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All right guys so this latest episode of my hero academia season 5 episode 17 was by far the most painful episode of the series i have ever had to endure and i do not mean this in regards to the story or anything like that i just mean that in terms of execution this episode was dreadful.

And that seems to be the general scheme of things with season five at this point unfortunately i tried holding out as much as i could throughout the joint turning battles but i have at this point run out of excuses and i have run out of patience as well and to briefly get into why it is.

Because of all of these damn flashbacks we are getting flashbacks on flashbacks we got a flashback of all might who was not even in the episode we got a flashback of all might within a flashback with all might we got a flashback of a scene from what three episodes ago and a flashback from a scene.

Two episodes ago and this isn't for a quick clip or anything like that this is just the entire scene at this point we got a flashback of a flashback from season two two times over but to be fair to play devil's advocate there were slight additions to these scenes where you got to see a bit more but.

These were just a few frames it is not worth it at all in the slightest and truthfully i could go on and on about how i feel about all this but maybe we will have that discussion another time if that is something you guys are interested in but now getting past the flashbacks.

Which encompass the vast majority of this episode we did in fact had the todoroki family dinner what in the manga was one of my favorite domestic scenes this was a scene with a whole lot of tension brewing in the room you could see you could tell that natsu was not really feeling his dad and.

Wanted nothing to do with him you could tell that fuyumi wanted to hold them all together and shoto being as young as he was was a bit neutral he's caught in the middle between these two extremes and it just made for a very interesting circumstance beyond the superpowers beyond all the heroics and all that.

These are just people and you can see these sort of lives they live in their day to day and i specifically remember covering these contents with the manga all the way back when we first began with the channel and it was just one of those moments where i had to appreciate horikoshi as a mangaka i mean.

The weight that he provided to the speech bubbles and all that at the time you could just feel how awkward this scene was but in regards to its translation to the anime i don't know if it's just my sentiments towards the rest of the episodes speaking here but it just didn't have that same level.

Of impact it felt a bit poorly paced it felt like it was just going through and i didn't get to really harp on the feelings there and it's like sure we already know how natsu feels about his father especially because they gave us a flashback of that in this very episode.

But i don't know the pauses just didn't feel as weighty and i was waiting for a musical cue a musical note to change or something like that when he delivered that line about endeavour not letting shoto eat his cooking but it just never came and obviously bakugou was very comical in this episode he was making a lot of.

Comments that would make you laugh and things like that and that is on purpose you want to have a bit of a lighthearted feel here because the tension of the room is so intense this is a broken a thoroughly broken family with their main abuser at the head of the table.

And so you have that sort of juxtaposition you have bakugou to have those slight remarks you have deku who is going to be very apologetic and try to appease and try to fit into this situation as best as he can and i don't know maybe it's just me but it didn't really feel.

All that tense i didn't get that same level of weight and that could just be a translation thing it could just be coming from the manga it's not gonna have that same level of weight because with manga you are going to flip the page you are going to sit with that anxiety that awkwardness and let it ruminate.

Before you move on with the story but because this is like the only new content that we got out of the entire episode of course it's going to feel like nothing and to get something like this after a filler episode ah man my hero academia season 5 is just.

An absolute mess but at the end there we have endeavour speaking to a photograph and a mural of toya his son and this is what i've been waiting a very long time for at the very least for me as a manga reader because as you can see here toya's hair is white however in the anime for whatever reason.

They went with red and they just kept gone going with red time after time after time and i was just wondering when are they going to correct their mistake because toyah's hair is definitively white and i've had people in the comments section for ever now.

Debate me on that fact that his hair was actually red and this and that but no it's white and they've just now decided to make things right i guess despite having a flashback we've seen several times over at this point where his hair is red in the very same episode but whatever i'm done talking about.

Flashbacks that'll be another video but yeah in terms of new content to talk about that's just about it i mean we got a new villain at the end of the episode after the credit scene who seems to have an allure towards endeavor but not much more beyond that guys if you watch this episode please.

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