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THIS HURT US ALL! AOYAMA IS THE UA TRAITOR! – My Hero Academia Chapter 336


Guys this latest chapter of my hero academia is one of the most important ones in the entire series as more than simply bringing back up the trader subplot we tackled it head on with the previous chapter all might had just informed the students of class 1a about the shining opportunity afforded to them by the late star in stripe during her.

Confrontation against shigaraki a sort of parasitic exchange in which a number of the villain's many quirks were destroyed rendering him unable to act for yet another week yet even still considering the entirety of their situation all-out war against the villains and their various members was all but unavoidable and so for this.

Reason it was almight's hope that they would use all their time to further their own progression but according to class 1a they had already mostly done so on account of their training with the wild wild pussycats which we spoke about quite a bit with the previous chapter video several of these students had agreed to spar with deku specifically.

Bakugou who was especially interested in testing out his new cluster moves as if it could fare well against one for all surely the same may be said for dealing with all for one and with all this almighty was even further convinced of their collective growth and considered this to be all for one's greatest oversight which subsequently.

Transitioned us to the lair of our many deviants as shigaraki whose quirk factor had been worn out was wretching in agony followed by a declaration that so long as a single person was able to recall the face of all might he would never know peace a sentiment of hatred all for one was now able to share at the same time dobby was growing rather impatient.

At this point however all for one would dissuade him by elaborating on the difference between the two of them as with his various plots forged over the course of decades he'd managed to create an intricate network of pathways towards his ultimate goal which even under the most dire of constraints makes his own victory and inevitability and that what.

He has which dobby lacks our friends in excess as we would receive a single shot of invisible girl far clearer than we ever had before yet still unrevealed with this latest chapter we have my hero academia taking over the cover of weekly shonen jump issue 1 in triumphant fashion now we honestly expected something a bit more flashy and or.

Intense but hey let the good times roll while we still can i suppose we furthermore also received the results of the japanese my hero academia popularity poll along with a glorious piece of artwork featuring our new top 10 characters along with some animals that encapsulate their essence what is quite honestly the worst top 10 i think the.

Series has ever had not a single female character or villain it would seem that this poll more than most may have been influenced by the anime and movie releases yet for not a single villain to be here despite my villain academia breaks my heart yet despite shindo having randomly appeared for once after the provisional license exam arc he was.

Knocked down to number 17 despite being in the top 10 last time around with president mike of all characters making it front and center yet again despite his various escapades deku could not top the true main character of the series bakugou and if not now it's hard to imagine when he ever will this list was all kinds of crazy from deku's freckles.

Scoring higher than twice to muster the gas mask villain from season 3 if you can even remember him scoring higher than miriko but oh well but yeah now getting into the actual contents of the chapter we would have our new main character bakugou in the midst of training with deku apparently he figured out how to truly concentrate.

And fire during his time under endeavour which he can now manage to do consistently by way of producing spears of sweat therefore allowing himself to fire several shots at once thanks to cluster all of his moves were bound to be even stronger now my personal hope is that cluster allows for a furtherance of what we best know about those combat to.

Already encapsulate and that is versatility if this is just a power up to say that his explosions are simply stronger that's not all too impressing or interesting to me and a pretty unimaginative quirk evolution so fingers crossed but yeah for the sake of causing himself to sweat in excess bakugou would be wearing his winter suit which in.

Exchange for more devastating attacks would ultimately wear him out sooner and at this time deku was also able to notice a certain shift in shoto as well as we expected shoto seems to now possess an even greater control over his flames to the point where a newfound equilibrium has been achieved and from there he aimed to make his right and.

Left halves into one so as to not be incinerated by the flames of his eldest brother now while resting on the bench as moneta stress-tested the number of balls he could remove from his head kaminari would in recognition of the prior war ponder the implications of the villain's two greatest assets being particularly weakened at the moment not.

To mention the special detainment of gigantomachia who was still sedated and so he'd wonder if everything would simply work out if they were to find all for one however his classmates would be quick to correct him on multiple fronts as first and foremost according to bakago it was highly unlikely that they would actually be able to find all for.

One that in regards to escape and hiding nobody could match up against him momo would then interject with the fact that during the previous battle shigaraki's body was incomplete and so with that in mind along with the severe heroic losses they had suffered their chances of victory were far from assured but lastly the villains would be the ones to.

Dictate the commencement of this battle unlike previously that even if shigaraki search quark was destroyed which we know it hasn't been they would still be on the receiving end all of which being enough to convince deku that they needed to at the very least influence the actions of their adversaries and for this reason he would be headed out as.

Soon as he could for recon which would lead to a chop over the head by ita who would correct deku's thoughts of going it alone yet deku would begin to wonder if it was actually all right for him to even go outside considering all that occurred previously which it would confirm by saying that uraraka speech certainly helped reduce the tension.

Between the heroes and the people taking shelter as morocco would blush heavily in embarrassment as a now somewhat disappointed kaminari would begin to wonder if in the end no matter how far into the corner they backed him all for one would still be out there somewhere laughing at them past this we would end up in the nearby.

Forest with invisible girl as she would consider someone who she felt had lost his enthusiastic demeanor following the events of the war a sentiment they all to some extent shared however even after deku's return this person in particular hadn't smiled even once and so she was concerned as in the distance some voices would be heard one of them would begin.

To expect a lack of a choice as they had received another order from him that all they needed to do was continue listening to him as they always have sure everyone was being monitored by the school but the person they were talking to would be able to disguise his actions as nothing more than just daily activity and furthermore it was their belief that.

The location they were speaking in was a blind spot of the school surveillance system they would then question if this person had done just as all for one had ordered at kamino as finally the true uh traitor would be revealed as we would now have none other than yuga or yama the shining hero can't stop twinkling crying his eyes out.

As his parents would exclaim as to do other than all for one says would mean the death of them and now laying everything out before us they would speak of how to the letter oyama had been following off for one's orders even before entering ua that in the trending camp as well he managed to leak the information without exposure oyama was.

Now distraught and stuttering his mother would place her hands onto his shoulders and would express that they weren't doing all this because they wanted to either but again they had no choice as an onlooking invisible girl was shaking herself on account of this jaw-dropping revelation as she would begin to reflect on all that oyama was in some capacity.

Responsible for which i'd like to note are both extremely redeemable as there really wasn't any serious casualties in the end for either from the usj incident to the forest training arc the most lasting damage you could say was in the case of ragdoll and the acquisition of her quark search by offer one which has been pretty major but still no direct.

Deaths or anything like that i mean don't get me wrong this degree of endangerment and complicity is horrible all the same but i think it's worth mentioning because his traitor subplot has been so drawn out that it may be pretty easy to forget what it actually entails but yeah oyama's mother would express it all they ever wanted was.

Their son's happiness as a child they asked him if he truly wanted to be like everyone else which he did as being different was terrifying they did all this for him because he was born without a quirk and didn't want to see him shunned by everyone else they wanted their son to be able to live his dreams just like everyone else yet had they.

Known beforehand all that this would entail they would have never done so yet the very moment ayama received his quirk from offer one they were already under his influence and once you enter all for one's grasp there is no escaping him so essentially for the sake of their son's happiness these parents were willing to even make a deal with the devil which is.

Unreal invisible girl would begin to panic thinking to go to the teachers as she would suddenly notice something else and meanwhile ayama would finally begin to properly speak claiming it all to have been so painful for him that it took every bit of willpower he could muster to prevent himself from being exposed that a crushing sense of immense.

Guilt plagued him at all times and so he did all that he could to appear brave and so when offer one was captured at kamino he foolishly believed that it would be his chance to finally be like everyone else but this was certainly not the case his parents would begin to beg for his forgiveness as oyama would proceed to break down further as all he.

Ever wanted to do was protect his parents he didn't want them to die and so they'd beg for their son to save them from suffering the wrath of all for one as now to emerge beside invisible girl it would be deku daku would begin to approach and speak about hearing something from invisible girl about oyama being the.

Traitor or something ayama's parents would begin to panic and attempt to cover it up as oyama would look to deku calling out his name twice as the tears welled up even more so deku would express that oyama was the one who looked to be the most depressed after the events of the war and so he figured something was wrong and came.

Looking for him as finally oyama would respond to deku admitting his involvement in both the usj incident and the training camp that he was in fact a filthy villain as we would have a shot of the cheese he had once laid out for deku which spelled out the words i know and that.

Was the chapter would you believe it even after horikoshi's crossover of a misdirect yet another major plot army theory confirmed oyama is the ua traitor we went from last week people dropping comments on that video saying it aged like milk to this week claimed it to be the absolute finest of wine this was our one and only.

Traitor theory and it was correct in that video i remember telling you guys that we are not the sort of channel to keep feeding you low hanging fruit that when we present a theory or anything for that matter we make sure to come correct and so we are definitely popping bottles over here if predicting the entirety of the war arc prior to its commencement.

Wasn't enough to prove our validity we certainly hope that this was now this was pretty sad guys like even despite being correct it was still really really sad sure it could have been even more painful had the perpetrator been even closer to the spotlight as a fan favorite or at the very least a character more popular than.

Deku's freckles but you know what knowing that for oyama being different is terrifying yet he overtly presented himself at all times to be so very different keeping his distance from everyone in his class to an extent is extremely sad to me i don't want to get into too much about it all here as i feel certain things may be better served.

With a video of their own but man what a position to be in if my hero academia was a more ruthless sort of story i'd say we can expect all for one's immediate retaliation against his family but i'm not so sure i honestly find it a bit funny that the moment offer one mentions this asset of his it's pretty much unraveled immediately but at the.

Very least we reasonably should presume that this development is now known by the villains as well as shigaraki was in the midst of using search in relation to the scene what i can only imagine was in some capacity the process employed in the case of lady nagan sway to the side of deku and the subsequent response of that so take that as you will i for one.

Am certainly expecting shonen forgiveness from deku here but boy oh boy is horikoshi speedrunning the end of the series at this point my boy must have already booked his tropical vacation or something not even hawks at his best could keep up with the speed of this story right now but hopefully you'll be willing to keep up with plot.

Armor by subscribing with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best my hero academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you