapter 1072


The legendary rocks Pirates have returned to one piece we opened chapter 1072 on a wide shot of echat Island and it excerpts from one of Dr vegapunk's journals it's a pretty old one dating back to his time with mads the mysterious group he worked with prior to joining the world government the great scientist is clearly excited about what.

Appears to be his first ever clone even though the world doesn't accept her just yet he's all on board as far as vegapunk is concerned this experiment has been a clear success given the old pun's perfectionist nature this is quite impressive vegapunk wouldn't accept a rental Club mythical zohon as a success due to minor cosmetic issues this girl.

Must have been truly human as far as Punk Stella was concerned and for some reason the old scientist was convinced this was a huge step towards World Peace he even refers to mads as a laboratory of bees the caption in chapter 1069's cover called it that but also noted that it was funded by lone shark King New Field the that made it sound like more.

Of an excuse for a tax write-off than something legitimate and Noble with this chapter's cover page we see vegapunk's fellow scientists making weapons was the chief scientist being delusional or did something happen to mads that eventually corrupted it whatever the case we'll see more of this journal in just a bit but in the present after Bonnie failed to.

Kill Vega Punk with her attacks from last time she has decided on a new approach emotional blackmail she has used her no food to revert herself to a young child and is writhing around on the floor howling in pain vagapung knows how Bonnie's Powers work there's no way they should actually be able to fool him but logic is one thing a grandfather's.

Instincts are quite another peeking out from around the corner and seeing his pursuer as a wounded child Vega Punk's heart melts the old man emerges to try and help her he calls out for his medical staff word for his death's well-being Bonnie's eyes glinted at that her trick worked before Punk Stella can react the little pirate princess gets to.

Her feet her body begins to bulge as vegapunk steps back realizing what just happened before he can get away a gargantuan jewelry Bonnie lunges at him with a metal pipe her muscles look downright ludicrously inflated in this state such a powerful transformation is a new move for the Supernova but it fits with the parameters of her devil fruit.

It seems Bonnie can age up into a hyper-muscle form hence her calling this transformation distorted future the muscled up body isn't stopping there her second strike takes out a massive chunk of the wall with vegapunk only just able to duck out of the way the old man breaks into an impressive Sprint calling out behind him that this is pointless.

Killing him won't do anything it won't actually help her feel better but Bonnie isn't giving up yet she lunges forward with a pipe striking the old scientists in the back with her timely thrust that one strike was enough to end this with a small pop a shower of brightly colored gemstones falls out of vegapunk's torso do you realize how big of a revelation.

This is Bonnie's power does not require her to touchy Target with her hands in a few seconds the world's greatest scientist has been reduced to an adorable baby no more long legs to run with and Tiny lungs that can't keep up with an adult the chase is over Bonnie shifts back to her regular appearance as he baby Punk Puffs for breath vegapunk.

Whales in frustration crashing his arms on the floor oversized sleeves trailing behind he's still capable of speech and has most of his intellect intact thanks to his connection to punk records he can recognize that the Jewel's body knocked out of him are a manifestation of the year she is taken away from his body vegapunk scrambles across the floor.

Trying to reach the gems but it is hopeless Bonnie pulls a tike up by his collar she points out to vegapunk that her power doesn't affect living things indefinitely he'll revert back to normal soon enough however for now he's at the mercy of a very angry pirate princess Bonnie demands that bigapunk explain what happened he killed him her father.

And she wants to know why this is honestly much more restraint than we've come to expect from Bonnie she's finally got a solid confirmation from vegapunk that he can't restore her father and that he's truly dead despite this she's still giving him a chance to explain and justify what he did that's a pretty grounded mature response as is vegapunks.

Even like this completely helpless the master scientist doesn't budge he doesn't plead for his life or try to tell her some sort of encouraging lie Vega Punk's clearly terrified of Bonnie but as far as he's concerned telling her why her father agreed to the pacifist the program would only hurt her while the two of them are having this.

Conversation we see Bartholomew Kuma's body the px0 the citizens of redport watch as he tries to climb up the red line it's a fearsome task the sheer surface of the Great Wall doesn't offer easy hand holds already Kuma is panting for breath there's a downright somber look on the former warlord's face as he clamors upward it feels like there's.

Still some shred of emotion in the pacifist the body something dedicated to finishing this job despite the pain back on Egghead vegapunk adds a qualifier he's not just being protective of Bonnie he promised Kuma that he'd keep this information secret from her specifically no matter what he won't budge on the oath he made to such a dear friend.

Bonnie can't bring herself to believe that she hoists vegapunk up in the air pity Super Genius brat against the wall her old firm Bonnie yells at the little punk to stop messing around with her this has to be a trick he's got to be lying but vegapunk doesn't budge an inch he insists he's telling the truth no one forced Kuma's Fate on him this death was.

His own decision Bonnie screams that this has to be a lie her beloved father would never choose death he'd never willingly abandon her there are tears in her eyes but her voice is almost a scream as she threatens to kill the world's greatest scientist how dare he even say something vegapug makes it clear that he's no.

Happier about how things played out he admired Puma considered him a close personal friend and asked to argue the Marines are trying to take kuma off the red line firing every heavy gun they have at the rebel pacifista thus far nothing has worked kumas are a tough Bunch as demonstrated by kumabani who throws a small child to the ground with.

Great force the pirate princess demands that vegapunk actually explain insisting that she won't accept any more half-baked excuses the little Stella reels at the pain but before he can say anything Bonnie turns at the sound of the alarm vegapunk takes a second to realize what just triggered once he does however he.

Tries desperately to distract his guest's attention he insists that Bonnie not go look at whatever is making that noise it has nothing whatsoever to do with Bartholomew Kuma yeah the heavily locked up door with the giant paw print symbol on it nothing to do with Kuma no sir thingapunk despite having a gigantic Super Brain dedicated to recalling all.

Information felt the need to print a symbol on the door to remind him that this is the kuma room even Bonnie dismisses it as an obvious lie she goes to enter but the door is secured by a technological lock a pretty hefty and complicated looking technical device what you'd expect a vegapunk it's not enough to restrain Bonnie however one.

Touch and it ages into nothingness thanks for doe for Powers the door slowly Creak open even as baby punk calls the Bonnie stepping into the room Bartholomew Kuma's daughter sees a giant Paul ball of energy the pirate princess simply stares up at it while the baby Vega Punk pants her breath trying to catch up with her Bonnie has no idea how.

To process this finally having crawled his way over to the doorway vegapunk looks into the room his mind turns back to the last time he was here the old punk was explaining his theories about memory to Kuma according to vegapunk a scientist from the West Blue discovered that a human body loses 21 grams of mass upon death as such that could be the.

Weight of their soul I guess that means a mysterious island called Massachusetts is somewhere in the West Blue because this is a real science experiment that Oda is referencing here conducted by Duncan McDougall back in 1907. vegapunk isn't entirely sold on that but finds you line a thought fascinating it's especially intriguing to him in the.

Context of Kuma and his powers Puma can control intangible Concepts pulling them from his mind and transmitting them to the people around him vegapunk's hypothesis is that they can take that further what else can Kuma manipulate with ability imagination memories are these things tangible do they have mass Kuma doesn't seem happy about this he.

Knows what vegapunk wants he's looking for the big guy to pull out his own memories and show them to vegapunk Kuma finds that far too personal the old punk isn't above begging however insisting that it's for the good of science he even promises that no one else will ever see them a promise vegapug May no longer be able to keep back in the present he.

Calls out takuma's daughter the baby Punk claims that this energy ball is nothing but pain unfortunately Bonnie knows better than to listen to vegapunk now she's familiar with her father's abilities and she can tell this is in pain it's his memories in this ball is everything vegapunk's been trying so hard to hide back at the red line the.

Marines are getting desperate fixated on stopping Kuma's progress they can't let him reach Mary joa finally they land a direct hit knock him off the great rock face but such a fall isn't close to enough to stop bartholomeakuma the Marines draw close ready to finish him off the kuma starts to charge his nikuniq powers he's not going down.

Without a fight as Bonnie reaches for her father's Memories the px0 resumes its climb towards Mary joa back in the outer layers of elabor stratum the shrouds are still reeling from everything that has happened Nami can barely believe Rob Lucci made it all the way up here vegapunk Shaka claims that the system simply malfunctioned if he's.

Suspecting sabotage the punk of wisdom is keeping that idea to himself for now surprisingly usop isn't worried about Cipher pole racing of the cloud Lair he's just happy Zoro and Brooke are still on the sunny ready to defend it even if it's three versus two he's confident his crewmates can handle Cipher pole it's strange to see usab not.

Frightened by a threat and a bit touching that he's developed so much faith in his crewmates unfortunately as Shaka points out the situation isn't quite as simple as a sniper thought because backing up cp0 are all four or seraphim Zorro and Brooke are actually fighting seven opponents three of the world government's most deadly assassins.

And four young pacifista who are qualified As Weapons of Mass Destruction the odds are ridiculous even for Fighters like Brooke and Zorro however there's a glimmer of hope here as Shaka points out cp's hero wouldn't have ordered the seraphim to do this the little guys have some self-awareness Chaka dismisses it as limited but they.

Are locked into strictly following orders like the regular pacifista they came up to help Cypher pole as the authority figures who most recently had control over them however that's actually a problem for cyber pole Stussy and Lucci look back at the four lunarian kids concerned they can't order them down to the factory layer now the domes.

Back up this is a serious miscalculation if any other Vega punks get outside they can take control of the seraphim away from cp0 the agents would not only be outnumbered but would also be facing the Navy strongest weapons there's no way Lucy's crew could hope to compete with them Edison and Lilith race off to do just that the vegapunk of evil ecstatic.

To finally get a chance at joining the fight so long as Zorro and Brooke can hold the line until the two punks get there the group should have a shot at turning things around against cp0 Sanji stays right where he is Riley commenting on Moss head's impending death so sad that he would finally go down when the crew is this close to the one piece but.

If Zorro dies he'll finally be number three again Nami has to yell at him that hey the straw hats are in danger right now too maybe he should go do something about that a few words from the Navigator are more than enough to send the good cook into action even if he grumbles a bit about having to save Zorro Frankie growls at him to stay.

Focused this is a potentially vital fight everyone's in danger right now back at the sunny Zoro and Brooke take in their new opposition Brooke is more than a little surprised me fighting a giant animal and an odd looking one at that in his defense he probably thought they were finally done with the weird animal themed opponents after wano so.

Confirms that yes the guy they're fighting is supposed to be a giraffe though kaku's new form is different still the demon swordsman isn't worried about a little thing like a devil fruit Awakening he's convinced that his foe is going to end up a dice up corpse no matter what Kaku is confident it's impressive to have that much self-belief.

When going up against Zorro he's more than ready for this rematch charging forward while daring the samurai to cut him Zorro readies his third blade bracing for this attack while telling Brooke to look after the ship yeah Zorro just lost 6 out of seven targets to the skeleton he'll be fighting an awakened Kaku Brook can fight Rob Lucci Stussy s.

Hawk as shark s bear and a snake right yes he really wants to get back to that nap that said his Focus may be warranted the big giraffe isn't playing around either Kaku lands a quick hit on Zorro the sheer force knocking the samurai back even through the block the Zone user follows it up with a rapid fire spin going for hit after hit it's.

Continuing to put Zorro back but now his guard is holding better grunting the samurai knows that he's had enough of this kind of fighting back in wano after all that time spent dueling with King he is not in the mood for a Redux he's tired of it and rather than let Kaku start a second long-running battle he's going to end it quickly Zoro bats kaku's.

Big head away with a hefty swing one that draws each giraffe far away from the sunny but before he can capitalize on this Rob Luchi intervenes the Assassin has been thinking quickly he knows the vagabones are likely on their way to retrieve the seraphim they've only got one chance to turn this around so he orders the four Utes to destroy.

The entire lab of strata if they collapse a whole complex they'll kill all the Vega puns before they can take back the seraphim and take the straw hats with them it's a win-win for the world government Shaka usof and Nami are not happy to hear this order go through it seems like the whole area is going to be wiped away the two straw hats scream.

As the seraphim begin to charge their energy blasts soon enough the quartet of angels Unleashed a full barrage of attacks rocking the entire lab to its foundations the outer sections of elabor stratum Begin to Fall away as he clouds above Egghead are raped in dust it looks like nothing's going to be left standing once these seraphim are through usab and.

Nami dive for the ground looking for cover on the outside Kaku just watches the giraffe is back upright again and impressed by his subordinate's power as far as Square nose is concerned the seraphim are doing their entire job for them but before he can truly appreciate it someone lunches at kaku's elongated neck biting down on it hard Kaku turns.

Trying to see what just happened but he's too late hathoriku's in alarm as the awakened giraffe man falls to the ground unconscious Lucci turns the look across at the scene a woman is standing over the stricken giraffe For the First Time The Inevitable Rob Luchi actually looks a little frightened as he asks what she's doing and we see this.

Mysterious attack is not part of egghead's forces this is stucy now sporting black wings and a trickle of blood still dripping from her lips the separable agent has betrayed them Stussy calmly claims that she just put Kaku to sleep what's more she asks Luchi to join him claiming that it's time for the cheetah man to take a quick cat nap and.

Thanks to the narrative captions we get a bit more information out of her the cp0 agent is not the original Stussy not only that she's a clone of Miss Buckingham stucy a member of the infamous rocks Pirates given vegapunk's past interest in kaido it seems he knows a great deal about shaback's Infamous crew even before he joined the world.

Government he was using their lineage factor in his work as a part of the Rogue science cartel mad why clone a member of the crew though was stucy the mysterious woman who worked as part of Mads and was she the only rocks pirate Vega Punk clone as always I'm flexible taku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.