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THE TRUTH ABOUT LUFFY’S POWER! Gomu Gomu Fruit Origin – One Piece


As a series one piece is largely unmatched in plenty of ways but man oh man with the series being as long as it is at this point the sheer number of looming mysteries to be found are staggering this latest chapter in particular finally touched upon a plot point that we were first introduced to.

With the very first chapter of the series with the previous chapter we opened up to the people of wano celebrating the fire festival wherein they would produce flames big enough to be seen from the heavens elsewhere our ever mysterious cp zero member.

Would provide us with a bit of an update in regards to the number of forces on each side a number that has changed over time beyond accounting for casualties and such as a number of pleasures and waiters on the performance floor have decided to side with the straw hats on account of queen's overwhelming.

Cruelty and chopper's outstanding generosity but even with this being taken into account they were still outnumbered seven thousand to twenty thousand past that we would have the current status of the homie zeus as he's now come to possess the climb attack of nami.

Which has essentially provided him a new lease on life the potential of which is so monumental that we decided to dedicate an entire video to this development now just as they found bao who was just about to make yet another statement sure to lower the morale of our troops.

Ulti would come out of nowhere and strike usop in doing so she would get a hold of tama and recognize her to be incredibly dangerous as her manipulative capabilities from ulti's perspective were enough to even beguile the likes of a fearsome yonko such as big mom to save tama nami would.

Use the power recently provided to her weapon by way of zeus with ulti now being pretty beaten up thanks to big mom's prior attack zeus would urge his master to harm her from the inside out with a lightning attack for the sake of this usop would separate ulti from tama and in that time frame nami would launch.

The power of zeus who was relentless in his pursuit as together they were able to triumph this victory being one that bao would unintentionally corroborate to the masses and so now with two of the topi ropo now out of the battle many of kaido's forces were beginning to.

Sweat just a little bit here and now having suspended bao they'd finally have tama begin to give an address of her own elsewhere we would have the confrontation of yamato and his father kaido yamato here would express that he intends to join luffy on the sea.

Once this is all over followed by the declaration that he'd hold his father off until luffy was ready to take over and defeat him as we would receive a particular effect between the two indicative of two conker's hockey users clashing with this latest chapter we would pick.

Back up with thomas address to the masses now this sort of thing especially with the aggression of queen was understandably overwhelming for young tama as she'd pretty much immediately pass out from the pressure on the fourth floor jinbei was being overwhelmed.

This was the obvious result of such a great discrepancy between their numbers they went into all this outnumbered 5 000 to 30 000 so something like this was certainly expected by jinbe who's who would because of this refer to jinbe as a pawn something that jinbe would not.

Disagree with as he knew his role and he knew it well elsewhere jinbe wasn't the only one dealing with something like this as frankie was in a very similar predicament we likewise had inuwarashi up against jack and a bunch of other goons which to me seems to be like a opportunity for a bit.

Of revenge which i don't mind at all but man things were not looking so good for him here in another location we would have the gifters making an example out of the treacherous pleasures and waiters but finally with nami and usopp cheering her on tama would begin with her.

Address this was a message for everyone who had been fed her kiwi dango the power of her fruit she would tell them that they are not on kaido's side anymore that they would in fact help take him down meanwhile luffy has now successfully been rescued by the hard pirates and momentosuke is still.

Very much alive despite an overwhelming sadness at the loss of his loved ones and listen getting first aid from the heart pirates of all crews is not bad at all now this order of tamas was incredibly compelling and clearly irrefutable.

As the gifters would immediately switch sides just as instructed suddenly the numbers game was flipped on its head this drastic shift would be seen on all fronts and beyond being an increase to their forces and lessening of that discrepancy it was psychological warfare by way of overwhelming confusion.

To have this many people suddenly become traitors people you may have laughed and shared a drink with it is a lot for one to handle so suddenly i mean this was even to the confusion of the cp 0 member and at that i cannot wait to get the updated numbers for each side.

What has arguably been the greatest aspect of the beast pirates in total has now become a weapon of their own demise again just about every battlefield was now in total disarray now nami and usop would be quick to commend tama for her efforts.

As everything actually went according to plan a plan that queen would somewhat recognize and begin to prepare an attack on them in response but before he could sanji would interrupt with an attack of his own something that would of course piss.

Queen off as he would refer to sanji not by his name but as judge's son a moniker sanji was not very fond of but from this he would be led to assume that queen was once a member of germa's research team queen questioned if sanji was talking about mads but said that all that was.

Old news and in the past that now he is a cyborg with a whole lot more as he would undergo a partial transformation indicative of just that sanji wasn't overly concerned by this and would instead check up on how chopper was doing to me this was an interesting.

Depiction but i'm curious what you guys think how do you feel about queen as a character do you really care for him at all please let us know but yeah chopper would now assure sanji that he was just fine and that he should just focus on what is in front of him as he would commend miyagi for.

Introducing to him a pretty miraculous super recovery drug and with this we would be made aware of the side effect that comes along with chopper's new roma ball as he is now able to fit into the palm of one's hand this sort of issue very much reminds me of the early days with luffy's gear.

Third but if this is the only side effect that's not really that bad i was expecting a whole lot more of a detriment to come from something produced by caesar clown of all people but i guess not but apparently this miracle drug had unsafery implications of its own.

As once it wears off the initial pain is said to double but it pretty much goes without saying that someone like zorro didn't care about something like that as getting back into the fight as soon as possible was far more important to him from here we would begin to close out.

The chapter as we would receive the fight between jinbei and who's who in seeing this sudden shift from many of his former comrades who's who was confused but if nothing else knew that he'd actually have to try to win here with that we would see a number of interesting techniques from him here.

Derived from a number of signature cipher pull styles iron body shave finger gun tempest kick who's who was wearing his influences on his sleeves and so as he transformed into this saber-toothed zoan form jinbe would confirm this connection as well he would furthermore go on to speak.

Of an old tale about a rogue member of cp9 escaping prison what is in many ways an odd story and considering who's whose response here about never properly interacting i'm therefore led to presume that he too was imprisoned in impel down and perhaps was further more liberated along with everyone else.

Prior to maureen ford who's who would also go on to say that he has no complaints with how everything turned out in the end but life became a bit troublesome on account of a mistake he had made 12 years ago yet prior to that he was considered to be a bright.

Prospect on par with the great rob lucie and even though he was in the midst of speaking he would not stop attacking as he would launch off a fang pistol yet another derivative technique that would be narrowly evaded by jimbei the talent of who's who was undeniable as far as the former warlord was.

Concerned but even still what exactly was the point of telling him such a story as he himself had nothing to do with any of that but here's where things get interesting because who's who would correct him here by saying that as someone who proclaims himself to be a proud member of the straw hat pirates.

This story has everything to do with him because that very moniker alone is enough to remind him of his dreaded past you see 12 years ago as a member of cp9 who's who failed to guard a devil fruit that was being transported on a government ship and so two years ago he was shocked when.

He learned of this so-called straw hat luffy but that's when he learned the one who would eat in the stolen gamugamunomi was in fact monkey d luffy and that was the chapter now this is very fascinating stuff right here that ties into content from chapter one.

Of the story we knew that shanks and his crew managed to procure the fruit from a quote-unquote enemy ship but nothing more than that especially not the fact that this fruit was once in the possession of the world government now with that in mind devil fruits as.

You might imagine being sources of incredible power are things that the world government would largely like to possess however for this incident to have been such a blunder that who's who went from being a top prospect to an inmate says a whole lot not to mention the fact that shanks is.

Involved and anywhere in the story that man happens to be you can expect some major developments another fruit with similar connections to the world government being law's fruit the ope openomi now what made that fruit special more than the obvious was its true potential in regards to the providence.

Of eternal youth at the expense of one's own life a possibility that led to the fruit being labeled by many to be the ultimate devil fruit and so at that whatever makes luffy's fruit significant enough to warrant such covetents is likely some largely unknown aspect of.

It or some degree of sentiment right now our minds are very much on joy boy so the thought of this being joy buzz fruit is bound to be a prevalent consideration i for one have yet to really be convinced of this prospect however as that may imply that the return of joy boy.

Is pretty much entirely based on luffy's devil fruit as opposed to anything else which i have a hard time believing in i believe that devil fruits can impact who a person is but don't outright define who they are or will be either way in stealing this fruit i am willing to bet that shanks knew.

Exactly what he was doing and so this was at the very least something of significance to him something significant enough for him to sacrifice an arm for perhaps and guys we know that the haki abilities of shanks are absurd and so if the likes of katakuri and luffy are able to see somewhat into the.

Future with their observation hockey i can only imagine what shanks is capable of making luffy a pretty solid investment into the future as for why this sort of thing would land who's who a prison sentence i doubt treason was the reasoning behind this i'm more so inclined to believe.

That this was to be a cover-up a way of bearing the truth about this fruit or refute any interest in its significance this is all some really fascinating stuff to speculate and i am really looking forward to even more elaboration nokaido versus yamato with this chapter but even still.

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