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THE STRONGEST HASHIRA! Gyomei Himejima Full Backstory and Powers! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


One of the most iconic kashiro within kimetznoyba is none other than the stone ashira gyome himejima himself from his hard-hitting breathing techniques to his religious iconography he stands out literally amongst other characters especially amongst the hashira besides that his story is wrought with tragedy but he still perseveres it's for these.

Very reasons his story is so satisfying in itself so without further ado let's dive into the story of gyome himejima the stone ashira gyome's story begins with double tragedy his mother died giving birth to him and his father succumbed to a disease leaving gyome to be raised in a temple with relatives during his childhood gyome developed a.

Fever which led to his blindness at some point before joining the demon slayers giome looked after orphans at a temple they lived like a family something that gyome remembers fondly even saying he wanted to continue living that way unfortunately one of the children made a deal with a demon letting the monster inside and extinguishing wisteria flower.

Incense burners every child in his care was killed that night except for sayu she stayed behind gyomei as his only goal was to protect the children in fact this drive is what led gilman to discovering his true strength he beat the demon with his bare fist until dawn though in spite of his desire to save the children he's so cared for gyome.

Remembers how much he hated punching another living thing this encounters also where gilmay gains his iconic forehead scar come morning the demon became dust and gyome was blamed for the massacre the very child he sought to protect was so horrified by the attack she couldn't recount what had happened actually truthfully gyome's early life.

Like so many other kimetsunoyaba characters is fraught with strife at least until kagaya ubayashiki takes him in gyome is talented enough with his swordsmanship regardless of being blind that he's able to become a hashira in the span of two months at the age of 19. this is quite the accomplishment considering the average time to become.

Ashira ranges from two years to five that being said gyome would go on to rescue shinobu and kanaye which makes a really lasting impression on the former it can be inferred that he has a similar mentor-esque relationship with the sisters considering they convinced gilmei to introduce them to trainers and they did this of course by moving a.

Boulder with a lever there isn't a particular timeline for this considering we only know guilleme was an adult when he was taken in by ubayashiki however he's not only the oldest ashira among his peers 27 but at 7-2 he is the tallest as well and another fun fact about the character is he has a hobby of playing shakubachi which is a japanese.

Flute made from bamboo sometime after gyome is present with other hashira when tanjiro kamado is put on trial for harboring his demon sister nezuko he is characteristically saddened by the affair commenting that neither commodore sibling should have been born it's a rather dramatic statement but it fits in with guilleme's past he had to endure.

The violent slaughter of children he cared for gyomi even goes as far as to suggest they hurry up and kill tanjiro believing him to be suffering like all other ashira he is present for when ubaishiki arrives and pardons tanjiro and nezuko with his iconic tears gyome rejects us at first in fact the stone ashira is so opposed that he only.

Watches praying while obanai iguro holds down tanjiro as enemy the witness era taunts nezuko during his exchange he mutters a buddhist mantra which helps with mindfulness fun fact this mantra namu amira butsu translates to i will entrust myself to the buddha of infinite light and life anyhow ubeshiki allows both tanjiro and nezuko to continue.

Fighting for the demon slayers and announces the beginning of the ashira meeting later on after the events of mugen train he's informed of kyojiro ran goku's passing gyomy can be seen reciting the same mantra from the issuer meeting senemy's younger brother genya is also with him presumably training later on gyome is at the meeting held at.

The ubayashiki estate the meeting pertains to manifesting the demon slayer marks of course gyomi promises to achieve the mark his dedication to uashiki is unwavering and is something to really admire in his character the way he cares for people especially the trio further on is wholesome and just immense his personality as a gentle.

Giant still following that peaceful nature yom is the one who stops a potential fight between the water hashira gyutomyoka and the wind ashira the way he commands their attention in this scene really makes gyome feel like their leader in a way following this meeting the specialist era training begins the training is meant to prepare.

Swordsmen ranked lower than ashira typically hashira trained only their suguko but due to demons not appearing it was a unique circumstance this meant training with none other than the stone ashira himself turiff more on his tranquil character gyome's home is settled well within the mountains his training is rather vigorous standing.

Under waterfalls carrying three logs atop one's back and shouldering a boulder one show which is roughly 109 meters gyome's intensity is only shown further by the fact he greets both tanjiro and zunitsu while tiptoeing over a roaring fire with rocks and logs on his shoulders despite zanitsu passing out from the premise of the training.

Gyome is still rather unforgiving he suggests tanjuro throw the unconscious zenitsu into the cold river this year's training focused on the legs and hips as gyomi believes strong legs and hips are the stepping stone to accurate attacks and solid defense overall improvement in one swordsmanship technique perhaps due to his own strength building techniques.

It's no surprise that those around him notice the strength giome has tanja remarks that gyome smells different than other hashira meanwhile during her iconic fight with doma shinobu wishes she brought the same comfort gyome did no doubt due to his massive size anyone would feel more safe with someone built like the rock going against the demon.

However the training proves that guillemet isn't too adept at teaching genji advises tanjiro that in order to truly learn you have to watch guillaume first hand plus yo may employs repetitive motion which is similar to total concentration breathing by doing a repetitive action your concentration increases while genia explains gyome.

Watches them from the woods genya and gyome perform repetitive motions by remembering a memory that invokes anger or pain thereby allowing them to increase their heart rate and body temperature considering gyome can be seen crying a lot and chanting buddhist mantras one can assume he uses repetitive motion quite often the memory.

He most likely projects is probably the night of the massacre at his temple it's a sad detail for guilleme's character for sure his crying comes across as comical at first as a gag but later on it becomes something more something that only cements how much gyome truly feels speaking of gyome's feelings after he sees tanjiro's dedication to the.

Backbreaking training and his actions at the swordsmith village gyome tells tanjiro he respects him but even thanks tanjiro for his honesty because tanjiro was truly indecisive at the village yet gyome's inner thoughts reveal he is still somewhat haunted by what happened at the temple he recounts how children are pure and innocent yet lie easily and.

Are casually cruel however he thinks tanjiro is different from this it's a small moment that defines gyome as someone who can still see the good in people in fact he tells tainzero about the slaughter at the temple even saying that he wanted sayo to thank him it was all he wanted this was an experience that by his own admission left him.

Distrustful of others he tells tanjiro that he is special and passed him on the head which reminds him of sayo telling the younger slayer that he has completed training with him this moment is only made more tender by the fact that gilmay alludes to being able to see people's true intentions i have many people with the eyes of my heart so if i say this it.

Is true finally yomi promises to help tanjiro to follow the correct path even towards the end gyome assumes a mentoresque role but the training couldn't have come at a better time as muzon would visit the ubaishiki home only for it to go up in flames the sudden fire alerted all nearby demon slayers which included the ashira.

However the stoneshire is already there to provide support to the demon tamayo shortly before ubeshiki died he instructed guillemet to use him as bait for muzon in order to finally put an end to the demon founder as stated before gyome is fiercely loyal to ubayashiki the hashiro's very loyalty is why gyome is the only one obeshiki can trust with.

This plan a plan that involves keeping muzon preoccupied until daylight can destroy him during this encounter with muzon gyome is able to actually hear the demon regenerate which is faster than any others he's heard before this only lends more fuel to the idea that gyome's blindness allows him to have more perception with his other senses yommi.

Calls out to his fellow ashira letting them know that the creature before them is none other than muzan and that even if his head is cut off he won't die they try to use their breathing techniques together but are pulled into the infinity castle yomi meets up with the missed hashira muichiro tokito and they would take down multiple demons within.

The castle with gyome commenting that the demons had the strength of lower rank kizuki muichiro asked him if their master offered him as bait and gyome can only affirm it though he does say it was a dignified end gyomi doesn't seem to want to really indulge this information obesiki's sacrifice hurts him just as much as it did the other hashira.

Regardless the two press on in the castle later on muichiro is separated from gyome due to the shifting of the infinity castle the sonushira is concerned for his comrade at first but muishiro tells him to continue to move on yet gyome does run into upper rank one kokushibo tsunami genya and the previously separated mulishiro were now.

Face to face with the demon finally at one of his most defining fights and so now would be a good time to go over his swordsmanship yomi uses stone breathing and a nitrogen spiked flail and axe he uses this instead of a sword because the flail axe combo allows youme to determine the space and movement around him with his sense of hearing this.

Weapon is known to be durable kokushiba's own flesh blade couldn't cut through the chain but back to the battle gyome tells enemy to stitch his wound up while he takes on kokoshibo alone during their bout kokushibo acknowledges how much of a capable fighter gyomei is remarking that he hasn't fought someone like this in at least 300 years perhaps.

This is true gyome does successfully cut off the tip of kokoshibo's blade keep in mind kokoshibo's sword is made from his own flesh which is presumably almost as thick as mozon's because he is after all upper rank one but in spite of his talent gyome still activates his demon slayer mark in order to defeat kokoshibo and he would comment that he wanted to.

Save it from ozone it's interesting to note that his mark resembles fissure like cracks really they seem to be a callback to the namesake of his breathing style kokoshibo notices this and informs gilman that because he is over 25 he will most likely die tonight then gyome gives this speech to kokoshibo basically telling him that as.

Demon slayers as ashira they should be prepared to die at any time the sonoshira also points out that kokoshibo survived the curse by becoming a demon which as we all know is a bit of a soft spot for kokushibo the window shira is able to rejoin them and kokoshima notices the cooperation between the two due to training together both of you are.

Able to fight in sync without hurting one another in fact gooey manages to lob off one of kokoshibo's ears during this however kokoshibo isn't to be taken down so easily he's able to enter both to shira without either noticing immediately that being said gyom is able to briefly see into the transparent world alongside the other two ashira he.

Launches an attack against kokoshibo moichiro is able to stab kokushibo in the abdomen while gyome's flail took the demon's arm and shoulder off leaving a brutal crater behind using blood demon art genie is able to entrap kokoshibo in the roots of a tree unfortunately kokoshibo uses his monstrous form to free himself all while mortally injuring.

Moishiro and genya genya uses his blood demon art once more despite being literally in two pieces which allows the wind and sonashira to behead kokoshibo the upper rank one demon would regenerate his head though his form is more hideous than before he looks more beast than man that being said gyome tells enemy to keep fighting to make.

Muchiro and genye's sacrifices mean something but before any more fighting can go on kokushi will crumbles leaving only gyome and tsunemi alive in the aftermath gyome is left to put a dying genya next to his unconscious brother he also thanks the now dead moichiro for his hand in the battle with tears in his eyes he even places his happy over the.

Deceased to shira knowing that he carries the guilt of not being able to protect all of the orphans at the temple this scene hits harder with context time and time again yome is this symbol of strength that things are going to be okay and yet he cannot provide this comfort to his own young peers gyome is also present for the reunion between the.

Shinazugawa siblings and getting his immediate death afterwards his only response is to test and emi they can't stop now at least not until they defeat muzon speaking of muzon tsunemi and gyome arrived to help stall the demon founder muzon recognizes them immediately as the two slayers who killed kokoshibo gyome's introduction is.

Paired with his flail rebuffing an attack that would have certainly killed misuri a very badass entrance if i do say so myself alongside his fellow ashira gyome fights back against muzon during this he is poisoned by muzon's blood however tamayo's cat would arrive and administer an antidote to the ashira afterwards muzon would unleash a massive.

Aoe attack that knocks back the ashira but by seeing obanai's red sword gyome clacks his flail and acts together the friction causes them to turn the iconic red needed to really sear muzan he would then take the demon's shoulder clear off and then guillemet would once again see into the transparent world and realize that muzon has multiple brains and.

Hearts that move around and this is why he cannot simply be beheaded regardless muzon once again pushes back the hashira the force is enough for these slayers to literally be thrown into buildings in fact yomi is tossed into rubble and loses his leg below the knee while unconscious yurichiro tends to him noting that his blood loss and lack of.

Balance takes him out of the fight yo may really truly fights until he cannot anymore this though would spell bad news for the demon slayers as only 50 minutes remained until sunrise however yomi would manage to get back up despite his major injuries he carries the chain connecting his flail and axe in his teeth later on when muzon transforms.

Into a giant baby to escape the sun gyomi uses his chain to pull the demon lord behind him are the hakushi who lend their strength and the demented tug of war between humanity and muzon the bring moves on to the ground but the chain would snap thankfully muzon begins to succumb to the sun with this joyous news gyome knows he can finally be at rest he.

Tells the gakushi to tend to the younger slayers perhaps because gyomi knows he is dying in fact gyome's last moments have him surrounded by the lost orphans from the temple they climb around gyome saying they only wanted to protect him in this final touching moment for the stone ashira he dies surrounded by the spirits of the children he cared for as.

Well as the kakushi who held him as he died it's one of the most powerful raw moments in the series and is something that really sticks with me now many re-reads later that being said like the cast of temes no yaiba yome is also reincarnated in the future his reincarnations can be seen attending to children in a kindergarten while wearing.

A pink apron his ending is bittersweet like this in a way he cared deeply for the orphans in his care and not being able to protect them haunted him for so long so seeing him care for kids in the future is a satisfying end to the tale of the stone hashira gyome himejima thank you for watching the video to the very end let us know in the comments.

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