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THE WORST HASHIRA! Sanemi Shinazugawa Backstory and Powers! – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Sanemi the survivor though most anime watchers only know tsunemi for his violent treatment of nezuko there's actually a lot more to the wind hashira in fact not only did he have a big family with many siblings that he cared deeply about he was also forced to kill his very own mother to protect them now whether you love or hates anemi we all.

Have to agree on one thing he is definitely memorable with this video we'll get into his life and find out why during his childhood tsunemi had a very kind and small mother his parents had many children with tsunami being the eldest of seven their mother worked constantly to provide for them with very little sleep their father was the.

Opposite not very helpful and rather unkind he mostly wasted his days outside doing very little work also when he was at home he would hit his children so once an emmy's mother was around she tried to take the hits for them she too was beaten by their father until his actions led him to cross paths with someone who was deplorable like him.

Sanemi's father was killed but neither he nor genya thought it was undeserved tsunami told genya that they were now in charge of protecting the family since their father was no longer around they were the oldest children after all senemy smiled when genya just huffed in response because they had already been through so much with their father's.

Treatment of them stanemi knew that he could count on genya to help take care of their younger siblings honestly anyone would have been better than their father if you ask me but i digress life went on peacefully now that their father was out of the picture but unfortunately this happiness could not last forever not with demons in the world one day.

Their mother did not return at night which was very uncharacteristic of her in fact it was almost dawn and she still had not returned cinema went out to find her on his own not wanting to endanger the younger children even from a young age it is clear that cenemy felt responsible for them and would rather risk his own life then let them be hurt.

When he was out looking for her their mother arrived home first now a vicious unrecognizable demon the younger children too naive thoughts and emmy had returned when they heard a noise at the door but they were instead attacked by what seemed to be like a rabid beast with one deadly attack the children were sliced and left bleeding on the ground.

With genya screaming as he watched helplessly because sanemi had not found her in time the younger children were slaughtered with genji receiving a nasty scar across his nose when he tried to get involved as genya watched a wild creature snarl from the ceiling tsunami appeared and urged him to run away and i think he did this because he felt it was.

Too late to save the other siblings and wanted to at least say genya tsunemi shoved her outside of their home away from the rest of the family as he realized it was too late to save his mother either tsunemi was about to lose a majority of his family in just a single night and he fought his mother what the thought that he likely always.

Had in his mind keeping his younger siblings safe from harm with that he had no choice but to fight against her demonic powers and cut her down with his butcher knife sinemi ended up covered in both his and her blood staring at her unmoving body afterward denia arrived and could not understand what had occurred in shock because the situation.

Was so traumatic genya had not realized he snarling monster from earlier was their mother an accusation of being a murderer rather than his savior and oh man this put a strain on their relationship that took years to be repaired and even then only when it was almost too late tsunami was too stunned to explain too upset as well so he.

Simply left after killing his own mother who had turned into a demon sanemi could not see the world in the same way life had lost its colors and just a quick reminder before we get into how cinema became a demon slayer make sure to like and subscribe to plot armor to be notified of more demon slayer content like this now there was nothing that.

Brought to nemi joy anymore he was alone to wander aimlessly until he decided to fill the void with demon slaying at first he wasn't even part of the demonstrator corps tsunami hunted demons on his own a feat most people would be too terrified to do using his merchy blood for demons merechy blood is all but irresistible and tsunemi's was even.

More so among the marechi blood carriers then using any and all weapons he could get his hands on so nemi captured demons and it is clear from all his scars that those battles were hard fought since he had not trained just yet he sliced them down in whatever way he could until they were too weak to fight back so they would burn up in the sunlight afterwards.

Cinema most definitely risked his life doing this in fact he did not care about his life which is why he did this he survived only because the demons he encountered were not strong enough to kill him he never met an upper ranked demon in that time he did however encounter a demon slayer corps member kumeno masachika this man was kind and.

Hard-working and even helped senemy begin training to join officially but this profession did not take too kindly to gentle souls and had a high death rate that's likely why tsunami agreed to join feeling his life did not matter anymore eventually they went on a mission together and encountered lower rank 1 a demon strong enough that they.

Were both struggling during the fight they successfully killed it but only tsunemi survived the fight with the deep sadness that reminded him of the loss of his family tsunami watched his friend die in his arms in many ways if masachika had survived tsunemi would not have been as reckless with his fights that came after because he cared deeply.

For him like a brother and genya was not involved in this aspect of his life yet so he needed that support but being the one to survive only tsunemi was able to be promoted to the rank of ashira consequently and with that tsunami became the wind hashira and if you think about it wind can be both gentle as a warm breeze in summer or destructive.

Like a tornado that rips through houses much like sanemi's personality afterwards tsunami make hagia ubishiki for the very first time and would you believe that his smiling face really got on to nemi's nerves how could this man be so happy when so many others suffered around him not only that but ubishiki clearly never fought any demons from the.

Looks fragile constitution and on account of this tsunemi felt that he had to voices disgust which the stonehashira gyomei did not appreciate but the master allowed it and so with his trademark angered smile tsunami went on to accuse ubishiki of sending them out just to be killed without even risking his own life they were just tools to him or so he.

Thought the same saw smiled gracie masters lips as he apologized for his illness and being unable to join the cause himself and tsunemi had nothing to say to his explanation of how weak his body was how he wished to be a demon slayer too the kindness that obiashiki showed tsunemi despite his rotten attitude reminded him of the affection.

He had received from his gentle mother in the past azubiashiki went on to say that tsunami need not treat him as above him and instead as an equal tsunemi continued to be voiceless when the master then mentioned sanemi's dear friend who had just passed tsunami then knew that he had made an egregious error when judging him the master knew.

Everyone's names and even tsunemi only knew a fraction of them with that tsunami received masachika's will from mubiashiki within it he found a message wishing for tsunami to be safe and content in life masachika had considered tsunami like a younger brother to him and wished for the very same things as tsunemi wished for genya in life peace.

Now similarly to other hashira sanemi is in peak physical condition he has enhanced speed strength and can usually wind breathing techniques with ease he carries a basic sword with destroy of demons engraved on it just as all other hashers do what separates the enemy from the rest though is his body's ability to survive long battles this comes in very.

Handy when he finally encounters a demon that offers him a challenge an upper rank cinema can be slashed multiple times bleeding profusely and still stop the bleeding and continue on additionally his blood is like catnip for demons they just cannot resist it and it is actually more effective the stronger the demon is which also plays a.

Huge role in his survival later on in the series without knowing anything about tanjore besides the fact that he travels with a demon tsunemi has a fully formed opinion of him when he is brought in before the yahshua meeting who knew that he would eventually be working alongside him and nezuko to save the world from luzon cinema felt that tundra.

Must be a complete idiot to be keeping a demon alive and as mentioned this is coming from a man whose whole family was slaughtered at the hand of a demon the biggest and most important difference between them being that it was not an outside force that caused senemi's family to die it was his own mother and that's where his actions against nezuko.

And tundra's box begin tsunami holds her up like a trophy smiling in a malicious way as he torments her through the box from tanjore's perspective and goose to an extent this is beyond cruel for someone like sanemi who has never once met a demon worth saving this is exactly what demons deserve and despite tanjuro's pleas he stabs through her and.

For that he receives a headbutt that catches him off guard thanks to you mentioning the master arriving there's an interesting dynamic between tanjiro and yu and gyu and tsunemi and this comes back quite a few times at key moments at this point though you already rubs an emmy the wrong way even with a bloodied nose sanemi's eyes stay wild.

And his smile vicious as he plans his next move against tanjuro and the demon with him as the bishiki arrives and nemi becomes another person respectful polite and quiet the brash and aggressive tone he was using just a moment ago is long gone but even while showing the most respected master cinemi has to argue with the decision to allow a demon.

Slayer to fight alongside a demon perhaps if tanjuro was higher ranked and more known to him he might have been more open to this idea but master ruby ishiki explains that he has allowed it because of a promise made by a former water hashira rokodaki and the current water hashiragu but still that is not enough tsunami cannot and will not trust.

A demon among them not with what he has lived through it certainly doesn't help that his brother is in the core as well and could be put in danger sanemi lets his anger get the best of him biting into his lip to the point of drawing blood to prove his point he cuts his arm to let the smell of his rare meretchy blood fill nezuko's nostrils no demon.

Can deny the intoxicating scent he is so bold as to pour his blood onto the box forcing her to take it in believing that surely this is where she would show her true colors he watches her with deep focus as she exits the box fury in her eyes and with a quick turn of her head the demon resists in emmy's blood he is shocked his eyes bulging tsunami.

Certainly does not look convinced but he also cannot force the issue without being rude to the master whom he respects greatly and so at least for now the subject is dropped although tsunemi was not present in the swordsmith village when it was attacked he attended the meeting with the other hashira to discuss the plans moving forward during.

The meeting sinemi voices his jealousy over having missy chance to face an upper ranked demon little does he know he will have a very rough experience himself in the future this also says that even with his hatred of demons and wanting to annihilate them tsunami also simply enjoys fighting strong opponents with yashiki's illness progressing.

Rapidly his wife amene takes over the meeting to discuss the topic of demon slayer marks besides tanjiro mitsuri and muichiro were able to manifest them but tsunemi is shocked to discover that this was known information all along that was withheld from the hashira the ones who were supposed to be at the pinnacle of the hierarchy in terms of power and i.

Agree that they should have been told regardless of whether or not they would appear or not although perhaps it was purposefully done to ensure that they would live longer lives as of course ubishiki is very much a father figure to the whole lot of them however it is explained that before this point it was only thought to be a rumor the marks.

Were not necessarily an achievable goal but with more hashira having gained the mark senemi along with the others must now struggle to manifest their own as missouri tries to explain how her showed up it is a confusing mess and tsunemi gives her a side-eyed look muichiro's explanation is much clearer and despite specific requirements needing to be met.

Senemy thinks it sounds really simple easy you could even say whether it is difficult or not tsunemi does achieve that goal during a particularly hard battle later on gyu disagrees with it being simple again pushing tsunami's buttons with this cold tone they're also told that once the marks manifest they will likely die before the age of 25.

This is unfortunate as the strongest and eldest of them gyome is already 27 years old which would imply if he manifests it he will not have much time left to live once amine leaves the meeting the hashira discussed further with each other but giw decides to leave early and says things in a way that makes it sound as if he is above tsunami and the rest.

As cinema becomes more frustrated with his lack of explanation he prepares to fight with him though it is cut short by gyomei who halts them with a single move the meeting then proceeds calmly after that later the hishira training camp begins with each issue training the lower ranked slayers in their specialty so the enemy's goal is to get the.

Slayers to perform infinite strikes with ease not only do they want to strengthen the core by doing this they also hope that it would help some members after hours of training with the hashira manifest a mark of their own although many of the hashira are intimidating and scary one of the worst regimens certainly belonged to tsunemi zenitsu.

Ran for his life from him begging tandro to save him from tsunemi but the wind and shira only gives zunitsu two options come back to training or die when that scares the knee to even more tsunami ends up knocking him out with a chop to the neck with tundra carrying him back anyway tsunami does not hide most of his feelings although there are some.

Exceptions so when tantro tries to get acquainted with him he cuts him off quickly matanjiro agrees that they do not need to like each other which catches him off guard normally we'd expect a fight to start from that but in a way tsunami seemed impressed by tandro's candor instead the training itself does not require much thinking.

Simply a lot of stamina and the ability to react in time to avoid enemies fast and endless strikes he also did not offer much reprieve from his hell's training unlike some of the other hashira but it wasn't just his trainees that he showed no mercy to his little brother yenya tries to speak with him and he treated him like a complete.

Stranger the reasoning behind this is understandable though we only find out why later on as genya continues to try to get through to him tsunemi begins to lose patience he even goes as far as to say that genya has no talent and should quit the demon slayer core but the conversation takes a turn for the worse when genya admits that he ate part of a.

Demon to become stronger synemi takes this about as well as you think he does especially considering how many family members they lost to demonic abilities at an unimaginable speed sanemi prepares to poke genya's eyes out when tandro notices and jumps in between the two brothers tandro pushes genya out of the way just in time but even so tsunemi.

Manages to graze his nails on the skin below genya's eye sanemi admits that he does not want to kill genya he just wants to injure him so badly that he cannot recover the option of quitting the core is still available as well now this might just be hindsight talking but i doubt even if tandro hadn't gotten involved that tsunami would want to.

Seriously injure genya he just really wanted to ensure that he could not fight anytime soon and would need to heal and be safe away from the demons watandro's persistent involvement in the brothers spat cinema goes after him instead expecting to destroy tandra in one hit synemi gives him an uppercut he's stunned to see that the younger boy is.

Able to block it from causing too much damage and even gets a decent kick in afterwards although it's not as if it does much as tsunemi who drops tandro like a sack of potatoes with a lightning fast kick of zones and nemi grazes tandro and even that causes him to bleed the tsunami's rage is out of control by this point with no one able to calm him.

Down and he starts an all-out brawl luckily for tanjore his training with sanemi was put on hold who knows what tsunemi would have done to him the next time he'd seen him unfortunately that also meant that sanemi continued to ignore his younger brother with no one there to mediate their conversations after training with the lore ranked.

Members is done sinemi trains with other hershera this is important to keep in mind for later surprisingly he goes up against the water hashiragu or maybe he chose him on purpose to prove he is stronger than him when they both use breathing techniques and break each other's wooden swords tsunami starts to get more interested he suggests that.

They try barehand fighting next but tanjuro the ever nosy boy misreads the situation and stands between them to keep them from fighting synemi doesn't bother explaining that it's just training he tells tonjro that he is supposed to stay away from him and not get involved when tandro mentions tsunemi's weakness for sweets especially.

Ohagie tsunemi turns murderous again tsunemi caught off guard cannot even deny it and when gu asks if it's true just to get some common ground between them tsunami punches tanjuro to offset his own embarrassment and then leaves later when tanemi is still annoyed by that situation he walks through the village and finds a demonic eyeball that.

Was spying on them inside of cintal grass but it is already too late muzon is at ubyashiki's home previously the hashira had offered to guard ubishiki because they felt muzon or some upper ranked demons would be attacking soon and needless to say they were absolutely right not only has muzan himself shown up but he brings all his remaining upper.

Ring demons as well including the new replacement for upper moon 6. regardless of what came to pass they all knew the master would never agree senemy thought to ashira should be guarding him at all times especially with his ailing health but it never happened having now found this demonic eye though synemi knows without a doubt that obyushiki is in.

Danger he rushes towards the master desperate to make it in time instead he arrives to see the home exploding into pieces as his heart did the very same sennemi then screams his lungs out watching the damaged body of muzon slowly regenerate after the explosion once gyomi reveals that it is muzon tsunemi wastes no time before he attacks.

With wind breathing but he has stopped short when muzon opens the floor beneath him and the other ashira making them fall into muzon's infinity castle after ending up on his own tsunami is left with nothing but his own thoughts and the only thing he can think about is how he did not make it in time he failed to protect their master he kneels on the.

Floor fists on his knees dazed even so when a demon tries to sneak up an attack he slashes it without issue when more arrive they provide synemi with an outlet for his grief he wears a pain smile tears sliding down his cheeks as he prepares to kill them all because sanemi considered to be a sheiki to be akin to a parrot like many other hashira.

Did this is heartbreaking to see he could not save his mother his siblings his friend and now his master when does this guy catch a break after dispatching the lower level demon synemi comes across an upper ranked demon at last and lo and behold it is upper rank 1. he definitely got his wish but you know what they say be careful what you wish.

For this really was not a threat that he could handle and none of the other demon slayers there could as well they had to fight as a unit he arrived just in time to protect his brother genye with a rising dust storm attack too bad genius already missing a limb and cut in half at this point but still with his usual aggressive smile and crazy eyed looks.

And nemi vows to destroy kokoshibo but after that tsunemi does verbally admit that genya is his brother unlike in the past when he pretended he did not even know him tsunami reminds genya that he wouldn't have killed their mother if it wasn't for him that he wants him to survive most of all he wanted a better life for genya away from demons and.

Fighting as genya realizes how much the enemy cares he begins to cry and apologize and tsunemi is too affected by this to say or even look at his little brother we can't imagine that he is tearing up as well though and i can't lie the trope of not showing anime characters faces when they are too upset really gets to me they are just so tough.

That they don't want to show any weakness but just can't hold back sinemi's face turns red in anger as he turns his blade to kokoshibo he draws his blade swift as the wind in his namesake sliding between the demon's leg to strike him with an attack he uses dust whirlwind cutter a move he previously used against you it's.

Powerful enough that kokoshibo is forced to draw his own sword in defense and tsunemi smiles but it is more hostile than ever before as kokoshibo begins to use moon breathing synemi realizes that the demon can attack without swinging his sword not only that but from a single attack he can release multiple complex and unpredictable moves aimed at.

His opponent once an emmy accepts that a demon like him can use breathing techniques the battle becomes a challenge worth enjoying he lets off clear storm when tree next sure tsunami hates demons with a fiery passion but that does not mean he cannot appreciate a strong opponent when he meets one though and doesn't wait to use claws.

Purifying wind the reason tsunami's training was so intense is revealed during this fight his senses are home to perfection his attacks can keep up with the upper rank blocking and dodging deadly attacks also he managed to grab genya's sword and uses it with his foot startling even kokoshibo a swordsman like him only comes around once in a.

While and kokoshibo acknowledges that by wanting to push himself even further and that's just about when it becomes more difficult for tsunami to keep up his nose bleeds from trying to focus worrying the younger slayers when kokoshibo unleashes a technique he used on a previous win hashira tsunemi cannot stop at this time a wall of moon slashes.

Push him back making him slide across the floor all the pillars around them are slashed at the same time sanemi struggles to catch his breath blood gushing from his mouth his eyes cannot even focus on the demon with all the pain and slashes he has received the cuts are so deep that one wrong move could be fatal to him but that also.

Works in his favor remember that morechi blood that nezuko resisted well kokoshibo now faces the very same challenge senemi boasts that his blood is even better than anyone else's and it is proven with kokoshibo's sudden loss of control his focus fraying not only that but tsunemi continues to fight despite his extensive wounds according.

To kokoshibo his inside should have fallen out once he moved but tsunami fights using breathing to keep his blood from spilling and tightening his muscles to keep his insides firmly well inside he unleashes black wind mountain mist pushing kokoshibo back however the more tsunami strikes kokoshibo and the more impressed he makes the demon the harder.

The fight becomes kokoshimo even manages to step on senemy sword to pin him to the ground but he fails to notice an enemy's additional weapon again this time being genya's gun his aim is perfect but his speed is not enough to reach who blocks a bullet with his blade when the fight begins to look hopeless what.

With two members incapacitated and tsunemi barely hanging on gyome the sonashira joins in without argument tsunemi stitches up his stomach wound as told by the older hashira because for his hard-headed his enemy seems to be there are certain people he looks up to and listens to and it is nice to see that gyomei is one of them after letting.

Gyome take over against kokushibo sanemi has time to staple his stomach loads in a rudimentary way he begins breathing hard making it seem as though he is struggling for air when actually the mark starts to manifest on his cheek unlike with muichiro and tanjiro his depicts a wind symbol instead of a flame kokoshibo senses the rise in his power.

And immediately aims his next attack at tsunemi as tsunemi avoids it and rushes in he blocked gyome's attack from being seen until the very last moment both of them moving at high level speeds they are only able to accomplish this due to the previous hashiro training they both know each other's movements now with their teamwork going so well kokoshibo.

Tries to stop sanemi first by destroying his sword each strike against his side of tsunami sword puts it at risk but also vibrates through his entire body as he tries to keep it in one piece tsunemi turns his blade to protect it in a flash his reaction time even faster than a moment ago every second he attacks with the mark sanemi adapts and quickens his.

Movements and this time when he uses dust whirlwind cutter it has a better effect sanemi and gyomei combine their attacks with cinema using gale sudden gusts putting as much pressure on kokoshibo as they can but it's never that simple with an impossible to see attack the two are sliced in multiple places synemi now has a gash on the side.

Of his head the demon reveals a long sword with multiple points all covered in the same demonic eyes that kokushibo has on his face with the speed of the attack synemi also lost two of his fingers if it weren't for gyome's support in helping him avoid kokushibo's sword he would have lost both arms instead tsunami worries that his damage.

Is piling on too much as blood is starting to lose his effect on kokushibo he can't keep holding gyome back this way and although his confidence is waning tsunami continues to dodge the attacks as well as he can but he can't figure out a way to counter-attack after another massive swing of kokushibo sword sennemi is cut again while dodging this.

Time on his back as he bent below the moon breathing technique he tells guildmate to ignore him and focus on the demon instead just then an inescapable attack crashes towards him but muichiro is fast enough to make it to his aid and brings him above it with the younger slayer now involved tsunemi wants to make sure that he can get to kokoshibo.

So he and gyo may launch and deflect any of the demon's attacks and wait for the right moment with another catastrophic attack that fills the entire room yomei distracts kokoshiba while sanemi launches dust whirlwind cutter muichiro stabs into the demon and genya shoots him next using a blood demon art that creates roots around him and that is.

Thanks to him consuming part of kokoshibo senemi takes that moment to rush in while kokoshibo is trapped but the demon unleashes a wide scale attack that launches all of them with blades growing out of his whole body injuring the younger slayer severely tsunami jumps in for another try as moishiro struggles to keep his sword planted.

Inside of kokoshibo as muchuro's blade turns red and damages him synemi aims for the neck and genya reactivates his blood demon art with a final rush to enemy roars knowing that they are close to finishing him off he strikes his sword against gail may spike flail to ensure the demon's head comes off and it crashes to the floor tsunami is shocked.

That the demon still not dying cannot even speak when gyomei tells him to not like genya and muichiro's lives go to waste his younger brother is dying he cannot be saved cinema cries and screams at kokoshibo intent on destroying him no matter what now with primary gale slash the nemi slices up the demon's body but he still struggles even headless to pull.

Out muitro's sword from his side kokoshibo then transforms into a hideous creature beyond what he looked like before regrowing a head would spike flesh and fangs tsunami enraged by this still races towards him along with gyomei as his body begins to crumble where muitro's blade was tsunemi and gyome and kokoshibo at long last his.

Body collapses and he turns to dust but tsunemi does not stop attacking even with gyome telling him that it is over he continues swinging his sword wanting to end it so much that his body took over tsunami is unconscious yomei has to physically lie him down to end his attacking after a few minutes sanemi awakes with a jolt the first thing he.

Notices is his brother's body slowly disappearing like a demons he screams his lungs out promising he will find a way to help genya but genya begins to apologize for all the trouble he caused making amends as he knows he will not be alive much longer tsunami refuses to hear it because he does not want to think that his little brother is dying.

Before him as genya's face falls away piece by piece he thanks anemi for protecting him he admits that he is glad that he was able to save sanemi's life in the end when genya says that sanemi is the nicest person in the world his eyes overflow with tears on the verge of losing his last family member that he cherished so much in his final moments.

Genya thanks him and senemi tries to hold on to his fading body as he grief rips out of him and he is left with just genius empty clothing with his back hunched and his spirit crushed tsunemi does not seem like he wants to leave his brother yome reminds him that the fight is not over just yet there still moves on to deal with with over an hour before.

Sunrise nemi joins the other surviving hashira to face muzon when yushiro manages to get them all out safely outside the infinity castle before it collapsed the final battle is underway after gyome makes a show of swinging his weapon tsunemi takes that moment to sneak behind muzon and slice him down his spine unlike before he does not wear.

A menacing smile his face is blank and cold with a clear goal in mind muzon must die for what he has done he launches bottles of oil at muzon which he slices up easily but he does not expect cinemas match that follows he sets him on fire with his sword held in his teeth which definitely reminded me of zoro from one piece muzon accuses him.

Of using dirty tricks but tsunemi just wants him dead in any way necessary at this muzon launches monstrous attacks that cover a whole lot of space with little to no room to escape them muzon reveals that his attacks were laced with his blood and so a kind of poison is spreading through all of their systems tandro's poison advances first forcing.

Him out of commission the rest continue in spite of this revelation with their wounds worsening over time from the poison when muzon focuses an attack on mitsuri and cuts off her arm the other hashira rush him and obanai brings her to safety even with all of them fighting together they are overwhelmed some even lose focus like yu who loses grip over.

His sword and tsunami warns him that he needs to keep his mind in the fight or he will kill him somehow sanemi is both like bakugou and levi rough in speech but still very carrying deep down he throws goose sword back to him synemi knows that he won't be able to avenge all the fallen people and his brother without all of them focused completely.

With blood dripping across an emmy's face he still plans to kill muzon even if he only has his head left to use but tamayo and yushiro's cat appears with vials to reverse the effects of muzon's poison blood tsunemi grins with renewed vigor as he lump on his face shrinks glad for the cat that saved him and the rest muzon's long appendages attacked.

Fiercely creating craters in the ground with each impact leaving no room for any slayer to approach him tsunami dodges away but notices open eye losing consciousness and warns him of an incoming attack they worry it is too late for open eye but unseen allies appear on the battlefield and with their arrival came talismans from yushiro to.

Help hide the slayers from muzon's view tsunemi exclaims with the light that using a bright red sword as open eye has makes it more difficult for muzon to regenerate as gyome launches an attack next and emmy tells you to prepare himself as well he strikes you sword as strongly as he can and turns both blades red to inflict more damage on muzon.

There is still one hour and three minutes until dawn and really with all this going on does anyone else think that arokodaki and rangoku's father should have joined in or is that just me seeing the papers that an escape brought senemy picks one up from off the ground and places it on his forehead to escape muzon's view along with his comrades who.

All cannot be seen without the talisman muzon certainly tires of the slayer's tricks and when he hears gilman mention the transparent world he pushes them all back with a wide reaching attack devastating them instantly tsunami was launched on top of a building while the others lost entire limbs with kana oh being the only one left in front of.

Muzon tandro rejoins a fight using hinokamikagura and saves her now that everyone can barely fight tandro is their last hope he intends to perform and connect the twelve forms of sun breathing to do so sanemi and the other hashira had no choice but to back him up in any way that they can you sure treats them to get them back on their feet.

Thankfully tomeo's poison that moves ingested is also finally kicking in and aging muzon centuries at a time suddenly as he time until sunrise draws closer muzon starts to flee from them after muzon releases a monstrous shock wave causing seizures to tandro and open eye who were chasing after him the severely injured hashira start to make their way.

To them and land the last of their strength it is now only 25 minutes until sunrise while tanjo restarts the process of connecting the 12 sun breathing forms tsunami rushes in and cuts off muzon's arm to keep him from escaping the spot on the wall where he is pinned cutting straight down his face afterward it releases a horrifying view of layers and.

Layers of teeth ready to devour tanjiro with the sun coming up over the horizon muzon panics and shatters the area around him again as he begins to disappear muzon realizes he has to make himself as large as possible to escape the sun safely and funnily enough he turns into a giant demon baby which suits him perfectly considering how.

Cowardly this escape attempt is and i know a lot of people thought that this was really stupid when they first saw this transformation but honestly it makes a whole lot of sense considering how little honor this guy has as core members drop furniture on him block his way with a bus tsunami comes to their aid with ira ten typhoon from above.

Muzon he successfully slices at muzan's thick limbs to keep him from pushing against the core members muzon still struggling tries to dig underground but tsunami teams up with gew once again to attack this time he strikes with cold mountain wind the other hashira who are able to move attack as well and finally finally muzon burns up and disintegrates.

With the sun at the cost of too many lives tsunemi awakens in a dark place all his lost family members on the other side of the area to his side senemy sees his mother who is with him but she can't go to the light like the others have as she cries with the guilt of taking her own children's lives tsunami decides to go with her instead so she will not be.

Alone at the same time he knows how sad it would make genya to see sanemi joining him in death already suddenly his father appears and wretches sunemi's mother's hand from his pushing him away he tells anemi that it is not his time yet that he is a survivor just like him and that senemi's mother will go with him now why is someone who is attacked.

By a demon and not in control of their own actions considered just as rotten as a man who do exactly what he was doing every time he beat his family is beyond me and so maybe it is just her guilt keeping her from crossing over to the better side regardless it is a bit of a joke that his father says anemia is a survivor like him when he was killed by.

Some nameless man either way cinema slowly awakens surprised to be alive and is still drowsy he is bandaged from head to toe with a blood transfusion going into him but he survived the core members around him hold their heads in relief so many have died from this once endless battle now afterwards there is a little mishap with tandro being.

Controlled by muzon for a bit but that's another video check out the one that we have on tandro to see exactly how that went three months later kiriya ubyashiki holds a final hashira meeting with the two that survived tsunemi and gyu he lets them know that the demonstrator core is disbanding as muzan was defeated and no more demons can be created as the.

Young children bow and respect other valiant efforts sanemi tells them it is not necessary because they wouldn't have lasted this long without the ubishiki family as yu pays kirya a compliment on his leadership senemy looks on with a slow smile reminiscent of his mothers he is really calmed down now that the threat of demons is gone while tsunami.

Visits the recovering slayers he bumps into nesco in the hall he is a bit awkward at first considering he was so hard on her the first time they met and i guess it's hard to blame him considering his past demon encounters he also apologized for not being of any help when muzon tried to take over tanjiro's body looking down in guilt.

This goes forgiveness and bright mood dispel the uncomfortable situation right away and she really reminds him of his dear younger brother genya so much he pats around the head gently with a smile wishing her well and you know he means it now after a long period of time has passed and the demon slayers are all but a myth we see sanemi's descendant in the.

Present he is shown as a cop who has to deal with annoying kids leaping over his car on their way to school now genya though long deceased has reincarnated and is his partner on the force as he brothers are united once more thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.