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The Wizard King Is Dead! Asta’s Fate Revealed vs Lucius Zogratis – Black Clover Chapter 333


After last week's shocking and head-scratching ending it's once again time for black clover so without wasting any time let's jump right into what is sure to be a very interesting chapter of black lover things kick off with what looks to be a brief breakdown of julius or should i say lucious so gratis after three months of theories being thrown.

All over the place regarding julius and lucius's true identity it is finally revealed to us on the first page of the chapter and i am happy to say that julius is not a traitor to the clover kingdom during the hiatus many fans came to the conclusion that julius may have been a knowing or unknowing traitor to the culver kingdom thankfully this isn't.

The case and the wizard king we've come to know and love is still the same old magic fanatic as before what we do learn on this info-filled page is that lucius was actually born with two souls thus creating the two identities we know today however this strikes me as odd because if they were truly two separate souls similar to william and patri why.

Did the two souls share a grim war the two souls should have two separate magic types and grim wars but now that has been mentioned we have never seen the true magic of julius or lucius as they only have ever used as the roth's time magic i believe there is much more to be told here with the whole lucius julius situation it may not be as simple as two.

Souls in one body but let's keep on moving we learned more about lucius in his past life as he sits and watches his siblings mentioning that amongst his siblings and throughout the history of his family he is the most talented devil host this tells us two things lucius is powerful something that has been obvious to us from his very first menacing.

Appearance but what's interesting is that lucius says he is the strongest zelda host in his family's history which could mean similar to knott's family these obratas have been making deals with devils for generations something we might see more of later on after briefly getting a glance at lucia someone looks to be a summoning room of sorts he.

Briefly talked about why he decided to accept azeroth and become his host it's interesting to get some info and backstory behind the until now hidden zobrate sibling with that said the next panel immediately rips the attention away because we get to see a full conversation between the two souls inhabiting lucia's body and maybe even a.

Little more in the darkness we have lucius's speech to julius explaining some sort of master plan telling his body sharing roommate that he has seen the future and also seen true peace in that future putting him in the light we have julius who is less speechless about how to respond knowing that whatever lucius has planned is wrong however this.

Doesn't faze he darker of the souls as he says himself ah i also foresaw you attempting to stop me how unfortunate you the one closest to me even you cannot understand with all this talk about foreshadowing and seeing into the future it makes me wonder can lucius actually look into the future if he truly could then why have we seen it.

Used more often there are still so many questions to be answered regarding lucius and his magic and even his relationship with julius and asteroth but it seems sabota may have answered one big question in this chapter as we see in the next few panels during the discussion lucius reaches up and points at julius and does something.

What exactly that is we aren't so sure yet but seeing as how both julius and lucius look young in these panels this could be an enchantment of sorts that lucius placed on his fellow soul to make him forget about him before sending julius into the clover kingdom whatever he did seems to fit well into lucius's master plan because in the last few.

Words of the page he can be seen saying it's all right julius i've seen everything and again just below that i will bring peace to this world and with that the three pages of the backstory we got come to an end and we start right off where chapter 332 left us but before we get into that be sure to subscribe to the channel with.

Notifications on their miss and upload and smash the like button for some platinum today standing in front of vasta is none other than lucius himself after a brief pause and what looks to be a moment of confusion noel pops her head out from her spying on us spot and shouts out that it is the wizard king asta feeling that something is wrong as.

The strangely dressed man who exactly is to which lucius responds by opening his grimoire and stopping time around them blown with anti-magic asa is able to break free and move away while also taking in what just happened looking around it is clear that time has stopped for the entire area to round the castle asta notes that this magic is just like.

The wizard king's magic only it has been jacked up to 11. without giving our poor hero a single moment to comprehend what is going on lucius dropped bombshell after bombshell of information on asta he tells him that he has taken in lucifero confirming to us readers what we saw in the last chapter when he was munching on that devil's heart although.

We understand what's happening asta is so confused as to what on earth is happening right now you're julius but you're not julius you're a human but you're not a human so who are you we fully get it asta i mean just take a look at what happened to us fans on the lucius reveal first dropped lucius slightly alleviates us confusion.

By announcing himself to the hero lucius zogratus in his words the savior of this world this statement along with what he said before makes me question something if this man truly see the future in a possible way of creating an equal world through all means or is astaroth just manipulating him and showing him only what he wants his host to see we could.

Go on and on about questions and theories about lucius but alas we'll just have to sit tight and wait to see what tabata has planned for the character after revealing his identity the spade kingdom mage drops yet another bombshell on our protagonist julius is dead or so he says lucius could just be.

Saying this to get a reaction out of his opponent but from this statement alone we simply can't tell if lucius's goal was to anger and get a reaction of his opponent it worked very well as asta could not believe what he just heard eyes large with shock as he says the wizard king is dead lucius says something quite interesting.

In response saying that julius was on a mission for the sake of our ideals it could just be wording but this alongside the enchantment we saw earlier points to julius being under some sort of mind wipe or control from his darker side and after all that questioning in the last chapter as to what exactly lucius's true plan is the villain explains the whole.

Thing or at least the main gist of it right here you see lucius wants to peace and although twisted he believes that this plan of his is the only way to achieve it a plan to fix all of mankind through killing them lucius wants to destroy all mankind so he can remake them with the magic of his siblings this actually.

Makes a lot of sense when you take a look at it ignoring the matches they gained from their respective devils the dark toyota all had a magic trait related to the body starting with xenon he had bone magic monika had blood magic and lastly of course dante had body magic everything matched up except for one thing a body needs a soul and i.

Think it is safe to assume that lucius will deliver on that front i mean from birth he has been dealing with souls this chapter already confirmed he was born with two and we have also confirmed that we have never seen his magic in action so it is not too absurd of a guess lucius goes on to promise that his new civilization will be made happy and.

Equal to make sure nothing goes wrong with this new world he will watch over them as the final wizard king which i mean is pretty hypocritical because if you're ruling over them everyone is not equal pasta who's still not 100 following what the hell is happening shows confusion to which lucius responds that he needs not to worry he's already.

Seen everything play out everything except for one detail pasta as shown in the spade kingdom and again what looks to be the case here asta and leave a strange non-magical circumstance and anti-magic are the one thing that pose any issue to the villain as lucius goes on to say asta is a flaw which is to say that not even the ever-informed lucius.

Zobratus is aware of what exactly caused the phenomenon of assa being born without magic which i presume is bound to be a major reveal from this arc now this asta understands i mean how could he not he's been dealing with this his entire life in typical asta fashion he responds full of vigor as he yells at his opponent in asa's eyes lucius is.

Just a bad guy who's taken over the wizard king's body a bad guy he must now defeat asa even calls out the stupidity of lucius's plan calling it a load of crap the wizard king risked his light to save the world and now in nearly the same body lucius plans to destroy it asap won't have it clinging on to hope much like us readers our hot-blooded.

Hero yells out that the wizard king is not dead the wizard king that he and the world admire so much would never die so easily and to prove it asa will defeat this phony and save him although his heart isn't in the right place asta is bound to go through some shock when he eventually learns the truth about julius and lucius without missing a beat the.

Villain displays a smug grin as he tells asta that he is stronger than julius being the show off that he is the black bull's resident knucklehead powers up and breaks open lucius's spell as he announces that right here right now he will surpass the wizard king now it is important to know that this whole conversation between assa and lucius.

Happened while time was frozen meaning that only austin knows that this isn't the wizard king but instead some shady person with dangerous plans interestingly the others do not know this and may see ask the sudden proclamation in a different light i for one am very excited to see where tabata goes with this as there are a number of.

Fascinating directions he could take with that said however i will say this chapter was pretty fast this is the second chapter of the final arc and so far the villain's grand plan has already been revealed alongside some pretty large reveals then again we have no clue what is planned for the future of this series and we can see plot twists even.

Greater than those that have been teased right now and i'd like to think that if you're going this hard from the beginning the rest of the arc is going to just blow our minds but sadly that is all for this week's chapter seeing us how shonen jump is on break next week we won't be receiving a new chapter until the 20th but that only gives us more.

Time to theorize and drop some predictions so be sure to drop some of your own theories down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you