So this latest episode of my hero academia stood to provide us with a better understanding of where the story is heading from here on out and we would begin this with hawks entering into a meeting wherein many villains were present now for me there are a couple of things that i would like to take note of with this.

Meeting first and foremost we have the fact that toga is the only one with a tablet whereas everyone else has laptops i feel like that is a nice little touch that serves to exemplify her age a bit in comparison to everyone else who is present and perhaps beyond age it may be.

A professionalism thing as well beyond that there is no shigaraki which is interesting and we would additionally have the presence of a yet unnamed character who would question the proceedings of hawks and additionally commend him for his efforts now as many of you.

May know at this point the my hero academia anime took the liberty of switching around a few events that happened in the manga for whatever reason more than likely for the sake of the movie that is coming out relatively soon in japan that being said we do actually have a video on the subject.

And i can understand where they're coming from with this decision but i will say for things like this for those of you who are familiar with the content of the manga i'm not a big fan because it does provide a bit of spoilers for those who may not actually want to have that to me it eliminates a bit of.

Suspense suspense that i as a reader of the manga had in the midst of these events and so when you have something like this in addition to the intro visuals i am not a big fan at all and it's very clear they are trying to shroud these characters in shadow to keep things mysterious.

But even still when you have them loud and proud in your intro it kind of doesn't have the same effect it doesn't have that same mystery value and please forgive me if i am being a bit vague i am trying to avoid spoiling anyone who doesn't want to be here but yeah hawks is a very sketchy character he is two-faced.

He is sneaky and thankfully he is still on the side of heroism at the end of the day as he will continue to listen in on the conversation of these villains by way of a lone feather and it was thanks to this that he was able to overhear that the villains intend to destroy.

Everything in four months time a revelation that he would later encode into his message to endeavor hawks is a very intelligent character to be able to do this and endeavour is certainly a reliable number one hero considering he was able to not only.

Decipher this but also put two and two together and realize that the public safety commission is also in on all this and not only this but they intend to have the hero core students be a second layer of defense in case things really hit the fan this is a very delicate situation and needs to be handled as such.

But at the very least they do have four months they do have time to prepare and advance so it seems as though we are going to be entering a sort of training arc wherein our characters are going to be able to get that much stronger to be able to handle these preceding threats and i really.

Enjoyed the visuals to accompany this wherein we were able to see all of these characters all these various hero core students out and about in their own field studies outside of this whole endeavor group and considering we have just transitioned from the class 1a class 1b joint training battles it is nice to see.

Class b involved in this as well as it is always very nice to see this full cast of characters be utilized but anyways from there we would actually get back to the class 1a big three and their training with endeavour and in considering the intentions of the public safety commission.

Endeavor as opposed to what he would normally do just train shoto he decided to train them all properly and would firstly come to get a better grasp of what they intend to accomplish in this time and in the case of deku with him having just unlocked black whip he of course was interested in being.

Able to use that to its utmost capabilities the expression of which being comedically over detailed however endeavour was able to keep up with everything that deku was saying which is kind of a first i don't think that any other character has been able to decipher the endless.

Talking of deku before so yeah pretty much what vernon said that was definitely a number one hero quality now in the case of bakugou he wants to uncover what he lacks what he does not have considering his quirk for his entire life that he's had it.

Has been pretty much omnipotent its versatility being virtually unmatched and so he really needed to know what he was lacking because as he has now come to understand power alone strength alone does not make a number one hero and lastly we would have shoto who.

Endeavour would actually dismiss in regards to what he wanted to learn but shoto would make it clear to his father here that he intended to be a proper hero and not be babied with this whole father-son thing that is a complete falsehood considering their history together and endeavor would recognize this and.

Treat him as such and i think this establishment was very important i think that shoutout needed to express that boundary between himself and his father because clearly endeavor was working off of his own delusions at this point but yeah endeavor would recognize and.

Treat these three like proper heroes as they would then go out into the field and here the professionalism the expertise and experience of endeavor would be made abundantly clear as the moment the moment he got the alert there was work to be done he was.

Off as our three heroes in training would rush off after him endeavour's efficiency was staggering and his precise control over his own quirk was astounding once the first job was done he was then off to the next just like that as they would again.

Attempt to keep up with him and all the while bakugou would use the excuse that his quirk is not at its full potential in the winter however just then endeavour would save a woman from being sent to an isakai as he would then rebut that excuses are useless here this is not the classroom.

This is the field where things go down that excuse is not gonna work especially when you are saving lives and i don't think that there is any better example of this these three were lagging behind and if it weren't for endeavor this woman's life would be taken they.

Would not be fast enough to stop this speeding car and so i am sure that this tough bit of reality certainly hit them all like a truck and endeavour would furthermore provide them with a bit of advice in regard to the further advancement of their quark usage.

Shoutout pretty much needed to control his flames to the same extent that he is able to control his ice which isn't exactly a groundbreaking point but it is certainly true he does need to do that in regards to deku the concept of parallel processes was especially stressed and furthermore.

Endeavor would actually tell him to forget about training black whip here that what he actually needs to do is further advance what he is competent with to the point where it is like driving a car where you are doing multiple things all to achieve a singular goal pretty much stressing the.

Importance of the fundamentals there's no point in training a new shot a new special move when you are not ready at your base level and i for one really appreciate endeavour's tutelage here i think that he has actually done more for deku in regards to training his power.

And giving him meaningful advice in regards to his power than all might ever has and that's not necessarily the fault of all might he kind of got this naturally the moment he had the power to the moment he became the possessor it kind of just came to him naturally or as deku has had to fight tooth and nail.

To be able to use his power properly and endeavour is clearly a character who has worked really hard to get to where he is right now so ultimately endeavour is just a better fit something that i would have never expected to be saying back when we first met the character during season 2. but yeah here we are.

And these four months of training have only just begun and that was the episode now considering this episode and all the ones that came before it i have to admit that i am a bit concerned it is clear that my hero academia as an anime.

Is spreading itself out a bit thin for the sake of its movie and we know that there is going to pretty much be a new movie every single year so every season of my hero academia for the foreseeable future is going to be impacted by things like this this is stuff that we talked about with the beginning of the season.

And hoped would clean itself up later on as we progressed but at this point it has yet to do so and the flashbacks are heavy there are many many flashbacks to be had with this episode and they seem to attempt to do so in interesting ways but i don't know it kind of feels like a.

Slideshow of past events at pretty much every turn and maybe this is simply because i edit this stuff all the time but seeing all this over and over and over again is a bit of a drag one of the things that made my hero academia season 2 stand out and be the breakout hit that it was to get my hero academia going in.

The way that it is now as compared to season one was the pacing season one was very very slow it was adapting chapters very slowly whereas season two was doing it as it properly should be and it feels like season five is now reverting to that formula a bit and.

Thankfully they do have the leg room to be able to do that because there is a massive fan base behind all this but even as such a big fan i am getting a bit tired of this slow progression but maybe that's just me although i am very curious what you guys may be thinking about all this so please let us know down in the.

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