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THEY LOST!? The Villains Win The War – My Hero Academia


Regardless of how this war ends the villains have won the hero society after this battle's conclusion will have hammered the final nail in its coffin the full details of the war likely won't make the news for example details of how they managed to identify dr garaki.

Or the power of all for one being passed on to shigaraki for valid reasons too however without full context this will merely be another moment where the heroes failed to prevent mass destruction miscalculations and errors do happen even in a hypothetically perfect hero.

Society the problem though is a series of major headline failures that have already caused trust to dwindle after this latest catastrophe it's safe to say society will fall or rather it will cease to exist the heroes had to jump on the villains.

And yet they waited they waited and waited and finally after striking they still managed to drop the ball and don't get me wrong i personally am not disappointed in the actions of the heroes in this war after all i know we all know what this threat really is how great a threat it is but to the.

Public these attacks are for the most part just villain attacks they've been happening from the beginning of time there isn't much special to them in the eyes of the public the public was saddened terrified even at the retirement of all might and they had the right to be a single man.

Acted as the pillar of their world without him without a pillar structure will fall and poor endeavor too to be the one tasked with taking this place of this pillar a false pillar can act the part but it will no doubt fall from the right amount of pressure.

In the end he became the number one hero but he was doomed to fail and for that reason you gotta feel bad for the guy i imagine even the most competitive individual would cringe at the thought of replacing society's poster boy the strongest hero number one all might.

Endeavour did take out the high-end nomu hood however it was a close win it wasn't a moment that gave society comfort in fact his victory might have created more fear than it did comfort and to be clear again we as the viewers know how damn strong a high-end nomu is and we're hyped to see endeavor.

Defeated but the news only has so much information and so to society again it just looks like the heroes struggled to do their usual job and let's not forget this current war arc is not too long after deca deca was a massive battle between the meta liberation army.

And the league of villains that in the end led to their fusion during this battle though there was pure chaos literally dozens of people were dying left and right and environmental damage was on a whole other level at the end of the arc though we learned that to the public.

What happened in deca was a group of 20 individuals with a strong grudge against heroes attacked they lured heroes out of the city with false information and commenced an assault which the people of deca fought back against many civilians died but in the end the threat was defeated.

Following the incident some claimed that rampant cork use by civilians only made things worse but many people praised deca's citizens as heroes who heeded the call of duty in this battle heroes 100 lost the trust of a good number of people from this version of the story it appears citizens are actually capable of.

Protecting themselves in the eyes of the public hundreds died in deca and kamino because the heroes didn't do their job so following the war arc i imagine this sentiment will only grow again the heroes anticipated this attack and yet we have a situation now where giganto machia is destroying city.

After city as he towers over them as if their ants while the heroes watch unable to stop him he's already killed hundreds for sure despite the evacuation attempts and it's only getting worse the villains have already won because they've caused society to no.

Longer trust the heroes they've more than shook the world they've now destroyed the foundation of it and there's only more to this how will society react when it's revealed dabi is endeavour's son the number one hero has a child who is a villain and not just any villain at that.

A key figure in the greatest threat they face today the paranormal liberation front endeavor is not a role model by a long shot we all know this but this would be hard for society to forgive and just move on from and i suppose endeavour would try to put an end to this by defeating dobby.

Which would be great for him but if dabi gets to do any more harm prior it might be too late to repair his image and this is coming very soon most likely in chapter 287 dabi says shigaraki's fighting endeavor nice let's prep when asked what he wants to prepare for he responds that he wants to prepare to.

Take down this fake hero society there are various ways he could go about this possibly with the help of skeptic he could expose that there are first-year ua students in this battle to determine the future of society showing just how underprepared the system truly is the system all these citizens trust they have.

Children playing a key role in such a conflict yes they have provisional license but again their children dobby could also quote take down this fake hero society by attempting to reveal that hawks a pro hero killed another pro hero in best genius and possibly even mentioning twice.

Now i don't believe best genius is dead because of the tease at the beginning of chapter 288 but he might attempt to reveal this before realizing that genus is in fact alive and lastly dobby might have information about the public safety commission that they wouldn't want the public to.

Know this mandavi has options any of them would deal a heavy blow and we've made fun of dobby being oh the true mastermind and all that taking him for a joke but really this man might have some cards up his sleeve it doesn't end there though shigaraki is currently damaged and only at 75 percent of his full.

Potential but deku society's hope will not be leaving this battle in one piece that alone like all the other factors will be a win for the villains shigaraki might be at 75 percent but deku after this fight just might drop down to 60 percent or less of what he is right now.

He's progressed too fast and we've talked about this in the video before logically there needs to be some kind of kickback regression of some kind he's too far ahead of everyone else it's most likely going to be related to his arms he's been warned before not to push them beyond their limits again or risk losing them and he's here done.

It yet again realistically speaking he's the main character come on he won't lose his arms but there will be something at the very least a long recovery process that leads to a time skip for us post war there is a possibility of the dragon balls i mean arie.

Erasing all the damage done in this battle healing izawa deku bakugo and maybe even others like miroko and yeah that's cool we get to see everyone continuing to be strong as possible we get to see all our favorite characters continue fighting at their peak.

But then going forward there'll always be less at stake we'll always have arie to count on at the end of whatever destruction happens there is still the loss of society's trust that can't be healed through rewinding but that's not as satisfying as a more direct consequence of battle.

To our heroes aery does need time to store her energy for rewinding but in the end as long as the person is alive she could rewind their body back to a healthy state a lot of people would be alright with this and i'm sure there are some that would find this corny i'd love to hear from both sides.

On this so be sure to leave a comment below expressing your feelings on airy being my hero academia's dragon ball equivalent but yeah no matter what happens from here the villains have won the only thing left in this arc is to see exactly how it plays out but the damage has been done and more is.

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