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This Is Why Chrollo Created Kurapika’s Hatred – Hunter x Hunter Chapter 397


Once again, we follow the very beginnings of the infamous Phantom Troupe. Sadly, it’s an origin story filled with suffering. And in this one, we find out exactly why. Just as a special showing of Clean-Up Rangers is starting, a certain member is missing. However, the audience is ignorant to the fact. Instead, they are overjoyed for the screening. After all, this is entertainment in a city surrounded by junk. Meanwhile, the same can’t be said for the Troupe. They anxiously await the arrival of three missing members: Franklin, Nobunaga, and Sarasa.

Sheila says that both Franklin and Nobunaga show up at the last moment, and Sarsa isn’t like them. Her presence is sorely missed. It’s odd that she’s not there. Especially because Uvogin mentions that Sarsa is always 15 minutes early. So she’s known to be punctual and eager. Showing up so late rings alarm bells. Chrollo agrees and seems the most worried. These are his friends and fellow actors.

For these reasons, he decides to look locally for her. Sheila offers to go with him, asking Chrollo if he’s ever met Sarasa’s nannies. The children proceed to ask around, but even her nannies don’t know. They simply say they haven’t seen her since yesterday. The nannies didn’t see a reason to raise an alarm, though. They had believed Sarasa was with the Troupe. Oh, how wrong things will now go. The excited audience chatters amongst themselves until an announcement is heard. The Troupe decided to postpone the show.

It’s clear they still hold out hope. Unfortunately, we know this will only end in tragedy. Phinks informs Chrollo that Sarasa didn’t return to her hamlet. At all. As they talk amongst themselves, Uvo spills the beans. He tells the group that Sarasa most likely went looking for more tapes. It’s sad to see something that brought them together also be the thing that carves their path into villainy. Pakunoda wonders aloud what to do, her face as crestfallen as her allies.

They all look at Chrollo, their faces determined yet melancholy. The Troupe knows exactly how dire this situation is. Sarasa wouldn’t miss the show otherwise. Then, Chrollo stands alone to address the audience. They immediately recognize him and cheer on their red colored Sentai. Sadly for them, he’ll be the bearer of bad news. And it’s all over his face. Chrollo looks nervous and genuinely remorseful to tell his fellow Meteor City residents about Sarasa.

He thanks everyone for showing up. Especially because the theater is jam packed. That being said, he doesn’t mince words. Chrollo is straight to the point and sincere. He tells the crowd that the show has been postponed. A sea of faces contort into disappointment. Which makes sense—these shows have become commonplace now. They’re probably even comforting in a way. To have something familiar ripped from them is just another blow.

But then, Chrollo explains why the show can’t go on. He explains that Sarasa, who plays Clean-Up Orange, is missing. Not only that, but she’s been missing since yesterday. She was supposed to go back to her hamlet but never made it there. So only the worst can be assumed. Everyone’s faces dropped. It goes from childish dismay to genuine surprise and shock. They all stare at Chrollo, wide eyed, as he continues. He mentions the child abductions that have been going on.

They’re increasing, which means Sarasa could have been a victim. Though, Chrollo still blames himself. He says that despite knowing about the kidnappings, he still let her go alone. He feels as if he failed her, especially because he provided no safety. He nervously holds onto his shorts. It’s a small gesture, but it shows that Chrollo is still just a kid. But then, he says something rather adult. Chrollo takes complete and full responsibility for Sarasa’s disappearance. Even though he isn’t necessarily to blame, he’s still willing to hold himself to that.

Standard. The other children sit quietly while Chrollo speaks, too stunned and saddened to talk. Finally, Chrollo says Sarasa being missing is why they must postpone, so they need to find her. He bows to the audience, apologizing once again for the postponement. Thankfully, the crowd isn’t silent for long. Right after Chrollo concludes his speech, they immediately begin to speak up. Multiple hands shoot up as they offer to look for Sarasa. There’s a chorus of “I’ll help!.

Let me help too!” that follows. Chrollo is blown away by their response. He’s at a loss for words at first. He thanks them, but says it’s too dangerous. Once again, we see how purehearted Chrollo is at first. He’s distraught due to Sarasa’s disappearance. No doubt he feels responsible for it. Yet he’s denying help from his peers, all because he doesn’t want them to go missing,.

Too. From the crowd, Uvo shouts that they’ll get the help of the hamlet. They’ll talk to the nannies first and then enlist the help of the men’s union. He also says that no one will resist helping if they mention Chrollo. He’s issuing a call to action and an action plan. Uvo won’t let Sarasa stay missing, nor will he let his friend shoulder it alone! They’re such admirable kids, which makes their future even more heartbreaking. Phinks joins in, too. He shouts encouragement while everyone agrees.

It’s now a group—no, a community—effort. They’re all rallied behind Chrollo’s cause. Phinks even offers his bike to Chrollo and Uvo. Seeing the determination and unity of his friends, Chrollo is moved to literal tears. Uvo quickly tells him to stop crying because they’ll find her. He tries to calm his friend by saying Sarasa probably just got hurt and stuck. She’ll be fine, she just needs to be found. If only he were right. The two friends, Chrollo and Uvo, then race off on Phink’s bike.

They search far and wide. Sarasa could be literally anywhere at this point. She’s been missing since yesterday. Rain begins to fall, which can only mean one thing. Something terrible has happened. Meanwhile, the Troupe and other kids are calling out for Sarasa while searching farmland. Uvo and Chrollo instead seem to be looking around the junk heaps. Then, Chrollo finds it. A single heart bag.

It’s too distinctive to not be Sarasa’s. Now, the situation is grim. Or more grim than it was previously. Now, they have reason to believe she may have been hurt by someone or something. Both are clearly worried, and Chrollo picks up the bag. They look toward the forest in front of them. Is it possible that Sarasa disappeared there? Could Uvo be right about Sarasa just being injured? Either way, the forest gives off a creepy atmosphere.

Despite that, Chrollo wonders aloud if Sarasa is in there. Fear and anxiety are clear across Chrollo’s face. Rain still continues to fall. It’s just as heavy as when it first began. Though, that doesn’t deter anyone. Instead, the Troupe bravely travel into the forest. It’s dark, sprawling, and unsettling. They all know something is wrong. Sadly, they’re in for quite the shock.

As they walk, the group notices a dark bag hanging from a tree. It’s peculiar. The bag stands out merely because it’s the only one strung up. As if it’s meant to be found. As if it’s a message. On the same tree, there appears to be a note. It’s nailed to the tree with a knife, and the bag stands motionless in the storm. Immediately, Uvo is in disbelief. He denies it at first, but then insists someone should check.

Pakunoda is overcome with grief, shaking with her hands over her mouth. Sheila does her best to provide comfort, even though she looks just as sad. Quietly, Chrollo approaches the bizarre scene. Bravely, he offers to look. They all know what this means, but they need the closure of being sure. Uvo asks him what was written on the paper. Regrettably, Chrollo doesn’t answer him. He simply asks for the bag to be lowered. His voice is somber, lacking any feeling.

Uvo isn’t satisfied with Chrollo’s response, though. He takes the note off the tree, demanding to know what was written. Personally, I hope this is something they stick with for a while. It’s an interesting mystery if Chrollo refuses to speak on it. Surely, his friends would deserve to know what happened. Once again, Chrollo just asks for the bag to be lowered. Uvo is simply in disbelief. The children are able to cut the bag from the tree. It appears that they used the knife from the note.

In a way, that feels like added grief. If the knife wasn’t there, they may not have been able to cut down the bag. It’s high up, and they’re in a storm. Chrollo catches the mysterious bag. It’s heavy and lands in his arms with a loud thud. In fact, it knocks him back. The contents of this bag can’t be good. This can only lead to more misery. Though, Chrollo isn't deterred.

Everyone watches silently with baited breath as their leader unties the bag. Uvo runs to him just as it opens. Both will be privy to the horrific contents. Inside is a familiar shape, a familiar body. Ultimately, it’s a friend. The signature hair gives it away. This is Sarasa’s corpse. Chrollo stares at it, his face twisted into an uncharacteristic grimace. He knew Sarasa.

They were all friends. Hell, they performed together. Yet here she is. Tossed away like trash, not even given a proper burial. It’s as if she never meant anything, but the Troupe knows better. Attached to her forehead is another note. Behind Chrollo, Uvo witnesses the brutal scene. His expression changes to anger and sadness. A silence falls in the group, before Nobunaga asks if it’s Sarasa.

Uvo once again asks Chrollo what is on the paper, specifically the one on Sarasa’s forehead. Chrollo refuses to say. Which means it must be terrible. If he isn’t willing to indulge, there are several possibilities for what it could be. None of them are good. Uvo is then angered by Chrollo's refusal to explain. This is his friend, too. He grabs Chrollo by his shirt, shouting at him.

He yells for Chrollo to take him seriously. He demands to know what was written. Chrollo doesn’t do anything. He simply looks at his friend with a blank stare before refusing once more. He then swears to take the words to his grave. So, we may never know what was written. But what we do know is that it was so bad that Chrollo wouldn’t elaborate. Maybe it’s to protect his friends. Refusing to tell only makes Uvo’s temper worse.

Chrollo does tell him to read it himself. Further agitated, Uvo throws Chrollo to the ground. He hits the rain soaked Earth hard. It’s clear Uvo is offended. If Chrollo has the right to know, why shouldn’t he? Then, Uvo begins to storm off. Machi yells after him. She asks if he’s just going to run away, leaving her body there. Sarasa was their friend.

The least they can do is offer her a proper burial. She shouldn’t be forgotten in a bag within a massive forest. Uvo stops in his tracks but refuses to answer. Meanwhile, Machi holds the bag close to her body. It’s as if she’s hugging it. Machi says they need to take her home. Leaving her would be too miserable and a disservice to their friend. Machi also comforts the now dead Sarasa. She says their friend must have been in agony and that she must have been frightened.

Her last moments were so lighthearted, too. She was looking for a tape for her friends. Tears begin to form as Machi apologizes to Sarasa. All the while, she continues to hold the macabre bag. Both Sheila and Pakunoda break out into tears. Their cries are loud, if not perfectly demonstrating the loss they’ve experienced. Rain turns to day. After returning her body, Sarasa is prepared for burial. Her body is the complete opposite of the brutal mess they found.

Instead she looks reserved, at peace even. The Troupe is gathered around her body, commenting that she looks as if she were still alive. Lisores explains to the children that her lifelike appearance is due to embalming. Now, who is to thank for this? A mysterious woman known as Renko. Lisores dotes on her. He says that Sarasa’s body was in such a bad state that restoring her is nothing short of a miracle. Renko then appears, her body covered in black clothing along with a hat that has what resembles.

Bunny ears. She has long hair and wears a mask that covers her face. Honestly, the full black silhouette just makes me wonder if she’s someone who will be relevant in the present. Either way, the children continue their funeral preparations. They add flowers to her casket as well as her beloved heart bag. They also give her something important to them, too. Uvo decides to leave their special tape that started it all with Sarasa. Forever cementing their bond.

While the Troupe prepares, Machi meets up with the shady Renko. She asks if Renko can teach her how to embalm. Renko is rather dismissive. She tells the young girl that it isn’t a skill to be taught. It’s a special power. Then, Machi asks a startling question. She wonders if Renko’s ability is due to the strange glow around her body. The woman is immediately shocked. She is startled, asking if Machi can see her aura.

She stares point blank at the child, clearly interested in her now. Renko sees Machi’s blue eyes and states that they make her uncomfortable. An interesting comment, considering she was so quick to disbelief regarding her own aura. But she also gives an invitation. Renko tells Machi that if she can get permission, she can come visit. She gives the child a lanyard, telling her to get on the last bus and ask for Misty Forest Valley. As the strange woman leaves, Machi is entranced. All she can think about is the peculiar glow she just saw.

Clearly, this is Nen. A very useful ability for Machi. She’s able to see it without training, meaning she could very well be a natural. At Sarasa’s grave, Uvo and Chrollo talk. Chrollo asks if his friend can wait three years to sort out the city’s problems. He hopes that by age 14, he’ll have figured out a proper system. Uvo doesn’t budge. He insists upon leaving to avenge Sarasa. Chrollo attempts to dissuade him.

He tells his friend that revenge now is useless. Besides, he already promised to see the world with him. Uvo shoots back that three years won’t change anything in the city. Yet, Chrollo disagrees. He talks about the fact that technology is changing. Communication is becoming an infrastructure. People will be able to talk without a second’s delay. It’s their future. Plus, everyone’s information will be easy to gather that way.

Uvo is confused by this, asking what his friend means. Chrollo then explains. He believes the killers recorded the murder, which leaves behind a trace. A lead they can follow. Chrollo also states that the crime scene was staged. Not only that, but they probably filmed where the children stood. Which is a rather chilling statement. But then we get to the heart of Chrollo’s speech. With the internet, people will be able to upload these horrors for the world to see.

It’d be a place to showcase their morbid “art.” However, the infrastructure will obviously be regulated. So, Chrollo has a solution. Allowing Meteor City to become a safe haven for criminals. Uvo is confused by why Chrollo wants to do this, but Shalnark appears from the bushes to explain. By utilizing the new communication developments, the Troupe can create a cesspool to lure Sarasa’s killers into. He jumps at the chance to help, too.

Then, their other friends appear. They all agree to help Chrollo. In three years' time, they’ll develop the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to find the killers. Afterwards, they’ll use their power to permanently stop them. Sadly, there is one Troupe member who declines: Sheila. She runs away from the scene, her face crushed with sadness. Chrollo also tells them the most important thing. They’ll need to lay their lives on the line for this.

To make sure this never happens to anyone else, the Troupe will need to kill. Phinks is unphased by this, while Pakunoda looks down in disdain. Although, Chrollo does admit Sarasa wouldn’t want this. So if he ever sees her again, someway somehow, he’ll apologize to her. In the same breath, he says he will never forgive the people who killed her. Admirable in a way. He goes on to say that he can’t envision these people repenting for their crimes, so this is the only way. This drastic measure is their only hope to avenge Sarasa.

Chrollo vows to live as a villain, someone everyone will fear. He promises that the lowlifes that killed Sarsa will be afraid to even enter Meteor City. Finally, he asks Uvo if he’ll be the leader of their murderous Troupe. Uvo declines, insisting that Chrollo is their leader. Everyone, including him, will follow Chrollo until the day they die. This is something they’re giving their all for. Chrollo looks as if he’s about to cry after seeing his friend’s dedication. Then, a time skip.

Several years later, the Troupe is inhabiting a hideout. They’ve finally reached the brand of notoriety they wanted. The Phantom Troupe has been born. Now that was a chapter! Personally, I am dying to see what happens next week. Thank you for watching!