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The Tragic Death of Himiko Toga vs Uraraka Full Cinematic Fight


Monoma just used kurri's warpgate Quirk to send all the heroes and villains to different battlefields deu is supposed to be sent to the same place as shigaraki to have their epic final fight but toga managed to kidnap him at the last second and bring him where she was sent toga deu Oraka and Sue were now on an island 200 km offshore normally.

Deku's danger sense Quirk would warn him about something like this but it didn't activate at all for some reason they couldn't teleport Deku away so he would have to get to shigaraki on his own but while Deku and Oraka were talking toga rushed into attack with knives in her hands she told Deku not to go she'd say that she loves him so she really didn't.

Want him to leave was shocked that again his danger sense hadn't triggered it wasn't able to perceive her as a threat he wondered what toga wanted from him toga began to blush as Mayhem ensued behind her what she wanted was for deu to be her boyfriend Deku realized that the reason his dangerous sense wasn't activating was because when toga hurts.

Someone she doesn't out of pure genuine affection had faced toga a good amount of times by this point but because she was never totally direct about her interest in himu never realized how she felt stunned he asked if she just said boyfriend blushing and totally shocked he wondered what in the world she was talking about with her hands on her face.

Toga admitted that she had loved him since she first laid eyes on him back then he was covered in blood and looked a lot like her first crush she tellu how cool he is and with a twisted expression toga told deu that she wants to be him she'd ask him to let her suck his blood bulldozing straight through the crazy deu wondered if by boyfriend she meant a.

Guy you'd take to the amusement park for a date one who you'd hold hands with or even split a crepe with hearing deku's romantic ideas left Oraka shaking like a hungry animal bogga let Deku know that her idea of Love is becoming that person she's with it was the only way she'd feel satisfied as the waves crack flash against her body toga asked the hero a.

Very important question what did he want to do to her duraka shuddered it was the same question toga had asked her months ago deu told toga that he didn't know he always wanted to be strong like all might so he knew how she felt he understood how trying to be like someone else can feel fulfilling but even then he couldn't imagine wanting to share the.

Same heart and mind as all might and he would never want to hurt so many loves toga did not like this response she gave him a pain smile she remembered being asked why she couldn't just be normal along with her quest for her to act like a normal little girl she remembered how curious from the metal Liberation Army looked down on her like her life was.

Totally pitiful she remembered uraka telling her that if she's going to live as she pleases then she'll also have to live with the consequences something switched in toga Deku still wasn't able to censor so this was a terrible matchup for him toga told Deku that he's just like aaka and just like her mom and dad toga blitzed towards her prey with new.

Support item technology she tellu that like them he thinks Heroes and the people they protect are the only ones that count as real people as Deku thought about how sad toga looked from behind she would tell him that people like him and her were destined to be a part toga flanked Deku weapons drawn but Oraka was there to stop her she grabbed.

Hold of the villain and let her know that ever since they met during the last war she'd been thinking hard about her toga told the girl that she hadn't been on her mind in the slightest at least not anymore she thought that maybe she'd have a chance to death but now she knew that could never be so she was over it all now the world.

Rejected her so she rejected the world toga loomed ever closer to piercing uraka she thought it was sad she was sure that uraka would understand her and this was because they fell for the same person but Sue kicked toga away before she could push her knife any deeper or finish her sentence neku checked if Oraka was hurt but it was just a scratch.

Although toga probably had her blood now Su told deu that he needs to leave talking about Romance was the last thing he needed to be doing right now before he left Oraka called deku's name she told him to get shigaraki he remembered their private talk before the fighting started while Outside The makeship Fortress Troy Deku noticed Oraka was.

Alone outside the two stood together looking over the wide expanse turning Deku thanked Oraka for what she had done the word she shared about him when he returned to UA deu apologized for not being able to find the right moment to say anything until now but he really was thankful Raa was a bit embarrassed and flustered she told him not to sweat it.

Scratching his head Deku wondered what she was doing out here she admitted that she was just looking at the city there was a brief pause between them eventually Oraka piped up and said that she's kind of weird butu was quick to correct her she wasn't weird at all she's strong and brave and her hair knew suits her perfectly he was prepared to.

Keep going but Oraka interrupted him and said that that is not what she meant she also did not see that coming apparently when Oraka was shouting on top of of UA about Deku thoughts of toga popped in her head too she tell him about how she fought her during ganto maka's Rampage toga said something to her and at the time Oraka fired back with things that.

She thought were obvious but she couldn't help but notice how sad toga looked after hearing her reply looking at the ruined City she reminded herself that the villains did this they stole people's lives and happiness she couldn't even fathom the possibility of forgiving toga they were way past that now she knew that but she also knows.

That toga is a person too and a person that she really didn't understand so she was just out here looking at the city so she never forgets the horrors she saw that day she wanted to force ridiculous thoughts out of her head but before she could completely dismiss her thoughts as nonsense deu interrupted and admitted that he feels the same he has a similar.

Sense of uncertainty when it comes to shigaraki raka was surprised to hear this then she smiled she figured they were both a little weird then Deku and Oraka promised to stop them in the present Deku looked a bit uncertain but uraka just smiled and wished him good luck toga began to get back up she'd say how hard it was to be her even though.

She was so full of love Oraka shouted for deu to go as he moved as fast as he could Oraka let Sue know that he gotten away and she was happy to hear it she didn't think Deku would be able to ignore toa's words and she didn't say this out loud but she also didn't wantu to find out how uraka feels about him at a time like this toga was fed up she.

Loved them all but was done she was ready to really be herself all she really wanted was to live the way that feels natural to her clutching onto her pouch she thought of twice declaring her name toga was now fully prepared to take the heroes down raka also planned on living according to her own desires and declared her name as well once de was.

Gone uraka and Sue fought against toga for a while after intercepting toa's attack on Sue from behind thanks for martial arts training uraka had a sudden realization the trick toga uses to conceal her presence is pretty much a form of misdirection she was sure it was a complex and nuanced move but one that definitely had a limit on how many.

Attackers she could evade at once once toga Broke Free from her grip Oraka shouted at her to come back the number of villains in this location were thinning out toga knew that the more people they lost the harder it would be for her to avoid capture she also knew that the amount of twice his blood that she had on her would only be good for a.

30 to 40-minute transformation she could totally go buck wild with it right now and regain the numbers Advantage but in the end her Rampage would be stuck on this isolated island before Now toa's actions were hardly ever driven by any sort of big picture strategy she couldn't think of any real way to quickly leave this location things were.

Not looking good for her but thanks to her recent experiences toga had now completely transformed into a fully-fledged villain lifting the vial over her outstretched tongue toga finally decided that she would just do what she's meant to do and bet on Spinner's success this was the moment Sue had been waiting for they expected.

Toga to have some blood on her the amphibious hero wondered whose blood it might be all for ones shigaraki maybe whatever the case she didn't want to wait and find out so she destroyed the vile with her tongue but it was a Checkmate toga knew Sue well enough to realized that she is a very level-headed hero which is why she brought along the.

Decoy that was just destroyed and this decoy was one that contained a chemical from all for one that attracts nomu suo was immedi L attacked as zaka was left to brace against the impact and cry out her friend's name but when she saw her again there were two Su toga didn't hesitate she drank the real vile as Sue she suddenly shipped it into the form of.

Her dead friend twice and began creating many doubles of him and miraculously at the same time a dark warp gate portal opened up in front of her uraka couldn't react fast enough kuriri emerged and explained his objective of saving shigaraki and his allies now looking at toga he asked her what she wanted to do her response was simple she wanted to.

Slaughter all the heroes beginning with the man that killed twice Hawks she then told kuriri to send her to his location Oraka shot out her grappling hooks as she demanded that toga return the twice clones removed Ora's hooks she then shouted that the two of them hadn't had a chance to talk about romance yet Sue was still getting back up and was.

Stunned by her friend's words here toa's eyes went wide too but she continued to move through the portal she would depart while admitting that she wishes they could have had such a talk but it was too late for that now once she made it to the ruins of the gunga mountain Villa Hawks immediately noticed her Hawks had killed twice and destroyed all samples.

Of the villain's blood to avoid this exact situation he soon realized that this must have somehow been DB's doing which it had been an absolute sea of toga twice clones would infinitely duplicate and totally sworn the battlefield but uraka wasn't done yet Su wrapped her tongue around the gravitate ational hero as she rushed through the.

Portal at the last second ururaka refused to lose sight of toga again as the two young Heroes fell towards a twice Army toga looked at them and realized that ururaka could not take a hint with her face partially exposed she told ururaka that she's not some blushing school girl in love anymore the heroes began scrambling to offend a this.

Infinite Force but it didn't take long for Hawks and all for one to realiz that despite this major shift in their battle too's Clone Army wasn't as dangerous or as optimal as if could have been if she would have immediately transformed into all for one or Dobby and made doubles of them the war would have been decided then and there but for whatever reason.

Toga couldn't do that considering her feelings of love could be the deciding factor here Sue feared that that might change which was why they needed to find the real toga very quickly Baraka wondered how she'd be able to do that what might give toga away toga continue to chant the words all heroes must die in her head she knew that she loves both.

Shigaraki and Toya even when she tested it before the big battle it still didn't work as intended she wondered what was wrong with her why couldn't she use their quirks at the same time her desire to kill the heroes was only growing while fighting countless twice clones because Oraka always Lov seeing people happy she quickly took notice of one of.

Them with tears in their eyes sometime later after all for one had escaped the battlefield and Dobby had been defeated toga turned with tears in her eyes she remembered what Dobby had said outside of her family home that they should both smile that smiling is why they live their lives as many of the twice clones began to Dogpile Oraka toga wondered if.

Her dead friend had managed to smile in the end ururaka looked at her with piercing eyes of determination the twice clones continue to chant all heroes must die Pixie bob was barely holding on at this point it didn't take long for both her and tiger to be overwhelmed and taken in by the unending forces this was sad man's death parade there was no.

Doubt that if this kept up this horde would overwhelm the surrounding area and lead to the deaths of several characters like Shoto AA and Hawks among plenty others uraka refused to give up floating above a makeshift pillar of twice clones uraka was told to drop dead they swiped at her but only managed to knock off her earpiece at the same time toga wondered.

How things went for dbby she wondered if it had happened again had she lost someone she cares about yet again but while she was lost in thought Oraka grabbed hold of her with one of her zip lines from there she used her super move zero gravity space walk to swing past the horde while toga began cutting the wire with her knife Oraka told her that.

Although they haven't shared much since last summer she had a major change of heart toga angrily told the girl again that it was too late for that Oraka apologized for the delay but in the end she was able to find her toga told her to shut up but Oraka would not stop she noticed that toga was crying after she failed to use her friend's quirks she.

Pointed out that to toga can't do everything twice could she couldn't totally become him Oraka thought back to Sue's hypothesis that toa's love doesn't extend to shigaraki and the others so she can't use their quirks Oraka disagreed seeing toa's tears told her everything she needed to know toga had blood lust mixed in with her feelings.

Because of this she wasn't working off of pure love these words pissed toga off so much that it compromised her form and partially revealed her face beneath the twice disguise she tell the hero to shut the hell up as the twice clones around her began to bring something to the surface toga told her enemy that she didn't know the first thing about her.

Much to Ora's horror toga revealed that she had captured Sue and bound her with a bunch of twice his reinforced tape measures Oraka was still Tethered to toga but by this point some twice clones had started to climb along it towards her while she was concerned about her friend Oraka became surrounded herself after being hurt back on the island Sue.

Was really in no condition to obade The Horde TOA furiously explained why Oraka couldn't possibly know the first thing about her she explained that Oraka had never wanted for anything she'd say that the girl had always followed the rules and she concluded this tangent with the fact that Oraka had been born into a perfectly livable life thinking back on.

Her own childhood after bringing a dead Sparrow to her parents Togo was manhandled and thrown by her father although the bird had only fallen into the yard they assumed that their daughter had killed the innocent creature for the sake of San's blood and was now smiling with delight next she would remember the Quirk reformed woman.

That aimed to make her nice and normal this is where toa's mask of normaly came from as a child toga saw a world of love laid out before her but one that she could not relate to in the slightest their perspective on the concept was embraced and celebrated while hers was berated and shunned toa's parents were at their Wood's end when they had been.

Told that their daughter drank her friend's blood toga told them that in truth her friend had gotten hurt so she was just sucking the wound they angrily told her how abnormal that was and wondered if she didn't want to be normal at all but toga just didn't understand as tears flooded her eyes she asked them if everyone else just fights the urge to.

Be the way they want to be she wondered why nobody else sucks blood like her her parents couldn't take it anymore toa's father told her that she'd come out wrong and was rotten to the core they were disgusted to have given birth to something so inhuman in the present the late villain curious floated up to the top of toga psyche curious pointed out.

That from there toga pushed all her TR feelings down she suppressed herself and created a mask all for the sake of becoming someone else entirely uraka yanked toga towards herself and away from Sue but that didn't stop the villain from getting one last wipe in with her knife oraca shifted her own momentum in midair with her jet boots as.

Toga was pulled in she cried out Ora's Name by this time because some of toa's doubles had swallowed spray drops of blood they were now able to transform into more people there were just too many of them as she went through the crowd Sue yelled at toga she told her that she once believed that following the rules was what made someone a hero.

And that breaking those rules was what made someone a villain but right now ururaka was setting the rules and everything else aside to try and have an honest conversation with toga killing them all was one thing and beating toga was another what ururaka was trying to do was a whole lot tougher than any of that Sue hoped that too would recognize.

Ura's efforts it may have come later than the villain had wanted butu hoped that she would at least hear Oraka out but in the air Togo was in the middle of plunging her knife into uraraka's abdomen she told the hero that they were just built differently people like her always talked about happy and blessed lives but toga never got to feel any of.

That the hero's rules told her to pity the villain but toga resented the thought which brought on another of twice asking toga about her villain name before they started training against giganto Makia the league of villains were all gathered together in an abandoned building they realized that toga and shigaraki were the only ones.

Without villain names but toga refused to have one some of them tried to give her ideas but she wasn't having it after leaping out of her chair toga told them that this was why she joined the league of villains with a big smile on her face she said that she wanted to live as himo toga something she was never able to truly do before back to the battle toga.

Pulled her knife from Ora's body releasing a ton of blood gritting her teeth as blood escaped from her mouth Oraka grabbed hold of toga and told her that it wasn't pity as her jet boots assisted the bloodthirsty villain was flung away togga realized that she had been touched and was now floating but with so many clones beneath them falling.

From such a height would not be an issue toga taunted her opponent for knowing all the right things to say but toga was certain that when everything was said and done Oraka would just toss her into a cage to later be executed for her crimes the twice horde loomed behind her toga even considered the possibility that the heroes would murder her here.

And now just like they had done to twice the twice horde melded around her suspended body toga angrily told the hero that it was win or lose live or die at this point A Winner Takes all survival Grudge Match there was no turning back now panting ururaka agreed that that seemed to be the obvious Truth for the both of them toga concluded that.

If this wasn't a case of pity then it was just Ora's ego talking but toga also knew that if it was a clash of egos then the hero was as good as dead let the Sad Man's Legion begin the amassment of clones was extreme enough to almost completely cover an entire city the encircling newscasters were astonished they believed they were seeing the Quirk.

Singularity doomsday Theory become a reality that this one girl and her emotions have begun to transform the very World itself toga extended a pillar of mismatched clones at Oraka rabid countered the assault with her float enhanced gun head martial arts technique toga mocked the hero sure she'd gotten them to float but it wasn't like that.

Did any damage on its own Oraka agreed with her and that was because her cork zero gravity wasn't a power for hurting people this really frustrated toga as she recalled how uraka previously denounced her for having used zero gravity to kill despite the pain of her wounds uraka extended another line and agreed that this might all be because of.

Her ego toga had intentionally killed people there was no way they could just wipe the Slate clean here but while zipping around Raca said that when she sees toa's face it was like she had no choice so she was sure that there must have been a reason and that was because during the first war what she said made toga look so sad toga shouted back that.

Oraka was a sad one fighting through the Clones Oraka said that they both were she told the villain that she was really scared when they first met but that was because she didn't understand her she couldn't understand how a person could smile so genuinely and so strongly in such a situation toga told Oraka to shut up she remembered twice his response to.

Her villain he thought that sounded great he wanted her to kill as many people as she wanted wanted and become whoever the hell she wanted toga was crying a ton now she remembered the unkind words people had always said about her smile she told Oraka to just die already and wondered why she wouldn't Oraka acknowledged that she had.

Pushed toga away in the past along with the fact that this world might not be one where she would ever be able to be herself uraka thought about her own ego again ever since she was a little girl she had seen so many happy faces the manifestation of Ora's innocence turned to see that of to thinking of how she feels about deu.

Oraka told toga that being able to declare what she loves and do it with her entire face was amazing crying with her blood smar face Oraka told toga that her smile is perfect so perfect that she herself was jealous toga was overwhelmed by emotions as she continues to recall what everyone had always said about her smile before then extending a hand as.

Something strange began with her Quirk or Oraka shouted out that she didn't want to pretend she never saw such a Perfect Smile suddenly ururaka had blown straight through the entirety of the Sad Man's Legion with her zero gravity quirt a feat that was well beyond the assumed scope of her ability Jiro was affected too and realized that despite never.

Being touched by aaka it was as if her power was now able to spread between bodies that came into contact with one another ururaka shouted that she wouldn't be able to erase or approve of toa's many crimes but if any part of toga still felt like talking to her she was willing to give the the girl her own blood for the rest of her life as a.

Vesage of her innocence extended an arm to toga ururaka asked her once again to talk with her about romance it was clear to everyone that zerogravity was acting strangely as the horde of clones floated off the ground toga wondered what was going on now that all of her doubles were floating she wondered what would happen if she tries to make more somehow.

Even the new ones began to float immediately the villain realized that this was just like what happened to her while fighting curious on the verge of death this was a quirk Awakening camui Woods grabbed hold of Tiger but still wasn't sure if he was the real deal or not tiger argued that if he was fake he would have already melted away thanks to.

His injuries looking up he remembered how Ora's weight limit used to be three tons now it was too much to even calculate tiger could not believe how far oraca had come since last year's training camp as the blood from her stomach wound continued to pour out oraca realized that her body temperature wasn't looking good but she didn't care.

About self right now while extending a bloody hand she used her arm bracer to grab a crying toga she wanted to touch the sadness that was deep inside of toga there was now a direct line of connection between the two of them buraka explained that her family is really poor and her parents tend to have sad looks on their faces more than.

Anything else she really wanted to make them happy that's why she decided to become a hero toga was surprised oraca continued by saying that when she got older she realized that her parents weren't the only ones who needed a hero toga used all the strength she could muster to pull the young hero closer to her raqa confessed that after that she.

Fell in love with deu and right now she wants to stop toga as she was brought closer rqa proclaimed that this was who she was and this was why she was here right now once they were close enough toga kept trying to stab her enemy Oraka yelled at toga and told her to speak her mind she wanted to hear all of toa's true thoughts and feelings the villain.

Suddenly remembered the moment Dobby burned down her childhood home back then the flame villain told her that whether they were smiling or crying the sun would still come out tomorrow so he figured that the two of them should smile after all smiling is why they live their lives destroying that painful place was one of the nicest things.

Anyone had ever done for her after that toga remembered everything her entire life good bad and horrifying everything flashed through her mind as she prepared to put an end to Oraka once and for all toa's Soul looked terrifying and wicked but Oraka didn't budge she still offered herself to the monster toga was crying even more now her hand shook as she told.

Oraka about herself honestly it was easy for her to fall in love with animals with villains with Heroes with boys and even with girls after all they all had great blood flowing through them Oraka listened and urged toga to keep talking toga recounted how people told her not to smile because of this she was really jealous of everyone else Oraka kept.

Listening toga admitted that deu looks just like a boy she liked his name was Sao but it wasn't like she could just ask him for blood because these two are being their pure authentic selves they were represented as small children toga feared that if she asked for blood Sao would call her a freak or something and after that he wouldn't think she's cute.

At all that just like deu and Oraka they would all scold and lecture her about how she should be and act lifting the knife again she claimed that this was why she joined the league of villains because with them she could live and love how she needed to but toga could not bring herself to hurt uraka anymore uraka realized that the signs were there.

All along but it took her so long to notice at that moment toga realized that time was up for twice his blood her friend jyn was fading away Legion was disappearing Baraka had her arms wrapped around the villain she admitted that she's also attracted to someone who's willing to try their hardest even if they'll be covered in wounds by the end.

Of it with their faces close together Oraka understood that she might not be a replacement for the league of villains but even still she wanted toga to know how special she thinks her smile is toga remembered her feelings for Oraka and deu as she tried her best to speak with a big smile in her face and tears drifting from her eyes toga asked Oraka.

If she thinks she's cute Oraka smiled back to her toga was the cutest girl girl in the entire world those words made toga happier than she had ever been before the Sad Man's Legion was finally over the change was noticeable all across the battlefield Endeavor was barely conscious but used his body to protect his family AA was on the verge.

Of being attacked but the Clones faded away just in time one of toa's clones raked her knife across hawk's face and chest tired and quirkless the number two hero didn't show any resistance at all looking down and recognizing his sins Hawks admitted to toga that twice really was a decent guy The Fading clone glared at him with Angry Eyes they wed up with.

Tears and then she was gone reflecting toga thought that she used her knife to become the people she loves but in the end she ended up using it out of hatred and rage she did it for the sake of making the world an easier one for her to live in with half of her hair pulled out toga looked exhausted just then she felt a sudden Rush of pain she knew that.

This was the cost of using other quirks while transformed looking at the ruined hero she knew that uraka was giving a safe landing to all the heroes that were caught up in her Quirk and the release of her Quirk was moving even slower since it was applied indirectly in the end uraka wouldn't let anyone down hard but she was barely holding on at this.

Point by now she had lost way too much blood she felt really cold and her body was shutting down but she wanted to keep moving she had to toga just looked at her she looked all around them at all the unconscious Heroes there was nothing stopping her from finishing them all off on her own but instead she only thought of the things Oraka had said to her.

Ura's condition just kept getting worse toga told her that losing that much blood would be fatal especially since uraka didn't stop moving after being stabbed toga took a step closer she began talking about the league of villains but hesitated she thought hard about what was going to happen next she continued to say that the league of.

Villains would destroy everything and once it was all over and that dust settled she believed that version of the world would be a lot easier for her to live in then she got even closer to uraka toga grabbed a handful of Ora's blood and drank up from there she became the girl she loves Oraka was at her limit toga said she was really happy to.

Hear what Oraka had to say early into this she told the hero that this fight of theirs was live or die Winner Takes all she lifted her support item while struggling to maintain her form she could win right now but couldn't stand the thought of losing Oraka the thought of a world without her wasn't worth living in and to prove just how genuine.

These thoughts of hers were she was going to give uraka all the blood in her body the blood began pouring into uraraka's system although she still couldn't move the warmth helped keep her conscious but then she had the shocking realization of what this would mean for toga the villain recounted how twice had once saved her just like this but now.

That she was out of his blood the best she could do was turn into ururaka herself because if she can use another person's Quirk her blood must turn into their blood too uraka begged her to stop toga began patching up aura's wound she asked if the hero PL to visit her in prison and make blood donations until she dies Ora's breathing was heavy and.

She didn't respond but toga kept smiling toga told the hero that she would have been better off just catching villains and removing freaks like her from the world that doing the right thing like a typical hero would have worked out just fine yet raka went as far as she did she spared a thought for someone who hurt a ton of her friends I was willing to stab.

Into her toga brought her face close to Oraka and called her weird she then fell to her side from the blood loss Oraka cried out and told toga that she couldn't do this but toga was unfazed she was going to live and love the way she wants to so ururaka catching her wasn't an option just like ururaka couldn't bear to let her get away toga.

Was sorry for stabbing her she was sorry for screaming at her she mentioned how Toya burned down her childhood home for her it was a normal home of terrible memories and he made it go away for her it made her happy but even with the house gone the sadness still lived on in her heart ururaka didn't make it go away but for as painful as it was when.

Ururaka reached out and touched her her heart felt incredibly light as if it could just float away as she sobbed Rock remembered the moment she shared with Deku before the war they looked into each other's flooded eyes toga held on to Ora's all might charm and thanked her for making her so happy truly and genuinely happy in her final moments.

Toga thought about how badly she wants to become other people so in her fits of jealousy and affection she drank all their blood raka cried even harder as she struggled to call toa's name toga responded warmly to the call of her name but this was it it overhead toga envisioned the sparrow from her childhood flying she wondered what life.

Would have been like if she had known this feeling sooner that perhaps despite how badly she wanted to drain their blood she would have yearned to give her blood away too that maybe if she had experienced this sort of love she would have had an easier time living in this world regardless she was himiko toga she lives and loves how she pleases and.

That's how she made her way in life she's just a normal girl with the cutest smile in the world and that's how she died as always I'm slice Baku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.