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THE STRONGEST IN UNIVERSE 7!? Everything is Changing – Dragon Ball Super


All right so this chapter of dragon ball super sure gave us a lot to unpack and look forward to with the last one we saw a wrap-up of the moral arc followed by the introduction of this new one helmed by a man named granola with this latest chapter we find ourselves firstly on a foreign planet in ruins.

Dead bodies were laid about as people would reign downwards from some iconic frieza four ships from there it wouldn't be long before we were able to recognize these people to be saiyans turn grey apes and actually the planet's full moon was rather clear with the previous shot.

We would then take the view of someone on the ground as they would rush forwards in an attempt to find safety only for the ceiling to cave in with one of the grey apes now forcing their way in as granola would awaken from his terrible nightmare.

One that he had apparently been having for quite some time now but with that his mission was a success and he was able to obtain og-73-i from there granola would then provide us with a bit of insight as to what exactly we just witnessed apparently he has a deep hatred for frieza.

Despite knowing frieza to have died some time ago and to make matters worse the great apes he remembered invading his home were also wiped out and so he has no way of fulfilling his revenge and yet is still haunted by his memories of the event from there we'd flash to goku who was.

Oddly enough chasing after and gripping onto the oracle fish calling for the assistance of whis whis then pulled up with a syringe and straight up vaccinated this man from there the oracle fish would be fast asleep and laid to rest apparently the poor thing had a bit of.

Insomnia which we aim to correct with a healthy dosage of vitamins however the oracle fish suffering from insomnia is a bad sign for the future although at times it could be just nothing but we know better than that this is definitely something.

Now at first goku was a bit excited by the prospect of something bad but was let down and boy is that an unhealthy association to relate terrible things yet to pass to fun fights or not even a hint of concern or worry is pretty scary behavior zeno forbid that we ever find ourselves with.

Repercussions following an arc from there we would see goku face whis having now mastered ultra instinct now the moment the battle commenced goku immediately ascended upwards and upon looming over the planet would split his key into functional duplicates of himself and in seeing this i must say that ultra.

Instinct is definitely more gimmicky than i originally believed it to be between this and the moral fight it's proven itself to be a pretty bizarre power as opposed to the consolidated and simplistic approach provided by the torment of power goku's duplicates would rush weast from all angles and be easily recognized.

And thwarted this was lightwork to him as he too would now ascend being fully aware that goku himself never came down to fight and would knock him back down he tell goku that simply copying him wasn't going to do him much good as he should develop his own.

Style now i'm curious what a more goku style ultra instinct would look like as my first reaction to seeing goku duplicate himself wasn't that this was a least move but these two would then train like this for a while as beerus and vegeta were left to just.

Watch vegeta would question if whis was using ultra instinct himself at the moment to which beerus would clarify that it wasn't so cut and dry that as an angel whis is perpetually in a state of ultra instinct whis would then open up the power scaling floodgates by telling goku that.

He's still not at the pinnacle of power that rather ultra instinct mastery is just the beginning miras possessed a greater command over it than goku and whis possessed an even greater command than that which is then exceeded by the grand priest and so there is plenty of room.

For goku to grow even stronger and at that i have to wonder the merit or use of having a mortal supersede the power of an angel like what is this working towards if anything what is the merit behind having goku be stronger than whis is that problematic is that something.

That needs to be handled i'd really question that sort of thing but continuing to observe beerus would question if vegeta also desired to master ultra instinct but as he said before the power just doesn't suit him that he'll furthermore achieve greater heights in his own way.

And i mean this is why we all love vegeta right back in the day he was just always in goku's shadow lagging behind in transformations and such but now he has no intention of following goku's lead and it seems like beerus admired this as.

Well as he would remark that ultra instinct isn't the only technique of the gods as it turns out ultra instinct is more of an angelic specialty as calm hearts and tranquility don't exactly invoke the general image of a god of destruction.

Now beerus being the damn soon today that he is would be questioned by vegeta who desired to be taught such a thing and would refuse only to then say that he'll be exercising and if vegeta sees anything that piques his interest he can feel free to steal it so not exactly direct tutelage but if.

Vegeta is able to gleam anything from this then it'll be all that more impressive and i for one am especially excited by this prospect following that we would be reunited with granola as he made his way towards a particular planetary.

After landing he'd make his way to a tower with og-73-i he'd be approached by some stereotypical anime low-life named soshiru one that would recognize the worth of such a bounty but go away once threatened granola would then face his employer with his hall being confirmed he was.

Paid in full now granola would question his employer elec in regards to his intent with the thing but elect didn't seem interested in using the creature to build an army he believed military conquest to be archaic with intel being the true boast of.

Strength and og-73-i is believed to possess a whole lot of intel granola now losing interest in the conversation would question when his next job would be only to be told that with the shifting of the universe they don't have much to offer him just yet the reason being.

That frieza has returned which shocked granola entirely with people being so scared business was a total mess and granola then getting excited would contemplate killing frieza to avenge his people and would demand his location elec would tell him that frieza is even.

More powerful than when he left and so to fight him would be futana but granola wasn't having it and would approach only to be knocked down and bodied by one of lex men granola's cash would fall all over as he would then be restrained and pinned down elec would then tell.

Granola to chill out for now as frieza was a thorn in his side as well and so it would be for the best if they work together and do so after more careful planet and once granola understood he was let go of after collecting his money and leaving.

Granola would again reiterate his desire to kill frieza now elect did all this on purpose granola's growth was exponential and all that power has since gone to his head and if he were to become stronger than gas the one who'd pinned him down they'd be in some real trouble.

The likelihood of such a thing to them was low but they couldn't take the risk and so frieza was to be the one to handle him for them but for now elect's attention was aimed towards og-73-i why because they were in search of zuno the being who knows everything in the universe.

Because again intel is a true power to them now granola was on his way to planet cereal yeah planet cereal when suddenly his ship was attacked and tailed by many others and guess what it was that loser character again granola would then flee to a nearby.

Asteroid and trick these idiots into coming aboard his ship allowing him to snipe them all out apparently granola is a cerealian an alien race whose right eyes are especially good for sniping and granola's in particular was even greater than that.

And with that i suppose the toughest theories are kinda out the door but i wouldn't be surprised if there are some influence in there yet to come which i will definitely talk about in another video granola would then threaten a lethal shot to the bum who would again leave in fear.

And with that the nature of granola is made ever apparent to us yet again he refrains from killing at all times yet with the mention of frieza it is all that he can think about but even still following this confrontation granola was left to question his own skill in comparison to frieza's as he believes.

That to avenge his people he'll need to grow stronger than anyone else which would be followed by the lucid murmurs of the oracle fish would say that the balance of the universe is shifting that the strongest warrior in universe 7 will soon.

Rise and that was a chapter these sure are some interesting developments that we will definitely need to get into with further depth in further videos so if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on and consider showing us some love on.

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