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The Straw Hats Were Just Betrayed – One Piece Chapter 1071


Three plot twists in one chapter that's nuts but that's what we're going with ever since we left wano one piece has just kept getting faster the fighting is escalating and spreading Beyond Egghead let's get to it we opened one piece chapter 1071 back out at Sea with a lonely bartholomekuma flying over the ocean we get a whoosh sound effect as.

Kuma finally draws close to his destination and surprisingly it's not Egghead Island no one saw that coming we all assume Kuma had been activated as part of vegapunk's defenses but apparently that wasn't the case something very big is coming into view with five massive Dots and a cross above what seems to be a small town it's been.

A while since we paid this place a visit but this is redport the settlement at the base of the red line The Travelers come through on the way to Mary Joy's the elevators are located here even this far out you can make out these small lines and the great rock surface where the cables run Kuma dips his head carrying on regardless and he doesn't.

Touch down smoothly instead he impacts with a mighty blast above redport proper the elevator tables twist and curl away from the blast judging by the angle it looks like Kuma fired himself right at the red line was he trying to reach Mary Joyce take out an elevator punch through either way the inhabitants of the poor are screaming in fear these streets are.

Raped in Smoke as the cry goes up Bartholomew Kuma has arrived the townsfolk are about as confused as we all are why has Kuma come back to World Government territory the smoke of the explosion slowly clears and as it does we see the original pacifista laid out on the ground the onlookers are gaping he's supposed to be Invincible but also.

A slave of the celestial dragons right coming into their port and blowing things up doesn't sound like Slade Behavior a marine officer are finally chimes in over the PA system just as Kuma starts to regain Consciousness the announcer orders troops to seal off Northeast redport even as the civilians start to run away from the terrifying.

Figure lumbering to its feet over them he may be injured and gasping for breath but the sheer size of Kuma is intimidating enough the announcer makes it clear that his arrival point is indeed right by the bandola gate the Marines are rallying to the former warlord's location while civilians are ordered to evacuate immediately the.

Marine on the com calls Kuma extremely dangerous entirely devoid of humanity and let's slip some interesting information Kuma's current purpose and programming are unknown even to the Navy while the five Elder Stars keep things to themselves they would have probably said something to the officers on gate Duty that this was just Kuma the slave.

Returned to Mary joa as part of his programming this wasn't part of their plan while that still leaves what Kuma is actually going to do ambiguous we leave him staring up at the sign of the world government the power he hated so much in life whatever's about to happen next is not going to be good news for the Marines of redport and while those.

Marines are trying to keep Kuma out another bunch of Marines are struggling to keep a fugitive in over on Egghead Lucci is barking orders at the cipher pole arms men they're to lock down whatever Escape Routes they can find he also wants them to head to the harbor and he ships still in dock are to be destroyed immediately they can make sure.

Vegapunk doesn't leave the island at least the agents are ready to oblige sprinting off with guns at the ready even these guys can blow up unaccompanied ships and is probably less dangerous than standing next to Rob Lucci and his friends with their underlings gone the cp-08 news are left alone to ponder their situation luchi's.

Annoyed even with the seraphim under control the frontier Dome is basically an impassable barrier for once they're running into a problem they can simply punch through and the leopard man is irritated by The Challenge Kaku is more appreciative gazing up at the Marvel of Technology he really doesn't hold a grudge considering the don't fried him.

The last time he tries to go through it good on Kaku for respecting the craft Stussy looks at Luchi curious he's very determined to keep on attacking no matter what their orders say she doesn't ask why but it's clear she's curious about what is driving her fellow agent Lucci mutters that he refuses to accept Straw Hat Luffy as an emperor of the sea.

As long as he denies reality and doesn't accept Luffy as a yonko he doesn't have to wait for Navy headquarters to approve or assist them he can just go in and wipe out the one stand on his record without waiting for help Stussy gently roasts Lucci calling the pigeon man hopeless as we move up to the control room checking in with the Vega punks the.

Six remaining Paths of punk aren't doing so well vegapunk Shaka knows that the Asians are working to control every way off of Egghead they'll have probably scuppered every ship left in Harbor by this point they still have a way out thanks to Vega Force 1 and the Thousand Sunny but with the Enemy watching the ports they're still in trouble Vega.

Force One can only fly on the island so it can't get the sunny out to sea even Shaka has to respect the enemy's competence they're in a bad situation Vega Punk Lilith is actually happy to hear that raising a massive science fiction gun that means this is going to be a fight and she's also excited to avenge Atlas and take out some cp0.

Agents Shaka shuts down that idea while Pythagoras points out that cyber poles shouldn't be able to reach them up in the lab stratum they aren't in danger just yet the original vegapunk seems nervous at the prospect of having to fight their way past cp0 York and Edison aren't even focusing on their situations sticking with eating and inventing.

Respectively poor shock it's just radiating I'm surrounded by Fool's energy at this point it's hard to blame him he's very much the same as the normal one in this quirky family still Lilith is not just accepting her older brother's words asking him straight up why can't they fight back cp0 is trying to kill them all if ever there was a.

Time that some necessary evil was justified it's now they should throw all the weapons they can down at the factory Lair now that it has been evacuated Shaka is composed and coldly logical as far as he's concerned taking scp-0 is simply not their objective avenging Punk Atlas doesn't matter to him the only thing they have to do is get the.

Original Vega Punk off the island these satellites are expandable as far as he's concerned including himself shaka's not directly concern about Lilith dying but her going down there trying to get a bit of Revenge on cp0 wouldn't help them get the Stella body out of here and losing her will rob them of some resources they could use to accomplish their actual.

Goal interestingly Grandpa vegapon seems uncomfortable with the idea of these satellites considering themselves as Expendable Lilith accepts it unquestionably even calling Shaka a goody goody for standing by the point but the original Vega Punk doesn't want these satellites to die saving him is there more to their existence that he is.

Not telling us he's already worried about sento Maru sweating at the prospect of his loyal bodyguard in cp0's hands while he's freaking about that however Pythagoras has an interesting question apparently team bigapunk has another Ally on Egghead Island someone they haven't asked to assist them so far should they do so now it would seem like.

A no-brainer at this point but Punk Edison objects the idea the little guy is worried that asking this mysterious Ally to step in would put them at risk he notes that this strange figure would have nowhere left to hide if they are in the world government sites this is intriguing there's someone else on Egghead Island hiding from the world.

Government someone dengapong trusted to live with them who might have the power to help pun's Escape cp0's attack as someone the vegapunks believe would want to fight the world government to help them regardless the Stella body isn't letting politeness hold him back he's immediately talking to this mystery person over denden Mushi practically.

Begging them to save him Edison and Pythagoras are astounded by their creators utter shamelessness and asking someone to put themselves In Harm's Way like that still the mystery Ally doesn't seem offended instead they claim they have always been ready for this order and sound pretty calm about it interesting choice of words order could.

That be a hint as to this person's identity someone used to obeying other people's commands there aren't a lot of easy options already established that could fit these criteria a lot of fans are speculating that this might be Stussy given the cover page of chapter 1071 featuring a shot of Mads that seems to include her but how could sucia.

Taking a call like this while standing right next to the other members of cp0 Judge and Caesar shouldn't be on the island how many old allies does vegapunk have regardless that's enough for the Stella body the old man hangs up the denden mushy jumping for joy he's convinced this mystery Ally can be counted on to save them all Edison also.

Falls upward full of Glee as far as the little punks concerned everything's come out perfectly the progenitor has secured passage on the Thousand Sunny cp0 will be kept busy by the mysterious Ally it's all coming together Lilith holsters a rifle this isn't her preferred plan but she won't argue with it she's happy to get her family out to.

Port with the vegoforce one while Cipher pole is distracted Shaka approves of that idea prompting Lilith to object to him acting like he's in charge these guys radiate so much sibling energy bickering even when they agree on what to do they seem much more like family than facets of the same person everything now settled vegapunk Stella.

Heads over to the lounge while these straw hats are waiting announcing that they are all packed as such he'd like them to take all seven Vega punks of the sunny this is not something these straw hats were ready for usop games at the idea of all these quirky scientists born in the sunny and Nami mutters that it sounds like a pain still their fellow.

Crew members seem more positive Sanji was just happy to have his legs free now that he knows Lilith is going to be joining them on the sunny for a while he's over the moon and Frankie's surprise surprise is just as enthusiastic at the idea of having seven different incarnations of his mentor travel with him aboard the sunny it's.

Gotta Be Like Heaven for him unfortunately Luffy and Chopper are having a much less enjoyable time elsewhere in the lab they're currently trying to chase down Bonnie racing through the corridors to keep up with her interestingly they pass an area marked Bay seven confirmation that all seven of the original shishibukai were.

Included in the seraphim program it doesn't match the design of the seraphim tank room we saw earlier but it is potentially worth noting regardless unfortunately Luffy and Chopper don't have time to take in the scenery they're busy trying to keep up with the Furious Bonnie who is yelling about that cowardly vegapunk as far as the pirate.

Princess is concerned using bugs against her is a new low Luffy protests that he promised get the old man off of Egghead in one piece that might not be the one piece he's looking for but he still gave his word so Bonnie can't beat him up before the straw hats can catch up with her however a loud beep Echoes through the level phase all over Egghead Island.

A pre-recorded message plays over the PA blaring in a harsh metallic voice labo stratum Frontier Dome defenses are Now offline the front your Dome is offline the frontier Dome is offline the message repeats itself again and again like it's rubbing salt in the wound all the remaining Vega punks simply stand there stunned what just happened who disabled.

The Dome why they're one impenetrable defense against Cypher pole has just vanished for no apparent reason no amount of scientific genius can protect you from a plot twist littlest snarls at Pythagoras asking if someone is in the control room that's the obvious answer some kind of Saboteur who lowered the defenses to help Cypher pole the big guy.

Checks a screen before confirming no according to the sensors no one's there he can't explain this could vegapunk's new ally be less than loyal they're the only other person we know of on the island perhaps they thought the Navy would be a better bet than the Pirates on the ground we see cp0 surprisingly they seem just as confused as the Vega.

Punks are by this announcement this wasn't some plan from the three of them Kaku is ready to jump back up there regardless happy to take this chance to accomplish their mission surprisingly it's Rob who holds a team back as much as he wants to take down the straw hats Lucci's no fool logically this should be a trap the malfunction's timing is far.

Too convenient for them if they all get Sat by the Dome that could give the straw has a chance to get Vega punk out of there stucon silent for the moment if this was her work she's not taking credit for it but she doesn't take a side between going up or staying put ultimately bravery wins out over fear for the Assassin Trio these separable.

Agents launch themselves upwards via gepho taking in the cloud Arab eckhead Island as they rise above the Dome Kaku is excited this actually worked Luchi is more somber recognizing that they seem to have penetrated an impenetrable barrier through pure blind luck given his focus on personal skill a victory one like this must be Bittersweet he.

Muses to himself for this to happen with her life at stake the heavens have abandoned you Vega Punk while he likely meant it in a more spiritual sense given cp0 status as agents of these Celestial dragons and the fact that the frontier Dome was cloud-based it's an impressive bit of triple meaning every variety of Heaven is now against the good doctor.

Stussy points out the Thousand Sunny now that it is in their line of sight Kaku is more wowed by the Vega Force One parked next to it still all struck by all this technology Luchi is quick to bring his comrade back on task they've already taken out every ship docked at Egghead they just need to destroy this one and vegapunk will have no way to.

Escape Kaku is eager for the job grinning as he unleashes a massive ronkaku slides towards both the sunny and the Vega Forest that's a massive Step Up From Any past use of the technique we have seen even from a veteran agent Kaku isn't playing around in the time between Kaku calling his attack and hitting the sunny a familiar.

Figure slowly wakes up clearing his head and unsheath the sword it just takes him one perfect counter slash to dispersy compressed air that form the attack Kaku grimaces at the failure as Rono azoro nurses his head demanding to know who interrupted his nap seeing the Moss headed swordsman is enough to shot Kaku for some reason the square nose assassin.

Games breaking into a cold sweat and yeah abject terror is a pretty fair reaction to learning you have to fight Zorro but why is Kaku so surprised by this he knew that Luffy was here he was right there when Straw Hat was fighting Luchi he saw jimbei and Chopper too did he not think the rest of these straw hats were with them back in the control.

Room the Vega punks are struggling to catch up with everything that is happening events are moving far faster than they could have anticipated thankfully punt daggers has re-engaged the frontier Dome cp0 won't be getting reinforcements from the ground still Lucci's team is already up in the cloud Lair with them the team was too late to.

Keep him out Shaka works out quickly what Luchi will do they only have one ship left so the Assassins will prioritize taking it out Pythagoras confirms that they are already doing so he has Zoro and Kaku up on screen the two trading blows on roughly even footing he's worried that if they don't go and back the samurai up they're at.

Risk of losing their way out Lilith is quick to withdraw her rifle more than happy to oblige it looks like she's going to get that chance to avenge Atlas after all elsewhere in the lab Luffy's finally found his crew the straw hats are happy to see their Captain but the reunion quickly turns Bittersweet Luffy doesn't seem to get why they have to.

Leave already he's had a good time on Egghead he doesn't want to rush their departure there are probably other cool things to see and more food to try usof is conflicted he also wants to stay but knows that it's a bad idea Nami points out that he's already run into Rob Luchi he should know why sticking around isn't really in the cards Luffy and miss that.

He saw a pigeon guy but is seemingly about to suggest some reason to not lead anyway however he is distracted by a reminder he was looking for Bonnie he asked these straw hats if they've seen her no one has but Robin knows that someone what else appears to be missing vegapunk and yes these two be missing is not a coincidence Bonnie is already.

Chasing the old man across the lab smashing things left and right as she tries to catch up to him vegapunk's Stellar protests that they don't have time for this and he's happy to explain Bonnie isn't in the mood to listen she's got a simple question for the old guy can he turn her dad back to normal or not vegapunk finally admits that he.

Can't but protester there is a reason for that if he can explain it to Bonnie before she kills him that remains to be seen because before that happens it's time for us to join the kid pirates yeah it's their ship the Victoria Punk sailing through some tough Waters in The New World the crew sees a giant fish one about the size of their entire ship and.

The faint silhouette of some great Mass lurking through the fog first made killer checks a small piece of parchment before telling his captain to wake up they're near land he needs to know if they're clear to go scouted out the groggy kid is annoyed to be asked that question when has ever refused to explore an island killer gets that but.

Points out that their current location isn't exactly normal he's convinced they've reached the home of the Giants elbaf kid is surprised by that he hadn't expected to come here but because Oda is Oda rather than giving us a proper look at the eyelid he has been teasing us with for almost 1 000 chapters of manga we cut away and cut away to the third.

Plot twist of the chapter we're back at G14 the Marine base near Egghead and before we see anyone we hear viadend and Mushi that an unexpected party is getting involved Yes Monkey D GARP himself is on the line to the Naval Base seemingly requesting reinforcements vice admiral Dahl insists that they can't spare any other men they've been ordered.

To head to Egghead and back up cp0 and now Garf wants to launch an offensive against a different yonko Dahl asked if he's even cleared it with Naval command Garfield's outright surprised at the question doll size she should have expected anything different ultimately though GARP simply decides it is fine and tells Dahl not to worry about it.

He's already here anyway he'll just take the men he wants and go he yells for hell mepo to get out here the Marines start to panic at that even with the Marine sign on GARP sales they're starting to worry that it is a pirate attack it takes them a minute to work out the design of the ship and realize who has actually shown up coming to the.

Window hell meth book and barely contain himself just blubbering about what happened he tries to tell Garth that Kobe's been captured and he couldn't help the old man waves that aside though he just wants held mepo to get on board already he's down to head to Blackbeard's home turf beat up anyone in his way and save Kobe hell mepo and.

Hibadi are both in tears at this the hero of the Marines has arrived things are moving fast we're used to only catching up with ongoing plot lines between arcs but Oda is making it clear right now that time is a factor the world won't slow down for the straw hats will guard be able to make it okay will Kuma survive whatever's waiting for him.

In the shadow of Mary Joyce and who on Earth turned off the frontier Dome throw us your ideas in the comments as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you