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The Truth About Deku and Bakugo! My Hero Academia’s Most Important Relationship Explained!


The relationship between bakugou and deku has developed a lot during the many arcs of my euro academia this is the story of how deku becomes the greatest hero and simultaneously the story of how shikaraki becomes the symbol of fear despite all for one being the real villain but anyway another important aspect of the story has been this.

Relationship between deku and bakugou we've had the story hone in under connection so many times now that is undeniably important to the story's author horikoshi the relationship has gotten more screen time than any other up to this point with this next statement i'll be relieving a lot of people and also disappointing a lot of.

People but this video is not about a romantic relationship between these two characters instead we're talking about their friendship from early childhood to now at the start of what should be their second year and every time i think that we're only just now reaching their second year my mind is blown anybody else if you love these my hero academia.

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Be at the top of the description now let's talk about bakugou and deku this video will contain manga spoilers by the way as we will be talking about developments that have yet to make their way to the anime so if that's not your thing now is your chance to step away alright so things weren't always bad with these two characters growing up.

That really fell apart once bakugou developed a quirk and deku did not at that time deku would come to learn that people were not all born equal bakugou didn't just develop a quirk he developed an amazing quirk that garnered him a lot of admiration and because of that he began to believe he was special better than other people especially someone.

Like deku who in his mind had nothing this thinking led to the bullying and for the longest time readers were left to wonder why deku would stay around someone who treated him like that like i'm pretty sure most people would not intentionally hang out with their bully daily to take abuse pretty sure that wouldn't happen normally but later we.

Would have it revealed that deku chose to do so because bakugou was just that amazing despite his bad qualities at the end of the day deku admired his winning attitude and strength he admired all might from a long distance but right here in his neighborhood he had someone like bakugou to look at daily a bright star that attracted him and so he took.

That abuse and observed what was essentially his idol deku had his eyes glued on bakugou watching his back as he moved forward funny enough during all this bakugou himself was feeling like deku were looking down on him from above when really of course deku only ever admired him bakugou always considered himself strong and of course he was but.

There came to be too many times where it felt like deku was saving him and so imagine someone you considered a pebble on the road constantly saving you you might then start to wonder if you're the one who's weak and this sort of thing is what was driving bakugou mad he admitted this himself later his whole life he had been looking down on deku and ignoring.

His own weaknesses and so while deku did grow strong from genuine hard work maybe the gap would have been wider if bakugo had instead been focused on improving himself their whole relationship was filled with misunderstandings because they never talked things out bongo never truly expressed how he felt while being saved and deku never expressed his real.

Feelings as well that was until their second fight where the truth of one for all was revealed that was their first real conversation and it revealed a lot including what was bothering bakugou most at that time feeling like it was him who brought on the end of all might's career he felt weak and for someone who believes they're strong.

That's the worst realization all might the hero they both admired chose daku over someone like him it made him feel weak these were all misunderstandings prior to sitting down and putting together this video i never felt this way before but now i realize that second fight was bakugo's first victory over daku really the first fight in the.

Series led to him winning his 1v1 matchup but he lost the round which he overall cares about more he lost on paper and we know bakugou wants absolute victories and prior to that he'd never saved deku it was deku who was saving him that fight has a lot of meaning but on that list is affirmation for bakugou a reminder that he's not weak while he.

Was wrong to look down at others instead of focusing on himself he wasn't too far off his ideal path it helped his pride deku fought his hardest but he himself said winner loss didn't matter for him not that he let bakugou win but the point of the fight was to let bakugou express everything that he had built up all might said it best when comparing.

Bakugou to endeavour to make a change and look at themselves it took something like all might losing his power and muscular form something shocking and this is a very true thing in the real world people very often don't self-reflect and really notice what's going on until it's too late or there was just a very close call in the case.

Of vodka it took seeing his hero retire after an incident in his mind caused by him being abducted and before i go on further i probably should acknowledge this before anyone comments it i don't consider the tournament win a win for bakugo against deku the tournament involved others and bakugou did not fight deku in a 1v1 during the ua sports.

Festival yes he got his absolute victory but that was not about deku really so yeah all might losing his power that traumatic experience combined with finally expressing himself sparked the change in bakugou and since then he's been a different person he was always a jerk but he was never evil or anything i think he was just intended to be loud.

And not friendly the worst thing he did was tell deku to take a dive off the roof and even the author himself horikoshi wonders if he went too far with that part so even that was kind of out of the ordinary for bakugou a bit extreme at the end of the day these were all just kids and bakugou just happened to be one that didn't express his.

Feelings at all until it became too overwhelming since that fight things have been better baku went on to help taku's training and be there for him helping with something he wanted to do felt like he should do it was his way of repenting and we can't not talk about him risking his life to save daku during the war that was a genuine moment.

Brought on by what was inside his heart there's nothing you could do to top that when it comes to showing how much you care for someone sadly after that moment it would be a while again before they spoke but bakugo had been holding in more thoughts he knew he owed deku a real apology that second fight wasn't an apology more so just expressing what.

Both side felt and clearing tension the apology would come during the 1a first deku fight and that apology bakugou would again acknowledge that he's always felt like that who was above him acknowledged that in the last year he's been forced to acknowledge his own weaknesses and deku's strengths during this apology he'd even go as far as to.

Call deku by his real name izuku something we've never seen and something that had the community a mess for a whole week they've both changed a lot but bakugou was the one who had the most growing up to do and after that moment we can say he did it from here on what i'd expect is the words of all might to ring true together the two can become.

The ultimate heroes ones who win by saving and save by winning time will tell babaku will definitely be right next to deku in fights from now on and if not directly in that fight we can probably count on him doing what he did during the war giving orders to others being a commander of some sort similar to the second user of one for all.

Probably and it's when you make a video like this that you really realize where my academia shines and that is in character realism a lot of these characters a lot of these developments feel so realistic like the fact that it took a really shocking moment for bakugou to step back and finally change and the same thing for endeavor as well.

As his family's response to that it's hard to just forgive someone and move on especially after your whole childhood had been traumatized by them in the case of the torarooki family and so my hero academia has done what was realistic have it take time and maybe never even really be resolved in the case of baku and daku it wasn't so extreme and so it.

Was possible for them to more easily move forward together while in the eyes of most people my reaction is probably not on the level of demon slayer when it comes to emotions it's a very realistic story and for that reason it's very relatable personally i haven't been able to relate to deku most of the story but i can understand his desires and it.

Feels realistic and the same thing goes for rakugo i'm not like vodka go of course but it all makes sense and i can understand it it doesn't feel out of this world and in the case of a lot of anime we just chalk things up too anime logic but we might hear academia you don't really need to do that at least not with their relationships their story.

Has been great though and will be complete with that final victory at the end of the story did you like bakugou from the beginning how do you feel about him now let us know in the comments personally i always loved the character his confidence and desire to win captivated me from the beginning let us know what you think thanks for watching.

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