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THESE QUIRKS ARE TOO DANGEROUS! – My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 6


Alright guys so this week fans of the my hero academia manga have pretty much been left to starve but thankfully season 5 episode 6 the 94th episode of the anime overall is here to provide us a good meal picking up right where we left off with the last one we have the second round of battles.

Between class 1a and class 1b and thanks to the tactical know-how of kendo momo's team has just walked right into their trap one that is overwhelmingly saturated with mushrooms now with mushrooms being a fungus they are very much associated with the concepts of decomposition.

Or death and that sort of thing and so for many this may be a scary or uncomfortable presentation now in the case of invisible girl with these mushrooms on her she is no longer as hard to detect and so that definitely inhibits her quirk but beyond that besides the fact of these mushrooms being on these.

Characters i wouldn't say there's much of a tactical advantage to having all these here now there is a vast assortment of different sorts of mushrooms out there but with this being just a practice fight all of these mushrooms are non-lethal and so we're not really.

Seeing the true capabilities or frightening capabilities of shimej's mushroom quirk i mean just make these things poisonous and that is terrifying and so if the proper conditions are met this is a very capable quirk and i for one really like this character the mushrooms only last for two hours or.

So but i can't imagine a situation in which you would need them to last longer than that especially not in a combative situation now something you may notice about this episode is that there is a fair amount of recap there is a fair amount of going over what is already.

Or has already been established and for some this may be a bit jarring or off-putting but i for one have watched one piece so yeah i don't really have that problem i imagine the studio is attempting to elongate these fights to lassie span of the entire episode and i honestly don't mind it.

This is more than likely being done for the sake of ending the season off at a proper point as opposed to being in the midst of a new arc and so to an extent it is sort of a necessity but anyways momo's team was ripping at the scene they were all over the place and so she would ask for them to regroup.

But just then class 1b would continue their pursuit in the form of manga now this is certainly one of horikoshi's wackier character concepts and his quirk comic gives form to otamatopia so words that come from or are associated with sounds are given.

Physical form and these additionally have abilities based on what they are coming from and so even though it is a bit goofy it is very very capable the versatility here is definitely major not to mention it scales off of how loud he gets with it and if you are familiar with our quirk.

Evolution series or hell any of our theory videos then you will know how excited i get about these quirks and taking them to that next level let me say that this quark is insane and for a character like this i'm not sure whether or not horikoshi intends to really use them a lot more in.

The future or not but man this is strong because just off of him yelling out loud he can create words that are the size of entire buildings and these are big buildings mind you these are like skyscraper sized buildings that he is able to then make just off.

His own voice so what happens when we put this man up to a megaphone suddenly we're dealing with planetary devastation if manga says the word zap he is suddenly more capable with electricity than kaminari oh and if you're a fan of jojo's bizarre adventure this quirk may seem a bit.

Familiar and with the use of his quirk manga was able to separate momo from the rest of her group which is a major play because there is no question that she is the brains of the operation take her off and it's like decapitating their entire team and kendo knew this.

All too well and would not miss this opportunity as she would immediately go in for the attack momo is an absolute genius tactically the only character in the entire series i could imagine could even contest her would be all for one himself but whereas offer one possesses the power to back up his intellect.

Momo on the other hand is a bit lacking in the strength department and so kendo would not miss this opportunity and would attempt to give her no time to think out a proper countermeasure or strategy and listen both of these characters have a whole lot of potential so i certainly intend to make a quirk evolution for both of them kendo.

And momo and listen in this situation it was not looking good for team momo at all but shoto on the sidelines would not lose hope he would not give up on momo because he firmly believes in her capabilities which was not unfounded because when momo's back was against the wall she literally brought out the big guns.

And listen something like that suddenly is enough to make the vast majority of characters hesitate at the very least but switching over to the rest of the team oh my goodness oyama is so useless he has not done a single thing of merit in this fight whatsoever he is a complete liability despite the fact that.

His quirk is a direct counter to that of shihai's but going back to momo the canon was obviously just a bluff she wasn't about to just shoot this girl here now the immediate deduction to be had would be that this was for the sake of blowing a hole in the wall allowing her an opportunity to escape or.

Flee but thinking about it rationally that wouldn't make much sense because at the end of the day even if she does have a means of escape kendo is not going to let up she is overwhelming her physically and so she herself is a sort of wall a barrier for momo to progress onwards.

And so in this desperate situation where she herself had been compromised she would have to put her faith in her comrades a care package that tokoyami would grab and immediately make use of from here we would have a conversation between she mage and vanta black and it is very clear that vance black has a sort of crush on she mage here as.

He is a bit hesitant and shy as opposed to what was a bit more of a brazen personality from him prior and i absolutely love this because it provides depth to these characters that are more so on the back end of things they're not going to get the same spotlight as your main characters like.

Deku or bakugou but here it feels as though they are alive that they do have their own goals and ambitions and stuff that are off screen but this conversation would not last long as tokoyami was on the hunt thanks to momo's care package he received a pair.

Of thermal goggles which i feel he should always have because this is very very useful they additionally receive some disinfectant spray to keep the mushrooms off of their person thus allowing invisible girl to be well invisible properly and assault manga tokoyami would then.

Use his super move black ank to just one shot these two characters in front of him and with this he was applying the teachings of hawks that speed is everything and again it's pretty adorable vanta black thought of shemage's safety before his own here however with his.

Cloak tokoyami was able to capture vanta black in the midst of his quark usage meanwhile dark shadow had she mage but when i tell you that i love she mage i love this character she is so adorable but entirely behind that oh my goodness just as tokoyami felt as though he had won she mage had mushrooms form on his.

Lungs this is an insta-kill quirk this is absolutely an insta-kill quirk we are so lucky that she decided to be a hero because as a villain this is just terrifying if she had intended to do anything beyond just making his breathing difficult if she had chosen.

To use a poisonous mushroom in this instance that is an insta kill without any contact she doesn't even need to touch this man she doesn't need to touch him like shigaraki she can be distanced and kill this is scary and at that tokoyami's biggest mistake.

Was not knocking her out now invisible girl was just beating the mess out of poor manga over here but at the end of the day it's not as if she is a capable combatant hand to hand so it wasn't as if he was going out in one blow or anything like that she could not take him out swiftly.

And that ended up costing her dearly as kendo would appear over time she would simply grip her and it was over however it did take kendo some time to re-enter the fight as momo was not going down without one as she would bind kendo and hold on to her cannon so it was a.

Process to bring herself over here and listen to lug onto dead weight like this and carry a cannon along with her kendo is damn strong but with that it was class 1b's win to be completely honest with you i was rooting for class b here so i am very happy with the results.

From here on out however the fights will end up being a whole lot more intense as we do have the heavy hitters of class 1a each taking a round of their own next up we have shoto which is going to be very very interesting to see hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode and our coverage of it.

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