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This is Just Unfair… SHIGARAKI DESTROYS MIRKO! – My Hero Academia Chapter 346


In my hero academia the final war to decide it all is here and wasting no time at all we would kick things off with the most important fight of them all deku vs shikaraki to back him up we would have the likes of bakugo sun eater best genus ed shot negede whose hair was now shorter and mirko whose hair was also a bit shorter and if you notice her.

Ear that had previously gotten clipped a bit in the first war was now a bit different from the other one and i think she looks amazing not to mention that new support item prosthetic arm refers your support means everything so if you enjoy our my here academia videos be sure to drop a like to let us and the algorithm know and subscribe to plot arm.

With notifications on everything had been prepared for the sake of securing deku's victory the only problem was deku was not there best genus would begin to panic after being told this by bakugou but even bakugou didn't know where deku was he only saw that deku got dragged into a whole different warpgate portal from which point sun eater would chime.

In by saying that if deku wasn't there the conditions required for their success would not be met so suffice to say they didn't really have a contingency or backup in mind here everything needed to go exactly as planned which in a case like this probably wasn't the best decision for them to make but now of course we know.

That deku have been taken through a different portal on account of toga's intervention one might expect these heroes to have communicators of some sort to help figure out where he is but i suppose not maybe they had concerns that there would be an information leak of some sort but then again we did have all mike communicating to the likes of.

Fat gum and monoma so who knows medjure would propose that they let everyone know the current situation however meanwhile mirko as per usual was eager to kick things off and have a bit of fun what is pretty much the very same approach she had to breaking into the doctor's lab by her lonesome during the first war and for a battle junkie like.

Herself of course this was exciting as right now they were up against the greatest villain in history a title that i'd say is more than deserved by shigaraki as he is not only the strongest ever but thanks to his actions an entire country pretty much collapsed with all others praying for his downfall shigaraki would then take notice of the.

Horizon being low then realizing that they were floating in the sky none of his villainous allies were there with him he was isolated and at this point sugar rocky looks like an actual monster he has no pupils is crustier than ever and even on the hand in which he had lost a few fingers there are now partially formed ones taking their place.

That being said despite all this shigeru rocky still is not 100 complete as if he were he probably wouldn't ask to not be interrupted by himself the bonding process to be found amongst the two sides of himself was nearing completion and it's something we can look forward to in the times to come and maybe we're the only ones here but kj and i have.

Been hoping to see a smooth skin sugar rocky to signify this perfection shigeraki would then place his hand on the ground and begin to use the cake work now if you notice there are a multitude of slender lines to be found all over his body and based on our understanding of what happened to the fourth user of one for all these lines.

Are an indication of an entity exceeding the point of singularity this is the body struggling to house an overload of quirks in theory once shigaraki is truly perfect this should not be a thing anymore but as he decay the ground beneath himself something rather strange would happen suddenly several metallic plates would spring up from the ground.

As they fell apart thanks to shigaraki's decay quirk as they also propelled him way up high from which point sugar rocket would slam right into the barrier system which would severely electrocute him causing his body to begin seizing up and although it wouldn't take too long for him to get a grip best genus would not waste the opportunity to bind and.

Slam the villain to the ground with a whole lot of force best genius would then let it be known that so long as shigaraki was moving with the combined use of his mind and body exposing him to a strong enough current of electricity would cause it to seize up even if only momentarily and despite him being as powerful as he happens to be time is.

Most certainly of the essence in combat even down to the seconds elapsing sugar rocky would manage to break free of the fibers which i can only imagine are the same durability as the ones used to restrain giganto machia which should just go to show just how strong this guy is now but from there perhaps on account of the all for one consciousness within.

Himself shigaraku would begin to break down what had just happened the metallic block from the ground sprung up high and disintegrated as a counter measure against sugar rocky's decay quirk with decay as it is currently the destruction spreads by way of contact and so if the affected surface were to isolate itself there would be no spread it's a pretty.

Ingenious design for sure and one that we would learn a bit more about momentarily but shigaraki wasn't all too concerned because at this rate either way the place would be ruined in no time at all and he was furthermore speak about best gina's desire to keep him suspended in air for as long as possible to avoid him destroying their limited.

Terrain however genus would correct him as he wasn't concerned at all as in a matter of seconds to take the place of those removed blocks would be brand new ones for shikaraki this was a fight for survival but these heroes were playing minecraft in creative mode they could replace whatever would be lost as best genus would taunt the villain this place.

Was a death trap and one made specifically to deal with shigeraki a so-called coffin in the skies and from there we would get a look at the many heroes facilitating this incredible battleground first up there would be power loader and cementos as cementos would make up for what had already been lost we would then have hatsume mei.

Requesting specific parts from momo as these two ingenious young creatives would finally meet and behind momo to make up for her lost calories would be the cook hero lunch rush none of these heroes underestimate the threat sugar rocky posed from exceedingly lethal long-range attacks to speeds comparable to all might during his prime finding a.

Way to feasibly take him down was no small feat however the information they were able to gather on account of his fight against deku and later star stripe allowed them to facilitate these developments in fact it was all on account about sume's ingenuity principal nezu as we know designed ua's evacuation and anti-decay systems while hatsume.

Devised a way to overhaul it all dividing the ground into smaller blocks while also giving them drone-like properties thanks to momo they were able to bypass their lack of materials during these turbulent times and they all worked around the clock to get all this going with such a limited time frame for as reckless as star's intervention may.

Have been the time she bought them all was invaluable as otherwise they wouldn't have been able to have a chance to properly fight back that being said the biggest hurdle they faced in these preparations was facilitating the crazy amount of energy required to keep all of this moving while also powering the electromagnetic barrier they had in.

Place from which point we would have kaminari and a few others powering this thing up next to him would be comic man from class 1b whose onomatopoeia-based quirk comic allowed him to contribute a bit as well and next to him would actually be nejire's best friend and fellow class 3a student yuyu haya who would now also be revealed to possess an.

Electricity-based quirk of some sort she would tell the first years to focus up as kaminari would actually correct her by saying that they're technically in their second year now although school has still been suspended comic man would share in kaminari's enthusiasm claiming them to the key to the plan working out and putting shigeru rocky behind bars.

Which only pump kaminari up more everyone was contributing to this battle in some way and it wasn't for the honor or glory like had previously been the case in this superhuman society everyone involved in all this were true heroes through and through who were willing to risk everything and intended to put an end to shigaraki's reign of terror once.

And for all bakugou miroko best genus sun eater all of them rushed to attack the villain simultaneously as just then shigaraki would decide he had enough and would attempt to use his impact blast work to blow a hole in the barrier but it would not work as vacago would mock him questioning if he had already forgotten what happened during their.

Last battle as from behind a barrier it would be the likes of izawa the normal hero manual and monument and at this point monument was in constant contact with a razor head allowing him to make use of his erasure quirk as his hair flew up just like izawa's would and at the same time manual was keeping monima's eyes from getting dry just like.

How he had for izawa in the past all this had been set in place for the sake of deku getting the upper hand in this fight however again deku was not here at all and that most definitely complicated things as from which point shigaraki's hand will begin to contort and sprout several others into what was a horrifying mass of mutated extremities.

Miracle would call out to bakugou who now goes by the hero named dynamite and questioned what this move was but bakugou had never seen it before so he had no idea this was not the same sugar rocky from the first war that was falling apart he was very much on the verge of completion here as suddenly a whole slew of the wretched fingers would.

Slam into the body of mirko thankfully the guy can't use the k right now but good lord this looks to be a dangerous situation to be in and i'm sure it is but we still have not gotten to see myrtuko's support item and what it can do so the fun has only just begun and at that sugar rocky whose pupils had finally begun to come back would express.

How disappointed he was by eraserhead the hero he used to think was so cool but come on of course eraserhead had been so severely injured in the previous war that there was no way he could live up to shigaraki's expectations but i'm sure we can live up to yours so be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on check out our new.

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