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THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GOD VALLEY INCIDENT! Revolutionary Army vs God’s Knights! One Piece Chapter 1095


The cover page of One Piece chapter 1095 titled a world where you're better off dead features the yonko buggy the clown chasing a squirrel monkey who has stolen his red nose now this one here might just be a tease of some stuff to come obviously since this is a monkey we're dealing with some sort of intersection between buggy and Monkey D Luffy can be.

Assumed also this little guy's eyes are pretty similar looking to the rubber goggles Luffy made for himself while in gear five stealing something from buggy could connect to a ton of silly possibilities however the implication here is that the monkey believes Buggy's nose is a fruit and therefore food and the only fruits worth talking about in.

This series are of course devil fruits we've never actually seen the straw hats get their hands on an actual devil fruit over the course of their Journey the closest we ever got was louy fighting on dress Rosa over Ace's loia fruit that just goes to show how truly rare these things are one of the non-evil fruit using straw hats having the choice to.

Eat one would be Beyond hype that might seem like a whole lot to tease with a cover request but don't get it twisted these f man request had proven to be just as revealing as any color spread to kick things off we begin with the Stampede of several Marine officers the same Urgent Message from before was blaring over loudspeaker St Saturn one.

Of the five Elder Stars has arrived on Egghead Island all Marines below the rank of rear and vice admiral were to evacuate the area effective immediately they were told not to look back at all even a glimpse of his grace would not be tolerated these guys could not understand how the Elder could already be among them and one of these fools is.

Still looking over his shoulder they'd all begin to gossip among themselves in awe and noticeable fear of this surprising development one would speak of how he had only ever seen the guy's face in portraits I wonder where those portraits would even go are the gors say worshiped by some people and treated as holy figures another was more concerned.

About the many streaks of lightning now that is very interesting to me so is it literally lightning or is this a hockey thing is the whole conqueror's hockey lightning thing a visible phenomenon or is is this not hockey at all if you guys have any idea let me know they speak of how the guy is even above the celestial dragons that one of the gore say can.

Boss around an admiral like it's nothing but that's actually an understatement when a kindu complained to them about the whole Luffy versus doflamingo Fiasco they treated that man like a new addition to the group chat and took turns roasting him we're talking about the biggest bully in the Marines the fleet Admiral he just had to take it in.

Fact although they don't exactly boss them around the celestial dragons had no problem throwing insults at the fleet Admiral either the question then became why would someone of such high status come all the way here from the Holy Land one thing I love about one piece during world shaking events is that we always have guys like these that are kind of.

Like the echo Chamber Of The World whatever they're saying and or speculating becomes the version of events that the world eventually comes to know they have a lot of questions and the world government has a lot of Secrets whatever actually makes it to them will most likely become knowledge to the public on some level.

Hence the need for them to distance themselves from the truth here and not see that one of the Gods of their world is a cow spider Abomination as the lightning continued to Surge overhead St J Garcia Saturn absolutely red of Mal intent either that or the fact that he probably smells like cattle the Marines of a high enough rank to remain in the.

Great one's presence began to yell at Bonnie for stabbing one of the five Elders now in the last chapter Bonnie's attack definitely looked a whole lot better with a wider look she pretty much just hit this guy with a thumb tap he is huge the Marines were in a total uproar and all prepared to shoot her down you know it's Behavior like this that.

Doesn't help how these Celestial dragons see these people IMU forbid you get stabbed and everyone around you decides that the best way to protect you is to all unload their rifles at the attacker while you're still right there Stella Cried Out Bonnie's name in dismay as she continued to grit her teeth and cry as his eyes began to Glow in a terrifying.

Way St Saturn told the insect beneath him to quit squirming which is one hell of a thing to say when the itsy-bitsy spider can be a description of your life story he made it clear that if he didn't desire to be stabbed he would have just dodged Saturn blasted his power directly at Bonnie's head knocking her away with a spurt of blood but before she fell he.

Grabbed her like a broken doll your average Celestial Dragon is terrifying enough because of what they represent but man to actually have the personal strength to back it up is crazy Sanji yelled Bonnie's name but when he tried to approach he experienced the very same sudden blow to the face and was repelled saying Saturn removed the blade from his.

Bearded area and to Frankie shock the wound disappeared so we've got teleportation some kind of headshotting occular ability and self-healing that's a pretty good amount of abilities already but I want to take the time to apologize to all the Sanji fans out there your Tin Man of a hero is already spurting up blood we thought he might.

Actually do something here but it's not looking good at the moment after that these marines decided to look like idiots Again by taking the opportunity to apprehend Dr vegapunk saying Saturn however is too high up the ladder to get played by such a foolish tactical error he told the Marines to maintain distance and not give their enemies an opening.

All they needed to do was remain calm and keep their weapons aimed looking down at the Admiral Saturn spoke of how unprecedented it was for kizaru to be so slow in getting the job done kizaru apologized profusely for his failure but admitted that he is going to need a second to recover he didn't believe he'd be able to move for now and there you.

Have it folks Luffy gave this man a beating unlike any he has ever had before kizaru cannot even move even Garb can do this much to Kuan that last attack was really something special looking over at a thoroughly exhausted Luffy St Saturn could understand why this was the case and from there it was on site sa Saturn immediately tried to.

Stomp on the warrior of Liberation and end his life now I want you guys to remember this for later we're going to come back to this just before St Saturn spider leg ran into the ground Frankie did his job and hit Luffy out of the way with a strong right and to prove just how vulnerable Luffy is in this state that was enough to make him bleed after.

Knocking him away Frankie went to grab him St Saturn was interested to see that they were the sorts of pirates to stick together even in the face of certain Doom most would just sell each other out to save themselves after all Frankie couldn't help but laugh as he grabbed hold of Luffy even the men at the very top of the world wanted his Captain's.

Head and yeah I guess that is a worthy Flex at this point if only he knew that they have all been following Luffy's career for ages now Saturn admitted that Luffy and Bonnie's involvement in this situation was certainly unexpected however he was still very confident in their Victory here considering the entire island has been surrounded by.

Their ships with that being said he also added that it would be quite defeat if they managed to escape from such a hopeless situation he spoke of seeing what Fate has ahead ahead of them I was honestly surprised to see him acknowledge something that was even Beyond himself besides IMU of course as far as sudden developments go we can't.

Forget that the ancient Iron Giant woke up a few moments ago Saturn then turned his attention to Vega Punk Stella there was no doubt that the doctor's betrayal was a heavy blow to them he was very grateful to the elderly doctor for all that he had done for the Marines over the course of their arrangement we then get a glimpse at St Saturn's sadistic.

Side he decided that he wanted to kill each of them in the cruelest order POS possible he wanted them to die with the regret of Daring to defy the world government I can definitely see where the celestial dragons got their cruelty from now Saturn has no problem taking his time killing them but when the opportunity presented itself he did not.

Hesitate to try and kill Luffy that to me is telling Saturn began to tighten his grip on Bonnie forcing blood to erupt from her mouth he blamed human nature for whatever reason people were all the more tempted by that which is forbidden all Sanji could do was beg for the man to stop he wondered why none of them were doing anything to save Bonnie.

Frankie admitted that he can't it was as if something was keeping him down but I guess things like his arm extending were still possible Vega Punk deduced that this wasn't the result of Technology it must be the effect of some dou fruit ability if Vega Punk isn't familiar with a devil fruit then you know it is something special while he squeezed her.

Bonnie cursed St Saturn for killing her father he looked towards her grimly he then realized that she was referring to Kuma the fact that he had to realiz it was Kuma is peculiar it implies that Kuma is in her biological father Saturn continues to say that Kuma was born to be a slave not that he was born a slave but that he was born to be a slave he.

Described the former warlord as a descendant of people who committed a grave sin against the world which reminds me of how zunisha is still walking off a life sentence for a past crime another one of one piece's greatest Mysteries anyways Saturn described Kuma to be a survivor of the now extinct Buccaneer race the mention.

Of which was enough to leave Dr Vega Punk speechless with his mouth open was this not something he was aware of or is he mention itself the concern hearing this reminded Bonnie of something that Kuma once said to her as the Marines prepared themselves she remembered him saying that when he was a child he wanted to be a hero someone who could.

Save people from suffering and Grant their freedom that certainly sounds like a fitting description for a member of the Revolutionary Army also that one unnamed vice admiral is over here assuming a strange stand and is aiming his hat like a gun St Saturn told all the Marines to aim for Bonnie's head which is so dark oh my goodness Bonnie.

Remembered Kuma saying that he wanted to live like the warrior of Liberation NAA Bonnie repeated the name as a question Kuma confirmed and said that he has always looked up to the figure Kuma could be seen dancing with a much smaller Bonnie in the same stance Joy boy is known for as a legend goes NAA would always come along laughing to the.

Very same Rhythm Sanji continued to call out Bonnie's name meanwhile Stella told them all to stop since Bonnie was only a child again we have a mention of Bonnie being a kid the memory continued with a younger Bonnie asking Kuma if she was going to be free too Kuma said yes with a smile but it's clear that there was a lot more hidden behind it this could.

Mean that Bonnie was held captive at some point too but it could just as easily just be her saying this in general as a kid we didn't see any Celestial brands on her or anything like that but now it does seem like Bonnie was meant to meet Luffy Bonnie Straw Hat stocks just hit an alltime high let us know if you think she'll join the crew.

But from there we move on to what will go down as one of the craziest one piece flashbacks of all time we travel back 47 years and find ourselves in the South Blue sorbet Kingdom a baby has just been born and he is a pretty big one of that guys I cannot believe it we are finally here we are finally getting Kuma's backstory Kuma's parents were Overjoyed.

To finally meet their firstborn child after the boy had been born however Kuma's father approached a doctor that had delivered the baby with a bit of concern the doctor happily assured him that he wouldn't tell anyone about the baby's blood and from the very beginning Kuma was a very happy baby sometime later the same doctor rushed to Kuma's.

Father clap and told him that he and his family needed to run immediately apparently there were world government agents in the hospital crying his eyes out he apologized to the man after being Capt ured clap begged them to only take him since he was the one with Buccaneer blood his wife was a normal human so he begged them to let her and his son go.

But that only resulted in a severe beating for him as soon as he could walk Kuma was used to lift ridiculous amounts of weight a result of his Buccaneer blood apparently we then see a young Kuma being whipped for being too slow while apologizing in another case he was threatened with death after crying too loudly when they were reunited Kuma's.

Father questioned how his son was doing with a smile Kuma told his father that he was lucky because his master was so kind to him after sitting his son down clap told Kuma that his mother had died and gone to heaven smiling through the downpour of Tears he spoke of how wonderful it was that she was in a better place now Kuma cried terribly his.

Father reminded his son that he is strong he knew that his son would be able to survive their torment he needed his boy to be brave and bear it for him Kuma didn't understand and questioned if death wasn't much easier that's when his father told him that the warrior of Liberation would come to save him none other than the son God NACA clap told.

His son that the name of the God had been passed down through Buccaneer folklore for Generations plenty of other cultures praise the Sun but theirs is easily the most specific he told the child that na would arrive to take him out to sea where he would be free under the sun he mentioned how NAA always smiles by this point Kuma's dad had a.

Pretty pronounced scar on his face he got Kuma to smile when he said that the people never fail to laugh when they hear his drum beat he proceeded to make the sound but suddenly blood splattered on Kuma's smiling face a Celestial Dragon entered the room and shot Kuma's dad Dead all because they were too loud I can't even lie this series can be.

Really painful to read at times there are times when the celestial dragons make the god hand from berserk look like Boy Scouts that was claps parting gift to his son the one bit of History he was able to share about their people it's no wonder in matters so much to Kuma we then fast forward to 38 years ago in the West Blue and all the real ones know.

What 38 years ago means a Celestial Dragon thanked his peers for their patience they had all gathered for an event that only comes around once every 3 years he urged them not to miss their chance to participate in the native cleansing Festival on stage we see that he is surrounded by six treasure chests each of them looking similar to the one.

Luffy got his dou fruit from perhaps one of these contains Kuma's devil fruit among a few others we might know the location they had decided on this time was a country unaffiliated with the world government it was none other than God Valley the name of the location was considered Blasphemous by the supposed Gods themselves but the location.

Received such a name on account of its abundant natural resources the world government had just annexed the land allowing it to be the sight of their traditional human hunt why this needed to be their tradition is beyond me God Valley's King was quick to voice to disgust towards their plans to hunt his people for sport in response he was.

Slain by a crescent haired swordsman this was St Garling he was told to slow down since he had gone hunting before the buzzer his fellow celestials found it hilarious and their ugly women were fawning over him the king of the country had already been killed because of this s Garling would begin things with a negative 10,000 points this was going to.

Make things harder for one of the expected Front Runners we get a closer look at the guy guy and he looks really cool he really does look a lot like Shanks he claimed that he needed a handicap to keep things interesting he ended up being known as a champion of God Valley so I'd like to think that he still managed to be just fine and even.

Back then he was one of God's Knights I'm curious if we'll get the chance to see more of them during this or even just their leader before Garling assumed the position to spice things up the celestial dragons had apparently gathered even more people to be hunted along with the natives they were all slaves and notorious troublemakers or.

Sinners at that it'll be interesting to see if there are any important faces among them just then St J Garcia Saturn who hasn't aged a day by the way was reported to by a cyle agent the agent confirmed that they had Tracked Down the buccaneer child that tried to escape apparently Kuma had been captured by his fellow slaves they were angry at him for.

Being so selfish they were placed in groups of 10 for Collective punishment if he got away they would be left to suffer the consequences so this beating was he memory we saw Bonnie witness on Egghead just then an especially enthusiastic boy called out to them he recognized Kuma to be the star of the show as a Buccaneer this made sense to.

The boy since that meant Kuma carries the blood of giants within him Kuma didn't seem to know who the kid was or what he was talking about but yeah Kuma is pretty much a half giant that's pretty cool we already know that the Giants love their son God too so it makes sense this boisterous slave was then revealed to be none other than a.

Young Eva and along with him was a slave girl named Jenny while chomping down on some meat she said that her big bro Eva was pretty big too Eva joked that only his head was huge but quickly switching the subject he wondered why they all had such hopeless looks on their faces he insisted that he wanted to continue living and question what they all plan.

To do we are looking at the earliest formation of the Revolutionary Army I have no idea who jinny is but because of that I am very afraid to see what is in store for her some fans are even spec speculating that she might be Luffy's mom mostly on account of the food I assume Luffy's whole appetite thing seems to come from his father's side of.

The family though so I'm not too convinced just yet either way we are about to learn the truth about God Valley this is ridiculously hype if Kuma and Eva are here it's hard not to hope that Luffy's dad Dragon will show up too rallying them in an unprecedented stand against the world government while his dad and the future king of the Pirates.

Goldie Roger face off against the Rocks Pirates I hope you guys are ready because the hype levels are rising like crazy right now sadly one piece is on break for now but we've got plenty of videos coming your way if you have any predictions or hopes as to what's to come with the story from here let us know in the comments as always I'm slice.

Vaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you