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This is Luffy’s Next Gear! Beyond Devil Fruit and Haki! Vegapunk Upgrades – One Piece Chapter 1066


The path Never Dies it is time for the biggest voice entry reveal we have seen in years now we know that they have futuristic technology plot twists egg reveals emotional moments and hints of a secret Heritage we have got a ton of stuff to get through this week so no more wasting time let's get to it we open chapter 1066 with an establishing.

Shot of echid Island as he straw has to react to vegapunk shaka's Revelation from last time getting another look at vegapunk's new home this ridiculously futuristic Island underlines how bold shaka's claim was between the laboratory and Factory levels we've seen floating buildings transport tubes and gigantic holographic monsters could something.

Like this have really existed in the history of the world Shirley would have left some Trace behind the straw hats find it hard to believe Vega Puck admits that this whole theory is ultimately conjecture on his part and he has no solid evidence to prove it to them still he has some facts to back up the idea the scientist knows that he knew a.

Passionate archeology is who risked everything to shed light on a certain mysterious Kingdom and at one specific site this archaeologist Manju on Earth Machinery dating back to this ancient Kingdom Robin can put that together easily enough she has vegapunk directly if he's saying that this ancient high-tech Kingdom existed during the.

Void Century that is the only way something so big could have been hidden from the world Chaka snarks that she could tell him about this she is a demon child and Survivor of Ohara after all Nami asks her crewmate if she knows something about this before she can reply vegapunk starts to actually fill in the blanks he can accept that it was.

A painful memory but Robin has to have the basics down her home was wiped out by a buster call vegapunk has worked out that O'Hara was targeted because they had to do the existence of that ancient Kingdom Shaka continues to go in deep on this hypothesis he has made some strong deductions working out for the entire void century was a period of conflict.

Between his forgotten Advanced Kingdom and the 20 lesser Nations that would go on to form the world government he is effectively deduced the existence of the pony glyph civilization he believes that the point of suppressing all knowledge by the void century is intended to remove all knowledge of this ancient Kingdom's ideas and when the.

Civilization has this kind of world shaking technology that requires leaving no Trace that they ever existed it's an interesting angle up until now we'd figured the great kingdom was hidden due to some kind of event that made the world government look bad I this opens up another possibility they may have been a race to keep their technology out.

Of the hands of Everyday People it becomes a whole lot easier to rule the world if you are the only one left with powerful weapons doesn't it the straw hats can barely believe the idea Nami is shocked that even the concept of this ancient civilization being covered up usab gabes asking aloud if vegapunk is telling the truth it does sound like the.

Sort of tall tale that he would tell however Frankie does not doubt Shaka for a minute this whole idea has him hyped up it's epic and cool in the way he lives for he might even ask Robin for some archeology tips once they're done hoping he can dig up a Mecca out of the desert but an asanji who brings a group back to Earth with a logical point the.

Royal government wants to erase any choice of this information from history thus by telling these trots about it vegapunk has effectively marked them all for death Shaka confirms as much to the horror of whosop the sniper starts beating his head against the floor desperately trying to forget the dangerous information he has just.

Learned Shaka tries to calm this situation a little admitting that this is all simply conjecture none of them have hard proof of this ancient Kingdom's existence he turns to Robin though with a point to make even though they have no firm evidence of this ancient Kingdom or technology doesn't the government wiping out Ohara strongly.

Imply that he's got this right Robin doesn't answer Shaka directly instead she turns the question around on him shouldn't Vega Puck know the truth about the void Century after all he's supposed to be a high-ranking government official it is his organization that is suppressing this knowledge the archaeologist of O'Hara may have had.

Theories about the void Century but shouldn't begapong know the full truth but Shaka shuts that idea down he's not that special he might have government ties but if he asks about this directly he would be erased just like anyone else Usopp tries to end the conversation there if this information is so dangerous then vegapunk should just.

Stopped talking about it already this has he Cruz coward scared but it is more than understandable a lot of people have already died over this knowledge Shaka doesn't bought to him however Robin doesn't even hear usop her focus is on vegapug what he just said created a contradiction if vegapunk doesn't know the truth of the Void Century how does.

He know O'Hara was researching that ancient Kingdom shaka's response is simple the will of Ohara lives on the mass Vega pun goes over his thoughts on the fall of the library the destruction of ahara was a shocking event for everyone who knew about the Island an island known for its love of knowledge was wiped out just like that all those.

Ancient Scholars were labeled Devils revolutionaries and dissidents even hearing Shaka recount what happened is enough to infuriate Robin she looks like she's fighting the urge to punch their host and you know what thanks to Rodeo fruit that is doable even with her feet bound Shaka doesn't seem to notice her anger the vegapun continues finally.

Reaching his own part in these events a few months after the tragedy of O'Hara he sails to the island he was an acquaintance of Professor Clover the world's greatest archaeologist vegapunk figures he should at least leave the old man some flowers some basic sign of respect Robin is stunned by the idea that vagapong knew Professor clover as.

Far she knew the old man never left the Great Library Shaka starts to think nostalgically about his friend apparently before settling down Professor Clover was an archeology pirate now vegapug never uses the term exactly but his description of Clover's Adventures fitted perfectly Lisa the professor standing proudly on the bow of.

His own ship blade in hand at Shaka tells Robin how many times he Marines arrested him we don't see his Jolly Roger in this shot but is there really any doubt Clover traveled the world pursuing his dream of knowledge in the world of One Piece nothing could be more pirate-like other talented Minds were drawn to Captain Clover the old scholar.

Had a crew or nakama if you will when they settle down it made O'Hara a holy land of archeology but that just made its loss all the more tragic vegapunk could not believe what he found was his shipmate landfall even the tree of knowledge or Horror's ancient symbol had been burned to Cinders nothing was left of those proud Scholars and all their.

Hard work or at least that's what he thought at first but then he made a startling Discovery the lake in the center of the island held an unbelievable number of books it was a staggering pile Rising almost halfway to the top of the lake even though he wasn't a pirate vegapunk had stumbled upon sunken treasure Chaka surmises it.

Must have been the work of the scholars they were the only ones left on the island while the library was burning they must have dedicated their final moments to trying to say the books throwing them down into the one spot the fire couldn't reach even above their own lives if any Marine checked the island after the bus a call was over they had.

To have missed the books even in death the library of ahara had won against the world government their knowledge would not die with them and you know what this really hits home for me because the library of ahara the burning of it the backstory of Robin was one of the most gut wrenching moments in one piece history by far for me so to know that.

They won out in the end it means the world Robin is struggling not to cry as she thinks back to that day she thinks back to her mother Nico Olivia pressing her to get away from O'Hara young Robin tried desperately to argue with Olivia not wanting to leave her mother behind the other Nico had tears in her eyes as she refused her daughter's last request.

History is a great treasure it is important for the future of the world for Robin's future they had to protect it however they could even with the Marines continuing to Shell the island the scholars kept working right to the very end in the present Robin is finally crying her family managed to save a portion of O'Hara that Legacy really.

Does live on Beyond her these straw hats are outraged at this Nami Frankie and Sanji all look ready to pulverishaka for making Robin cry only their boots are holding them back it takes Robin a second to speak up confirming that Vega pump was right and quieting her friends the scholars had reached pretty much the same conclusion about the ancient.

Kingdom prior to the incident Shaka seems to take this news calmly though it is hard to tell given his helmet is this a calm acceptance of his fate or are his feelings more complex Robin asked what happened to the books in the lake Shaka admits that he wanted to take them back to his lab on Punk Hazard but abandoned that idea if the government knew he had.

Taken something from danger Sahara he would be the next in line for a buster call instead the books were retrieved by another band of people that vegapon saw that day this was a couple of months after the tragedy of ahara 22 years ago now vegapunk was quite shocked when he saw who else had arrived on the burned down Island the team was pulling them up.

In Mass using a fishing net and already had a prodigious pile of tones behind them vegapunk wasn't sure what to do about the Giants why were they taking the books should he intervene he had no idea what they planned to do with them after all as far as vegapunk knew they were world government contractors here to finish destroying O'Hara's Legacy but.

Before you can make up his mind a familiar voice called out to him from high above commenting on his distinctive head vegapunk turned shot to recognize a stranger Monkey D Dragon had also arrived on O'Hara we get a good look at the two men here age has been kind to Dragon he looks pretty much unchanged by the intervening years vegapunk's.

Original body however is unique Oda has taken big brain energy to a new level with a ludicrously long head it is impressive that the doctor can even lift his own brain around with a body of that size Dragon comments that he is just a surprise to see vague upon here he explains that he knew Professor Clover too if you look closely you'll see also.

Brought flowers for O'Hara's grave the two men a scientist and a revolutionary are on the same page when it comes to their friend he was a bit of a rogue roaming the Seas getting up to who knows what still the idea of him trying to end the world is absurd they have no doubt that that part is pure pop Ganda Dragon fills vegapunk in on the Giants they're.

Not some random band of scavengers he needs to worry about they're from elbath and they know how valuable these books are they have come here under orders from a captain one rap from head to toe in bandages this mystery man said that ahara sacrificed itself for these treasures and the giants can't let them be erased from history.

Dragon glares and vegapunk noting that now that he's seen a government lap dog lurking about he's glad the Giants are here to rescue the books Vega Punk looks hurt by that protesting that he would never destroy such Treasures dragon is in any mood to listen however he claims he gave Punk a chance to join his group of Freedom Fighters a while back and the.

Doctor passed it up that was one thing but hearing that the doctor is now actively working with the world government made him sick this is enough to get vegapunk to punch back a bit dragon's group may have had good intentions but they lack the resources Vega bunk would need to build anything what good is it to have a genius.

Inventor on your side if he doesn't have the ability to build stuff Dragon accepts that with acai noting that vegapunk is as blunt as ever starting to calm down now the doctor tries to be more friendly with the rebel he knows that the world government is a massive organization not everyone is a kill crazy who would burn down a.

Library while blindly following orders there are plenty of people they can reason with Vega Punk chai's Dragon telling him not to lose sight of the end goal what that might be neither mentions even if he's not a freedom fighter the doctor and dragon seems to be on the same page about something the old monkey agrees but it is clearly irate he has.

Just seen the burn remains of a library full of innocent Scholars these harmless friendly people were slaughtered for questioning the world government he can't simply sit back and let that slide as such Dragon makes a resolution sitting by the grave of Ohara with vegapunk the son of GARP declares that he is going to form a group to fight the.

World governments head on the doctor is surprised to hear that he thought his old friend of me hated War Dragon doesn't deny that but claims that he will change the world all the same the will of Ohara won't be lost with the destruction of the library sitting down like this dragon's jaw and nose make him look surprisingly similar to rock DJ.

Back appropriate for the moment he declares full on war against the Royal government he is following the footsteps of two men who came before him and within a year of that visit tohara Dragon put his words in into action he Emporio ivankov and Bartholomew Kuma had founded the Revolutionary Army to Take On The World Government the straw hats.

Can't take the suspense anymore at this point the whole group starts yelling over Shaka even shouting out about a different point Nami is shocked at how intense Luffy's father sounds she has never actually gotten to meet Dragon up close he is so unlike his free willing son USA meanwhile has been drawn in by The Mention Of elbaf he actually has a.

Lead on this location news of the island of giants is so exciting to the sniper he's forgotten the fact that this information could get him killed Robin is surprised that Professor Clover's fate is what motivated Dragon she had never realized his connection between the Revolutionary Army and the scholars bohara which makes her recruitment all.

The more touching Frankie hirikuma's name wants to know why vagabong modified him so much Sanji remembers Eva's name and he certainly did not expect Eva to be one of the founders of the Revolutionary Army even thinking about that time is enough to make Sanji look depressed Shaka doesn't try to answer these straw Hat's questions just yet.

Simply continuing his story of the past he couldn't receive books falling into the world government's hands but his curiosity got the better of him he took a discreet trip to elbaf and asked the Giants to let him study everything they recovered and he memorized all of it that's one of the perks of having a ridiculously massive brain it seems it.

Allowed Shaka to follow on from O'Hara's research before we can go any further however Robin interrupts again she just realized something Shaka had told them the books were saved by a giant Captain someone covered in bandages she has big a punk the obvious question was his name Saul Shaka is pointedly silent before noting that the giant isn't hiding he.

Can't confirm anything the implication of that is more than enough for Robin however the tears are streaming down her face but she is beyond happy at this news despite everything that happened Jaguar D Saul made it out okay and at that I really see why the initial D is a big thorn in the world government side how is this guy still here it takes the.

Archaeologist a few seconds to recover from that Revelation when she does however Robin thinks vegapunk for continuing ohara's work he is ensured it does not all end with them the mad scientist is gracious about it as far as he's concerned it's only natural for a scholar to help out in any field they can now that his story is done the.

Master of Egghead Island activates a new feature on their shoes all five straw hats are pulled towards a now opening door Shaka admits he can't trust them with their freedom just yet but he wants them to continue with him he has something he wants to show the crew we are finally going to get a look at what Vega Punk has been working on what could.

It be remember Shaka asked Lula to bring him the straw hats given Vega Punk Stella's path to dragon has he been preparing technology to help them dragon has largely stayed distant from his son but bankapung must have seen The Marine 4 broadcast of course he would build something cool to help out his old friend's kid some kind of power armor.

Maybe or a Rumble ball like enhancement for gear fifth but that will have to wait for the next chapter unfortunately for now we move on over to Luffy's group they are still freaking out over the giant Mech they had discovered last time and unfortunately they've also discovered a painful truth there is no way to get inside instead of a pilotable.

Mech it is simply a very big self-propelled robot that doesn't hold Luffy and Chopper back one bit however a giant robot friend is still pretty cool they start trying to get it to move calling out various commands and phrases to hopefully stir the robot to life however none of them work jinbei and Bonnie look on the ladder scoffing at.

The two straw hats as far as Bonnie's concerned there is no way this pile of junk could actually move so then of course it starts to move in Bonnie's defense however she was basically right the whole scrapyard area is trembling Like An Earthquake has suddenly struck the island Luffy yells at the crew to get away convincing robot is about to.

Explode by Luffy standards that is a surprisingly practical idea ultimately however no explosion or earthquake happens instead half of an old man emerges from thin air calling up for help the Pirates are shocked at this strange occurrence even with everything else they've gone through since arriving on Egghead this is pretty bizarre still.

This is not the first time Luffy has had to save half a person he even knows that these strangers like Kian mon as he pulls the old weirdo free of whatever imprisoned him Bonnie then recognized the strangers face now that it's free of the spatial Distortion she grimaces in anger but the old man does not notice he's just happy for the assistance he.

Thanks Luffy immediately recognizing him as dragon's kid and praising him for making his way here he then notices Bonnie too remarking on how big she has gotten super casual for the guy who made her dad a cyborg he is so excited by this that he has started floating in the air much to Luffy's amazement Bonnie is not in the mood for good cheer however.

Crying out vegapunk's name she looks like she's about to stab the old man with a lightsaber faga Punk doesn't seem to catch on instead explaining his gestures to Luffy and Chopper all the Egghead issue Dom shoes have a jet propulsion function it just takes one button and a quick pull of a lever and with that Luffy Chopper and vegapunk are.

Sent flying into the air once again that keeps happening in this Arc for some reason Vega Punk cries out that they have flown much too far in our need of rescue but look at that face all three of them are having the time of their lives jetting through the sky like this and with that we close out chapter 1066. what do you think of vegapunk's original.

Form do you have any thoughts on what pass he might share with dragon and what could Shaka possibly have to show the rest of the straw hat crew be sure to share us your thoughts in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you