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The S-Class Heroes Learn Saitama’s Secret! Full Power FINALLY Revealed


In the previous chapter saitama adopted some pets broke a ton of super expensive Machinery meant to protect those living in the rebuilt hero Association headquarters and returned King's game to him this time we see people starting to realize what his true strength is as well as an unexpected hero considering taking cabaldi under his wing and not to.

Mention a secret meeting about God as well as how people can be turned into monsters out of the blue and so without further Ado let's dive right into the chapter titled secret Intel starting from the cover page we have a chapter relevant image of four Heroes sweet mask zombie man flashy Flash and genos though we don't see them at the start of this.

Issue they play a big part later on with a clear view of the hero association's apartment complex you jump right into some workers discussing the destruction that recently happened outside of the control room someone even goes as far as to say Metal Knight sure did a sloppy job to be fair most things that come up against itama don't stand a chance so.

It's not fair to say this is due to any negligence on metal nice Parts but anyways it is understandable that they would feel that way considering how much they spent on the defense system tens and hundreds of billions of dollars yeah you heard that right that is definitely not an amount that saitama could ever cover no matter how much your.

Work or odd jobs he did to raise the funds to make matters worse the staff in the control room believed the robots were destroyed due to a malfunction and not because of an attack which is what actually happened considering these people likely didn't use their own money and are just security members isn't it a bit odd for them to take this so.

Personally it would make more sense if it were one of the people in charge of funding like wagama but no these low-level grunts are the ones openly complaining that aside they eventually share the data and images they gather with Metal Knight to let him know about the disaster that occurred but they also make sure to also point out that he.

Ignores them a lot uh scratch that always ignores them these two nameless men continue to verbally insult him even while he is not part of their conversation unfortunately Metal Knight had a hand in this mess seeing as he confidently told them it can repel any and all monsters it is never a good idea to claim something is unbreakable or.

Unstoppable because then things like this have happen Never Say Never basically that's when we get a shot of Dr Beaufort himself inside of his hidden lab with numerous screens surrounding him and this time we get his complete unobscured appearance as he reviews the footage of the destroyed machines he goes through each level this saitama.

Destroyed from Level 4 to level 10. clearly I rate with his development Dr bofoi can't help but also be surprised by the level of damage considering he had used his level 10 robots against demon Level Threats and succeeded in taking them down too bad zaitama is certainly Beyond Dragon level for those of you who may forgotten that this.

Bucktooth man was Dr buffoy AKA The Man piloting the Metal Knight robots there is a nice clear shot of him as well as his name on display but before we see more of the secret of hero don't forget to subscribe with notifications on and smash the like button for more one punch man content back to the footage Dr Beaufort is able to see exactly the.

Amount of damage and who caused it that is unlikely security guards reviewing the footage back of the apartment complex though some of the S-Class heroes are aware of saitama and his power Dr bofoi tends to avoid meetings and just does his own thing so he has likely never seen any of saitama's battles or victories to him our Kate.

Baldi is just another low-level A-Class rookie hero who has no reason to be involved in something this big but once he looks more closely he realizes hey this guy actually got promoted super quickly from C-Class to a class in fact it only took him a little over two months to rishi's current rank once that Don's a doctor both away he starts to.

Look at saitama differently but to further investigate what must all Tech Team do break some rules of course so that's when we get in S Class Hero hacking into the hero Association database trying to find more information on saitama it takes a doctor all of a few seconds as of course he probably even created the security system in the.

First place and once Dr buffoy is in he has access to all of saitama's documented accomplishments beginning with his first fight with Speedo sound Sonic funnily enough Dr Buford realizes that saitama participated in the same meteor threat that he did and so if he had just stayed a bit longer he would have met Kate Baldi back then but he.

Chose to save his robots leaving the damage to genos and bang there is also mention of saitama battling against the Deep Sea King as well as helping take down Garo and these are all eventually no saitama pretty much single-handedly took down himself but even with all this data all Dr bufoy has to say is that's it even looking at saitama's physical.

Feats means nothing to this man talk about a hard critic but that doesn't mean he's leaving it at that though if anything that seemingly normal hero Behavior makes him even more curious to find out about Kate Baldi and upon reviewing the footage he notices that saitama is easily worthy of rank s or even higher now that's more like it but.

Instead of seeing it as a good thing that someone that powerful would want to work alongside Humanity he instead sees it as a Potential Threat Dr beaufort's gaze turns more serious as he thinks to himself I'll keep an eye on him uh-oh next we go back to days but we are still involved with the hero Association headquarters this time Sanchez called.

Some Heroes to have a meeting with him we get a clear view of it being held in conference room 18 while sych explains that it is an emergency meeting that means it is both sudden and very important for them to attend but unfortunately sudden doesn't work well among the S-Class Heroes they tend to need notice and a lot of rounding up.

Regardless sich has a very serious look as he begins sharing information not only had there been numerous reports of unexplained phenomena during the war against the monster Association but sich seems to believe it has something to do with the prophecy that shimabaw will let them about the planet being in trouble but at the same time sich isn't.

Absolutely certain about the information coming in or whether it is related to the prophecy and for that reason he requests that the heroes there keep the meeting a secret from what we can see only sich the kingar zombie man sweet mask genos and flashy flash are attending anyway always quick to follow orders genos agrees to keep it a secret.

And zombie man doesn't mind either but he does have some questions of his own seeing as he is usually more of a detective than a fighter it's not so much a secrecy of the meeting that bothers him as a topic of the meeting and from there we go to flashy flash who gives us a clearer idea of what is going on he outright says it wouldn't be.

Strange for anybody to turn into a monster at any point and this comment may be due to his encounter with fellow Ninja Warriors monseries become stronger adding on to a flash of flash is said sich admits that the main reason they don't want to go public is because they want to confirm the facts and also come up with a way to combat the.

Monsterization of humans if it is true after all they can't just suddenly bring that up and expect Society to go on as normal so kingar points out that it could cause mass panic since no one would know who or when someone might be next sleep mask looking all too calm as usual interrupts the summer meet to try and figure out what is being discussed.

Not only that but he seems to have not been listening at all considering he tells them to walk him through everything step by step flashy flash quick to anger especially during meetings confronts him directly by asking if he read the information that was sent to them but of course the idol hero was too busy with his career to.

Focus on hero things I didn't have time looking bored he fixes his hair while looking at a mirror as he points out I'm here just as an advisory position and okay I want to be mad but it's true he's not technically part of the S-Class and he has brought on more so when things get really deadly but at the same time he has a strong influence within the.

Hero Association so it is kind of important for him to be aware of any new threats if he hadn't added so just explain it to me briefly if you could we all would probably have overlooked his lack of focus but that just makes you want to throw a stack of papers at his head and considering the irritated looks at both zombie man and flashy flash have.

We can probably assume that they agree Janos on the other hand pulls out his massive pile of paper prepared for a three hour lecture but not even regarding the monsterization issue he wants to talk about his sensei's activities zombie man can help but look at him confused wondering where that came from and why he thinks it is.

Relevant sich although not saying it out loud plans to let General speak last instead he wants to know what zombie man found out while he face homeless Emperor who also used to be human a projected image of the executive appears behind zombie man as he explains his confrontation with him while he had homeless Emperor pinned down the man had.

Told zombie man about divine power that was given to him by God that certainly raises some eyebrows and gets their attention sweet Mass may have been unbothered before but we see him shocked and showing more emotion than usual at that even sich is the kind guard look afraid to know more I said zombie man gets into the details of his fight with.

Homeless Emperor and how he got the information from him unfortunately for him and for us the man's body crumpled away into salt or ashes before more could be revealed about the so-called God and being the good detective that he is zombie man realized that Homeless Emperor was being shut down so he couldn't let any more secrets escape the.

Conversation seemed to open a path to more unexplained events as flashy flash asks him if you heard anything telepathically with a stern look flashy flash tells the attendees that he and Kate Baldi as well as Monaco can't forget her ran into something Sage seeming to ignore the more ominous part of the information instead asks about.

Monaco at that flashy flash says it's nothing phew our one-eyed monster can be saved for at least one more day back on the topic flashy flash says the thing was trying to grant us power if you recall it also threatened to take their lives if they weren't worthy which flashy flash says was referred to as forfeiture that's awfully similar to how.

If you sign a contract for both the terms you immediately forfeit whatever you were meant to receive in the first place but in this case it means you lose your life when flashing flash points out that the being spoke directly into their minds zombie man looks up thinking hard on that it Dawns on him that Homeless Emperor was hearing something and seeing.

Something but that was only for us readers in his final moments with that in mind zombie man guesses that they must have both encountered this God person and their forfeiture bargain but in their own ways sweet Mass ruins the moment again going back to being his bored looking self that doesn't worry or care about monsters Beyond killing them.

If they interrupt his Idol work he does point out that it could just be another high-level member of the monster Association but the fact that he didn't have an encounter of his own might be the Cosby's disbelief flashy flash says it wouldn't make sense for only one executive to have that kind of power when so many of them could have had it.

And easily laid waste of the heroes with it when he mentions that even blast is working in the shadows trying to find God himself or just track him down sleep mask is caught off guard what's more sich apparently knows what blast is doing or at least why he is gone all the time so Gengar seems to be totally out of the loop about that as well because.

He looks at sich in confusion flashy flash brings up that blast sends his regards to sich and the older man admits that he has been keeping it hidden until now admitting he knew something that he wasn't sharing and with this a huge bombshell is dropped on the meeting for 20 years two decades Blast has been hunting and fighting this God creature.

Even zikinkar cannot believe what he's just heard looking a bit worried while everyone else is astonished sich continues out to say he his partner and a group of many other collaborators and this has to be a mention of those people we saw during the fight with Gara who seemed otherworldly and extremely powerful but back to sich he explains.

That blash has been seeking those cubes because they can turn people into monsters and at that we get a super interesting shot of blast and his partner a dual sword wielding guy with a long light-colored ponytail and a map in his hand they also kind of look like contrasting figures seeing as blasts and light colors and wearing a big bulky.

Suit while his partner has dark colors and more close-fitted material flashy flash remembers the Box clearly seeing as he and saitama were there and it spoke to them as mentioned but we go back to black asked with his partner's face still covered but this time due to a speech bubble instead of having his back turned to us one of the cubes in.

Question is placed within a machine with a dome around it as they try to analyze how it works and where it comes from there is another shadowy figure near blast and his partner but he is completely hidden from us so we've got to assume that they are saving his reveal for later on and then as if all those reveals weren't enough we get a.

Flashback to two years ago when blast went up against Elder centipedes floating in the air looking up towards the sky blast is a perfect view of the unknown being hidden among the clouds this was the moment he came into contact with God directly and if that isn't enough blast refused to take the being's power and decide to confront him instead.

So kingar cannot believe what he is hearing but it makes sense that he would refuse sich admits that if God had wanted to destroy them back then it easily could have they didn't have the power they do now nor could they even detect it with their technology at the time because of the threat this God posed that is why Blast has appeared off.

A map as started his hunt he wanted to make sure everyone was safe from this unknowable unfathomable monster in the sky and considering blast is covered in blood and struggling to stand it is safe to say that Elder centipede was not the cause in fact sich says that was a recent centipede even got away flashy flash taking this information in stride.

Seems to understand why blast would be gone for so long if he's chasing a goal like that I would even argue he respects it seeing as ninjas tend to work alone zombie man agrees that it makes sense for the highest of the S-Class to be involved with extremely deadly things that no one else can handle but also calls him a hard-boiled guy still.

Keeping with his Detective theme genos just looks bothered by the information knowing saitama could have helped solve this issue if he were involved or at least that's how he sees it since she denies that that would be possible because it requires the use of space-time abilities and no one else has those as far as he knows and that's not.

Entirely false saitama doesn't really know how to use them in fact if not forgoro teaching him how to create a universe within himself he probably wouldn't have been able to turn turn back time however Janos is presently the only one with proof and the memories of what had happened before this whole reversal of events and that is when he.

Drops his previously removed core on the table of course to them it just looks like a piece of Machinery genos tells them that he wasn't able to fit this information in his report which is already massive by the way so he is going to tell them now and if you know channels like I do don't ever let him explain something involving saitama he.

Tells everyone at the meeting about everything that happened from his death to saitama's fight on Jupiter's moon and even how the radiation killed all the lower level heroes but what ultimately happens is that he gets carried away as usual and goes on for four hours the more polite attendees they enlist in probably because they are waiting for.

The end but sweet mask is gone when it is time for his scheduled work to start leaving an empty chair behind zombie man looks so tired from Genesis speech that he seems to be withering away closer to death than any battle could have ever brought him even the series and studious flashy can't stay awake anymore falling asleep with a nose bubble ultimately we.

Find out that ninety percent of Genesis ramblings were about saitama instead of focusing on the time travel aspect like he was meant to Janos even accuses flashy flash of being bad at Gathering Intel since he couldn't stay awake but flashy flash points out that it is about quality not quantity or excited to tell Jenna to keep it under 200 words when.

You need him when channels gets annoyed thinking flashy flashes insulting the information he has about saitama zombie man has to interrupt and play mediator so kengar and sich can help but be perplexed and nervous considering all the information they just learned it sounds too unreal to be believable and flashy flash points out that even King.

Was only able to use the moon as his punching bag did we miss something when was King ever involved with the destruction of the Moon I'm pretty sure that was during Saint Thomas fight against boros but anyways try to stay impartial since suggests that they confirm with saitama if he truly defeated Garo but that's where things.

Get tricky again saitama doesn't remember what happened up until a certain point now it just sounds like genesis covering for his master since he doesn't want the truth to be questioned but we know it is all factual flashy flash blatantly accuses generals of lying to which Genesis eyes turn dark and angry ready to strike and to be.

Frank this is really bold of my boy flashy flash I love him but this guy got outsped by saitama so how is he denying all these facts here at this point it looks like he's hating or he's in denial anyways zombie man ever the mediator says that they can just confirm agaro then inside Tama lost some memories but guess what when he was to get.

Interrogated Garo couldn't remember a lot of things either at that zombie man gets frustrated by everyone's failing memories when it involves crucial information but hey at least they weren't deleted out of existence like some other people who got involved with God right since brings the meeting back on track pointing out that they know for.

Sure that God and His Dimension had been more active with their world and blast thinks it is because of something in particular well the next shot switches to saitama we can't help but be reminded of the mural that roshi found near the Earth's core depicting God and the sacrifice he would need to be made whole but it is also funny that they say.

Something is drawing God in when they show arcade Baldi who is mostly human as far as we know since closes the topic by saying that blast will be back soon with more Intel and a ways to counter God's power and cues one of the main ways to avoid being sucked in by him is solidarity and unity since he prays a more vulnerable people Janos can't help.

But make a snide remark about expecting reform in the hero Association if they want to see Unity but to be fair it is mostly the S-Class that lacks Unity the lower ranks tend to actually work well together and yet as genos is leaving he says all they need to do is contact saitama and the issue will be resolved again he is the best countermeasure.

Apparently the other Heroes just take it as in being obsessed with saitama If Only They knew how much good Kate Baldi could do if he was taken more seriously and may be given a better hero name now knowing that sitch is in contact with blast flashy flash gives him a message to pass on I'll make you regret getting behind me though it sounds like a threat.

The playful smile suggests it is more of a challenge for blast with that flashy flash leaves too and zombie man looks disappointed that they don't have much solidarity after all he also thinks back to his meeting with Dr genius his creator and how he described a bald man as someone who removed his own limiter this means zombie man will keep in mind.

What general said wondering if it might be true despite all the loss of evidence we then switched a flashy flash in the hall realizing he was mistaken when it came to genos and said Thomas relationship he thought demon cyborg was the one above but it was clearly saitama the Senpai again though he accuses genos of being infatuated so he doesn't know.

How much to believe inside Thomas extreme beats on the other hand flashy flash still wants to consider him a worthy person to keep an eye on a diamond in the rough how much do you want to bet flashy flash want to make him a disciple the same way bang did lastly we see sweet math in the sports car considering all he has been told.

During the meeting he doesn't regret allowing genos to be in the S-class meaning he has proven his worth as a hero and because of that having someone like him vows for saitama and sing his Praises for so long it must mean that Kate Baldi is worth paying attention to as well then we see a picture of saitama in his hero uniform with his hero name.

Again and bold above his photo and also his previous ranking where the sweet Mass get his outdated information from despite that sweet Mass looks very intense on finding out more about saitama taking very seriously what jenno said saitama could become the ideal hero if you're a webcomic reader you know how important that is to Sweet mask if not.

Well you're in for some big surprises but that's all for this chapter what do you think about all the blast information did any of it surprise you and do you think we'll be seeing God anytime soon also where is Monaco leave us all your thoughts in the comments down below as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and.

Have an awesome day I love you thank you