You know what I can't do it no intro this week because nothing is going to do this chapter Justice what was supposed to be a nice easy slow pace trip across the sea to reishi next Arc just went completely insane and the best way to explain it is with a full recap so let's get right to it we opened one piece chapter 1060 On the Sunny breezly making.

Its way down the grand line there are some nearby sea Kings eyeing it hungrily but that's nothing new we're picking things up directly from where we left them last week with the crew still reacting to the newly arrived newspaper they've gotten past their Bounty notices and are looking at the actual news part and like most people reacting to the.

News Luffy is yelling at the top of his voice in disbelief the group are reading the story of Sabo killing king cobra during the reverie Luffy can't believe that his brother would do anything like that even the idea alone is enough to get in the fall over too mad to cope with talking about it Robin is calm but ultimately agrees with Luffy she spent.

The time skip with the Revolutionary Army even learning Fishman karate from sabo's Aid koala she spent two years with this man Robin knows how out of character this is if we go over the main points of Morgan's article it's what we already knew the Revolutionary Army declared war on these Celestial dragons Cobra was killed by Sabo and the fact.

That Vivi is now suddenly missing with her father dead it's hard for even the straw hats to stay calm what if she's dead too Luffy flat out orders his crew to set cores for arabasta barking at them to get to it right away Zoro continues polishing his sword unconcerned by his Captain's anger as cool as ever the first mate points out.

The logic of their situation as much as they may hate it Cobra is dead there's nothing these straw hats can do for a corpse plus Vivi went missing in Mary joa during the reverie there is no point in going to our Bossa to look for her Luffy jumpso wanted to negot straight to Mary joa instead doubling down and getting angrier he is not someone who.

Can just sit by with his friends in trouble or someone who cares about a tough fight any other cat character in this world rational or not is going to second guess when it comes to going to Mary joa the Holy Land of the celestial dragons but Luffy does not care remember this is a man who punched a Celestial Dragon right in the face so if there is.

One thing not to be underestimated when it comes to the danger Luffy poses is the fact that he doesn't care anybody can get the smoke meanwhile nestled in his Barrel Caribou is getting anxious he's not too excited about the prospect of heading to the home of the world Nobles just like any other rational character the Marines are probably.

Thorough enough to actually notice a random lock keg full of mud what's worse is that he can't easily escape from the sunny in the middle of the ocean this whole trip May backfire hard for him he starts to fidget in his barrel trying to better hear what's going on this backfire is hard with the incompetent spy knocking his Barrel over in full.

View of the crew thankfully for Caribou the loud argument is more than enough to distract these straw hats from his blunder Zorro is having no part of the idea of heading to Mary joa pointing out the that's the center of Naval territory does Luffy really want to take on the Marines at the heart of their power.

Luffy doesn't hesitate for a second before saying yes to that and why would he he took on in this Lobby ncp9 for the sake of Robin he tries to save Ace and Marine Ford Luffy turns us around on Zorro asking if he's just too afraid to take on a fight like that The Swordsman shoots that down pointing out that they simply have no real leads on Vivi.

There's no way to know what they could do to help her even if they did sell to Mary joa none of the straw hats are taking this well Sanji of course is utterly inconsolable he is crying his eyes out hoping that DV is safe somehow Chopper meanwhile is thinking about king cobra the doctor still remembers meeting our boss as king and it seems that how.

Nice he was the straw hat crew stuck with chopper even if they wore Pirates they had saved Cobra's Kingdom and he treated them well for it and now that nice old man is dead Chompers crying just as much as Sanji is at that thought usop meanwhile is fuming he respected Cobra too the thought of someone wanted to kill the Old King is enough to get.

Him almost as mad as Luffy Nami is pacing back and forth trying to keep her emotions under control we can see tears in her eyes but also a bit of tension at one point she looks like she's about to scream in frustration hurting her friends is enough to get our Navigator angry too the straw hats who weren't a part of the crew back during arabasta.

Are far more composed that said they are still solemn it's obvious how much his noose is affected Luffy and his longer servant crew members jimbei knows that the entire referee this year has been tumultuous Frankie wants to be sure that this Sabo is the same bro the kurana 2 back in fresh Rosa even with that brief interaction he is finding this story.

Hard to buy Brooke adds an interesting comment stating that he doesn't know anyone who thinks our boss that is ruled badly an odd thing to say given the fact that Brooke joined these straw hats after arabasta Navy Brook has been there in the past or is well aware of their political Affairs that could either have been during the timestamp or back when.

He was still alive or hell maybe it's his original Homeland either way the crew members who know Vivi best remain inconsolable Nami Luffy and Chopper are all entirely ready to do the extremely daring if not stupid thing and sail for Mary joa they are totally down for a VB retrieval Arc unfortunately Zorro is here to shut down that idea instead of.

Arguing with these three directly however he brings up some of Luffy's own words Ace has his own Adventures Luffy is not happy to have his old stance turned back on him but Zorro doesn't care he just sticks with the truth back then Luffy trusted Ace to do his own thing and then jump in to save him until he really needed help and you know.

Although I get where he's coming from here I'm not sure this is the best case study here because that didn't really work out now did it Zorro it's not like going to save asay a few days earlier while he was still an Impulse down wouldn't have saved him or anything right Moss head is trying to be reasonable though he makes his line.

Clear they should have faith in Phoebe if they know there is something they can do they can get involved then in the meantime the straw hats should trust in their friend and stop getting worked up about it this is a strong leadership moment from Zorro and a very even-handed stance he's trying to reassure his friends while pointing out that what.

They want is infeasible is he sort of moment that shows why he is the first mate of these straw halves unfortunately wazuro did his best it is not enough to stop his friends from worrying in a call back to the first time they left beefy behind the old crew take turns insulting Zorro and they get pretty creative with it he's a demon a green kaido a green.

Mom although Sanji lets the insole came down by falling back in his usual Moss head rather than anything new this starts the usual Sanji vs Zoro argument fight but does seem to have helped the crew calm down a bit things are back to normal robin goes back to the newspaper reading over other stories she notices how much the world has changed while.

They were in wano there have been many developments and things are escalating fast it's Gotta feel disconcerting like they spend so long stuck behind the closed border and everything is hitting at once the end of the warlord system is the first part that draws Robin's attention as she notes it seems to have ultimately hurt the world government as.

Corrupt as the Warlords were without the system these Elite Pirates are free to roam the Seas removing their status has directly LEDs the formation of cross Guild and the rise of the dangerous new yonko buggy the clown Lucy is not happy to hear Robin call him that claiming that there has to be some kind of mistake is he really just concerned.

Buggy couldn't be important or is he annoyed that the clown has a higher Bounty than him either way Robin continues to flip through the paper she knows that there are some other familiar names in here she asked Luffy if he wants to hear what they've been getting up to Luffy considers it but ultimately decides that no he doesn't he trusts.

Robin to tell him if anything important is going on Robin agrees with that stance adding that she doesn't want to overload her Captain with information and this panel here is very clearly Oda taunting us fans now aside from the Lesser news we may not know if Luffy had said yes to Robin it is very possible that he would have known that Blackbeard.

Currently has Kobe in his clutches and I say the Kobe situation is rather different from the vv1 they know exactly where their friend is or at least Luffy's friend is so honestly by not telling Luffy we may have evaded a Yanko versus Yanko War crazy stuff anyway Robin gets back to reading your spoiler newspaper while Luffy lays down on the.

Deck he goes back to something he is sure of Sabo is innocent Nami agrees confident in her Captain's judgment Luffy tries to explain a bit more about Sabo to the crew he knows Sabo didn't join the Revolutionary Army to kill people he just wants people to be free not to have to go through anything like his strict upbringing we flash back.

Briefly to Saba swearing to one day travel the world and one day write a book about it Luffy continues talking to the straw hats about that time he shared with his brothers he goes over Sabo Ace and himself sharing a promise of one another and for the first time Luffy tells his crew exactly what he prom promises Brothers he do someday this is.

The same mysterious dream that he shares with Goldie Roger something that has driven Luffy all this time and we finally get to see these straw hats react to it Zorro jimbei and Nami aren't sure they heard him right Brook is laughing hard enough to cry which is impressive for the man with no eyes Usopp is oddly intense about it not sure.

If Luffy is being serious Frankie and Sanji both laugh hard though Frankie is on board with this mysterious plan Sanji asked Chopper to check Luffy's head convince his idea is beyond crazy Robin interestingly is taken aback she's surprised by Luffy's dream but she does not doubt his ability to pull it off and Chopper sweet adorable Chopper is.

Ecstatic about this idea he couldn't look more excited if he tried Usopp tries to bring Luffy down saying that this idea is something no one can do Lucy however is convincing King of the Pirates can accomplish his dream he's more surprised that he never told his crew about this before ushab snark said it wouldn't have made a difference if he.

Did this dream is still possible this doesn't seem to register for Luffy however he knows that this means he only told Ace Sabo and Shanks about his dream Robin while smiling asked how they took it she can probably guess Luther confirms that all three of them laughed Shanks apparently had tears rolling down his face that doesn't seem to have.

Discouraged Luffy one bit however he leans back again chuckling to himself this is how he wants his dream to finally end and he still believes he can pull it off Jim May provides a hearty bellowing laugh he has accepted Luffy's vision of the future and is seemingly on board with it Luffy is his captain he has promised to fight for his goals that.

Said apparently this dream is going to be tough to see through Jim May notes that he has chosen a Troublesome Captain Luffy Snickers at that not bothering to deny it Choppers still Starstruck calling Luffy's dream amazing Nami doesn't go that far but she seems taken with the idea apparently this dream is a very luffy-like thing to think of Reiki.

Brings the crew back on task if Luffy wants his dream to happen he's going going to need to be the pirate king if they want that to happen they need the last Rogue pone of glyph as soon as they have it it is off to laugh tail Robin is less hopeful however she points out that it has been a long time since the last pornoglyph was seen the straw hats have.

No idea where to even start looking for the final piece of this puzzle and this is where we lead these straw hats for a moment we go from the sunny to Navy headquarters the Marines are tapping the call Sabo made to becomeabaka queendom at the end of chapter 1058 the surveillance division are scrambling to intercept the transmission and pinpoint.

Saba's position he is not using a white den and mushy so he is probably going to keep this short they won't have long to work this out unfortunately these marines are very good at their jobs in no time they have sabo's position worked out he is in La Lucia Kingdom apparently this was one of the eight Nations to rebel against the world government.

Following the referee and this makes sense they were already held by the Revolutionary Army during peace Beard's attack after the commanders fought to protect the people Lucia would naturally have a good impression of the rebels it makes sense they would jump on Saba's big Revolution and that they would be willing to hide him from the Royal.

Government we see IMU and the gorse listening to this News The Five are sitting in their normal room while emu is in the garden chamber tending to their butterflies in interestingly the five old men are very somber you'd expect them to be really enjoying this moment it's been a while since things went their way and this is seemingly a.

Big win they found out where Sabo is hiding they are in a position to strike back at the a nation Revolution and bring things back under control but the five seem almost upset they try to keep calm but you can tell something is affecting them one called Sabo an unlucky man while another suggests this may just be fate they know what's about.

To happen and on some level even the gorus say are not okay with this we go over to kamabaka as sabo's call continues the Revolutionary Army are Overjoyed to hear from their Chief of Staff the commanders look like they're ready to throw a party just from hearing his voice Sabo apologizes for causing them so much trouble before addressing.

Dragon he makes it clear that he did not kill king cobra the rebels all cheer at that happy to hear that the hero stood by his principles Sabo doesn't have time to talk however it's pretty clear that he is on edge and try to be quick he has something urgent to share with the Revolutionary Army while he was a Mary joa he saw something unbelievable while.

The call continues the manga shows us a wide shot of the LA Lucia Kingdom it's looking pretty good for a state that just had a regime change you could even call it idyllic however something is going on the skies are getting dark even as Sabo keeps talking one of the townspeople remarks that it is like something has entered the skies above.

Them blocking out the light from above the clouds most people are just going about their lives however and following a rebellion that means dealing with the change in government the LA Lucian royal family have been locked up and are none too happy about it remember king cobra who took his subject's discontent hard and desperately wanted to make peace.

With them even when they started a civil war to try and bring him down well King seki and Princess komane are not good well-respected rulers the king claims that as soon as the AV headquarters here's what has happened the rebels will all be executed via impalement those fangs aren't just for show he wants to go all in on the Dracula thing with some.

Old-fashioned Vlad the Impaler retribution komani wants to carry out a few of those executions personally as she is furious with the commoners for daring to rebel against them the poor rebel Soldier assigned to the Royal pair tries to be reasonable the lulucians do not want to kill the two Aristocrats they just want their former King to.

Admit to his crimes and be punished appropriately even a king shouldn't be above the law right unfortunately this plan is about to be cut short we go back to savo's account of his time in Mary joa he tells the rebels that he made it to the throne room in panjaya Castle and that he saw someone Seated on the empty Throne he likely witnessed imu's meeting.

With the five Elders the same scene we saw during the reverie Arc Sabo probably doesn't know any more about Inu than we do but even that little is not something the world government can Overlook Rebellion is one thing but the existence of emu is a vital secret they're treating this with the very same gravity as they do when it comes to the.

Concealment of the Void century and just like that an unseen hand crosses Lucia off of the map with a flick of a calligraphy brush as soon as it does so the shadow above the island grows bigger whatever was hovering above the kingdom has descended to the point right above the clouds the people of Lucia look up uncomprehending a young girl cries in.

Their mother's arms a dog barks Sabo looks up finally realizing something is going on we see imu's eyes looking out of the Shadow as a bright light flares above the kingdom of coming from whatever is hidden in the clouds a dispassionate World Government transmission goes out as far as he surveillance division is concerned no.

One detected anything abnormal today no information was intercepted as for the kingdom of Lucia that Kingdom never existed with those final words the shadow hidden in the clouds fires some kind of destructive weapon An Almighty barrage of lasers falls upon the Lucia their energy coming together in an all-consuming ball of light the scale of.

This assault is beyond anything we have seen so far in the world of one piece this makes a buster call look almost quaint in comparison that's just enough conventional cannon fire to kill everyone on an island you can survive a buster call if you're lucky or a friend's willing to get you out of it but from what we can tell there is just.

No way to survive an attack like this we see Stone Towers Splinter and Fade to rubble and Ash this Blast has quite literally reduced the island to nothing if a ship shows up they'll be hard us to find any trace of La Lucia in fact they probably won't even be able to get close in Blast like this is going to disrupt the local Seas for a while the world.

Government broadcasts a tsunami warning even as the Revolutionary Army tries desperately to get a hold of Sabo the then that Mushi signal has gone dead it will probably take dragon and his team some time to work out what just happened Saba only just made contact with the Army and he has been taken away from them along with an entire Island full of.

Innocent people emu does not play around they do not sit on the empty throne for show they are ruler of the world and they just showed enough Force to back up that title dragons fight the top of the world government is looking a whole lot harder after this chapter from this we go back to 2000 sunny in the middle of an intense storm this is a few weeks.

After the destruction of Lucia it's hard to tell if emu blowing up the island has led to ongoing climate craziness in nearby Waters or if this is just some normal grandland weather either way the sunny isn't doing great atop the intense wind and lasting water it's snowing and the crew are freezing after a mostly Pleasant climate on wano it has to be a.

Rude awakening to go back to Crazy Grand line Explorer weather thankfully jinbei is ready to take the helm he orders Frankie deferral the sails the wind is too strong to go on with them open he asked Nami how close they are to making landfall the Navigator Shivers but confirms it feels like they're entering an Island's climate zone given the.

Weather it's presumably a winter Island but they can't be too far from the shore now we take a peek inside the Sunny the cabin looks wonderfully warm by comparison to the exterior Robin as usual more sensible than her crewmates is sitting at a bench and reading a good book Chopper meanwhile is resolved to be bold our adorable doctor is sporting a.

Full set of winter gear including the namigasa to keep the snow out of his eyes apparently this was a gift from Tama and Chopper is very proud of it he has resolved to join the rest of the crew outside wanted to help his friends however he can now this is honestly pretty funny to me because remember Shopper is a reindeer he is born for.

These sorts of climates on Deck Luffy spotted something in the distance he pointed out for Nami who soon sees it too there is a strange water formation ahead of the sunny a giant warm eddy current rising out of the ocean it's like a slow-motion version of the knock-up stream something is forcing warm water upward from one spot and.

Making it pull together this leads to a ball of water with wind swirling around it Brooke is happy to know it resembles this afro Nami however spots the danger the temperature difference is causing strong winds to pull towards the center of the ball creating a matching current this Eddie would quickly suck up the sunny if they're not careful if they're.

Caught by the wind and end up inside the ball it could break the ship apart Nami is not willing to risk that she asked jimbei to get them out of there right away the Helmsman snaps too ready to help but Luffy stops him he has spotted someone trapped in the Eddy they can't just leave them behind Nami finds that hard to believe how could someone accept.

A mermaid or Fishman be alive in the middle of a massive body of water Sanji backs up Luffy though he can definitely hear a lady in distress in the Eddie somehow and that is through a metric ton of water and wind it's hard to play Nami for still being skeptical at that idea but it is clear Sanji isn't just giving it to wishful thinking here there are no.

Hearts of his eyes no blood from his nose he is quite serious unfortunately this leaves these straw hats with a problem how are they supposed to save a woman from the middle of what is basically a typhoon none of them are going to be safe if they get anywhere near that thing especially not Luffy thankfully they have Zorro the man who.

Can cut anything and Zoro is happened to try cutting the giant natural disaster down to size even as Sanji insists he better not hurt The woman Inside Zorro goes for the one sword style bird dance and it is a magnificent display he has knocked the top right off of the Eddie like it is some kind of giant egg he just split into now they have an opening.

For Luther to reach inside and retrieve the woman unfortunately here's where things go wrong Chopper finally steps out onto the deck complete with his brand new snow outfit this was not very good timing while Zorro has removed the top of the water formation he has not stopped it the intense winds around the Eddie are growing stronger trying to.

Pull more water up to fill the Gap Zorro made as soon as Chopper steps out onto the deck the conductor is swept off his Hooves but is also aerodynamic hat he is sucked into the Eddy in a matter of seconds before he can find something to grab onto Luffy reaches out trying to use his rubber arms to haul chop her in despite this the winds are too strong.

Even for our captain to deal with thanks to the Eddie's pull on the accused amigasa Luffy is hoisted off of the ship too he and Chopper are thrown finally upward out of sight of the ship they are just spots in the Sky by the end flying towards Nika only knows what hopefully not the ocean since they're both built for users but yeah Luffy may have just.

Been killed because of a literal Straw Hat as far as dangerous to Our Hero's lives go I have to admit I was not expecting that one as the two hat wearers are carried up into the Horizon however a small figure pops out of the Eddy falling down to the deck of the sunny even without Luffy's helm this rescue operation has been a success the.

New arrival is a young girl wearing a distinctive frilly outfit she is soaked spitting out water and probably barely conscious but we do know her and the caption box reminds us of her identity this is jewelry body one time captain of the body Pirates and member of the worst generation she is he one that Blackbeard had an into the World Government after.

The summit War thinking the Navy would give him a boat in return for her capture only last Saw Bonnie she was sneaking around Mary joa during the reverie her somehow getting away from the Sacred City and showing up here is unexpected if she escaped with Sabo though and was traveling with him that could suggest the Eddie is indeed all.

The remains of La Lucia and with that Grim thought we close out chapter 1060. now that was a ride and a half we received so much as chapter our questions for you this time would be using the Bonnie's introduction is the start of the next Arc and our Chopper and Luffy going to land near the sunny or the Eddie said them flying so far.

That they are already on the next Island let us know down below low as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you