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These Bankai Users Changed the Universe! Every Bankai In Bleach Explained


Bleach is back with its final Arc so we'll get to see several bonkais at their Highest Potential plus it's one of the most interesting Power Systems in Shonen manga so today we'll be taking a look at bonkai users and their techniques Bankai explained before diving into the details let's start with what a Bankai is Shinigami and other.

Spiritual Beings use a weapon called a zonpok toe it can be unsealed into two forms Bankai itself is the final form though it was originally known as shinuchi the name ban Kai was coined by ichibe hiyosube he also has one of his own and it manifests as an elongated thread that replaces his sword he can use the paintbrush-like weapon to either.

Buff his allies or debuff his enemies typically a bonkai manifests by summoning the zonpok toe into the physical world it's a lengthy process too according to yoruichi shihoyin it requires several years of training however Ichigo Kurosaki and kisuke urahara were able to activate theirs in a shorter time period for Ichigo that.

Was three days wow we'll discuss both of them later besides that only this strongest Shinigami can use their bonkai to begin with unknown while we do see many bonkai throughout the series there are multiples that are unseen or in Kenpachi zaraki's case it's unnamed Kenpachi is the captain of the 11th Division and his bonkai is revealed.

Against Gerard Valkyrie while nameless we at least know what it looks like and what it does after a burst of spiritual energy stands a red Oni looking Kenpachi and his zonpakuto becomes a massive Cleaver though the most interesting feature may be the fact that his Lieutenant disappears just as he activates his bonkai many have theorized.

She was the spirit of his zanpakuto but this has yet to be confirmed either way Kenpachi is insanely strong in this form but lacks any thought or reason he becomes a complete Berserker which is useful in battle unfortunately his bonkai is the only one in this section that we actually see everyone else's is unnamed and unseen after the 10-year.

Time skip we learned that Shuhei hisagi has unlocked his bonkai as well it hasn't been seen though because there's been no need for it meanwhile characters like ukitake and Eisen have their Bankai completely in the dark we don't know what they're called nor do we ever see them granted they aren't the only Souls with this issue ichigo's father ishin.

Has a Bankai that is still unknown several captains also have their bonkai unrevealed like isane kotetsu and tetsu zaimon IBA the same applies for all of squad zero except for one member while some visors have had screen time with their bonkai everyone else isn't as lucky every visor is assumed to have a Bankai though we only see those of rose.

And kensei speaking of we'll be diving into theirs next visard 10 say muguruma may not be the only captain in Buzzard but he's the first we'll talk about force them background visards are created when a hollow enters a Shinigami soul and bonds with their zonpok toe his bonkai is known as Tekken tachikaze a gust of wind swirls around him and once.

It disappears The bonkai transforms into a pair of knuckle knives the knuckle knife isn't the only thing his Bankai can do though Tekken tachikaze can release powerful explosive punches this effect can last as long as he has contact with his opponents unfortunately there are drawbacks to it firstly kensei can only fight in close quarters which.

Means he is vulnerable to Bankai like Gins also it falls flat against other abilities since it doesn't offer anything beyond offensive capabilities but before we go further be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today Rogero.

Otoribashi also known as Rose is the captain of the third division and his Bankai is called kinshara butodan it's a bit of an abstract ability so strap in the space created from his power is ethereal once it's activated Golden Hands floats above Rose then a group of gleaming humanoids stand before him in Rose's own words the melody that is.

Ringing in your ears will Captivate your hearts using his own conducting baton Rose utilizes music to create Illusions and they can damage his opponents or affect the environment for example mask day masculine genuinely believed he was drowning in sea drift this can be combined with his other techniques specifically Prometheus which causes the.

Victim to believe they're on fire the Panic is what causes the actual damage it's the same for sea drift unfortunately there is a technique we don't get to see at all Ein helden lieben which is German for a hero's life before Rose can even use it mask destroys his own eardrums and the loss of hearing is its main weakness gote 13.

Koga kuchki was the third seat of the sixth division until he was framed and imprisoned by other Shinigami in a way they saw it as killing two birds with one stone let's get into what made this bonkai so intimidating mukojo murasama allows Koga to literally manifest his bonkai Spirit muramasa by raising his sword above him and with a large.

Spiritual energy blast the spirit appears the burst of energy manipulates other zonpok toe by causing their spirits to manifest which allows Koga to take control of them muramasa can also appear just by being called for let's get into a fan favorite next aburai renji is a lieutenants of the sixth Division and former sixth seat in the.

11th division but his bonkai has a complicated history the spirits within his zonpok toe zabimaru gave him a false name without knowing the real one renji was using an ineffective lesser form of his bonkai later on he's told its real name and through that he's able to gain a fully realized Bankai known as Seoul zabimaru it's really similar to the.

Immature version of his Bankai but there are notable differences for one it doesn't spawn a gigantic skeletal snake instead a portion of its skull appears on renji's wrist zabi maru's fur accents it wrapping around the skull its tail acts as a sash around renji and a blade sticks out of its mouth green Tufts also form around his shoulders and skeletal.

Shoulder pads besides the rather animalistic appearance his bond Kai has several techniques they're known as hihio orochio and so zabimaru zaga teppo starting with hihio renji's green cowl can transform into a skeleton arm that is strong enough to crush objects such as a large portion of a wall besides that it can literally Crush bones and.

Toss around combatants orochio causes his sash to unravel becoming a tail and weapon the material is sharp enough to pierce the Quincy named mask de masculine but so zabimaru's last technique is perhaps the most powerful one after stabbing his foe renji clenches his fist and unleashes a massive spiritual energy Jaws rap around.

The victim as it takes the shape of a snake's head then renji shoots a powerful blast of spiritual energy the heat of it is enough to burn through mask completely in fact it does more than that reduced the Quincy to ashes next comes not only a beautiful Bankai but a powerful one chojido sasakibe was the.

Lieutenant's first division under Yamamoto in fact he was rather close to the captain Commander unfortunately duriskol bersi does end up killing the lieutenant but we do get a flashback to chojiro using it and it reminds me of kaname tosin's Bankai to release it chojido raises his zanpakuto high in the air catching a lightning bolt on the.

Blade the bolts of electricity transforms into a cage a single bolt reaches far above him and into the sky and it works via chojiro's hand movements which can direct lightning to others it's strong enough that it even left a permanent scar on Yamamoto finally similar to hyori Maru kokogon Ryu rikyu can affect the weather being a.

Lieutenants under kempachi Zaraki means you've gotta be tough exactly what ikaku matarame is his Bankai ryuman hosukimaru is activated by forcing his broken shikai back into a spear it then creates two weapons a Chinese monk spade and a guandal which is a pole arm with a blade along with that is an ax blade connected to everything via chains and the blade.

Has a dragon Crest that fills with Crimson which is a visual aid to indicate hozukimaru's Awakening ikaku can speed up this process by twirling the ax Blade the weapons dwarf the lieutenant in size which only further shows its difficulty to use ryoman huzukimaru does operate differently from other Bankai since it needs to build up.

Spiritual pressure or as ikaku puts it it has to wake up during his fight with edrad Leones ikaku exclaims huzukimaru is finally waking up he's such a slow starter in order to awaken hozukimaru ikaku has to injure his enemy or receive wounds himself once at full power ikaku can use his Bankai to its Highest Potential the captains toshido hitsugaya.

Is the captain of the 10th division but his most interesting feature is his Bankai daigur and hirin Maru ice flows from hitugaya zonpok toe onto him then diagram hyori Maru creates a dragon appearance complete with two large wings and a tail claws also Sprout from his hands and feet his wings can be used to shield from attacks although that isn't.

Everything hitukaya's bonkai can do its special ability is similar to that of his shikai which involves freezing objects and areas though it has a larger radius and is far stronger for example in his fight against it didn't completely freeze him but it did partially freeze xiaolong's arm and blade there's several additional.

Techniques but we'll only go over a few it has shown the ability to regenerate according to hitugaya kiorin maru's power is Without Limits yorin Maru will always reform which means hitukaya can also turn water into more ice after creating it the captain can shoot multiple Frozen darts at an enemy for these reasons his Bankai is both.

Versatile and practically infinite when at its highest potential hitsugaya appears as an adult male and it achieved this state after months of training besides improving his abilities the matured form upgrades his freeze capability flash freezing massive objects can be Frozen with just a wave of his hands or anything that touches.

Him directly unfortunately there is still a weakness to this powerful Bankai if exposed to intense heat daigur and hyorin Maru can melt this was seen during his fight with genre usai yamamoto's bonkai which is the hottest in existence was able to nullify daigur and hirin Maru that being said he doesn't have the explosive Firepower of.

The next Bankai user Suri Fung or more commonly known as soyfon is the head of the covert Ops aside from that she's also the captain of the second division for someone who carries out secret operations sorry Fung's bonkai jakuho raikoban is anything but hidden as she said during her fight with baragan Luis burn it's too flashy for an assassin.

It's also one of the most rarely seen bonkai obviously this is due to Soy Fung's own reluctance to use it it changes her right arm into a golden missile launcher that is roughly twice maybe three times her size there's a partial Shield at side for Suey Fung's face understandable considering the missile packs a punch its recoil is so.

Strong soy Fung needed to tie herself to a building with a metal sash fun fact the sash is called a ginjohan after preparing for the ridiculous recoil soy Fung is able to fire the missile the missile is Target seeking so it takes time to set up its aim and soifung is limited to one missile every three days otherwise it's rather taxing on her body.

During her battle against baragan she was able to release two missiles on the same day after the second was fired she passed out regardless the missile was strong enough to remove a portion of boragan's skull Rukia kuchki is the captain of the 13th division previously she was a lieutenant of the 13th division not only is she one of my.

Personal favorites but her Bankai is Dunning she also happens to be why Ichigo becomes a Shinigami hako no togame transforms Rukia dramatically instead of typical black Shinigami Garb she wears a pure white robe with a flower on her chest her hair sword and eyes turn completely colorless and an icy Crown forms on her head I guess you.

Could say she was Elsa before Frozen existed besides becoming a literal Ice Princess Lucius bonkai enhances her natural abilities specifically her power to lower the temperature after this buildup of frozen air it is then released the Mist covers a wide area and is generated by urukia herself anyone or anything.

Within the fog is immediately frozen solid which is dangerous on its own but Haka no togame can do even more those stuck in ice will shatter rather quickly due to it being near absolute zero this also happens if anyone touches rookia in this state so it's both an AOE attack and protection for her after seeing her use it her brother said that was.

Magnificent bonkey sadly there are limits to it for example she cannot quickly raise her temperature once she's at her lowest it has to be gradual otherwise he risks harming her own body there's also a strict time limit on it so it's more of a trump card this drawback reminds me of another Bankai which is retsu unohanas both can.

Literally kill the user because of this Sagano togame is considered difficult to use but let's dive into another Captain din ichimaru was the captain of the third division at least until he betrayed all of Seoul Society with sosuke Eisen and kanamatosin his Bankai called kamishini noyari is very similar to ishikai as a refresher his shikai can.

Extend his blade allowing him to attack from a distance according to him his bonkai is 500 times the speed of sound which is an exaggeration on gin's part however it's still a rather powerful ability at least the way gin utilizes it is either way it can cut through an entire town this was done even with gin being some distance away regardless of.

This he uses it more as a psychological tool although we do know the true ability of kamishini no Yari its best feature isn't the elongated blade but the poison within the toxin is strong enough to break down someone's body at the cellular level after being stabbed by his Bankai gin can leave a small portion of his zonpok toe within his.

Opponent this means he can activate the poison at any time which makes kimishini no Yari unique his extended blade can even hide the poison with which is rather clever next we have the Shinigami who replaced Yamamoto shunsui kyoraku serves as both captain of the first division as well as the captain Commander like suifong shunsui prefers.

Not to use his ban Kai his reasoning isn't quite the same though katsen kyokotsu karamatsu Shinju is what it's called shinsui avoids using it because its effects are an indiscriminate area effect of Despair to activate it shunsui holds his shikai downward while tendrils Branch from him then his zonfacto Spirit appears behind him in Aura releases.

Afterwards covering shinsui and the surrounding area the Mist Alters the perception of those caught in it and they become convinced the environment is dark and gloomy it's an interesting contrast considering shunsui's attire and personality that being said his Bankai Works in Acts he even tells Lily Barrow please remain silent during the.

Performance ichidane tamerikizu no wakachi is the first stage any injuries suffered by shinsui or his opponent are shared but according to him neither can die from their wounds in Act 2 black holes appear on shinsui's opponents and the holes begin to bleed it's called me zanki no shitone then comesuchi both captain and his opponents.

Are submerged into water and they stay there until one of them drowns due to exhausting their spiritual pressure in the final stage shunsui wraps a white thread around his opponent specifically their throats he pulls it taut enough that the thread leaves a cut through that it expands until it causes the victim's head to explode it's super.

Powerful even though it can affect his comrades granted that isn't the only negative his zonpok toe spirit is temperamental so she doesn't always want to exert her full power katsen kyokotsu has to be in the mood for it kaname tosin was captain of the ninth division until he double crossed Seoul Society his Bankai tsumushi tsuishiki and.

Makorogi is rather interesting tosin places his hand on the ring that is attached to his sword's Hilt and it releases spiritual energy from within the ring then many rings appear in front of him gather around him and with a slash of his sword they disperse to create the abyss that is his bonkai this area is like a dome with the Rings.

Acting as anchors the AOE effect is centered around tosin however creating the arena isn't the main feature of his bonkai tsuzumushi tsuishiki and makorogi nullifies the senses all of them except for touch this makes fighting within the Dome difficult unfortunately for him there's a way to negate the loss of Senses touch his swords Hilt erases the.

Effects of the Bankai however his bonkai stays active as long as tosin can keep it up or until he is injured but let's get to a mystery guy nowadays kisuke urahara runs a shop in the human world which sells Shinigami items regardless karon biraki benihime aratame is urahara's Ban Kai she has black hair that is in a complex hairstyle befitting.

Royalty surprisingly urahara manifested this Bankai in the span of three days the technique he utilized was later used for ichigos as well while dangerous it certainly does yield results urahara's Bankai can restructure anything it touches so it can be used to repair what he chooses any changes made by urahara's Bankai only last while it is active.

There is another limitation as well as urahara explains the effect of my Bangkok is ranged outside of a specific radius it is nullified although it can change in organic things too like stitching buildings together sajin komamura is the former captain of the seventh division his Bankai kokujo tengen Mio happens to be interwoven into.

His humanization technique this allows komamura to be immortal it first manifests as a giant covered in Samurai armor much taller than any building the sword it wields is similar to komamura's own except the blade is different along with the string around the Hilt while his bonkai is active both komamura and his sword glow red the giant behind him.

Kind of reminds me of a JoJo stand especially due to its mimicry it copies komamura's exact movements and is also extremely tough kokujo tengen Mio can take a close range saroblast however there is another part to his Bankai komamura does a good job of explaining it dungeon Joys taking that armor off and exposing my power in other words.

Once kakujo tengen Mio sheds its armor its body is entirely made of reyatsu but that's not all komamura's humanization technique reflects onto his bonkai as well sadly their symbiotic bond is also a hindrance any damage the giant takes will be reflected onto him although if komamura is healed his bonkai receives the same benefit this is a unique.

Property at least according to my Yuri kurotsuchi who says Sachin is the only exception so far finally we've come to one of my favorite characters Mayuri kuratsushi serves as both the captain of the 12th Division and the second President of the Shinigami Research Institute let's get into his Bankai konjiki ashisogi jizo is its name and it.

Manifests as a giant yellow baby how you may ask the hilts of Mayuri Plateau opens its mouth and konjiki ashisogi jizo then exits the guard unfortunately it's a very monstrous baby with the body of a caterpillar regardless it does have a useful ability this spawn Kai emits a poisonous gas from its mouth and the toxin is derived.

From mayuri's blood it's lethal to anyone who breathes it in except my Yuri and his Lieutenant nemukurotsuchi according to Yumi chica Aya segawa the poison Cloud covers a radius of 182 meters not only that but it was strong enough to immediately affect zael Opera grants's body thankfully there is a cure that Mayuri keeps with him for others.

Unfortunately this also means it isn't always the same poison Mayuri States it's only common sense to alter the formula for poison after every use konjigi Ashi sogi jizo also has the ability to self-destruct and a multiple of retractable blades yet this isn't all Mayuri has up his sleeve his bonkai has a modified form modified Bankai conchiki.

Ashi sogijizo matai fukuin shotai it's a mouthful it also takes the form of a giant baby though the modification makes it a bit different the baby is purple fats and draped in Golden attire like its predecessor its eyes are completely white however it serves a different purpose after analyzing the information he gained from Battle the modified.

Bonkai can give birth to a new Ashi sogi jizo during his battle with pernita parkages Mayuri used this exact thing retsu unohana was a prolific healer and captain of the fourth division she didn't learn how to heal just to save others sadly in other other words I learned to heal myself in order to Forever enjoy fighting regrettably she.

Does die by Kenpachi Zaraki that being said her Bankai is unique in the sense that it can harm her as well minazuki is a destructive power of course this makes it the polar opposite of her shikai when released unohana's blade becomes a thick bloody mess it flows over her body until it solidifies into a blade it can even withstand a fight against Kenpachi but.

It has another important feature minazuki has a ridiculously powerful acid it's strong enough to melt not only unohana but also whoever she faces and by melts I mean literally reduce their bodies to skeletons sadly this is also a drawback of her Bankai because it can easily affect her own body she must constantly use kaido to negate it this.

Makes minazuki one of the more difficult to control bonkais as well as one of the most dangerous after gin ichimaru there was another captain for the third division shusuke amagayi in order to release his ban Kai I'm a guy must hold his sword in front of him as fire surrounds him raika goenkaku transforms amagay zonpok toe and it becomes longer.

The blade itself turns crimson and hooked plus the sword is huge besides transforming and its sheer length raika go and Kaku has pyrokinetic abilities the zonpokto's blade becomes engulfed in flames with fire being shot from the weapon itself byakuya is the head of the noble kuchiki Clan he also serves as the captain of.

The sixth division which he takes rather seriously part of a captain's duty is to make sure all of the Lieutenant's responsibilities are being met that aside his Bankai is deserving of nobility senbon zakura kagayoshi is like an upgraded version of his shikai its attack is even triggered by the same phrase scatter to activate his Bankai.

Biakuya drops his sword but instead of impaling the ground the sword simply goes through it as if it were water then gigantic blades spring up in two rows they fly up and cut the enemy seeming like flower petals no one really knows the exact number of blades or how to dodge them senbon zakura kagayoshi is so fast that the movement of the blades.

Imitates cherry blossoms yeah gets there are enough blades that byakuya can use them defensively as well for example the multitude of blades can be used as a shield because it's such a versatile bonkai there are several techniques that byaki had developed goke forms many tiny blades around biakya's opponent like a cloud they're surrounded on every side.

From every angle next the blades close inward at the same time this encases the victim in a coffin of blades ultimately killing them the second is shuke Haku taken with this technique biakuya creates a single sword out of the many blades due to the strength of this attack both his spiritual energy and pressure are off the charts unlike his.

Normal bonkai this is more concentrated finally senke is the purest form of senbon zakura kageyoshi the blades form complete swords in rows that are practically Limitless they Circle both byakuya and his opponents this move increases byakia's attack power while it is an extremely powerful Bankai it does have a downside there is a hurtless area.

Within it that an opponents can enter this zone is needed for byakya's safety too genre Sai shigekuni Yamamoto was the captain commander of the gote 13 and the captain of the first division though his bonkai is probably one of the most visually stunning zanka notachi looks like an old sword that has been through a fire it burns anything it comes into.

Contact with retsu unohana thought its Flames could burn down all of Seoul Society granted there is a side effect to this amount of fire it completely deprives the environment of moisture and oxygen so much so that it can affect hitsugaya's icy Bankai it has several techniques but we'll go over a few zankanotachi Nishi zanjitsu gokui.

Shiroud's Yamamoto in Flames so hot they reach temperatures in the millions because of this it's almost impossible to touch him granted the Flames themselves are invisible to others unless Yamamoto allows it to be seen then there's zankonotachi minamikaka jomanakoshi daisojin after sticking his sword into the ground.

Yamamoto summons the dead slain by his sword he can control these lost souls and summon specific ones for added psychological effect during his fight with yuhavak Yamamoto even taunts him about it how does it feel to be restrained by your former subordinates but as powerful as this Bankai is there is a downside the Flames of zankanotachi.

Are so hot that they can affect Yamamoto if activated for too long we've now come to the heaviest hitter or someone we're all excited to talk about Ichigo Kurosaki and his zonpok toe Ichigo starts the series as a substitute Shinigami but grows into one of the most competents within the gote 13. though it couldn't be possible without his bonkai.

Tensa zangetsu is activated via ichigo's shikai he combines both blades into one giant blade it only has the blade color and wrapped handle otherwise it's different despite being an ability credited to the main character not much is known about it in fact it's only seen towards the end of the series which is a shame it's one of the more intriguing.

Bankai due to its mystery and what it does after absorbing the soul King you have still saw ichigo's bonkai as enough of a threat to break it twice though the second time we see ichigo's shikai blade peeking out underneath this is interesting considering we haven't seen other Bankai with this ability this Bankai can also enhance ichigo's getsuga.

Tencho technique it's empowered enough that the ability cut uhbok in half leaving him near death slicing a soul King empowered Quincy King in half is quite the feat on its own especially because this is also the first time we see Ichigo fight with his true Bankai yes he trained it for a long time ago however we never see him fully use it.

Even during that fight truthfully ichigo's bonkai is powerful but there is little information on it that being said it is a rather interesting ability that is also stunning besides that it's also a look into how his Quincy and Shinigami sides function together in fact that's the very reasoning for his signature tencho turning gold this technique is.

Also bolstered by the merging of them plus both are present in the spirit of his zonpok toe which is unique it's unlike anything we see in the bleach Universe I just wish we had more information on it that wraps up the most interesting bonkai users within bleach personally I can't wait to see some of these animated during the Thousand-Year.

Blood War Arc thank you for watching I'm Anthony fan I love you