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I think I just activated tracking. – Chris has been working on his health. I've been supporting him,and we've been a bit lost. I realized this shortlyafter asking myself why we made this mushroom bourguignon. Did I share it with Chris because I thought it looked delicious? Maybe I thought the YouTubealgorithm would like it or it could simply be thatit sounds French as (beep),.

Pardon my French. I think there's some truthin all of those things but what I was sure of is that I didn't pick this recipe with Chris' health as the priority, which, if you haven'tbeen following this story, is the entire point of this show. So what the hell is going onand why are we presenting you with a dish that we feelisn't serving our goals?.

That's an excellent question. Let me explain. (gentle music) When the first episodeof this show released in March of this year, I had been supportingChris with his health for just shy of a year. His progress was exciting, he had lost 96 pounds.

And positive changes were showingup in the rest of his life in the form of career moves,moves across the country, and diving into therapyfor the first time. But not long after theseepisodes started coming out, we experienced some difficulty. Chris's move across the country and leaving his communityof friends behind, unsurprisingly, introducedsome loneliness into his life that hadn't been there before.

And Chris shared with me that he went back to food for comfort to help get him through it. And over the summer, Chris gained about 30 pounds, putting him at 470, where he's been sittingfor a couple of months now. I, on the other hand, havebeen trying to help Chris but have often felt unsureabout how best to do that.

Until recently, I was focusedon making these episodes, hoping that would push us forward. But this isn't the story aboutthe recipes we're sharing, it's a story about Chris andhis journey towards health. And so, Chris and Ilabored through this recipe so that we could make a video about it, all while the story weaimed to tell had stalled. The point here is sometimesyou start doing something, build up a head of steam and forget why.

We started to document this process to share what we're doing, not to do things to documentso that we could share it. And the latter is whyChris spent 30 minutes degilling five pounds ofmushrooms for this recipe when he didn't have to. See the cookbook we were using mentions degilling mushroomsfor the previous recipe and Chris thought it was for this one,.

And I'm so sorry, Chris. But we're sharing this video with you now in order to do the former and share what we're doing going forward. And that is working toward specific goals. Until recently, Chris hadbeen working toward the big and rather nebulousgoal of getting healthy. And while that's a noble cause, it's not a great way to track progress.

And it turns out there's a lot of evidence that setting specific measurable goals, along with setting smallergoal posts along the way, is a great way to increase the likelihood of achieving them. So rather than feel embarrassed that Chris and I hadn't already done this in over a year of working on his health, we decided to repress those emotions.

And finally sit down to do it now. – My goal has always just tobe heart healthy, you know, like just to get my heart back into shape. Of course, being thinner is also a very good part of that goal. To say I've had like adream weight in mind, I mean like, you know, I'm 470 right now and like dream goal wouldbe like 230, 250 maybe. – I mean, I think 230 soundslike an incredible goal.

It's also, it's funny to me that we haven't talked about this like super specifically, like maybe we did at the very beginning, but we haven't in a long time. And so, just hearing you say that number makes me be like, okay, there's a target. I feel good about that. And once we had a goal toact as our finish line,.

We set two weekly goalsto track our progress in the short term andthen typed them all up to make them physical,or at least digital. Here is what I have written down. Lose two pounds a week, make a meal plan every Sunday together so that we can go into our weeks knowing what we're eating. – And touch my toes.

– Those are some good metrics. – And then, after that, onward to 5K. – Sometimes you want something so bad you feel the desirealone will get you there. As someone who's betterat seeing the big picture and often forgets the details, I know how true this is,but it's the details, those little decisions in the moment, that carry us towardwhat we're after in life,.

The next meal, the nextfew words in a script, or removing the nextfew gills in a mushroom, I'm sorry, Chris. And thoughtful goals canbe used as mile markers to ensure we're making those decisions, like Chris' of losing two pounds a week, or our goal for thisshow to return in 2023. Because now that you'recaught up with where we are, we need to take a breakfrom making this show.

So that we can focus on thisprocess we're documenting, which, for the record, hasbeen one of the most meaningful I've had the pleasure of working on. And with that said, Ineed to thank some people. Chris, for allowing me togo on this journey with him, Andrew, for letting ustell this story here, the entire Babish team forall of your creative input, and all of you for your incredible support of what we're doing.

I can't look at thecomments on these videos without being overwhelmed in the best way. And it's made me feel like we've made some kind ofpositive impact on the world, however small that is, and that has always beenmy biggest goal of all. (bright music) We may have started makingthis mushroom bourguignon for the wrong reasons,.

But it turned out all right because not only was makingit the signal we needed to realign our efforts, but it's also, pardon myFrench, (beep) delicious. There's a full recipe in the description. We'll see you guys next year. – Thanks again to Squarespace for sponsoring today's episode. They've been a great partner.

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