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All for one's weakness has been revealed and endeavour is in trouble the list chapter of my hero academia opens up with a flashback to hawks discussing all for one's weakness with best genius alpha one's mass was already believed to be some form of life support with that and them learning that he took from the target's life support machines it is.

Clear his body cannot survive on its own hawks would then go on to state that normally the best course of action would be to overwhelm him with numbers the issue with that is all for one's quirk sealing ability with it their already limited numbers will be put at risk the idea of targeting this weakness is great in theory but of course it is easier.

Said than done when your opponent is the demon lord himself the plan would then be to pack the maximum amount of power into the smallest group possible and run offer one into the ground endeavour and hawks would be the unit tasked with taking down this great enemy and this team is one we should all have respect for when it comes to battle they did.

After all take down hood another seemingly impossible opponent who like all for one did have many quirks their great coordination and tactical genius display during that fight was to be their greatest weapon now but before we go any further this video is sponsored by the official my hero academia collectible card game they were kind.

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To find a really rare card thanks again to the my hero academia collectible card game but now back to the latest my hero academia chapter the battle for society's future would continue with all for one firing off several air slash type attacks in the direction of the charging duo the likes of which stemming from his middle finger as you may recall.

Hawks would yell out to endeavor as he slashes closed in and with a giant fire curtain from hell the attacks would be neutralized quickly then bullet like feathers would burst through the curtain at blazing speeds towards all for one this would fail however and hawks who stuck behind the mass enemy will be spotted immediately and all for one.

Being the master troll he is would enjoy this moment right here going on to tom hawks about his lost speed and wings that are no longer what they used to be after the damage he sustained on account of dobby during the previous war he'd note that not even recovery girl could help reverse the damage and that hawks could only even reach his current speed.

Of his with the help of prosthetics this just goes to show the depth of all for one's intelligence network despite remaining hidden for so very long this course of action ultimately proved to be advantageous for him as the remaining heroes had no choice but to expose themselves and their current abilities in an effort to curb the rampant crime.

In this newfound state of anarchy and here all for one was flexing his in-depth knowledge in an effort to trip up his especially methodical adversary however hawks with his usual humorous personality would smile and shrug off offer one's comment when it comes to avoiding the mind games hawks is far better than endeavor and probably most.

People who would come face to face with all for one anyway following his failed sneak attack hawks would fall back and endeavour would charge forward like a meteorite determined to deal some damage to all for one this next bit of information would make it abundantly clear just how difficult this battle is we will get a closer look at the plans.

Of hawks and endeavor well aware of the damage all for one is able to do with his giant shockwave quirk they aim to fight in a way that would limit the usage of it to protect the people on the ground the strategy was to deal with him in close combat but that of course wasn't easy because they would be done for a fall for one word to get his hands.

On them and steal their quirks fighting all for one was no simple task and as we will continue to be shown even if he can't touch them simply being with an earshot of all for one is a very dangerous predicament to be in endeavour in his flames would then clash with all for one now in close range he would put himself at risk to deal damage his.

Unstoppable force of a man endeavour's flames would leak through offer one's pressurized flame curtain a defense against attacks as a sword that was now failing to fully protect the villain this issue was enough but at the same time hawks was ready to cut down any counter-attack and so as is typical of all for one when at a disadvantage he.

Resorts to mind games as he never showered flames onto all for one the real fun would begin because things are always so interesting whenever this man speaks all for one would plant seeds of doubt in endeavor and hawks by questioning the coordination of his opponents putting the blame on endeavour but no endeavor would shut this up and.

Tell hawks not to let up the damage was piling on offer one super regeneration could not keep up as the damage stacked all for one continued the psychological attacks he would bring attention to the battlefield below them everyone was giving it their best except the so-called number one hero endeavor at least according to offer one that is he.

Claimed that endeavour's mind was adrift and this is funny because while endeavour may actually be a bit out of it having it called out like this makes it so much worse and no surprise it did of course get worse off one would mess with endeavour more by mentioning the battle between the hero sons toyah and shoto he'd asked why endeavour wasn't.

Happier that his perfect child stopped the failed experiment a statement which clearly infuriated endeavor enough for him to reply in frustration hawks would yell out for his seniors to stop this reminding endeavor of what happened to all might in kamino specifically referring to when all for one revealed that shiguraki was shimmering on his.

Grandson leaving the symbol of peace broken that reveal had caused almighty to momentarily fall apart and it would be terrible if that were to happen now to endeavor in the midst of this ever pivotal battle all for one would then make it clear to endeavour that he has always kept an eye on the hero's lust for power it was then that endeavor.

Would have the shocking reality of what happened to toya hinted at the real reason for toyah's body having never been found was the intervention of all for one hearing this endeavor froze all for one still had this card up his sleeve and man at this point over one just has ammo ready for everyone he comes across bombshells on bombshells.

Just ready for each and every situation the information all for one is teasing here is what we learned about toya's life-changing accident and recovery all for one was the one who took his burn body from the blazing mountains and brought him to a facility where he would be taken care of endeavour here does not have the full story but it has now been.

Hinted at and the rage from knowing this alone would soon show hawks seeing the situation turn for the worse nui had to be there for the number one hero endeavor is someone who lives for atonement and as such he is unable to harden his heart like hawks and it is for this very reason that hawks knew endeavor definitely could not face dobby.

And he knew he had to be there for his childhood idol flying towards the conflict hawks would call out to remind endeavor that right now his only duty was to defeat all for one at the same time though endeavour would roar like a raging inferno incarnate screaming the name of the man would capitalize on his family's dismay this would immediately.

Backfire off one would stab into endeavor during his lapse in judgment and add salt to the wound saying got you not only was endeavour just hit hard but hawks was about to be as well all for one would prepare a blast and axe hawks if he thought it was possible to avoid the attack at such close range he would even call hawks later nagan's.

Replacement referring to nagan's previous part in the hero association and his current role this little jab didn't have much effect as i suppose hawks's secrets aren't as deep but back to the situation at hand hawks knew he was in trouble there was no way to dodge all for one's attack so suddenly this would be the end of him he knew this and.

So he was ready to take action by at least helping endeavour to get close enough to activate prominence burn before perishing but before that final gambit of a plan could take effect the young stars of this conflict tokoyami and jiro would arrive they would make use of a combination super move that saw jiro send a shock wave while on.

Tokyomi's back as he flew way up high saving hawks from all for one much to the surprise of both that being said these two heroes in training despite having pulled this off were a tad bit poorly coordinated jiro was a befrazzled as she wasn't used to flying and was having a hard time holding on meanwhile tokyoyami was having difficulty focusing.

On accounts of bodily movements hawks would yell out to his young protege firstly calling him by his name before correcting himself to his hero name and being unfamiliar with jiro would simply call her that girl from class a he would then express that they should stay away as this is no place for them that they will die fighting all for one tokoyami.

Would then fiercely rebut that he may not be endeavor but hawke should know that he can fight alongside him which prompted an expression from hawks that i think is just magnificent all for one would then make note of the insignificant insects moving around then feeling a bit nostalgic as he'd say it reminded him of the comics he used to.

Read in the past that in those stories the side characters like them were usually used for the sake of displaying just how strong the demon lord truly is a sort of meta bit of commentary that i find very fascinating as it plays with the expectations and preconceived notions in a way that makes me then question the validity of these claims in.

This particular circumstance as we would then receive one of the best shots of jiro in the series as she clapped back at all for one stating that such things are better said after victory horikoshi's art style is on full display lately and i cannot get enough of it but man it takes some incredible confidence to be able to talk back to all for one.

And especially in such a calm and collected manner although with jira and tokoyami being so minor it is doubtful that all for one would have much verbal ammo on them specifically that being said although all for one's words haven't had much effect on hawks thus far given how much the hero cares about tokuyami that will likely be a point of.

Exploitation for all for one but we'll just have to wait and see as always i'm celeste botaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you.