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The War is Failing! Mutant War Reaches its End in My Hero Academia Chapter 372


This week my hero Academia continues with a mutant storyline we learn more about coda's horns and an old character makes an appearance welcome to chapter 372 titled naked immediately there is another flashback Shoji and Koda are seen speaking to Almighty and izawa they ask to be sent to the central hospital Battleground both teachers are confused.

Especially because of what these students know Shoji explains that he learned from the giant lady about mutants planning to attack the hospital in fact we learned that a lot of mutants received a call to action so this whole raid had been planned it was not a sudden Uprising instead it was a calculated Revolution at least to the.

Mutants that is but then Coda speaks up he says that if Shoji is going there he wants to go as well this is his fight just as much as it is Shoji's the hospital is an important place it holds kurugiri and if all for one is willing to send an entire Army after him his work must be vital to the war besides that there needs to be heroes protecting.

These staff and patients there they already have limited resources due to Heroes quitting so the heroes cannot afford to be stretched then Shoji then goes on to say that if he doesn't do something I won't be able to call myself a hero once again this shows how dedicated Shoji is we learned in the last chapter that he literally saved a.

Non-mutant girl and took a beating for it most likely he knew this was the outcome yet he still risks himself for her it shows the heart of gold show she has which is exactly what my hero Academia is about it has always been about helping others because of that Shoji's moment felt important especially because he is a bit of a background.

Character his face was only just recently revealed he isn't someone we are familiar with like Deku or all might he sort of Blended in until now that being said izawa considers what Shoji said on one hand the hospital then sends the protection on the other hand these are his students putting them at the hospital is a guaranteed way to put them.

Directly in the land of fire while he does agree aizawa later talks to present Mike he says that leaking false information about kurugiri was not enough which is another part of the equation after all kurigiri is composed of someone izawa and president Mike knew during High School someone they were close to so there are even personal.

Reasons for being at the hospital suddenly we get back to the present after subduing some mutants present Mike rushes towards Coda and Shoji once there he acknowledges just how strong the next generation is he thinks of izawa and the fact that his students abilities outclass his own isawas and their childhood friend which I'm not so sure.

About I'd rather have Erasure over Sugar Rush or something like that but whatever president Mike watches with amazement his students these potential Heroes could change society for the better they could do things that he could not he watches that Shoji charges towards the dinosaur looking spinner the mutant Commander is still gigantic covered in.

Scales as angry as ever they are still fighting above the crowd as Twitter uses gecko Court to cling to the buildings around them meanwhile Shoji continues to fight with his quirk in power to arm and honestly wrapping his arm and his Quirk for power and cushioning reminds me of Deku he once did the very same thing with black whip so it is a fun callback.

Down below Coda has grown a horn and is sending a flock of birds to the spotted Lieutenant well it's more than birds actually it is an entire ecosystem of flying creatures birds like doves and Eagles as well as bees and butterflies but before we get into that there is another flashback this mini Arc may not be the most popular but I for one am.

Enjoying the backstories it is a bit refreshing to focus on minor characters although we are getting them now that we are in the midst of Deku vs shigaraki which is way too high to be distracted from but I digress anyways about that flashback it is from when Koda was a little kid here we see his mom and although Coda has one of the more.

Animalistic looking designs his mom is pretty cute actually she resembles a sheep which is a pleasant surprise either way Koda remembers what she told him about her horns she says that he may get them one day day two in fact their horns actually serve a purpose they are amplifiers for their feelings using them allows their emotions to reach animals.

So besides commanding them Koda can let them know exactly how he feels he can reach them in a way that doesn't require any talking then coda's mom talked about koda's father it was easy to assume he'd be a mutant too however that is actually not the case for the most part he looks like a normal looking guy though this small feature adds The Narrative if the.

Other mutants they're new they would probably treat Coda as less than all because his father is a non-mutant it shows that there can be a union between mutants and non-mutants it Bridges the Gap that aside the flashback is not meant to just show off koda's Dad it shows that the Discrimination mutants experience goes back to even their.

Parents time why because coda's Dad defended coda's mom people bullied her because of her horns kota's dad did not let that slide he told them don't you dare laugh at her beautiful horns she uses this as an example for Coda he should follow in his dad's footsteps and become someone who gets angry and protects those he cares about once again.

We see this theme of using a rage to protect others and stand up for your beliefs it is something that Shoji touched upon in the last chapter in fact it is even something he touches upon in this chapter too right after we are thrown back into the present at Shoji and Koda unleash their own attacks Shoji sends a barrage of fists with octo.

Expansion meanwhile Coda uses Hitchcock Birds which sends a flurry of when creatures towards the commander as we said previously it is a group of birds and insects every winged animal imaginable and they are all headed towards the lieutenant some may have caused the reference in its name but will explain Hitchcock is the name of an.

Infamous director specifically he directed the movie The Birds so it is a bit of a play on words that being said we see spinner scale armor beginning to break from Shoji's punches the lieutenant is facing a similar issue koda's attack completely throws him off the building a effectively putting an end to his propaganda without the spider.

Mutant as a mouthpiece Coda and Shoji may actually be able to get through to the mutant Army as both students continue to fight we see the extent of Spinner's injuries he yells out in pain as scales fly off and his Shoji causing him to bleed both Hiro and villain are suffering spinner is no doubt hurting from quirks that aren't meant for his.

Body all the while Shoji is in mental turmoil seeing his fellow mutants like this in a way no one is currently winning though that may change Shoji begins to fall and calls up the spinner he asks a massive lizard what do you protect with that giant body and those scales of yours he presses spinner for an answer.

As the commander says nothing then Shoji speaks to the mutants under him he asks will they choose to protect with their amazing Powers Shoji is presenting the idea that their quirks aren't mistakes or ugly they are unique gifts that can be utilized to help others there is another path Beyond destruction and getting back at their oppressors mutants.

Can rise above that and become Heroes like Shoji and Coda speaking of which Shoji also begs a mutant Army not to give in to their own hurt yes they have been harassed and victimized by the world however it does not mean that they are in the right to cause harm instead they should Channel all those feelings that Shoji has and use them for good.

While telling the rebel Army this Shoji thinks back to oyama after all he is the center of this without him his operation would not be possible plus he's one of Shoji's friends he's somewhat to protect besides that Shoji also points out that this violent act will only entice more violence this Uprising could lead to the mutant children being ostracized and.

Even attacked all they're doing is setting about the present and the future the mutants do give pause to the statement some of them even stopping in their tracks to them this fight is meant to secure the future however it is doing the exact opposite a bloody Uprising will end One Way Bloodshed which is exactly what the mutants want to avoid.

As he tries to reason with them Soju remembers the little girl he saved she cried while apologizing to Shoji telling him if I hadn't almost round then your face wouldn't have become so scary despite almost dying she still blames herself for Shoji's disfigurement yet Shoji doesn't blame her in fact it is the exact opposite he views the memory.

As something positive he was able to use his Quirk his gift to help someone if anything it only furthers the fact that anyone can be a hero back in the present Shoji begs the crowd not to be consumed by rage letting anger and hate take over exactly why spinner is a monster he is now he gave in to his own negative emotions becoming a cardinal creature.

For them it's not about Revolution to him it's about getting back at those who did him wrong which is how he responds he tells Shoji that hatred will never disappear his voice is loud and thunderous commanding the attention of the mutants below they call out to him as spinner continues to speech he states that if the heroes win there will be no.

Change which isn't true last chapter Shoji even said that the change he wants to see is something that may not happen in his lifetime spinner is merely using a scare tactic to control the crowd they've been put down for so long that any chance of rising up is something they will take even if that means hurting others in the process mutants.

Included the Army on the ground remembers the original call to action from spinner he was the one who organized them and appealed to them after all spinner things back to his his life before the league of villains and before shigaraki he was a shut-in Someone who lived off deliveries and wasn't part of society all because of.

His mutant appearance using the rage he gained from that spinner tells his army they could hide in the shadows but they will still be targeted by Society he goes on to say that if they have been attacked they need to strike back then he gives a rallying cried comrades raise your voices and follow me no doubt this monologue is similar to the call to.

Action he gave before this Uprising regardless it also shows that Spinner's mind is not completely lost maybe there is still salvation for him but unfortunately spinner may not take it right after his razzing speech spinner takes off in the direction of the hospital he leaves from building to building causing structural damage due.

To his size not only that but it must be easier to travel considering he can just cling to buildings via Gecko and then link to the next sort of like Spider-Man back to Shoji we see that his fall was broken by kota's birds as they carry him Shoji is amazed that spinner is still standing according to Shoji his attacks can shatter concrete so that scale armor.

Must be really tough the mutant Commander has also grown significantly stronger remembering how his past life was a spinner more motivation to see this Uprising completed besides he has an entire mutant Army behind him they are the perfect means to fulfill the future spinner wants which is the destruction shikaraki craves although.

His mutant Fighters look Melancholy perhaps they are absorbing what Shoji said what they are about to do is irreversible nothing will change if they attack the hospital yet they still follow Spinner's command and continue their March Shoji looks on with sadness and Desperation as he police below begins to become overwhelmed for a.

Refresher there are 15 000 mutants against 250 Heroes it is almost impossible to stop a force that big with so few people the best they can do is try to apprehend them at least until tensions reach a certain high as the police fight back one draws a firearm the sounds of gunfire ring however at this point bullets will do very little.

Against spinner he merely questions the police officer underfoot as the Army continues forth before tearing open the hospital doors spinning things back to what all for one told him kurugiri is in the research Tower one spinner finds him he must play a recording of all for one or shigaraki's voice according to offer one kurakiri's Quirk will end this war.

And at this point I am dying to know what all for one has in store but let's get back to the hospital as the mutant storm in they see the human shield created by nurses and doctors there they definitely stand against an uncontrollable mutant in his massive Army even if they are scared it isn't shown on their faces instead the.

Hospital staff look determined and tired and among them are actual mutants as well we even see a cameo from the Mario cast of doctors spinner Roars at them as he remembers all for one's words you will become a hero for tomorrow's sake which is what this is all about yes spinner is hitting a revolution but more importantly Spinners throwing his life.

On the line along with other lives simply to further shikaraki's goal the image horrifies the mutants before that they vilified anyone who wasn't like them but now they see that the staff are willing to protect with their own power the crowd also remembers how the doctors and staff have helped them they immediately drop their weapons in.

Disbelief how can you raise a weapon and incite violence against those who want to help and not hurt they stand with a certain confusion and fear and Spinner races ahead of them while running spinner thinks back to his identity he always thought he'd be a nobody but now he is a somebody he even imagined himself as a child lethally running to.

His objective which is the exact opposite of his current appearance the monster spinner is now has long since lost his childlike happiness plus spinner is Overjoyed to have others follow his leadership at least he thought they were once he turns around spinner sees an empty hallway his mutant Army has dissolved no longer able to.

Defend his actions or his blood the revolution instead president Mike is behind him he tells the giant lizard that Shoji has recent mutants there is no one behind him now it is just him and present Mike spinner looks shocked if not hurt then present Mike shouts at neither Shoji nor anyone else would be Spinner's trump card and so are we.

Finally going to see a showdown between President Mike and Spinner I sure hope so both Hiro and Villa make their way to kirigiri both calling out to him spinning reversely purple villain as kurugiri while present Mike calls out for his dead friend shirokumo the flavor text reads the two of them try to reach him to whom will he respond and.

Unfortunately that is the Cliffhanger we leave off on and to add insults to injury my hero Academia will be on break next week so for now the conclusion to this exciting encounter will have to wait hopefully you're excited as we are and I'm curious which side you think will be taken here by karagiri if he goes with spinner that made advancy.

Plans of the villains to catastrophic levels however it may be a fake out to show the Sharon Kumo is still in there eventually or at least that's just how I'm considering things as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.