All right so suddenly in the midst of this intense battle against kaido and his beast pirates nami of all characters has received a game-changing addition that serves to embolden her strength and battle capabilities across the board they say you're only as strong as your weakest link.

And at this point i would say that our weakest link is pretty damn strong and although not nearly as overt as some of the other members of the straw hat crew nami over the course of the series has continued to become stronger and stronger no longer is she the damsel in distress.

Who lacks capability in a fight we've long since passed that but even still for the longest time it's felt as though she's been capped out at an upper east blue level and truthfully nami has very few fights to her name in fact although this may perhaps be an oversight on my part.

I to the best of my ability cannot recall a single noteworthy fight of hers to have taken place in the new world cannon fodder sure but noteworthy characters and adversaries i don't know man i'm stumped but again this is a character that has only continued to become more and more formidable as time has gone.

On she is well aware of her looming inability in comparison to her fellow crewmates but certainly aims to make up for it by way of her wits and intellect something that many of her fellow crewmates obviously lack in fact this is the very reason she has had usopp commission her climb attacked.

A weapon that has been upgraded so many times at this point that it puts even frankie to shame and for a while there it seemed like the biggest come-up of nami's fighting career was zeus's servitude to her zeus of course being one of big mom's go-to combat homies.

To possess a power of a yonko in any capacity is an incredible feat but as we now know this was only just the beginning in response to zeus's betrayal mama sentenced him to be consumed however inadvertently nami intervened and by extension.

Infused her climate with zeus the fragment of big mom's very soul now these developments are of course all new so our frame of reference to just how beneficial they'll be in totality is rather limited but even still in this incredibly brief time but the two have been together in this particular capacity.

Nami managed to take out ulti one of kaido's most formidable underlings yet mere moments prior nami's tornado tempo had virtually no effect on ulti at all now granted nami in this case only provided the finishing blow as opposed to handling ulti at full capacity by her lonesome.

After sustaining the full brunt of big mom's devastating combination attack maser cannon ulti was internally devastated but with that being said nami is a master of weather and the manipulation of it we have seen her combine the elements many times over in the past.

To staggering effects and so with zeus now infused with such a tool nami stands to possess a now comparable elemental strength to that this is yanko level power guys and the capabilities of the sentient weapon aren't even just limited to that zeus can now extend her reach tremendously and deal far more sizeable blows and at.

That with haki very much being a spiritual power having zeus in this form a physically tangible form is one in which armament haki infusion is certainly a possibility and so even without possessing haki herself nami now stands to use said power anyways.

Unless we forget big mom is a user of conquerors haki as well i don't want to even think about how insane that sort of possibility would be luffy zorro potentially yamato with his addition to the crew and now zeus that would make four conker's hockey users on the straw hats wow and one might argue that with zeus.

Simply being a fragment of big mom's soul he may not be able to access enough for her hockey powers to constitute such a thing but simply considering the excess power that woman has that argument doesn't phase me in the slightest in fact we would be remiss to neglect the influence of big mom's.

Vivory card this is an item that not even big mom's own children are allowed to possess as even with such a tiny little thing the influence of big mom yet remains and is enough to compel homies to do one's bidding as if beckoned by big mom herself and so.

If something like that holds power a literal piece of her very own soul sure does and on that point we can't forget that this too is something that nami still possesses she has in her possession something that not even big mom's most trusted forces and allies possess as it is just that.

Dangerous past this though we have the fact that nami can't miss or at least it'll be really hard for her to do so seeing as zeus even after striking a specific point can still manage to reroute his trajectory until an adversary is assailed furthermore zeus was again.

One of big mom's go-to homies for years that is combat experience he likes of which very few people in this world can claim to possess and though zeus himself isn't the brightest character around that's all right because his master is nami is at this point looking to be a sort of pseudo big.

Mom and if there is any character whose strength is worth emulating i'd say a yonko isn't a bad choice at all when it comes to application we can expect all manner of elements to be utilized and augmented by the power of zeus with that nami.

In a sense is also now akin to a multifaceted logia type and sure maybe she lacks the physicality associated with such power but to offset that difference remember that the homies aren't affected by oncoming armament haki infused attacks they are however weakened by opposing elements like water to fire.

But with the versatility of nami's elemental powers that shouldn't be a problem and you know a claim to fame of big moms is her ability to control weather something that nami 2 possesses and now to an even greater extent and truly i cannot stress how great of an overall.

Increase to power this stands to be in an interview when questioned what devil fruit nami would have if she were a user oda answered with the goro goronomi what is a logia type possessed by none other than god inel himself the manipulation of lightning which again she now has in the form of zeus and.

Speaking of vanell a claim to fame of his was l4 what was a devastating downward strike from the sky above the aftermath of which was funny enough observed firsthand by nami to have thoroughly torn through a massive tree well nami's done way more than that with zeus already the.

Touchdown of her breeze tempo which mind you wasn't even done in conjunction with a willing zeus was so powerful that it ripped a hole straight through the earth and when observed from afar was indistinguishable from the wrath of big mom herself by even her very own children this.

Attack was so strong that it even managed to at least for a moment there stagger the otherwise indomitable and unstoppable big mom and listen if it can do that to someone like her imagine against someone of a lower level because i mean it's not like we're.

Expecting nami to fight the final bosses of an arc by her lonesome the legend of monkey king wukong is one present in plenty of japanese properties and one piece is no different monkey luffy being a very obvious example of such influences but the same is at this point undeniable.

In the case of nami from her power pole of varying size and shape to her sentient cloud companion and with some wukong being so powerful that he could at a point effortlessly challenge the gods it is about time that nami got a power up on this level but what do you guys think about this.

Upgrade i for one am obviously really excited by all these prospects and cannot wait to see them fully realized in the times to come and if you'd like to be here for all that and more be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on so you never miss a thing as we plan on making plenty more one piece videos.

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