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THE STRONGEST DEMON SLAYER!? Full Demon Slayer Timeline Explained – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Within the commit to know yabby universe there is only one group that can defeat the ultimate evil and his pawns the demon slayer core the origins of the core can be easily overlooked due to the other chaotic events within the series and so for you today we will be diving into their mythos the heian period 794-1185.

The history of the demon slayer corps begins with a curse during the heian period hibitsushimuzon becomes the first demon his very existence damns it ubishiki clan the families are related after all after muzan's betrayal of humanity every child born in the ubishiki household is born with weak bodies dying at less than 30 years old.

Leaving the family to near extinction the clan saw guidance from a priest who instructed them that their destruction could only be stopped that they kill muzon who is a distant relative to the course previous leader kageya ubyashiki funnily enough kagaya and muzon also share similar physical characteristics it's another aspect that reinforces the.

Ubishiki family and muzon as foils opposite of the same coin the priest's family is intertwined with the ubiashiki kagaya's wife is a former priestess from that bloodline muzon's very nature can be best summarized in kageya's own words the clan gave birth to a monster like you muzon is the curse of yashiki family must exercise which leaves the birth of.

The demon slayer core this organization has two goals to eradicate muzon and his legion to join the corps a demon slayer must first complete final selection and can work their way up the ranks now about final selection it is a brutal week-long survival test atop a mountain infested with demons after making it through the dangers surviving swordsmen.

Are given a crow and allowed to pick the ore for their blade the katanas themselves are known for changing color with different breathing styles producing different colors for example sun breathers will have a black sword while a water breathing user will have a blue sword this color changing aspect is a unique indicator that further says the.

Breathing cells apart but before we go any further into the core be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today there are exactly 10 ranks beginning at mizunoto and ending in quinoa players can view their rank because of the wisteria flower engraving.

Which is activated by clenching their fists and saying a password however the highest tier is reserved for the greatest of swordsmen the hashira to be eligible slayers must kill 50 lower level demons or one of the 12 kizuki this is a feat in and of itself considering the 12 kizuki have killed many swordsmen throughout their long.

Lives fun fact in every era there has been one flame ashira and one water ashira both water and flame are common styles plus flame breathing is passed down through generations in the rengoku home besides a gap in power there is a salary gap between ashira and other slayers the lowest rank is only paid 20 000 yen in modern terms this is roughly.

157 usd due to inflation this isn't a bad budget for beginner slayers everything was less expensive during that period after all meanwhile the yashira are paid literally whatever they want and that's because ashira are usually assigned to 12 kizuki missions it is important to note that all this money comes from the ubishiki family's.

Ability to see into the future which also saves the family from disaster the hashira can also take on proteges otherwise known as suguko these are swordsmen who will be the hashira successor they either apply and are accepted or are scouted by a hashira while on the subject of powerful swordsmen there is only one that not.

Only invents breathing styles but pioneers a golden age for swordsmen send goku period 1467 to during the sengoku era yurichi tsujikuni taught slayer's breathing techniques which they used to improve upon established styles these original techniques were water flame wind thunder.

And stone interestingly enough the original breathing styles themselves are all elements well except maybe stone these new techniques allow slayers to kill demons more effectively bringing about a golden era for demon slaying in fact these advanced breathing styles awaken marked ones players who can unlock their true potential via a.

Mysterious mark on their body there is no other recorded appearance of the demon slayer mark besides yurichi who was born with it through him the mark spread to other slayers even reaching his own brother but there is an exchange for this power marked ones have their lifespans cut short according to a legend slayers with marx only lived to.

The age of 25. the grim nature of being marked is exactly why yurichi's brother michikatsu commits betrayal while yurichi advanced towards manship his brother stunted it yurichi himself not only comes face to face with muzan but almost kills the demon lord meanwhile muzon gives yurichi's brother a proposal he cannot refuse if you become a demon.

You can live forever michikatu then betrays the corps by becoming a demon known as kokushibo upper moon 1 and beheads their leader at the time his death creates a domino effect within the core with both brothers bringing forth the beginning and the end of advancement for slayers firstly yurichi is exiled from the demonstr which leads to the.

Comodo family learning sun breathing truthfully the komodo family were the best option to be the keepers of such a powerful breathing style they are able to hide it for centuries as a dance secondly the leader's death also led to the creation of the kakushi and swordsmith village the kakushi are responsible for the secrecy the corps is.

Surrounded in despite killing demons and having such iconic garb the core lacks any government recognition it's peculiar that such a powerful organization is hidden from the government yet this can be explained by the non-combatant group within the core the kakushi those members are like a jack of all trades they serve as a cleanup crew after.

Battles they sell uniforms and they carry slayers to and from swordsmith village the village itself is where blades are fixed and created it is just as secretive as the location of the chorus headquarters it may additionally be assumed that bodyguards were also utilized hasher themselves could have been bodyguards at this time however by.

The taisho period they'll thubyashiki clan hadn't used bodyguards for several generations if it weren't bad enough the rise of demons stamped out the golden age muzon went on to murder slayers especially sun breathers clearly his near-death experience with yurichi led to muzon wanting to eradicate sun breathers entirely his slaughter almost.

Led to their extinction not to mention the court itself would continue to grow weaker the lack of swordsman continues even 300 years later since only a handful of swordsmen passed final selection yet this drastic change and violence within the course history isn't necessarily well known the only written account was recorded by a flame ashira.

Plus other swordsmen weren't too keen to discuss the mark considering some didn't even develop it this combined with the history of being lost due to a lack of records is exactly why being marked was considered to be nothing but a myth in fact in the taisho period the only written record that survives simply says when the marked one arrives the mark.

Will appear on others around that person as stated before the core is still active in the taisho era a time that sees the death of muzon and the ending of the core edo period 1604-1867 during the edo period the wisteria crested safe house has started occupation they take care of slayers free of charge as well as offer medical.

Assistance the family was once saved from demons so they continue to repay that debt providing such hospitality to weary slayers that greatly needed if not unique service this continues even in the tai sho period as seen when they take care of the kamaboko squad then in the 1860s almost at the end of the edo period a young sakonji rokonaki former.

Water ashira defeats and then traps the infamous hand demon on mount fuji kasane considering the power of this demon and the fact that it was caught by sakonji it can be assumed that he was already the water ashira at the time fun fact mount fuji casane is the exact mountain final selection is held on taisho period 1912-1926.

Sometime later in the tai sho period time zoro comodo joins the demon slayer core his membership is rather unorthodox considering he carries around his demon sister her existence alone is why tanjiro is put on trial by the hashira something yurichi as someone with a demon sibling as well did not experience this means that this way of formal.

Problem solving was developed after his lifetime on the topic of time several things have changed since the sengoku era the most recent leader kageya is growing sickly he inherited the title of core head early in life like others have at just four years old commanding a group of swordsmen is such an undertaking in and of itself especially.

For a child speaking of swordsman the organization has nine nishira and one suguko besides that there is an official uniform for slayers it is cold heat and semi-demon resistant unfortunately though the clothing is not resistant to any of the 12 kizuki it is quite interesting that the core developed a garment that is resistant to lower level.

Demons perhaps it has something to do with the iconic wisteria within the series the uniform itself is reminiscent of a japanese school uniform specifically a gakuran besides that not much has changed in the past 300 years that being said this period sees the death of many and at last a world free of demons first during the mission on.

The mugen train flame bashira kyogre rengoku dies his death marks the end of flame of shiro within the core and is the first of the hashira in four years gyojro does not die in vain though while his death is admittedly a big deal for the corps he leaves behind words that resonate with tundra set your heart ablaze his words of encouragement are.

Probably some of the most well known in modern anime and manga yet this sad end couple with sound ashira tengen uzui almost dying and going into retirement shows the exact disadvantage the corps continued to be at it is something even the serpent ashira is aware of commenting that younger swordsmen do not live as long that is until tandra.

Awakens the demon slayer mark while fighting upper moon 6 gyutaro the mark itself is first seen by the demon who immediately notices how powerful it makes tanzro the upper moon is afraid of him exclaiming this brat is gonna cut off my head shortly after the mark resonates with tanjuro it spreads just like urichis did the parallels between.

The two sun breathers only served to cement muzon's eventual defeat two hashira muitro tokito and mitsuri kanroji awaken their marks next they are the first of several hashira to gain the demon's layer mark the importance revolving around the mark is enough for an emergency hashira meeting to be held despite the leader kageya being too sick.

To attend the urgency to manifest a mark is not just because a marked one almost defeated muzon but also because tantra's demon's sister nezuko gained the ability to withstand sunlight according to kageya's wife this will encourage muzon to track her down in order to conquer the sun himself muzon will stop at nothing to finally walk in sunlight.

Meaning his pursuit could lead to a full-scale battle thankfully muichiro was able to explain how he manifested the mark raising one's body temperature above 102 degrees fahrenheit and their heart rate over 200 beats per minute these very conditions mimic a fever and prove just how physically adept the hashira are in muichiro's own words.

Survival is what separates those who manifest the mark from those who don't it's wanting to survive a life or death situation and going beyond one's limits something the ashira are no doubt used to therefore it's important every hashira trains enough to conjure the demon slayer mark regardless of the fact that they will die early more marked.

Ones especially elite swordsmen like the ashira can only help their cause against muzon while on the topic of ashira they aren't the only ones training every other swordsman is expected to partake in something known as ashira training the training is meant to improve the skills and overall health of not only the lower ranked slayers but hashira as.

Well it is a series of nightmarish lessons consisting of training for stamina flexibility swordsmanship and strength each section is spearheaded by a different ashira who specializes in it and despite how domanity training is it doesn't last long because muzon finally decides to strike he finds kageya's location and has a talk with him that.

Seals both their fates as each moment passes this meeting sets off a chain of events that changes the core forever to begin these slayers and hashira are urgently summoned to the ubiashiki mansion is a mad dash to get there especially for the ashira because they all share such a personal link to kageya a direct attack on the core's leader.

Probably hasn't happened in some years as well maybe even since he sent goku era unfortunately these swordsmen are too late before them stands a massive fireball that was once a mansion all that's left in the wreckage in front of the slayers is none other than the very embodiment of evil himself a regenerating muzon however the core.

Isn't unprepared for what has occurred they have a plan to defeat moves on but before we get into that it is important to note that with kageya's death the new leader of the court is his eight-year-old son kiriya and he must command the corps through the battle against the progenitor of demons kibitsuji muzan the stone ishira gyome.

Himejima is the first to confront muzon he's informed of the plan by kageya geome was the only slayer he could tell because the others would not allow kagaya to use himself as bait gyome willing to follow through only shows he can see the bigger picture the greater good kagaya's sacrifice is one no one else will permit him to commit after all.

The head of the corps is such a valuable important person kageya acting as bait is only one part of the grand scheme to take muzon down though the second part insect ashira shinobu kocho worked with the demon tamayo to produce two poisons one will attempt to revert muzan back to human while the other will age him 50 years every minute weakening him is he.

Core's best bet to contend with muzon and keep him out until sunlight he has seven hearts and five brains that he can rearrange at will so simply beheading him is out of the question following him to daybreak is he core's only option to defeat such a formidable evil thankfully other ashira and swordsmen arrive to back up gyome even seasoned swordsmen.

Like the ashira are afraid at the site of muzon but before anyone can take on the demon king they are transported into the depths of the infinity castle just as everyone descends muzon declares you're all going to hell ironic considering muzon will be among those dead this is the final stand between good and evil several fights occur.

Within the castle so let's do a quick rundown akaza is defeated by water ashira gyutomiyoka and tanjiro the yakuza fight is probably one of my favorites from this arc seeing as the themes in action are unmatched meanwhile shinobu is killed by the demon doma but her death is avenged by her suguko kanaosuyuri and inosuke hashibira the.

Nizu agatsuma manages to singlehandedly kill an upper moon himself granted it was a close battle if kaigaku wasn't so new to his power zenitsu would have lost although to be fair he didn't manifest a demon slayer mark so he probably would have won either way it just came down to narrative decision making the other moons can't be defeated with just one.

Slayer though kokoshiba who we mentioned before is only taken down with the man power of four swordsmen three of them being hashira in fact this fight also leads to knowledge that was once forgotten to the ages players who have unlocked their mark and turned the nature in blades bright red whether it be by friction holding it in a strong.

Grip or simply by nature the bright red katana is able to stop edema's regeneration down to the molecular level this serves as a core's trump card against muzon he regenerates so quickly but can shake the searing pain and disfiguration a red blade causes speaking of muzon he takes on a battle form that can only be described as.

Grotesque multiple hungry mouths decorate his body at last muzon's hideous nature can be seen outwardly then after the respective fights these surviving swordsmen are ejected from the castle onto the street there both slayers and hashira take on the demon king during which time muzon's toxic blood almost kills them if it weren't.

For the antidote created by the late tamayo the core wouldn't have failed muzon but of course muzon's death is not without tragedy there are a lot of swordsmen lost within the core even among the shira the demon king's death isn't even brought about with a sword he dies according to plan from direct sunlight muzon's demise marks the end of.

Demons as well as the end of the demon slayer core three months after muzon's defeat with only two hashiro remaining the core officially disbands modern era interestingly enough this isn't all for the core skipping ahead to more modern times the descendant of nezuko and zunitsu reads his great grandfather's retelling of the battle against muzon.

The story brings him to tears dean zinitsu's great-grandson reed the tail is a fun tie-in to the modern era and thai show besides that the last leader of the core kirya is still alive ironically he has set the record for longest living person in japan all thanks to breaking the curse finally in the commodore resonance they shrine with.

Tandro's infamous sword and a picture of the surviving corps members they are all smiling and thankful who brought about a world without demon the core have such a turbulent history riddled with strife yet they managed to eradicate demons and the demonic lord moves on they submitted themselves in history as heroes even if the tale is slightly inflated by zunitsu.

Really i wish it was more about the demon slayer core most of what we know comes from the later parts in the manga and fanbooks but with all that being said as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you.