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THIS IS UNFAIR! Insane Quirk Reveal Changes My Hero Academia – My Hero Academia Chapter 357


Now this is what i'm talking about horikoshi is absolutely bringing the heat to my here academia right now and i am all for it apologies for not covering the previous chapter as we've been in the midst of a major move but best believe that moving forward we are going just as crazy as this chapter happened to be doing so all while bringing you.

The excitement you deserve because chapters like these take me from being slice of otaku to hype of otaku this latest chapter is to me easily one of the best we've received over the course of this final arc it is a continuation of endeavour's epic fight against all for one along with a cameo of someone we haven't seen in quite a while chapter.

357 fittingly named the real thing a wounded hero begins with endeavors continued brutal attack on all for one respectfully the chapter title reminds me of over one mocking shimmer nana so perhaps it is a call back to that anyways it's no surprise the ultimate evil still has a trick of his sleeve we see that in his arsenal of quirks offer.

One has a force field ability he uses to repel endeavors flames interestingly enough the quark itself is relatively similar to nine's airwalk though perhaps it may very well be the same that aside if the parallels between endeavor and all might work clear enough all for one thinks back to his almost fatal battle against all might despite not believing.

Endeavor to be of the same caliber as all might himself it is clear all for one in his current state can help but liken him to be of a similar threat to his mortality maybe i'm the only one but i so desperately want to see the fight between prime all might and offer one at the height of symphony this inclusion here has somewhat renewed my faith in.

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Back to the latest my hero academia chapter even though endeavour himself is exhausted after all he did lose an entire arm in the previous chapter all for one is not faring too well either after activating the forcefield quirk all for one remarked that it was too close it's almost comical seeing this hyper iq mega villain be on the ropes.

It's clear later on that he anticipated the possibility of his body being destroyed but it is interesting all for one was surprised by this attack and seemingly caught off guard then we get what is perhaps one of the most amazingly drawn panels of this fight and never looks as if he is breathing fire we see his fire made arm and this also.

Determine expression if someone can finish this fight it surely is endeavour truthfully the caption for this panel hits hard as well nothing is more dangerous than a wounded hero everyone continues to flex his quote machine quirk because i swear this man always has something incredible to say and this is completely spot on before all for one.

Can recover endeavour comes at him again in a fireball of fury but that isn't all just like when he fought the high-end nomu hood endeavour is propelled by hawk's feathers i love to see the dynamic between these two heroes and the synergy they have in battle i do not see this point expressed much by the community but love them or hate them.

Endeavour and hawks in my humble opinion are the greatest rogue team up in the series there is honestly no adequate comparison to be made from there endeavour unleashed another attack vanishing jet burn with it endeavour sends over one crashing to the ground something that wasn't part of the plan offer one was supposed to be defeated in.

The air which is an interesting strategy a strategy that was heavily reliant on the fact they needed to pack as much a punch as they possibly could with as few numbers as possible so offer one wasn't running around stealing quirks and the like that being said endeavour's flames are so hot that is even commented on by these surrounding heroes as we all know.

There are physical limitations to endeavors flames he can overheat and right now there's a good chance he'll use up every resource and become literally burnt out to defeat offer one like we saw in the previous chapter he no longer wishes for redemption all he desires is to fill his obligation to put down offer one for good and i'd say now.

Is as good a time as any to subscribe to the channel notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some platinum today meanwhile back in the sky hawks asked endeavor why he didn't finish off all for one with prominence burn it never applies that he must break off one's defenses before he uses prominence burn it is the most.

Powerful attack he has and isn't something he can just use without the guarantee that it will kill offer one i won't lie it is amazing to see this endeavor versus all for one fight and is very reminiscent of all might and all for one at kamino a last stand against evil oxen expresses his relief that endeavor is no longer thinking brashly.

And with anger however endeavour says that he is angrier than ever and flies down to a still stunned offer one the heroes on the ground want to fight off for one as well but kamui would recognize the danger he yells for everyone to stay away and manages to just barely save an overzealous hero from a massive fireball endeavour then.

Made his descent to the ground in the most flashy way possible unfortunately kamui could not save everyone as we see a hero or maybe a villain who was burned by the inferno endeavour continues his assault on all for one while the villain still uses his force field surprisingly endeavour is able to break through offroad's protection and grabs him like.

A man possessed endeavour cries out and begins to drag over one through the force below he's running on fumes at this point but can only think of ending this fight without his mask all for one is at a disadvantage here his inner monologue not only confirms this but in a desperate attempt all for one tries to steal endeavour's work honestly all for.

One with hellflame would be terrifying it is a quirk that has drawbacks for sure but all for one has proven he can utilize quirks efficiently but to that next comes something literally out of superman comics endeavour literally shoots flames from his eyes stopping offroad from touching him this was a panel that took my hype to a whole new.

Level it is a callback to an iconic hero and we see just how determined endeavor really is with all for one's hand burnt to a crisp and never adds insult to injury he tells us for one that his hands have only contributed to the destruction of people's lives and of course all for one shoots back retorting that endeavor has destroyed lives as.

Well in a moment that is great character development and quite frankly great writing and never agrees with him through his own narration endeavor admiss adabi is a product of his own mistakes that the lies dobby has taken are on him too a big statement for someone who was unwilling to admit his errors before plus it's neat to see.

Endeavor continue to think of his son despite his son becoming a villain hell-bent on killing him once again endeavour says the past cannot be changed but that can't be said for the future never's anger resentment and retribution are things that form the future his intense negative emotions are what keep him in this fight after.

Dragging him through trees and other foresty debris endeavour flies up with all for one tokoyami jiro and no doubt hawks can only watch his battle between titans it never continues to focus on the future seeing it as a path of endless possibilities not only that but he thinks back to the generational trauma within his own family he knows.

That he must win this fight so the sins of us adults don't become an insurmountable obstacle in the way of the youth this quote hits so damn hard endeavour even envisions class 1a as pro heroes with shoto walking towards them proudly this shot was a bit of a treat considering the design for bakugo was so dynamic plus it was a fun easter egg to.

See a dodeku still wearing gran torino's cape back to endeavour he proclaims that he will be the one to defeat of one and will look over dobby which was definitely a treat for me as i've been advocating the point that despite a likely incarceration for dobby endeavor similarly to how he sent flowers for his.

Wife every day without fail even despite their separation will be dedicated to providing his son toyah with the attention he so desperately desires by way of regular visitations last we saw dobby was possibly regenerating so it's possible that both survive and endeavor becomes more involved than what remains of his son's life besides that endeavour.

Still isn't without self-loathing he thinks he'll continue to hate himself endeavor truly is a glutton for punishment but at least he wants justice instead of redemption that being said endeavor then unleashes a massive no insanely massive prominent burn while holding off one in the air this panel is a masterpiece it is imposing and really.

Brings home the utter destruction a fully powered prominence burn can cause we see a burp to an absolute crisp off for one his wounds are so bad that his remains are blowing away like a cremation like ashes it looks like the fight may finally be over the heroes know he lacks a regeneration quirk generally this must be the end of all.

For one even endeavour is confident offer one is dead believing that without a body like shigerakis offer one is toast burnt toast at that this battle has certainly taken a toll on endeavor he's exhausted and no doubt fighting on pure adrenaline alone plus using prominence burn like that and using his quirk excessively has left him.

Overheated but unfortunately for him suddenly hawks yells at endeavor to get away and now i'd like to believe that hawks sense offer one still breathing via his feathers like he did for endeavor somehow still alive all for one asked the hero if he really thought this mastermind villain didn't have a backup plan off one explains that his body is.

Well past his prime so therefore he has no use for it anymore however he ominously states that there is something he wants to try his remark is complemented with a panel of aerie and overhauls quirk erasing bullets could it be that dr garaki managed to reverse engineer the quark erasing bullets who implement some form of rewind within.

Offer one personally this feels the most likely to me the doctor after all was able to mass-produce bullets from just the one that shigaraki stole he has studied quirks for decades and has even created a theory based on them the very theory which radicalized shisaki as one of the children so carefully forged in malice as it was intended to be the case.

For dobby as well it's not impossible that dr garaki could create an artificial version of rewind as he quirk was so closely associated with the drug something i have been calling for this madman to do for years at this point so again yeah boy is hype but then comes a panel right out of a horror manga which only makes me want a horikoshi horror.

Serialization even more we see all for one begin to regenerate it is bizarre seeing everyone with an ear but here we are besides the ear he also regenerates an eye and at this point looks like black zetsu from naruto just like the epic endeavor panel the narration proclaims that villains are also the most dangerous when wounded it appears.

Both hero and villain have made risky moves endeavour with prominence burn and all for one with this new regeneration quirk which if you've ever seen our classic eric work training or every quirk evolution videos you already know how much potential this quirk if wielder correctly possesses the perspective then changes for the very first time in.

Several chapters finally we see deku again as he's still flying over the sea the first user yoichi the brother of all for one alerts deku he senses something is coming his face awash with dread most likely because of the close association with the quirks that we have seen over the course of the series he is sensing all for one returning to his prime.

Speaking of which horikoshi is still hiding the villain's face the lack of reveal makes me all the more curious as to who he is and if it is still possible he is deku's biological father and at that just showed me a single freckle and it is over horikoji in the distance flying above the water is an unknown threat we don't know who or what it.

Could be personally i'm hoping for some more flying nomu regardless deku seems to know just as the chapter ends he begins to recognize the threat but we are left with yet another cliffhanger horikoshi must really love those things and so from there we are just left to speculate what will be happening with the next chapter which we would love to.

Hear from you guys what you think in the comments down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.